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Thread: The Norwegian Gnat Squad
09/01/2020 12:55:27

We purchased (on Banggood) DHV56MG servo's. Digital, 5.6 gr, 1.2 kgcm, 0.10 sec. And a pleasant 6GBP price tag.

I have never used these before. They look good whn testing on on the bench after arrival: zero slack on the shaft, little play in the gear, nearly soundless and (as far as one can judge that) they seem to center consistently.


And the first one survived 500 cycles.


09/01/2020 12:44:42

Morten (on of the other building) found laminating pouches. After being run trough the laminating machine (without paper in between) it ended up like this:

folien morten.jpg

0.2 mm. Would that be OK?


09/01/2020 12:39:22

Not at our rate of chatting versus glueing....


Thread: Forum 2020 Mass Build discussion.
07/01/2020 13:55:56

Norwegian Gnat Squad build thread started:

Happy building!


Thread: The Norwegian Gnat Squad
07/01/2020 13:53:11

The kits have arrived in the London office:

kits arrived.jpg

Now I wait for a colleage to bring them to Norway.

The FMS units are supposed to be send from China in the last week of January. So by the end of Feb all should be here.


07/01/2020 13:46:53

After doing a club build of 7 Microaces Scrappee's last autumn we have decided to prepare the summer season with building a handfull of Gnat's together.

Most work will be done during the Wednesday Club night, so progress will not be very quick. However, that does not matter since there usually is snow on the ground until May.

3 member (your scribe included) have signed up, and to make things easy we have ordered kits from Tony Nyhuis.

So let's Go!


Thread: Forum 2020 Mass Build discussion.
07/01/2020 13:14:04

Will we do any build threads, like we used to do with Mass builds in the past? Or post everything in this discussion thread?

Regards, Lucas

24/12/2019 11:55:35

I can imagine that they have stock. 4-max do charge just under double price compared to Banggood. And that is without shipping cost to Norway.

We are not in a hurry. There will be snow on the ground until May...

Merry Christmas and good building.


24/12/2019 07:10:53

Banggood is out of stock now. Estimated restocking time is 6 weeks. Are there good alternatives for a 3S setup?


20/12/2019 16:26:21


The Norwegian squadron has ordered 3 woodpacks. We hope to start building in the 2nd half of January.

It will be a slow build, since we intend to do most of the work during the weekly club evening.

Happy Christmas and many good flights in the new year

15/12/2019 19:37:17

1. TN EDF Jets.

It looks like there will be 3 of those build here in Norway starting in January. If it becomes the subject of the Mass Build then I will encourage all builders to sign up to this forum.


12/12/2019 16:32:29

I am in for a TN ducted fan. Probably a Gnat. I had already vented the idea of a club build during the weekly club night. Looks there will be three takers.

14/11/2019 14:44:23


Skies are fine on some centimeter snow over a hard subsurface (frozen ground or ice). On thicker layers of snow I find that flying boats hulls are best.

Regards, Lucas

14/11/2019 14:06:55

What about the structure of the Mass Build? I dropped out when the mass build was moved to the spring. For me buiilding is a winter activity. In the springtime there are so many other things competing for time, and when the weather is nice it is time to go out flying!

Tony Nyhuis his small jets may also be good candidates. Similar enough to give the feeling of building the "same" model, but still providing some variety.

Cheers, Lucas

Thread: How many mass build Renaissance
13/09/2019 13:23:33

Nice colour scheme Pete!

Thread: Skywriter Design
30/06/2018 20:23:54

Ray, i found the position of the pln to be good. I tried first with a more rearward position, but she was unpleasant to fly.

My ailerons have less throw, about 3-4 mm down, 6-8 up. Start with little; you do not need to roll during the first flight, but if you have too much you can’t make decent turns and will have problems with keeping the wings level, which may be the end of the model.

Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
18/06/2018 21:15:19

After ending 2nd in a landingcompetion (power off in downwind, fly base and final and land on the line) I wanted to give a little present to "Gentle Curves". A customized wooden prop and a propeller nut from justengines:


Gentle Curves is very easy to side slip, which makes landings that much more controlled.

Cheers, Lucas

24/05/2018 09:04:01

At last a flying shot from a very nice session last last night:


and coming in for landing


Mounting a 6 mm wedge between undercarriage and fuselage did the trick. It brings the axle about 30mm forward. Now she is not nosing over any more and tracking better on the ground too.

Regards, Lucas

Edited By Lucas Hofman on 24/05/2018 09:05:00

Thread: Low pass Pete's MB2017 Skywriter build
13/05/2018 20:50:50

Congratualations Pete! I share your comments about the silver wings. mine are the same top and bottom and when rolling one needs to count half rolls to know when she is inverted.

However when flying close it is not an issue, and then you can enjoy the model even better!


Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
10/05/2018 19:04:17

Posting twice was more tired then pleased, I think.

Two more flights early this morning. Now with 40gr more lead in the nose. Feels good now. A slight pull-up when idling 45 degree down and a little push needed in inverted flight. She turns much tighter then the Ballerina, but I start to be convinced that no inner wing stall will occur.

It is possilble to spin, easier than Ballerina. Recovery is automatic when neutralizing rudder and elevator. The powertrain gives enough oomph for big cuban 8's, but will run out of steam on a contiued inverted 45 degree up-line, as expected.

When landing with a little power and - at touch down - full up elevator a nose over is avoided. But with no power she goes. That said, our strip is mostly moss, which has more friction that grass.

I think we will be friends. But first the landing gear needs some work.

Regards, lucas

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