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Thread: Radio Queen.
04/06/2020 10:55:23

A nice period radio would complement the Radio Queen & make the whole experience more enjoyable, have you thought about a refit or a reproduction? These old girls dont look right propping up a DX18

You might not fancy S/C but a reeds set or very early propo would be more appropriate, lots of ideas on mode-zero

Cheers wink

Thread: Is there a list of frequencies we can use in the UK?
28/05/2020 13:07:03

I've asked Ofcom for clarification, the initial conversation suggests that the documentation is far from up to date and that spectrum control has gone to pot... and that the UKRCC isnt properly supported by Ofcom. Maybe Jeti themselves could give a document reference. I cant imagine a company like Jeti getting it wrong.

28/05/2020 10:32:52
Posted by Steve J on 28/05/2020 08:16:01:
Posted by Phil Green on 27/05/2020 19:40:35:

The uk version has exactly the same quote:

I know. I referred to it in my 19:31 post.

Anyway, as you don't seem to be able to understand the phrase 'in addition', there is very little point discussing this with you so I'm going to say goodbye.

Wow. Chill Steve smiley

all I'm saying is that if it is a legit R/C band then its not specifically documented as such like all the other R/C bands are.

Edited By Phil Green on 28/05/2020 15:06:12

27/05/2020 19:40:35

The uk version has exactly the same quote:

What technical conditions for model control and UAV must be met?

All model control equipment must operate within the frequency bands shown above and the effective radiated power of the equipment must not exceed that shown alongside the frequency band in the table above.

... and the 'frequency bands shown above' make no reference to model control on 868

Note also that the "What bands are available" [for model control] table at the foot of the page includes 27, 35, 40, 49, 459 and 2400 but excludes 868. It it is legal it will be the only model control band not specifically documented as such.



Edited By Phil Green on 28/05/2020 13:40:20

27/05/2020 19:08:26
Posted by Steve J on 27/05/2020 18:07:46:

"In addition to the frequencies above, radio control models may also share the frequency bands allocated to General Non-Specific Short Range Devices with all other such applications."

Ofcom radio control page, under the table of 'Model Control' frequencies.

What they are saying Steve is that most bands where model control is allowed, are not exclusive. They are shared with other legit users. From the very same document, just below your quote:

6. What technical conditions for model control and UAV have to be met?

All model control equipment must operate within the frequency bands shown above and the effective radiated power of the equipment must not exceed that shown alongside the frequency band in the table above.

Note particularly that 868 is not in the 'table above'

27/05/2020 17:50:35
Posted by BackinBlack on 27/05/2020 14:41:36:

868MHz can be used for Radio Control, providing the ERP(radiated power) is not in excess of 25mW. See here, page 22: IR 2030

Where model control is permitted, Offcom use the Application descriptor 'model control'
'May be used airborne' doesnt mean model control smiley


Thread: Red5 MEGA glider 1.5M
25/05/2020 23:54:30

Brilliant Steve, looks a bit like a Romulan Bird of Prey smiley Will look out for one when we get out again.

Where is the video taken, looks a really nice club site.

Hopefully see you up Nonts again soon, remember we flew the two Lidl's together?


Thread: Boddington Designs
25/05/2020 14:25:25

You could always ask Andrew, he's very approachable smiley

│ Posted by Jeffrey Cottrell 2 on 24/05/2020 21:21:27:
│ P.S. Do recall from a long time back someone flying Galloping Ghost on rudder.
│ He managed to land in a duck pond wherein the model happily paddled
│ itself to the bank.

Love that story Jeff!   We're flying Galloping Ghost again, great fun!



Edited By Phil Green on 25/05/2020 14:29:59

Thread: Radio
24/05/2020 11:15:04
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 24/05/2020 06:26:51

Oh, you are THAT Phil. So:

You not only fly toy planes, you collect old radios, as demonstrated by your asking for "donations" to add to your "collection".

Shaun is the collector, not me, I have relatively few old radios, but they all fly.

24/05/2020 00:47:44

Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 23/05/2020 18:41:02:

│ │ Posted by Phil Green on 23/05/2020 12:51:18:
│ │ The radio is my hobby!

│ The radio is a tool, that's all.

No, Richard, the model is a tool to enjoy my latest homebrew radio. I have to agree with John:

Posted by john stones 1 on 23/05/2020 13:58:34:

│ Oddly enough YOU don't get to define what the hobby is, others have their own
│ thoughts, and more power to them.

23/05/2020 14:04:25

Won't it be brilliant when we can all just go flying with whatever gear we happen to have

(Hope your lad's picking up John, slow process from broken bones...)

23/05/2020 12:51:18

The radio is my hobby!

23/05/2020 12:45:31
Posted by john stones 1 on 23/05/2020 12:20:14:

Nowt wrong with "Fanboys" we all fit in there somewhere, If you think you don't, you're most likely mistaken.

I dont - I have no brand loyalty at all John - I'll run anything that works smiley

23/05/2020 12:18:35

Graupner - Hott is good, but if buying used, avoid IFS, its essentially XPS which is Xbee based and has many briefly documented failures, briefly because the owner of XPS moderates the XPS thread on RCG. Graupner rapidly moved from IFS to Hott which is a much better system, CC2500 based.

Thread: 6EXP 35MHz Upgrade Options
18/05/2020 20:10:07

Frsky have a new hack module and Rich at T9 is expecting them any time now.
There is no comparison between Frsky and Corona, I can go into detail if you're interested.
There is an alternative in the pipeline, I note you're familiar with SDR radios, well Lemon have an SDR module which has been in testing for a year and is about to be released. It does DSMX and we're told it will be 'competitively priced'.

Regarding the T6, its very worthy of a conversion, I put my aerial in the handle which makes it really convenient and much less likely to be damaged when wading through 4 foot undergrowth after a land out.



Thread: Das Liddle Stik
06/05/2020 20:45:42

Have you though about colours yet? remember that all Ugly Stiks have to be red, like Kawasakis have to be green and KTMs have to be orange smiley

Edited By Phil Green on 06/05/2020 20:46:04

Thread: More thinners
29/04/2020 11:40:38

Peardrops! smiley

Thread: Das Liddle Stik
25/04/2020 01:48:12

My first propo power model, though I had a slide-on nose-block and slope-soared it too!

The original was definitely fully symmetrical. No washout, no differential and throws - 'plenty' is always my preference with propo.

With the OS19 shown it was badly underpowered, with a Merco 35 it was just right.   IIRC I used spruce spars and L/E.

A brilliant model, you'll love it !





Edited By Phil Green on 25/04/2020 09:56:24

Thread: Sanwa servos
20/04/2020 22:03:13

How old are they? Early Sanwa wiring didnt follow the standard neg, pos, signal - and they used all black wire so you couldnt tell by looking 

IIRC they go pos, neg signal so you may have blown them with reverse polarity.

They can be used, in fact they're great servos, but IIRC you have to switch pos & neg around.  I have some here somewhere I'll check.

Edit: Yep, pos, neg, signal. On mine the pos is red, neg & signal are both black.  Lift the little tab, gently pull out the pos & neg, swap them over and push them back.



Edited By Phil Green on 20/04/2020 22:16:11

Thread: Taurus retro aerobatic build
20/04/2020 19:28:21

I was privileged to ride shotgun for Leon at Buckminster when he maidened the prototype Belaire Taurus kit as he was understandably nervous - but its a fine flyer, smooth and stable, not slow but very steadily paced, and a terrific sight in the air, Kaz would be proud.


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