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Thread: Best Dremel Clone
06/08/2019 17:03:44

Thanks for the feedback, I think I will go for a corded Dremel, clones seem a bit of a hit and miss.

Cheers Neil

06/08/2019 14:16:54

Looking to replace a VonHaus rotary tool, purchased from Amazon but died after six months after very little use. It replaced an Aldi cordless which suffered the same fate, again after little use, and proved a nightmare to return and obtain a refund under guarantee. Any suggestions?

Thread: ASP etc gone
27/06/2019 10:34:40

img_20190623_094236 (1).jpg

Ditto - although entirely my fault. Wing and all gear ok. Had to dig out engine but after a good clean running as before. A simple model but a great hack to throw about on a summer's evening, so can't bin it just yet. Rebuilding front end.

24/06/2019 21:48:04

Hi Don,

I do hope I haven't started a hare running. Sorry for delay in replying, on a birthday weekend at a posh hotel, courtsey of my family.

I smacked an ASP 40 last week and phoned looking for a new bracket for the rear needle valve assembly, it bolts on to the backplate. I was clearly told that they had just sold the last of their stock on Friday. I asked when will they be restocked only to be told it's not going to happen. So has there been a delay in the new factory opening I asked. The answer I received was that it had closed and the story about moving factory was a face saving exercise. Consequently Just Engines were in talks with alternatives engine manufacturers. I was told, as I suspected, that I should just move needle to front where there is a blanking screw etc.. Enquired about SC Engines, allegedly manufactured in same factory, and told they have gone as well. Although I have used Just Engines in the past this issue has not been handled well. Their site shows messages such as as out of stock but arriving soon, for over six months. I ordered an engine last November for delivery in January. Still waiting. So it appears that the failure isreal. But somebody else please phone Just Engines to check! Finally, I was told to try Weston Models for sparers. Tried but unsuccessfull, offered West engine.

Does anybody have a spare bracket?


24/06/2019 14:32:24

I have elelectic models but still prefer IC as I find short flight times with electric annoying and you need a lot of batteries for a day at the club. I appreciate that cheaper engines are disappearing and I am probably over wary about ebay offers, despite other family members having no issues with ebay. Weston engines seem expensive but they say they are far more powerful so a smaller engine will help on price. ASP engines were cheap and I have four of them and they have all worked really well.

24/06/2019 13:32:15

Talked to Just Engines who have confirmed the factory that supplied ASP, SC etc is NI more. What are the economic alternatives?

Thread: Weston Glow Fuel
26/04/2019 15:36:00

Agree with all of the positive points on Weston Fuels. I use the 10% Liquid Gold and all engines run well. A stubborn 70 four stroke that struggled with Model Technics (prone to dead sticking) works so much better on Liquid Gold.

The service from Weston is excellent - ordered 4 galls on Wednesday afternoon - arrived Thursday afternoon. From Weston to Central Scotland and with other bits and pieces in the order benefiting from the free postage.

Thread: Another scam? Sinister this time
05/02/2019 15:59:02

Apparently I have been involved in four car accidents in the last week ......... Maybe somebody is taking my car for a spin after dark .........ho hum!

Thread: Newbie from Pennsylvania, USA
23/01/2019 10:43:57

Hi Dean, welcome from a rather frosty Scotland

Thread: ASP Engines
07/01/2019 16:27:47

Anybody used this seller - looking at ASP52

My first thoughts involve 'barge pole' as I haven't used Ebay much and seller is in Latvia - any comments or fedback welcome.


03/01/2019 16:41:11

Anybody aware of where to buy an ASP 52 2 stroke? Have tried Just Engines but they can't give a date for new stock and their whole range of ASP engines seems exhausted, despite their 'more arriving soon' message on their site. Story is factory moving. I could buy another make but all are significantly more expensive and I have had great serviice from ASP engines. If push comes to shove I will have to pay up. SC engine next option albeit 20% more for comparable engine. HK show ASPs, but again out of stock.


Thread: Wireless Trainer Setup
02/12/2018 18:01:46

Sorry guys - typed it the wrong way round. The DX6 (new black one with voice commands) is the master and the older DX6i is the slave! When transferring using the bind switch, the voice announces clearly 'trainer in control' or going back 'master in control'. (voice commands one of the reasons I bought the newer TX). Apologies for creating confusion. So that way round should the slave work to the master trim settings or do I have to set up both TXs individually with the same trims etc?

02/12/2018 17:07:37

I have just set up a wireless trainer connection between a pair of Spectrum Transmitters, DX6 slave and DX6i master. It was extremely easy to set up and appears to work well. However I have noticed the throws, on the aerilons in particular, are far less on the model when the slave has control. My understanding was the slave would work to the settings on the master TX as the instructions say to select an unknown model on the slave. Is this normal? Hope that makes sense.

Thread: Best First Three Point Undercarriage
26/11/2018 20:11:56

Thanks Caveman,

Offspring looks great, I like strong colours given it's so dull a lot of the time, notwithstanding our great summer. I think there is a good chance I might be able to do a deal for the Soar as my club mate has probably moved on given what he normally flies. It's the only one I have seen in the two clubs I am in, so positive feedback is appreciated.

Cheers Neil

26/11/2018 12:20:25


Many thanks for your detailed response.


24/11/2018 15:35:40

Sorry for lack of response, on a weekend break and Internet not been great. My reasons for the question. A mixture really, keen to try something new and fellow club members who prefer the tricycle design urging me to give it a try. I appreciate all of the advice particularly around the strength of the undercarriage and the forces on the nosewheel. I have been offered a flight with a soar 40 which I believe is a clone of a calamato or similar, but the owner is on hols, so will have to wait for his return. I am trying to move back to IC having been a tad lazy with the ease of electric but fed up with relatively short flight times. Have just finished a traditional Wot 4 from kit and beefed up the key areas identified by others. Waiting for a reasonable day to maiden. The Black Horse looks similar to the soar so I'll have a look around. ASH, what's the build quality like on the Seagull PC9? Thanks again to all. Neil

23/11/2018 21:40:11

Simple advice required. Want to move away from tail dragger e.g. acrowot to tricycle undercarriage model. Recommendations please.

Thread: UPS Parcel Scanning
20/09/2018 15:47:55

I have recently had parcels that didn't turn up only to be told by the delivery company "you weren't in" here is the photo of your house - look no cars, pity it was the house half a mile away!

Thread: Repairing undercarriage on a foamy
20/09/2018 15:38:19


I cut out some foam and glued in a ply plate with 4mm captive nuts. Added a 'breakaway plate' as recommended on the forum to allow access to any sheared bolts. 4mm bolts are really cheap and seem to last quite well, and believe me my landings can be dodgy at the best of times, as our site can be a tad windy. I use 5mm bolts on a traditional balsa acrowot and they also work well with the same breakaway plate setup. The foame is great fun and so easy to throw in the car with wing on for a quick visit to the site. I agree with the comments about the hatch and they really should redesign the battery space - they must have paid for the moulds by now.....



Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
16/09/2018 10:08:07
Morning Ron, great photo, got the T shirt but not the photo. Neil
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