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Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
26/01/2018 10:18:39

Thanks for the tip Martyn. The video made it look very easy. No-one in Norway sells Eze-kote, so I ordered a bottle from SLEC. Hope it arrives soon.


26/01/2018 08:38:27

I may find something else I can use to postpone it a little more.... (but just now I cannot think of anything)

26/01/2018 08:00:26

Finishing touch for the rudder horns:

horn painted.jpg

Always difficult to mix paint so that the colour matches but a lot better then carbon black.


Thread: Timís Grumpy Tigercub
25/01/2018 10:38:06

I have the small trim iron ( and it works well, except you have to tape over the temperature slider. If you do not you end up at max temperature every so often, it is positioned just where my fingers are when I hold it.

Bought it in the US when visiting for USD 29 if I remember correctly. Of course it is on 110V so I needed a step down transformer too.

For the fiddly work it is great, but I do not use it often.

If you have a soldering station where you can set low temperatures I think the idea of a modified and well polished tip may also work very well.


25/01/2018 06:37:09

The fuse is easy if you do the aft fuse in 5 pieces: bottom first, sidene etter, turtle deck last starting with a straight side of a piece of covering at the side (to you have a straight seam there. Then over the top like you would do a wing tip, having at least an inch for your fingers to pull. Cut with sissors at straight as you manage 5mm over the top and iron down.

Repeat other side but now you should have enough overlap to cut at the centerline. If the seams turns out a bit ragged cut a stripe of film and cover it, so you get 2 straight seams a few mm. apart.

Try to get all sides fastened without wrinkles. At last tension at higher temperatur, left and right alternating. Sometimes (with HK) film on gets a white line at a seam if the covering shrinks. This can be removed with aceton.

And remember, if you make a mess of a piece you can always pull it, take a cup of tea and a deep breath and start over!


Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
19/01/2018 11:29:27

Ligtening holes. Only the outer one will be used for the clevis. Complete nonsense, but more in line with what you find in real planes:

elevator horn rv9.jpg

I assume it is now clear to everyone why my builds are quite slow ....


Thread: Timís Grumpy Tigercub
19/01/2018 11:19:46

Hi Rob,

Yes I do. But I cannot compare to many other iron on films since HK is the only one I have used voluntarily. I have owned a Sebart Wind 50, which was covered in Oracover (it said on the box). The black did not stand Norwegian summer (which is not particuraly intense..). The black delaminated into a transparent top film that came off under flight and a slightly sticky black paint layer that was left. I got a piece of film from the supplier to repair and found it flimsy and more difficult to apply without wrinkles (compared to HK film).

Given that all alternatives a a number of times more expensive I stick to HK film. The only minus is that sometimes it is difficult to get the protective back to separate from the layer that is to be ironed on. I use 2 bits of masking tape in a corner, that usually works.


Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
19/01/2018 10:48:05

Last nights production:

aileron horns.jpg

Ailerons horns made from 1.5mm carbon plate. Easy to drill, sand and file, although you get black hands. Impossible to saw on a scroll saw so I did the cutting with a Dremel with a cutting disc.

Cheers, Lucas

Thread: Timís Grumpy Tigercub
19/01/2018 10:43:14

Praise yourself lucky that stock came in when you needed it. It may take a while to get it delivered and film is always nice to have in stock. I have nearly all colours for "just in case". HK film is (in my humble opinion) way better than what ARTF marked as "covered with Oracover" come with and unbeatable in price.


19/01/2018 10:04:38

But Ron, Pirate blue is marked in stock now on the HK global warehouse. USD 9.33, twice what I paid 1,5 years ago but still a bargain for 5m.

It arrived just in time for your needs!


19/01/2018 08:45:47

Tim, if pirate blue is what I have used on the underside of the Ballerina (look at the build thread) I can help you out if needed. I have 2/3 of a roll left.


19/01/2018 06:37:11

A joy to look at! Have you glued nacelles and tail feathers in place already or can you take everything apart to ease covering?


Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
18/01/2018 12:46:58

Changes are slim that will be a problem here in Norway... A good part of my flying is like this:

cub on skies.jpg

18/01/2018 09:10:49

Thanks Ron.

Another experiment: hinging ailerons with covering film. I got the idea from a glider with veneered wings where hinges are instructed to be done with scotch tape. Both for flaps and ailerons. This has kept well for 3 years and that gliders flies faster than most motor models.

hinging using covering film.jpg

Hinge is done using 2 strips of 20mm wide covering: one under and one over. So far it seems slop free and pretty solid. The disadvantage with not following the trodden path is that one may find out why not everyone uses hinges made from covering film....

Regards, Lucas

17/01/2018 09:29:03

A little like ugle duck - beautifull swan:

wing tip crumbled.jpg

wing tip crimped.jpg

Upper wing done:

upper wing covered.jpg

Now I cannot postpone glassing the fuse anymore ...

Cheers, Lucas

Thread: Timís Grumpy Tigercub
16/01/2018 12:12:27

Hi Peter,

It might be a combination of more people growing up with no experience of using their on anything else then touchscreens (and maybe a game console or 2 - this makes great drone pilots) and that it is so much easier to get help compared to 20-30 years ago.

I have quite a few colleagues who have as primary reflex when something needs to be done "who do I call" instead of "what/how can I do this". In that light it is positive your man does at least not assume somebody else is going to fix it for him.

Point him to a Youtube video on soldering or to the RCM&E tutorial on the subject and he will be happy.

Regards, Lucas (who probably also has asked you a trivial question or two...)

Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
16/01/2018 07:51:05

Progress again. Wings always cover quickly, but it remains difficult not to get dustparticles under the covering. I found that if I use a tack rag just before covering a section it usually goes ok.

lowing wing started covering.jpg

lower wing covered.jpg

Cheers, Lucas

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
12/01/2018 07:06:51

Trevor, the wing profile is symmetrical but the plane is not. The center of drag is slightly under the centre of gravity, so therefore rolls may get more axial with some differential in place. And for some reason I do not understand som F3A planes do best with reverse differential (more down than up).

More down elevator than up is normal if you trim for hands of horizontal flight and a sligth pressure on the stick for horizontal inverted flight, as most pilot do. Easy to find out: the diameter of loops with full up and full down should be the same.

It is not needed if you trim so that you have to pull all the time for upright flight and push for inverted. This is what most full size aerobatic pilots do; it make the knife edge straighter. But I find a model that dives with the sticks at neutral most unnerving to fly....

Regards, Lucas


Edited By Lucas Hofman on 12/01/2018 07:07:32

Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
12/01/2018 06:55:41

At last things are moving:

tail surfaces covered.jpg

10/01/2018 07:03:19

Must be the slowest build ever, but at least the stab is covered (and the slits for the hinges opened up, using the still uncovered elevators. I once forgot to mark these before all was covered, and had a hard time locating them again)

stab covered.jpg

Covering always takes me some time getting back in to, and then it goes quite fast.


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