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Thread: M6? Not If I Can Help It......
24/05/2019 10:31:39

Love the photo, I think it's looking south from Tebay. A local lass told me that just on the right hand side just out of shot is a heart shaped wooded area, where a pilot of one of the fast jets went in, his wife had the trees planted as a memorial to him. You often get the Typhoons coming through the valley very low, it's quite a sight. If you do get stuck in the traffic there it is a nightmare, the locals will quite happily drive for miles to avoid getting stuck on that bit.

The worst M6 stretch seems to be Warrington to Birmingham either way, always accidents or roadworks.

p.s. my mistake that should read on the left hand side as you look at the photo.

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Thread: David Perrin
02/06/2015 12:50:11

Thanks for posting this film, some of the best aerial footage I have ever seen. Very sad ending to the story though.



Thread: Retrospective shed thread
25/11/2014 17:38:55

Hello Ian,

It's been great seeing how you've renovated your workshop, the work on the doors is really good. Some nice ideas on there for storage aswell, like the Drain Pipes, I wish I could plaster like you, whenever I've tried, I end up with more on the floor than the wall. Would a sealing coat of thinned PVA help to stop the flaking on the walls, before you paint them? Keep up the good work.



p.s. How's the Flea? looked great in the photo's in the mag.

Thread: Buying Bandsaw
06/08/2014 13:06:10

Hello Gary,

We use the little axminster bandsaw at work and it's pretty good. You will probably find that most machines look similar, because they are mainly made in China and then re-badged. The Schepach on the other hand is of German origin, I think and again is a nice little machine. The axminster is used nearly every day and has proved to be reliable and accurate, just take your time setting it up at first and away you go.Regarding the blades, we generally use a 6mm (1/4" wide blade with 6-10 Teeth per inch, this gives a good finish and is a good general purpose blade for cutting curves and straight edges. If it's mainly just straight cuts you're after, you could go for a 12mm (1/2" wide blade. The wide blade is better for straight work and the narrower blades are better for cutting curves.

Hope this helps a bit, good luck,


p.s. Make sure to keep your fingers well away from the blade when cutting and use a push stick if you do go near it.

Thread: Bertie Bassett Flying Flea
24/06/2014 12:36:44

Hello Ian,

Nice write up, the Flea looks superb. Perhaps the problems were down to the pilot,he looks a bit like Prince Charles!



19/05/2014 12:37:51

Hello Ian,

Congratulations, very well done! I'm sure you and Ceejay must be well chuffed, thanks for the video,great stuff.



15/05/2014 12:51:56

Hello Ian,

They look great together, nice to see Henri in the office, will you be putting Bertie in? Which Greenacres do are you taking your flea to? is it the end of May or the June fly in, as I'd love to come along and see it flying, sorry for all the questions but I've really enjoyed following this thread. Good luck with the maiden!



Thread: scale rc weightshift microlight
14/05/2014 15:57:50

Hello Mark,

Brilliant video, keep up the good work. Any chance that you will release a plan or kit? I'd love one of those!



Thread: Bertie Bassett Flying Flea
23/04/2014 09:36:38

Ian, Wish I had a fraction of you're drive,it looks like it's nearly there now, good luck with the first flight!

Regards, Kieran.

20/03/2014 12:58:35

It has to be a school boy error! (sorry I could'nt resist)

I've also got workshop envy after seeing those doors, very nice.

A lot of the full size Fleas ended up with warped rudders, the one at the museum in Manchester had a definate bend in it. Is there any trick to knowing how much tension is needed on the Diatex Ian?



Thread: Granger Archaeopteryx
17/03/2014 12:37:08

Hello ceejay,

Any chance of you posting a copy of the Henri Mignet photo, I'd love to see that. I've always liked flying wing designs and I am really looking forward to following your project. Is the info on the Archaeopteryx freely available?



Edited By Flying Flea on 17/03/2014 12:38:03

Thread: Bertie Bassett Flying Flea
26/02/2014 12:59:57

Hello Ian,

I've really enjoyed watching the rapid progress with you're Flea, in particular the Diatex covering, it's been an education. You seem to have all the flea info I can think of, have you been in touch with Ken Ellis from Flypast magazine yet? I'm sure that he would love to see what you're doing. Ken is the Flying Flea Archive,he will have all the info you could ever need and he's a real gent to boot. He wrote the book "Henri Mignet and his Flying Fleas" with Geoff Jones, it's a great read, anyway good luck with the rest of thr build, I'm looking forward to it.



Thread: The HM 14
26/02/2014 12:37:25

0688114.jpgHello Stephen,

You're Flea is looking good, Ihope to get to the next Rochdale indoor meet and see it fly. I've attached a couple of photo's of the Scott engine on the HM14 in the museum of science and industry. The photo's are from,there are some really good pictures on there.




