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Thread: Prostate Cancer
29/05/2019 12:05:24

Awakened by the thread, I did some reading on the NHS and Prostate Cancer UK websites to better inform myself on prostate matters. Today the doc told me that my PSA blood test showed a level of 2.4 which sounds OK for a 74-year-old. A rectal test found the prostate to be well enlarged and after a discussion which covered the options of tablets or surgery, I decided to go for tablets with a further consultation in 2 months to check on how well the treatment is working. He prescribed Tamsulosin to reduce the symptoms, and Finasteride to eventually shrink the prostate, which could take 6 months.

It feels good to have finally done something about getting medical attention, and I thank Martian for starting the thread, and all others who have contributed with their experiences and advice.

Thread: Beth's off.....
29/05/2019 11:27:13

Congratulations Beth. Here's hoping that your new offspring doesn't put you into a flat spin too often wink

Thread: Prostate Cancer
24/05/2019 17:42:24

Has anyone been prescribed Tamsulosin, which is a drug taken in tablet form to diminish the symptoms of a swollen prostate gland? The other day I was speaking with a chap about my age of 74 who told me that he'd been on the tablet for 20 years and that although it's not a cure, it does reduce the usual problems of urgency, frequency, weak stream, inability to pee, and getting up in the middle of the night. I hadn't heard of Tamsulosin before, despite googling for prostate treatments.

I had my first PSA blood test two months ago and my GP (well, not mine as we keep being switched about in our medical centre) said all was within limits without being specific. I didn't know there was a scale of numbers detailing the state of play until I saw mention of them on this thread.

I've been a prostate sufferer for over 20 years, and had the finger test back then when the doc said there was little swelling. Now I've decided to make another appointment to get more detail about my recent blood test results, and ask about Tamsulosin. The chap I spoke with reckoned that about 50% of men his age were on the tablet at his medical centre in a nearby town.

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
14/05/2019 04:00:20

That's excellent news Beth. Many thanks to all for keeping the old digital editions resource going.


10/05/2019 14:44:21

Thanks Beth thumbs up


Thread: AP plan Blackburn Monoplane by A.M. Finucane
07/05/2019 20:36:51

Hi Ian

Sarik has the plan: **LINK** if you click the link it will come up.

I built and flew that design back in about 1973 on single channel with an ED Comp Special up front. It flew well with the old ED making such a racket, and shaking the bracing wires like crazy. Great fun with not much of a glide as it's very draggy. I suspect that I increased the dihedral a bit to make the model more responsive to the rudder-only setup. It'll be a very nice project to complete eventually and well worth the effort.


Edited By Gordon Whitehead 1 on 07/05/2019 20:37:28

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
07/05/2019 12:31:47

PS. Adobe Flash player is well known for having security issues so I am wary of it. In the process of googling how to get Adobe Flash on my phone, I found an article on CNN Business that said Adobe stopped developing the application in 2011 for mobile devices. It also said that from 2020 Adobe will stop supporting Flash Player altogether. Apparently websites now use HTML5 in preference to Adobe Flash. Is that what the new magazine reader uses?

Whilst other flash players are available, I don't know if they're trustworthy.

Finally, what will happen to the online availability of the back-issue library when Adobe Flash Player is abandoned by Adobe next year? Will we still have access?

The back catalogue has been of great value to me and no doubt many others over the years, and far better than a Pocketmags library which only lets you read issues forward from the first one you bought. I'm wondering now if it's planned that the availability of Modelflying's huge RCME magazine back catalogue even to a newcomer (I've been signed up for only a few years) should be regarded as privilege at present, and access prior to March 19 may die with Flash player.


Edited By Gordon Whitehead 1 on 07/05/2019 12:32:32

07/05/2019 11:37:26

Hi Beth

I'm a digital only subscriber and normally use a Chromebook (an Android device) for reading the digital issues. I have noticed that all RCME editions from March 19 onwards load automatically on the Chromebook, but all issues from February and earlier require me to click on a link to Adobe Flash Player before the issue loads. Presumably the difference is related to the change in the magazine viewer.

However, this morning I tried to read the Jan 18 issue on my Android mobile phone and all that came up was a plain black page with a note in the middle about scrolling. All the issues from March 19 onwards did load alright, and further investigation proved that all the rest of the issues prior to February 19 came up with the same blank page as the Feb issue.

