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Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
06/07/2020 20:14:17

Nice choice Adrian, I have 2 lasers and they are a delight. Saito 180 in my Stampe which is similar regarding reliability and sound. Enjoy

06/06/2020 16:00:05

Martin M

it is a Precident model with a Saito 180 but 3 servos at the tail.

presently with 3 mm rod but I am planning to change them to carbon fibre.

06/06/2020 15:17:40

Ni Nick, no I have not. The wings all seem very fixed and I already feel it will take ages to set up each time for flying!

not flown yet so could fit later if needed.

Thread: Ripmax Bolero
16/09/2018 17:29:01

I flew at Mid rate setting, I've only flown mine twice while I tried to sort the power issue, very easy to fly and the large throws seemed Ok with care.

At the moment I have throws as per the manual with High/Mid/Low rates set as:

  • H = 100% No Expo
  • M = 70% / 40% Expo
  • L = 30% / 60% Expo

Like you I felt the throws to be massive and wanted some step back if required.

I'll test on the next decent flying day

16/09/2018 11:17:55

Many thanks all for the inputs.

Why do I never read the instructions???angry

It is the std Ripmax setup with Quantum 11 55 Brushless and Quantum 80A ESC, 13x6.5 APC.

Resetting the ESC seems to have worked and I have way more power on the ground.

Watt metter report:

  • 1.5 Wh
  • 60.06 Ap
  • 1,158.9 Wp
  • 0.078 Ah
  • 19.16 Vm

Just need the wind to drop to take to the air and see.​

15/09/2018 16:14:46

i have purchased a pre-flown Bolero with std power train, the previous owner dabbled with 6S.

Prop as per guide and new 5S battery.

Performance is very disappointing and I suspect the ESC is compromised.

How can I confirm if the motor esc combo is the issue? Any suggestions please.

Or is the std power train underpowered?

Thanks for any ideas....

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
25/10/2017 09:43:07

Thanks Cymaz, that was a hasty placement for the photo. Plus I was planning fitting out the cockpit..

For the maiden the pilot will be correctly placed as I’m not sure I can handle it on my own 😏

I’ve been Spektrum since I came back to the hobby and have been pleased overall. However horizon withdrawal from the uk has me seriously considering a move. That is a big decision as ( don’t tell the wife) I must have 18+ RX + telemetry.

Thread: Power management
21/10/2017 17:14:59

Thanks John, Yes I'll put some decent 2000-2300 Mah and use telemetry to keep an eye.

I'm planning black scallops on the leading edge as seen earlier in this thread.

That plus sorting the cockpit will keep me occupied until spring..

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
21/10/2017 17:11:50

Hi Martin, it is a Saito 180. Brand spanking so I will have bench runs over the winter as I hate 'dead sticks'!!

21/10/2017 15:54:06

Well I finally have some progress with my Stampe. I just had no time to finish and a friend had some time on his hands and persuaded me to let him do a little work. Wow he has done an amazing job for me and with some winter fettling it will be defying gravity next year. It will have been 3 years since I started..


smile d

Edited By Martin U on 21/10/2017 15:54:42

Thread: Power management
21/10/2017 15:16:01

img_3240.jpgThanks for all the great inputs.

It is for a Stampe 1/4scale bipe with a Saito 180

It is a new build not yet flown so nothing fitted yet [apart from servos]

The servos are Hitec D645MW's. 


Edited By Martin U on 21/10/2017 15:42:47

21/10/2017 10:10:14

I have a large 1/4 scale plane with 5 digital servos and one std.

Recently with another plane I had an incident when I flew too many times [the weather was just great!!] and I had a power failure smash. I've also had some issues with low RX battery and AR8000's.

So I'm very aware of power demands from my new plane and don't want a power loss issue. Yes I know I can use telemetry and on-board voltage checkers but I want to extend the power capacity.

So can anyone suggest suitable setups? Things like Power Box look great but expensive. There is plenty of room as it is a large plane.

Thanks for any suggestions. Martin

Edited By Martin U on 21/10/2017 10:11:11

Thread: Laser 75 glo attachment
01/09/2016 10:53:21

So remote it is, I'll sort that out. Many thanks for the responses guys.

31/08/2016 17:34:44

I have just acquired a laser 75 that is at least 24 years old and it runs a treat.

The position of the plug is at the front of the head so I can't use my normal glow stick. For my bench run I dug out my old wired lead but I could not get it off when running.

Does anyone have suggestions for the plane mount?

My assumption is that I wire up a remote fitting but I'm interested in any ideas.

Thanks all.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
05/04/2015 11:21:39

'fraid so Cymaz, my work is very variable so build speed is directly related to lack of cash!

I plan to attend Greenacres but not sure it will be with Stampe, perhaps just looking for finishing ideas....

05/04/2015 11:14:54

well my slow build of [at least 10 sets of wings.... well it feels like it ] continues.

Fuselage 90%, tail feathers 95% upper wing 90%, lower wing 85%.

Tries my first dry fit to help me vision the end of the project and test all shaping up OK.

Some will see my shop is not as tidy as others so ignore the distractions and clutter.

mmmmmm taking shape...


10/03/2015 07:02:41

Well, just about to start working on the wings and I could not find the second plan for starboard wings... as those of you that have been before know the great old style instructions are to hold the port plans against a window and trace on the rear, thus creating the starboard plans.....

What an amazing example of cutting out cost, no wonder Precedent went to the wall.

I must be really lucky with the version of my kit the ribs are all pretty accurate, lined them up on a spar for a sand and they are not bad.

Wings, I hate them. Why on earth build a plane with 4??? But it will feel so nice when No. 4 is complete and the taste of balsa dust is gone.... to be replaced by the perfume of Glo.wink 2

09/03/2015 16:22:31

Now back on track with the Stampe and have constructed the tail, fin and rudder ...


09/03/2015 16:20:48

I got a little distracted and built an Elder 40.

Useful to test some build skills like using Solartex antique for the first time.


16/02/2015 11:47:28

Wings advice : I'd like to take the approach by Stearmandy to have detachable wings as 82" will be tight in my wife car [Mazda 3] my BMW is not used for flying duties

The choice seems to be PHENOLIC & ALUMINUM TUBING or carbon fibre. I feel the ali will be strong enough and the extra weight not a big problem as CF is quite a bit more expensive. I will remake the ribs where the tube passes to ensure they are strong enough and beef up with some resin through the centre section, wing root and the tube fixing.

Any thoughts or suggestions chaps?

Jon H - I'm in Milton Keynes but pass Slough when I visit my mum. We could arrange a flymeet though, that would be good. The thought of the Stampe flying seems a very long way off at the moment though.. frown

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