Thread: Indoor Flying
08/01/2014 12:56:39

http://pouchel.compouchelviabon.jpgHello Stephen,

Very sorry to hear about your Flea, I always enjoyed seeing it flying at Rochdale indoor. I for one would love to see your new build, did you build the old one from a plan? Please accept my apologies for posting a duplicate link on the Bertie Bassett thread, I only noticed it after I managed to include a link in my post. I'm not very good with these computers, it's all one fingered typing for me, i'm afraid.

Will you go for the HM14 again,or another model ? There is a very interesting French website, you may know about it, called APEV or pouchel, where they built full size aircraft from ladders originally. They have quite a range of types, not just fleas. One of the interesting things is that, their flea has no dihedral on the wings and it seems to work quite well, it would mean making the wings a lot easier to make.

Hope to catch you at the Rochdale meet soon,




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Thread: Bertie Bassett Flying Flea
06/01/2014 14:09:18

36 rib 2.jpg36 rib.jpgHello Ian,

Really love what you are doing with the Flea, can't wait to see it finished. I'm a bit of a Flea nut myself and thought you might be interested in a couple of very good websites on the Flea. I'll try and get a link to them and add a couple of photos. is a French site, just use a translator to get the gist is a Dutch site, but in english and gives you the history on the different models.

They give you all the info that you need to make a safe Flea e.g

NACA 23012 airfoil

c.g at 25% of the total chord

No wing overlap

Rear wing incidence 6 deg

Main wing incidence 0 - 12 deg maxragot 14.jpg**LINK**

Regards, Kieran



Thread: Bandsaw purchase
11/12/2013 12:59:25


I think PatMc has pretty much nailed it there. In my job I show people how to use these small machines and they all have their pros and cons. A lot will come down to how much room you have available to store and use the machine.The little proxxons are small and fairly light and can be put under a bench when not in use, but they are fairly costly. The Sceppach on the other hand is quite a bit larger and heavier and will probably need be to fixed in place on a workbench, but you will be able to cut far bigger material on it, than just modelling material. It will come in very handy for DIY stuff too. At that price it looks to be very good value, for a quality piece of kit. As for blades,if you buy just a couple, they should last you quite a while, usually about 6-10 teeth per inch (TPI) for most woods will give a reasonable finish.

Hope this helps,



Thread: Mach Loop Wales
27/06/2013 19:41:11


Thanks for the link,it's a gem. Cad West is now on my bucket list of places to visit.



Thread: Losing new people to this hobby
29/12/2012 23:54:40

Hello all, It's good to see some people being very helpful to get newbies started, so it's not all doom and gloom.I think Phil B makes a very good point also,perhaps the BMFA could get a begginers issue of the magazine printed, nothing fancy just the basics, area club details, list of model shops and a bit of advertising to cover any costs. These could be sent to shops to give away as a freebee with the purchase of a new model, or even send a copy to existing members so that they could leave them at a doctors or dentists waiting room, or somewhere similar to generate a bit of interest, or just to pass on to anyone who might show some interest, just a thought.

p.s. I loved Mr Millers story about the local village fete, I remember some simalar things with the local flying clubs. It could never happen these days with all the Elf and Safety and Risk Assesments, perhaps it's no bad thing though.

Hope the weathers better for next year!

Regards, Kieran.

29/12/2012 01:15:37

Colin and All

Great post! We have a similar situation here in Manchester, There are the Toy Shops, or you have to travel these days to find the Model Shops or use the Internet. It's not as easy for someone starting out now, to get good reliable, local information and guidance. I've been into the shop on Hessle Rd, in Hull a couple of times, when I've been getting the ferry and they have been great. likewise I've recently been in the model shop in Lancaster and they had a really good display of their local flying clubs information available. Perhaps I'm just an old breed, but when I was at school, years ago now,information about local flying groups F/F, C/L or R/C was available from people like the Woodwork teacher ( remember them?) It's got to be worth giving the local toy shop the details of their nearest flying club, as it could mean follow on business for them in the long run. Cheers all! and have a good new year.

Thread: so where do I stand?
11/12/2012 17:51:30

Unfortunstely, there are ignorant individuals like this who think they have more of a right than other people to pursue their interest, above all others. I used to fly hang gliders years back and the model flyers at the site and the hang gliders mixed pretty well, with some common sense rules, that all were happy with, so that neither party were spoiling it for anyone else. Usually to fly on NT sites,you have to a memeber of a club, to use the site e.g Pennine. It may be worth trying to find out if this joker is in a club and have a word with their chairman, as flying sites are hard to come by for all parties and that kind of behaviour is'nt going to do them any favours at all.

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