Please can you advise me what I need to do to get these older issues to load onto my phone.

Kind regards


Edited By Gordon Whitehead 1 on 07/05/2019 11:38:24

Thread: Russian Drone - Horrific
31/03/2019 21:22:23

It looks as if it's armed with an AK-47. Released in time for April 1st?

Thread: Paypal Charges - how are they calculated?
31/03/2019 21:13:08

@ Denis, the fees do vary according to the amount of the transaction, but thanks for your reply. In fact a recent transaction I made generated a fee of £5.81.

@Andrew, thanks for that thumbs up It's exactly what I wanted and I've bookmarked it.

I actually emailed Paypal to ask them to provide a link to a formula or table, and I got no direct answer except that the figure 3.4% plus .20p was mentioned. That accords with Andrew's calculator for what is termed standard rate.

Why I wanted to know is that I don't think that using Paypal gift is a good idea because you lose the protection. So if selling something using Paypal you need to know what the Paypal fee will be to help you to set the overall price to ask. If buying from someone who wants you to use Paypal gift, you need to be able to calculate the fee to add it to the requested price (to get the protection) and pay that if they won't shift from their stated price or accept the transaction fee.


31/03/2019 16:24:58

I've been surfing the Paypal site, and Google, in an attempt to discover how Paypal fees are calculated. I'm sure that there used to be an easily accessible table which itemised the variable and fixed charges based upon the amount changing hands. I can't find that table. What I'm looking for are formulae along the lines of 3.4% plus .28p, these figures dependent upon the amount the private seller is receiving from the private buyer and nothing to do with commercial transactions.

Has anyone a clue how the seller fees for a normal person-to person private transaction between two aeromodellers are worked out?


Thread: Aldi Bench Drill
16/02/2019 19:27:02

Hi Percy, I googled the Proxxon drill following your earlier mention and it does look to be more like what I thought I should get, ie something accurate and reasonably portable. I am already a Proxxon user, having the Proxxon FET Table Saw which I bought last year, fitted a fine-tooth blade, and used for stripping down some excessively large X-section spruce I bought a few years ago when I thought I would start building monster scale models. That intention fell by the wayside, but the saw ensures that my spruce stock will get used somehow. It's good for stripping 1/2in sheet balsa into 1in wide strips for leading edges, etc, and I've even stripped 3/32in sq spruce strips from some 3/32in spruce sheet I've had in stock since the early 1970s. A while ago I David-planed down some 1/4x1/2 spruce to 3/16x3/8 for wing spars on a 6ft bipe. It took ages plus sanding, whereas the FET saw would have done all 16 required strips in minutes with a fine finish needing no sanding.

I note that there's a sliding table available which could convert the TBM220 drill to a light duty milling machine handy for slotting materials for sliding items such as WWII fighter canopies, or tracks for Fowler-style flaps. The 6mm chuck is much more the style for any future designs of mine anyway, the monster chuck of the Aldi being well over the top for most drill sizes I'll be using! With extras it'll total over £200 more than the Aldi, but maybe more in line with my needs. We'll see, anyway. You can't beat having the right tool for the job.




Edited By Gordon Whitehead 1 on 16/02/2019 19:33:01

16/02/2019 18:58:45

Hi Colin, I sorta bought mine by accident, having gone to our nearest Lidl for the first time to buy the Lidl bench disc sander which was receiving good reviews on this forum. I didn't realise how heavy the drill was gonna be to carry up and down stairs between my garage and bedroom workshops, depending on where I'd be working. So it's almost a relief that I could return it with a fault, which I did today. It was surprisingly easy to return, though I did hand it over with a written and photo-illustrated report. One thing I liked about it but didn't get to use was the laser cross-hair system for ensuring you placed the drill right where you'd centre-popped the piece you wanted to drill. The depth stop is clever, too. I found your thread whilst looking to see if there were any reports on my drill. As both are just about identical I thought I'd just add my findings onto your thread.

