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Thread: C of G Seagull PT -19
20/07/2019 15:00:28

Hi Denis,

Thanks for your reply. I will have another go to see if I can sort it.

Regards, Winco Steve

20/07/2019 11:55:06

Hi again,

Hopefully Martin or Denis is about? Or anyone else who has a PT19 Seagull. Tried recommendations but way out. One way very nose heavy the other very tail heavy. Can someone give me the exact way Seagull are instructing you to locate the C of G? Leading edge at root is normal but where/ why /how at wing tip? I might just be getting thick in my old age or possibly suffering from sun stroke but non of this adds up. Using the C of G machine the balance, at wing root end , just out from fuselage, is about 90 cm??

yours, confused,

Winco Steve

19/07/2019 17:31:10

Hi both,

Martin, thanks for that link it looks very interesting and will assist me I’m sure. I’ve given up for today as it’s 34

degrees and I’m starting to melt! Club day Sunday so hopefully will have it sorted. I will get back on this thread with results. Yes , Denis, a very light model but it does look pretty! I got it to add to my collection for something to sling in the van and get a bit of fun flying again. My other models seem to take an age to set up! I have another Seagull, the At Texan. That looks super too.

Best wishes,

Winco Steve.

19/07/2019 15:47:52

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reply. The wing sections are permanently joined by way of support rod (epoxy) . So, a line across the wing top surface from wing tip to wing tip. Line 6.5 to 7.5 cm in from leading edge? Have I got that right? Fix back on plane, upside down on C of G machine? Presumably, the balance points can be anywhere, equidistant, along that line? Using a Great Planes C of G machine as fingers fat and wobbly! Never do I miss this part out, too many early days mishaps.


Winco Steve

19/07/2019 14:32:08

Hi all,

Just finished the above kit ( Seagull PT -19 Fairchild ) and about to check it all over and set the C of G. However, the instructions state ‘ the centre of gravity is located 6.5 to 7.5 cm back from the leading edge of the wing measure at the wing tip’. Not sure why the inclusion of ‘wing tip’? Back from leading edge, sure, but wing tip? Any directions would be most appreciated as Sunday looms and club day for maiden flight!

cheers all,

Winco Steve

Edited By Winco Steve on 19/07/2019 14:33:16

Thread: Thunder Tiger Manual
19/04/2019 10:57:29

Hi Steve,

Just realised had your message in my personal mail.

Will reply with that.


Winco Steve

19/04/2019 09:59:21

Hi Steve,

Please, a copy of the manual would be nice for future reference. How can you send it to be downloaded? Is it possible via this site?


Winco Steve

18/04/2019 11:33:51

Thanks, developed into a very informative discussion, well for me anyway! By the way, I presume no one has an idea about a manual for the Thunder Tiger? 😉 How one subject can develop into another !

Enjoyed the thread,

Cheers all,

Winco Steve

18/04/2019 07:43:53

Hi Tony & Jon,

Thank you for your replies. Jon, very interesting information and explanation. The model is a Seagull AT10 Texan with a prop size of 14x7 . The prop, according to my reference tables, is suitable for engine size plus it ‘looks right’ for the size of model. Try it on its maiden and assess! There’s clearly a section of us that find the tachometer a useful tool and others who see them, at best, as a satisfier of idle curiosity. Curiosity and cats!

Thanks again,


Winco Steve


Edited By Winco Steve on 18/04/2019 07:44:42

17/04/2019 18:37:48

Hi Denis,

Thank you for that. An interesting perspective that I had not considered.

Kindest regards,

Winco Steve

17/04/2019 18:05:50

Hi Jon,

Pretty much my view, hence the ‘if’s and buts’.The idea just evolved out of one of our many in-depth and quite amusing conversations down at the field today. The ‘electric boys’ were deep in conversation about power output/watts so the ic lot tagged on and tachometers came up and their use. I remembered I had one in my flight box (under everything else) and I thought I would just see what results I would obtain. Never used one to tune up before for over 40 years so doubt I ever will. Don’t ask ‘ well, why did you buy one then’? I can’t remember that either! Old age doesn’t come alone!

regards to all,

Winco Steve


Edited By Winco Steve on 17/04/2019 18:11:28

17/04/2019 16:44:06

Hi Jon & Percy,

Thanks for the advice. It’s just been installed in a Seagull AT Texan with a 14x7 propeller. I was curious as to the rpm at max power just for assisting when tuning up with a tachometer ( I appreciate its a subject to if ‘s and buts!). I’m actually using 10% Nitro as that’s all my local suppliers can provide at the moment (Spain).

Thanks again,

Winco Steve

17/04/2019 14:47:26

Hi all,

Does anyone know where I can download a manual/instructions for a Thunder Tiger FS 91 motor please?

Looked everywhere online, plenty of ‘come on’ sites that don’t actually have one but want to sell me something quite random!

Thanks for any help,


Winco Steve



Edited By Winco Steve on 17/04/2019 14:48:34

Thread: Suggestions for replacing dead Wots Wot
26/02/2019 21:16:14

Hi Dad_flyer,

Thanks for Info. Will check it out and see what price and postage works out at.


26/02/2019 21:13:30

Sorry cymaz,

yep, must check things like that in future!


Winco Steve

26/02/2019 18:19:32

Thanks for all suggestions, will look them up. The Podenco, so it is suggested, originated in Ancient Egypt. The statues of animals laying down with long ears, thought to be some sort of wild feline, were, in fact, Podenco's used by the ancient Royalty for hunting.

The all Ginger one is the Galgo the other a Podenco Canarias.

You get everything on this site...don't you!


Winco Steve

26/02/2019 18:14:32

Hi all,

Yes, cymbal, that looks very much like a small Podenco. Used for flushing out rabbits and game birds.

Just worked out picture down load of my two. Unfortunately they came out landscape?img_0024.jpgimg_0023.jpg

26/02/2019 17:24:42

Hi all,

Tried to put pictures of the miscreant dogs in my album about half an hour ago.....nothing appeared. Presume it is upload Avitar thingy?

Having looked at spare parts for the Wots Wot a total rebuild would cost more than two weeks in St. Lucia!

Best of,

Winco Steve

26/02/2019 15:33:33

Hi Don,

Very nice! My other idiot dog is a Galgo. It has a count, so far, of two ducks, a partridge, four rats and a trouser leg.

I i will try to post a picture if that is permissible!

Winco Steve

26/02/2019 14:58:03

Hola de Espana,

Thanks for replies and comments. A Podenco, Bruce, is gangly hound type dog used in Spain for hunting and killing model aeroplanes. Actually, they are beautiful animals which, by some, are sadly abused. Hence ours is a rescue dog and fails to comprehend English. The odd pence, doc, is due to conversion from the Yorkshire pound to sterling. I may be able to push the limit to £250 but this might entail weeks of dusting, washing up, cleaning and good behaviour. Not sure I could cope!

I will think some more, have a San Miguel and ponder further.

TTFN Winco Steve

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