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Thread: Lucas's Ballerina
24/01/2016 21:44:09

When the fuselage is setting the fin takes form: Very colourfull, clean and pleasant work!

img_2343 (small).jpg

That's it for this weekend!

24/01/2016 21:40:14

Starting on putting the fuselage together:

img_2334 (small).jpg

I included this pictures because it shows a way to keep thing at a 90 degree angle. Using clamps does often not work wel because of the weight of the clamps. By the way, take a good look at the picture above and spot the mistake. Quite embarrassing really.

img_2342 (small).jpg

I found out after 20 minutes, and the PVA glue was setting but it was possible to get the firewall off and glue it on again right side up...

The last picture shows building weigths I made from ssteel hotgun bullets. I got 2 kg from a gun-loving collegue (yes, in Texas) who makes his own ammunition.. Note the square at the tial (thanks to whoever it was to point out to check here for alignment between the sides).

22/01/2016 08:38:42

A little further every day. Glued the reinforcements to the fuselage sides:

img_2328 (small).jpg

Used 3M Display Mount permanent for this. Worked very well on a test piece, we have to see whether it will stand the test of time in the fuse.

While this is drying start with the tail surfaces (hurray for a big building board):

img_2329 (small).jpg

Cutting sticks and pinning them in place is very pleasant work on a late and cold January night!

Thread: Preparing for the 2016 Mass Build
19/01/2016 13:47:54
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 16/01/2016 23:33:57:

As I see it the reason for 2 bolts is because it isn't a single one-piece wing as you build it. It's a lot easier to have a bolt in each side than try to contrive a single bolt through the part where the 2 wing sides are joined. Of course, if you were really determined to have just the single bolt you could have it in one side only Suffice to say I'll stick to a single dowel and 2 bolts which will probably be 5mm/2BA nylon.

Geoff, you are up to something here. One bolt is fine if you design the wing so that the forces (which are higher compared to 2 bolts) and the moment they create can be absorbed in the wing structure. In the glider I build which had finered wings there were hardwood inserts the with of the fuselage into the wing, and the joint was covered by glass.

I stick to Peters design for this one, probable M4. Does anyone know of nylon m4 bolt with heads one can grip with bare fingers? Or nylon M4 wingnuts? (then I insert the bolt from the top down).


Thread: Lucas's Ballerina
19/01/2016 07:57:55

I can recommend 3M remount spray for gluing templates but also for gluing balsa temporarily together to make to parts exactly alike:

img_2324 (small).jpg

It sticks enough that your template does not move and it easily removable. The little remains are quickly cleaner by 3M cleaner (citrus bases - smells good!). I bought the stuff at Staples.

18/01/2016 11:00:16

To Chris: I do not have a lathe, but I have a friend who.....

Another tip to those who have even less building experience than me: the picture below shows how to sand 90 degrees angles to parts:img_2322 (small).jpg

by holding your sanding block against the 2x4 block and the part on top you always get 90 degree angles. I made all sanding blocks using this howto.There is a lot good information on that site. A little over-seriously in its presention, but anyway.

Happy sanding!

18/01/2016 07:38:11

Motor mount will be more or less like this:

img_2315 (mobile).jpg

This is an Avistar converted to elektro. Cannibalised to use the motor for the Ballerina. If you have access to a lathe make the standofs from thicker AL staff (8-10mm dia, and drill a 3.2mm hole through them for the bolts). A lathe makes it easier to make them an exact length with square ends.

By the way, this Avistar was extremely noisy, and that was with a balanced propeller. I have never found out why. Could it be the very elastic motor mount? Or the lack of the cowling, leading to the sides vibrating due to propeller vortexes?

18/01/2016 07:31:08

At last a full evening in the workshop!

img_2287 (small).jpg

Not really needed to build a plane off course, but a joy to work with and worth the money. With the little usage it gets it will last my lifetime!

The evenings results:

img_2323 (small).jpg

See if I can make the sides this evening.

Thread: Preparing for the 2016 Mass Build
16/01/2016 22:42:07

And the one time it crashed (on ice) the fuse broke, the two nut plates came loose, but the wing was undamaged. And that was with nylon M4 bolts.

16/01/2016 22:35:16
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 15/01/2016 22:38:32:

Its all about degrees of freedom or DOF's as they are known. An object just sitting there, unrestrained in space has 6 DOFs - 3 translation DOFs (forward/backward, left/right and up/down) and three rotation DOFs (we could call them: roll, pitch and yaw).

To fix an object so it can't move you have to remove all 6 DOFs - leaving no freedom of movement. So, one bolt at the back removes all the translations - but leaves the possibility of yaw, pitch and roll. The second bolt (along with the first) removes yaw and roll. Only one DOF is left - ie pitch. So all you need is a peg at the front to remove that too and the wing can't move.


BEB,Thanks for the elaborate answer. However, are you not forgetting the fuse sides here? When any one bolt is on the centerline roll is never an issue (at least, if you tighten it...). I had two bolts on the Tucano and that worked like a charm.

15/01/2016 22:14:50

Way do we most often see two bolts and one peg to fix the wing to the fuselage? Except on sailplane where most often two bolts ( in tandem ) are used. Even one nylon m4 should be more then strong enough I would say. Or am I missing something?

Thread: Lucas's Ballerina
15/01/2016 21:36:47

I did BeB's computations on where the batteri will be. The result is about 20 mm forward for F1 with a light motor and a small 2200mAh battery. If I manage to make the tail end about 20 gr. Lighter the battery moves to the right side of the firewall. I wil try that- the nose is narrow so it is nice to mount the motor-crosspiece with studs directly on the firewall.

Will drill the firewall for both the 4240 and the 3542 motor. Much easier to do so before F1 is in the fuselage.

Intend to make all formers tomorrow. I remember there was discussion about the holes for the snakes. What was the end result?

And where was that nice drawing showing the exits on the fuselage sides again?

15/01/2016 10:10:22

Chris, I wondered about the same. I have not counted yet nor compared with my order. Will not do so either. Most likely I have added 1 to all and ordered for both a build up and solid tail etc. Doesn't matter, some balsa in stock is always nice.

And my Ballerina will be sized as printed in RCM&E.

-17 degrees Celsius outside this morning. That should allow for some building time next week!

15/01/2016 07:42:56

At last all materials in the house:

img_2309 (small).jpg

But then.... have the contents survived UK mail and Heathrow and Oslo ground handling?

img_2310 (small).jpg

YES! All looking good. Kudo to both SLEC and Balsa Cabin for their packing.

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
13/01/2016 19:09:59

For those who, like me, never have read any of Peter's aeronuttycal stories one can be found at

Happy modeling!

Thread: Lucas's Ballerina
13/01/2016 18:33:34

Thanks kc, I would love too. But I have to be in the office in Oslo friday morning again. However, if the wood survives Heathrow and Oslo airport luggage handling I can start building in the weekend!

12/01/2016 11:33:12

No I am not. The balsa has been mailed to our office in Weybridge. By the way that office is on the old Brookland racetrack and airfield, so we are nextdoor to the museum. I often go there for lunch and then loose myself for an hour between old planes and parts thereof.

12/01/2016 07:33:13

Not too bad. About -5C. Worse is the flight controller was malfunctioning. But then that gave me time to read up on all blogs

12/01/2016 06:24:54

image.jpegOn my way to the UK to, among other duties, collect the balsa ordered from the Balsa Cabin. Cross fingers it will survive the transport back.

Thread: i12fly a Ballerina
08/01/2016 08:43:01

On gliders is is very common to use tape. I have used 3M crystal clear. Has functioned well for over 2 years now.

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