I have the Aldi scroll saw which is probably like yours, and is very nice to use. If you're happy to use the fairly coarse-toothed pinned blades then it's dead easy to change blades, in the same manner as my 47-year-old Dremel Moto Shop scroll saw it replaced. I persuaded myself to use pinless blades as they do a finer cut, but blade changing with the alternative "floating clamp" system is a bit more involved, especially if you want to cut out the middle of a former as it's not as simple as passing a pinned blade through a 3/16" hole and hooking the blade into its notches. I've modified the blade clamps to try to make them easier to use for former cutting, but still have to use it to build a plane. I might just end up using pinned blades for their ease of fitting, but would like to see some finer tpi's available.

I'm enjoying following the Fury threads, BTW. They are all most enlightening, and have given me the hots for a 6S-powered silver bipe. I was looking at the Bristol Bulldog - I have Dennis Bryant's plan - but now the A.W. Siskin IIIa has surfaced as a definite maybe, especially after reading Air Cdr Allen Wheeler's account in his book "Flying Between the Wars" of him doing upward flick and slow rolls in one at RAF Hendon air displays.



15/02/2019 19:12:30

Regrettably the Lidl tech dept didn't get back in touch this afternoon between 3pm and 4pm as promised, so I missed a lovely afternoon's flying weather crying However, I have sent a polite email with a full description of the problem with pix, and hope to get a reply to that before too long.

After reading Mike T's post I checked the quill; sure enough there's noticeable play, and I'm beginning to think that my best bet will be to ask for my money back. In reality it's probably a bit more of a "heavy duty" machine than I need, so perhaps a visit to the local Machine Mart or Axminster Tools for a lighter and more aeromodelling-oriented machine would be more productive, if a bit more expensive!



Edit.  Just read your post Simon, and it is a heavy piece of scrap! 

Edited By Gordon Whitehead 1 on 15/02/2019 19:13:57

Thread: Online magazine viewer problems
15/02/2019 18:30:32

Thanks for your reply Beth. Looking forward to the solution thumbs up


15/02/2019 14:47:14

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the new viewer released with the current issue inconvenient to use?

Before, you simply clicked a right-arrow to get the next page and there it was at the same magnification. Now, clicking on the right arrow shrinks the page below legible, turns over two pages, and then you have to re-magnify it to the size you want and then scroll for the first of the two pages presented.

Can we have the original viewer back, please? I don't have enough life left to spend faffing with this worse system.

Kind regards


Thread: Aldi Bench Drill
15/02/2019 14:28:55

Thanks for your replies everyone. I took some photos. The end of the spindle has a burr which might be another problem besides the rough finish. I'll see if the Lidl techy wants them.drill chuck 2.jpg

drill spindle 2.jpg



15/02/2019 11:59:39

I bought the Lidl version yesterday - Parkside Bench Pillar Drill PTBM 500 E5. £59.99. It looks just like the one on Colin's box pic so is probably mechanically identical except for a few minor details including the colour - mine's green.

I'm having a problem mounting the drill chuck. It fits onto a tapered spindle like a Morse taper, and you tap it into place using a plastic hammer as detailed in the instructions. However, the drill chuck will not seat properly and the drill bit has a lot of run-out at its tip. The chuck can be rocked from side to side, even after a lot of tapping with the hammer to try to get it to seat concentrically. The mounting spindle has a rough surface whereas the tapered bore of the chuck is ground smooth and I suspect that the spindle hasn't been ground to the correct taper or finish. Would anyone know if a Morse taper spindle should be smooth, or left with grinding marks on it. It seems wrong to me.

I'm awaiting a phone call for advice from from the Lidl service dept, but thought I would mention the problem here, and ask if what I perceive as a problem might be normal with this type of cheap drill unit.



Thread: How can I reverse a plan to build two wing halves
08/02/2019 15:33:14

It used to be said that rubbing the plan with paraffin will make it transluscent so that you can build on the back. Otherwise, it's not really too hard to trace the plan onto greaseproof paper and build on that, taking care to build the opposite wing of course. I've used the latter method a few times, but not the paraffin one.


Thread: Trouble with squirrels
17/01/2019 18:23:19

Thanks for this! Our two granddaughters of 8 and 10 years, both loved this vid, along with the dragon and drone heists. Dunno what the dragon used for thrust, but it looked as if it might have been an ornithopter. Further research on youtube came up with some R/C dragon ornithopters which looked good fun typically but the wings flapped much faster.

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