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Thread: Take off problems
30/09/2019 17:09:55


Video, I’ll certainly try although I’m hoping for better things next time,!

I have run some checks as suggested. When pushed along ground, just about straight with a very slight turn to left. Such a small amount I can discount.

Wheels toe in v toe out? On the fence here, neither one nor the other.

One wing tip about 5 mm higher than the other ( left raised).

Everything else seems O.K.

Fin is vertical and in line. When trimmed for flight both ailerons equal.

Looking forward to next flight already!

Winco Steve

30/09/2019 15:52:37

Hi all,

Thanks to all for your comments, plenty for me to consider. I’ve been flying for about 15 years with various models and engine sizes but never experienced quite this problem. You never know everything!

Thanks again,

Winco Steve

30/09/2019 14:03:55

Hi flight1,

I will adjust to toe in. Need to check other points you make. I’m happy with C of G as checked on machine ( not fat finger balance). I am releasing the rudder reasonably slowly but can adjust this.

Thanks for your suggestions,

Cheers, Winco Steve

P.S. How do I check wing washout?

30/09/2019 13:58:26

Hi Peter,

Yes, tail dragger. Main wheels turn freely, and no toe out. As best I can test it is free running when not under power.

I could try toe in? Because of the field conditions I have had to put slightly larger wheels on ( not too much ) .

Flying conditions were excellent, with only very slight wind down runway.

Regards, Winco Steve

30/09/2019 13:45:33

Hi John,

Could be that setting on elevator is a bit high although it’s as per instructions. I will decrease throw a bit. I’m using about 30% exponential. Admittedly, low rate, in comparison to that of ailerons, does appear a tad much.

Im a bit concerned that it exhibits such a strong ‘yaw’ to the left on take off. I know the torque is responsible but it’s quite significant.

Will try out next time,


Thanks , Winco Steve

Edited By Winco Steve on 30/09/2019 13:47:40

30/09/2019 13:41:56

Just to add, perfect in flight and need to throttle down to half so it doesn’t race around,

Winco Steve

30/09/2019 13:41:54

Just to add, perfect in flight and need to throttle down to half so it doesn’t race around,

Winco Steve

30/09/2019 13:33:31

Hi John,

Flat out, plenty of speed most of long runway taken up. It does give the “appearance “ of a stall but it isn’t.
So, quite happy that’s not the problem with other nods from the ‘team’. Pity they can’t come up with the answer too!


Winco Steve

30/09/2019 13:24:56

Hi Paul,

Engine size is that recommend ,flying surfaces are all square but haven't tried a finer pitch propeller. What baffles me is that it flies really well without showing any signs of design, manufacture or engine problems.

I chose to go up in length size in relation to propeller size rather than to decrease in pitch.

I will see what my prop store holds.


Winco Steve

30/09/2019 12:54:18

Good afternoon all,

I'm having problems with my Seagull Fairchild on its first maiden flights. I wonder, can anyone advise?

On take off, as per, model wants to yaw to left. Apply right rudder (needs full ) to set in straight line. On take off and on release of rudder (to zero) plane yaws (quite rapidly) left and dives. After rapid trouser change and getting safety altitude, trims out to nice level flight. No problems until next take off, does the same thing.

1. Engine is OS 46, running well, no problems

2. Propeller was 11x6 but changed to 12x6, 12x7. Awaits result on that one.

3. Rudder and tail wheel all checked, correct and aligned.

4. Engine mounted correctly as per instructions. Slight offset to right. Sufficient?

5. C of G correct, checked on Great Planes machine, spot on.

6. Longtitude balance?

After various trims, adjustments etc have run out of ideas. Probably a real obvious remedy but escapes me for the moment!

Cheesr to all,

Winco Steve, sunny Spain, 28 degrees! Brilliant flying weather!

Thread: C of G Seagull PT -19
26/07/2019 08:05:59

Good morning Denis,

I did try the photo trick to convert from pdf to jpeg but this failed also. I attempted this first on IPad then on my Mac computer. No joy, just would not upload. Gave all the right signals it would work, but when upload button pressed, failed to appear in album. Even started all over with deleting all, open new album and try again. Nothing. Better spending the time on my models! Ha Ha!

