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Thread: Christmas films worth recording
17/12/2018 11:18:19

Flight off the Phoenix 1965

Tense tale about a group of men who are left stranded in the middle of the Arabian desert after a plane crash. Their only hope of survival is to rebuild the craft so that, phoenix-like, she may fly again and carry them to safety, but can the captain and navigator calm the passengers as tension mounts and time starts to run out?

nominated for academy awards best actor

Merry Xmas Giuseppe

Thread: Plane for new engine - any suggestions?
10/12/2018 13:36:30



Hi Martin I also had a os 26fs and was looking for a plane and went for the Playboy Senior 80

Got the plan from outerzone and a cnc router cut short kit from eBay for £50 and you get the wings rib tail ribs as the rest is all strip wood it is a lovely build and beautiful slow flyer running a 10x6 prop and a 4 oz tank it flies for ever easy 30 min on tick over

No need to hunt for thermals you know when you got one

My only worry is losing it on one as it just want come down

To date is my favourite summer plane

Regards Giuseppe

Thread: Savage bobber
12/11/2018 13:10:42

Thanks Nigel

12/11/2018 12:36:15




Getting there

Thread: Navigation Lights
25/10/2018 11:28:33

I get mine from here


Thread: Savage bobber
21/09/2018 12:54:11

Hi everyone

On my agile project I need some low profile servos and I was wondering if I can use low profile retract servo for elevator and rudder just like normal servos the like of

Hitec hs 77bb speed 4.8/6v 0.18/0.14 sec @60 degree or

Hitec hs 75bb speed 4.8/6v 0.45/0.34sec @180 degree

Can i use them ok and Which is better 60 degree or 180


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
16/04/2018 13:22:12

Thanks Trevor, is all carbon tube 7mm for the Savage Bobber and 4mm for the Savage Trainer using JB Weld

You can see the building blog on here by typing Savage Bobber on the search for.

16/04/2018 11:05:45


Playboy Senior os 26fs probably the best all timer ever

My Savage Boobber asp 160 twin now with a pilot

Savage trainer with asp 30 fs

Thread: Wiring up a twin glow engine
11/03/2018 09:43:44
as long it will glow both glow plugs I am a very happy pilot
thanks again
11/03/2018 08:38:18

Thanks Dennis, like it. But will it work for both glow plugs! i mean is it man enough to do the job,mind you it will probably take 2 day to chargecheeky

11/03/2018 08:20:00

Hi all and thanks again

Martin thanks for the sketch but as Steve said i only want to start the engine and turn off when running thats all.

Denis are you saying that just one c cell battery will do the job,if so what capacity/make battery should i get because on one cell looks simple to me

So its like this

Positive + and negative - off the battery x1 To the heavy duty switch(with built in charging socket and led light) coming in red connector (in my case) and out off the switch Black connector(in my case)which i will cut the wire and connect the black Wire to engine earth and the red wire i will split in to 2 and connect to each glow plug! but will one battery do the job!

To connect to the glow plugs i was thinking to use a proper glow plug wire (red wire with black cup rubber pull to fit as you normally get ) but the red wire is a bit thicker than the red wire off my heavy duty switch( would this matter) or should i take extend same gauge red wire to the glow plugs and use /connect/solder to a brass tube that fit the glow plugs head.

Hope this is it as i am fed up looking at my bobber naked i need to finish it so that i can go FLY......

Thanks again much appreciated

10/03/2018 15:23:33

go to go now to bang my head on the wall cheekyif i am still alive tomorrow i will catch with it

But thanks for all you help all you lovely peopleyes

10/03/2018 15:14:54

No Martin is a New ASP 160 twin on my Savage Bobber but if you could draw me a diagram i will be stopping pulling my hair out


10/03/2018 15:12:18

Paul i can see the engine running but i would prefer to see how how is wired up

I need weight up front and lots of it other wise i just going to use 2 glow sticks to start the engine witch is a ASP 160 new and i think a glow driver is not required if set properly not like my old os 120 gemini mk1 witch would cut out on long tick over, so got a just engine twin glow driver and is now a beautifully behaved engine and never cuts out

All i want is useful weight up front smiley

10/03/2018 14:54:32

Ok thanks again but i am stiil confused because on Paul diagram there are 2 battery c cell in +to- this is parallel i belive! wright

As the doctor said (no this is not the way to do it it)but if i get 2 cheap c cell say 2000mha each and wire them up as (+ to+) witch give me 1 positive to split one for each glow plug and (-to-) give me 2 negative with can be connected to to engine and there for my 2 battery become 4000mah this sound good and it make sense i think this is called in series wright!

But were do i put the heavy duty switch with built in charging socket on this circuit so that when is off i can charge the batterys and when i switch on it supplys both glow plug

I could do with a diagram cose i am more confuded than before

Do i do parralel or series that is the question now

Or do i just 2 separate circuit get one battery for each glow ( that is 2 battery) and share the earth connected to engine basically 2 circuit

Again if i do it this way where do i put the switch x1 for this 2 circuit as i dont want to use 2 switches

Gosh if i had a brain i wont be bothering you lot but thanks again

10/03/2018 08:27:01

Thanks to all you good people

So let me get this straight

I am not interested in a on board glow start connected to my receiver but just a stand alone on a simple swich

So am i wright to do it like this

2 sub cell say 2000mah Negative to positive to make 3 volt put a heavy duty swich with built in charging socket and LED at each negative and positive (as per diagram above) so that the batterys can be charged

but where or how do i connect

the glow plugs X2 to as i can only see 1 positive at the end of the circuit

Do i just split the only positive in to 2 and connect to each glow plug!

Lets not forget the swich need to charge the batteries on the off position and swich on the glow plugs x2 on the on position

Sorry for been thick electronics is just not my thing

Hope i am not driving you lot mad but thank again

09/03/2018 10:57:27

Hi I need weight at the front of my twin engine plane lots of it to achive C.G so I was thinking to put in a remote glow start with 2 battery and a switch so that i can start engine and turn off when running and charge when need it. I don't want to connect to the rx just start stop and charge.I belive that 2 battery will do is this but how do you do it. A diagram will be brilliant and will it work?. Or there is another way to do it

Thank in advance for any help

Thread: What is the best option? Okay! Second best option?
12/02/2018 09:42:44

JB Weld trust me what have you got to lose and you have plenty leftover for more repairs

Also very good to join carbon tube i use all the time just make sure the repair is secured and leave it alone for 48 hours

Good luck

Thread: Six Nations 2018
02/02/2018 11:12:05

Yeah you right Glyn i dont think Italy got a chance Scotland maybe

If it was Football Italy for sure

Thread: LED-lights DIY
24/01/2018 15:17:14

Thanks a lot yes

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