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Thread: Best First Three Point Undercarriage
24/11/2018 15:35:40

Sorry for lack of response, on a weekend break and Internet not been great. My reasons for the question. A mixture really, keen to try something new and fellow club members who prefer the tricycle design urging me to give it a try. I appreciate all of the advice particularly around the strength of the undercarriage and the forces on the nosewheel. I have been offered a flight with a soar 40 which I believe is a clone of a calamato or similar, but the owner is on hols, so will have to wait for his return. I am trying to move back to IC having been a tad lazy with the ease of electric but fed up with relatively short flight times. Have just finished a traditional Wot 4 from kit and beefed up the key areas identified by others. Waiting for a reasonable day to maiden. The Black Horse looks similar to the soar so I'll have a look around. ASH, what's the build quality like on the Seagull PC9? Thanks again to all. Neil

23/11/2018 21:40:11

Simple advice required. Want to move away from tail dragger e.g. acrowot to tricycle undercarriage model. Recommendations please.

Thread: UPS Parcel Scanning
20/09/2018 15:47:55

I have recently had parcels that didn't turn up only to be told by the delivery company "you weren't in" here is the photo of your house - look no cars, pity it was the house half a mile away!

Thread: Repairing undercarriage on a foamy
20/09/2018 15:38:19


I cut out some foam and glued in a ply plate with 4mm captive nuts. Added a 'breakaway plate' as recommended on the forum to allow access to any sheared bolts. 4mm bolts are really cheap and seem to last quite well, and believe me my landings can be dodgy at the best of times, as our site can be a tad windy. I use 5mm bolts on a traditional balsa acrowot and they also work well with the same breakaway plate setup. The foame is great fun and so easy to throw in the car with wing on for a quick visit to the site. I agree with the comments about the hatch and they really should redesign the battery space - they must have paid for the moulds by now.....



Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
16/09/2018 10:08:07
Morning Ron, great photo, got the T shirt but not the photo. Neil
Thread: Acrowot Foame to Traditional IC Acrowot Advice Please
10/09/2018 14:55:09

I have been flying an acrowot foame for a while. It is a joy to fly.

Have a old acrowot built from an original Chris Foss kit. Probably about 12 years old but in great condition. My younger son's model before he discovered girlfriends.

Has a 70 four stroke. Anything obvious I should watch out for during the transition?

Thread: Great Service - But!
16/08/2018 14:28:11

I think that's where I started - however others defended its creation as being acceptable.

16/08/2018 13:41:06


More than happy to continue - I have plenty of time and it's quite entertaining.

Apathy is no answer and a tad selfish. That attitude is how we have ended up with environmental problems in the first place.

You have stated that China is the bad boy and I agree, so I assume you don't have anything you own that came from China, no electronics no modelling bits - really. If you do have an electric or hybrid car do you seriously believe they are environmentally sound! Have a look at how the batteries are produced and where - I'll think you'll find that China is a big player.

16/08/2018 10:06:01
We don't really have a choice about where goods come from, as others have indicated, and whether we like it or not we are stuck with that situation. That's the way it is. So your China scenario is rather bizarre and somewhat irrelevant in today's marketplace. However we can try and raise awareness of unnecessary waste at this end of the supply chain and that is what I was doing. Maybe you should do the same. Good luck with saving the model shop industry by driving around the country!
I am assuming, given your "buy local" recommendation and your apparent eagerness to travel around the country in your air polluting car, that you bought your mobile phone, your computer, your TV and many other goods from your 'local suppliers'? I don't think so!
I am sure the forum is getting bored with our exchange but if you want to continue to chew the fat feel free, or send me a PM - I will be more than happy to debate the subject further.
15/08/2018 23:44:27

Unfortunately some of us don't have the luxury of buying locally, and you are really missing the point. Seriously, I don't think a sixty mile round trip to shops that no longer hold any stock is the answer. Yes the big boys have added to their demise but that's life. However, it shouldn't stop us pointing out bad practice. Nobody would be able to buy anything if we all adopted your rather simplistic view of the world.

15/08/2018 12:31:31

What would I say, well.

It's not exactly rocket science to pack something simply and well at a reasonable cost. But when this example is multiplied a millions times over and adds to the pollution of the planet beyond recovery what will you say - ah but it was cheap?

I order a lot of things which are delivered by white van (not by choice) and despite it keeping drivers in a job, many express astonishment at the amount of packaging, in this instance the driver couldn't actually tell if there was anything in the package. On a positive side he doesn't use much fuel as he carries so much fresh air

I respect your view but can't agree.

15/08/2018 11:48:33

Surely you are not defending such waste?

15/08/2018 11:26:04

Placed an order with Hobbyking on Monday morning at 09:00 hrs. Arrived Tuesday morning 11:00 hrs. Ok it was only a roll of covering but I placed an order for prop driver at the same time from another supplier - still waiting.

Great service but maybe Hobbyking could improve on their rather over the top packaging - approach seems very similar to Amazon. Clearly shares in a bubble wrap company could be a good investment.


Thread: Dual Ailerons
13/08/2018 17:25:04

Thanks guys, clearly a senior moment on my part, too obvious for words, feeling a bit thick right now!


Thread: Bluebird 2018
13/08/2018 17:18:13

Thanks Ken,

Yes goosebumps to the fore and what a sound, hairs on back of my neck now in on the act!



Thread: Dual Ailerons
13/08/2018 17:04:43

Trying to set up a wot 4 with dual ailerons on a spectrum DX6 radio with 6 channel receiver. How do I set up ailerons so they work independently, if I use a y lead they obviously both go in the same way and there appears to be no way to reverse one servo. I am sure this can't be difficult but still new to dual ailerons. I have power in bind socket, rudder, throttle and elevator as normal and a battery checker in gear. Left with aux 1 and one aileron socket.

Thread: Wot 4 Squared
14/07/2018 17:57:45

Currently building the mark 3 balsa kit, basic version, no engine mount in pack. Don't know about the deluxe kit. I built a unowot twenty years ago for my son and the instructions haven't changed only a couple of addendum sheets. Mr Foss could maybe Update the instructions for 2018, dense text and poor diagrams could be improved!!!

12/07/2018 11:31:18

I am knew to building but just about to put the controls in to my Wot 4. I noticed you have put in direct snakes for the elevator and the rudder rather than the pull push system for the rudder and balsa trip approach for the elevator as suggested in the instructions, any particular reason - it does look at lot simpler and neater.


Thread: iPad problem
24/06/2018 21:50:40

I agree. Be aware if you are out and about and your iPad runs out of space because you loaded up some photos and videos for friends you can't delete them without returning to your computer. You can only delete photos taken by the iPad away from your synchronisation device.

Thread: Wot 4 Squared
05/06/2018 11:22:01

I am building the same mark 3 kit and just behind you in the process so your photos are a great help! I have read the debate on the engine firewall and I am also going to add some re-enforcement as I would also have used 1/4 ply.

Thanks for putting up the photos.


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