Guys with front wheel tricycle undercarriage don’t suffer quite the same as the ‘tail draggers’. They seem to bounce along easier and, of course, have the nose support. Replaced the PT 19 wheels with a set from an old Wots Wot. They should be up to it.

All the best, Winco Steve

26/07/2019 06:53:25

Hi all,

Just an update. Whilst conversing on this forum I also sent an email to Seagull . They responded quite promptly and confirmed the measuring technique/ position that was suggested and employed. See my previous reply. They also sent a diagram of how to measure C of G which they stated that they will include in future construction instructions. Unfortunately, I am unable to download this as it is a pdf. I tried, several times, with photos etc but no joy.

Anyway, test flight didn’t go well as model kept going nose down during taxi. Problem, weeds and stones on grass runway. Solution, I hope, much larger wheels? Retry Sunday!

Regards to all, Winco Steve.

21/07/2019 10:22:51

Hi all,

Last update! Measured 7 cm in from leading edge at wing tip just before it curves. Piece of wooden batten to join dots each end. That gave C of G about 9cm just outside of wing root/ fuselage. Placed machine points here and nose dipped a little too much. Added some weight ( 20 gm I think, small weights used for balancing cycle wheels ) to tail and just dipping nose down. That’ll do for me.

Will give it a try Wednesday!

TTFN Winco Steve

20/07/2019 15:00:28

Hi Denis,

Thanks for your reply. I will have another go to see if I can sort it.

Regards, Winco Steve

20/07/2019 11:55:06

Hi again,

Hopefully Martin or Denis is about? Or anyone else who has a PT19 Seagull. Tried recommendations but way out. One way very nose heavy the other very tail heavy. Can someone give me the exact way Seagull are instructing you to locate the C of G? Leading edge at root is normal but where/ why /how at wing tip? I might just be getting thick in my old age or possibly suffering from sun stroke but non of this adds up. Using the C of G machine the balance, at wing root end , just out from fuselage, is about 90 cm??

yours, confused,

Winco Steve

19/07/2019 17:31:10

Hi both,

Martin, thanks for that link it looks very interesting and will assist me I’m sure. I’ve given up for today as it’s 34

degrees and I’m starting to melt! Club day Sunday so hopefully will have it sorted. I will get back on this thread with results. Yes , Denis, a very light model but it does look pretty! I got it to add to my collection for something to sling in the van and get a bit of fun flying again. My other models seem to take an age to set up! I have another Seagull, the At Texan. That looks super too.

Best wishes,

Winco Steve.

19/07/2019 15:47:52

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reply. The wing sections are permanently joined by way of support rod (epoxy) . So, a line across the wing top surface from wing tip to wing tip. Line 6.5 to 7.5 cm in from leading edge? Have I got that right? Fix back on plane, upside down on C of G machine? Presumably, the balance points can be anywhere, equidistant, along that line? Using a Great Planes C of G machine as fingers fat and wobbly! Never do I miss this part out, too many early days mishaps.


Winco Steve

19/07/2019 14:32:08

Hi all,

Just finished the above kit ( Seagull PT -19 Fairchild ) and about to check it all over and set the C of G. However, the instructions state ‘ the centre of gravity is located 6.5 to 7.5 cm back from the leading edge of the wing measure at the wing tip’. Not sure why the inclusion of ‘wing tip’? Back from leading edge, sure, but wing tip? Any directions would be most appreciated as Sunday looms and club day for maiden flight!

cheers all,

Winco Steve

Edited By Winco Steve on 19/07/2019 14:33:16

Thread: Thunder Tiger Manual
19/04/2019 10:57:29

Hi Steve,

Just realised had your message in my personal mail.

Will reply with that.


Winco Steve

19/04/2019 09:59:21

Hi Steve,

Please, a copy of the manual would be nice for future reference. How can you send it to be downloaded? Is it possible via this site?


Winco Steve

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