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Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
07/05/2020 10:06:05

I have just had excellent service from SLEC and Modelfixings.

Ordered items on Monday this week, all delivered by Wednesday.

Well done both.

Thread: Selling scam?
27/09/2019 18:35:16

Hi Sharpy,

I have just had an email from who you mentioned trying to buy some items I have in the classifieds.

Bad english, long drawn out email going on about paying by cheque.. obvious scam... I think anyway.

Can this be reported and followed up by someone at Modelflying?

Thread: Latest CAA Update
28/08/2019 16:58:20

Just a thought...

If this legislation is still going through parliament and as I have seen in today's news that this session of parliament is going to be ended sooner rather than later. Does it mean that any unfinished bills or legislation going through at the time the session ends is discarded and has to start the process again, at the will of parliament, when they re-sit.

I am making no comment on the Brexit situation simply wondering if it will affect us modellers in any way.

If legislation has already gone through before this then I suppose it will make no difference.

Thread: Cambrian / Cambria Funfighter-----which to choose!
24/06/2019 11:02:47

Hi Guys,

I recently built the Cambrian Spitfire Funfighter.

Nice well produced kit, went together well with a couple of areas that require a little thought.

All set up with throws as recommended. Electric motor as shown in their advert.

First test flight was a mare. Got a pal to hand launch for me (went on 3rd try). Elevator is very sensitive but the ailerons were so strong it was pretty much uncontrollable. I managed about 4min flight time before I trashed it.

Really don't need much aileron throw on this kit and be sure to have a good amount of expo.

The plane when tamed would be absolutely brilliant and I would recommend it for an experienced pilot.

Maybe my reactions were not up to it and I got a bit disoriented...who knows.

Would like to build another one in the future.



Thread: Cyril Carr's - AM-339 Looking for plan.
18/06/2019 08:04:44

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I have had a good look around on the Sarik website and can't find the plan so I assume it is no longer available from usual sources. Was just thinking if Mr Carr is still contactable for plans etc.

What motor/prop/batt combo did you use and what sort of performance/duration do you get.

Looking forward to getting another 339 built.

Thanks again


17/06/2019 16:30:15


Please can anyone help?

Looking for copy of Cyril Carr's plan for an AM339.

Originally published as a free plan, I think, in RCM&E Feb 2000.

Great plan. Can be built for IC, Electric or a sloper.

I built one for sloping when it first came out and would now like to build a leccy one probably a bit bigger than the original. Plan & model long since gone.

Model holds hold special 'family time' memories.

Any help would be appreciated.



Thread: David Vaughan P-51B Mustang
23/05/2019 17:09:46

Hi Jan,

Unfortunately have not managed to make a start yet.

Work and life in general hasn't allowed me time I need to put into such a big project. Perhaps in a couple of years after I retire.



Thread: E-flite Cherokee 1.3 BNF
13/05/2019 10:35:02

Thanks Brian.

Will heed your advice.



13/05/2019 09:31:24

Hi Brian,

Thanks, that's good to know. Looking forward to getting in some flying time with this one.

Also set mine as per book.

A couple of other things I have read on RCgroups...

reports of the plastic gear servos stripping on the rudder/wheel servo. Have you had any problems with the servos? Thinking about changing to some Hitec MG servos I have going spare.

with the BNF AS3x receiver, there is limited movement on the rudder channel, not getting recommended thows. the thoughts are that this is how the receiver has been programmed so not sure how to change this as I don't have a programming lead. Have you had this problem?



13/05/2019 08:38:03

Hi Percy,

Thanks for the info.

I have set the elev deflections to 10mm HR & 7mm LR measured at the trailing edge.

First time for me using AMT so wasn't sure where to measure & no mention in the destructions.

They recommend to use LR for initial flights and increase if needed.

Weather permitting hope to get maiden in the next couple of weekends.

Thanks again.


11/05/2019 12:39:08


Does anyone out there have an E-flite Cherokee?

In the manual it gives set up info for initial dual rates etc. along with surface deflections for each rate. All seem ok apart from the elevator which states 10mm at HR & 7mm at LR.

It is an all moving tailplane. Do I measure the deflection at the LE or TE of the tailplane? The manual does not say.

Given the rates specified the deflections look ok when measured at the LE but are much more at the TE. The elevator is known to be highly effective on this model so really don't want to over cook it.

Any help would be appreciated.



Thread: Jamara spares & West Wing Kits
22/03/2019 15:59:49


Does anyone know of a supplier of spares for Jamara in the UK.

I am after a spare fuselage for a DG-1000 glider, the slope/thermal version.

On another note, are West Wings still going?

Can't seem to find their website anymore.


Thread: Watts Inside feature April 2019
18/03/2019 10:08:17

Thanks Jon.

Looking forward to part two of the article and will drop a message and some pics on this thread when I have come up with something that looks the part.

12/03/2019 12:00:10

Thanks for the replies gents.


the drone you pointed to at Menkind looks good but doesn't have the fan shrouds. The shrouds look like a mini EDF unit.


I was wondering if another type of drone would be suitable as the one mentioned on John's article does not seem to be available to order from a UK supplier. Having done some more research I have ordered the following..(link)


Perhaps you could ask John if this would be suitable. I have a few ideas for different types of aircraft to model, some real , some sci-fi.

Thanks again.


11/03/2019 11:03:46


Having read through John Stennard's excellent feature article on converting a small indoor quad to look like a Harrier or F-35, I must admit to wanting to have a go.

I usually fly RC fixed wing so these small drones are all new to me.

The base drone mentioned in the article is a B-03 pro from

Does anyone know of a similar (suitable) small drone that is available from the UK. Not bothered about FPV. I have looked online and there seem to be hundreds of types but not all have the fan shrouds mentioned in the article.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thread: Old Ripmax P-51 Mustang 600 ARTF
24/11/2018 16:11:40

Having been struggling for time I have finally finished the Mustang. I have to say it went together very well.

I ended up modifying the front end to take an outrunner. I used an Overlander T3536/05 1500KV 408W.

I put a firewall slotted between and over the existing beams with gussets to & bottom.

Have had a wattmeter on it and the figures looked ok. Around 40A at full tilt on a fully charged 4s lipo using an 8x4 prop. Peaked at a bit over 500W. Well overpowered but reckon it will easily fly on half throttle .


Question for Denis Watkins...

I am have a mare of a job getting it to balance anywhere near the 90-95mm back from LE where it meets the fuz (as per instructions). I have tried 4S 2800 & 3900 lipos in various positions. Denis, can you recall the cg position on your Mustang? was it as per instructions?

Just need to get it balanced then looking forward to the maiden.


After some thought looking at the figure I gave above... I may try it on a 3S lipo. Motor blurb says 30A esc (using a 40A) using 2-4s lipo.


Edited By Tim Hickey on 24/11/2018 16:15:58

Thread: Motor mods to old Ripmax P-51 mustang ARF
19/10/2018 14:02:25

Hi Nigel,

I have just emailed 4-max the details of the plane, weight, prop size, 4s Lipo etc. so will see what they come up with.

If the 1100Kv/4s/8 to 9" prop combination works then I may well go with that.

That motor has a longer case than I have at the moment so may well work if the cables come out the end of the can.

I have a fall back as an alternative of modding the front end to take an outrunner...last resort through.


Amazed at how different 'the same' kit can be. An old kit but still looks amazing and very happy how easily it went together. I ran thin CA glue all round the joints, just to make sure.

Get this motor sorted out and looking forward to some good flying time with this model.

19/10/2018 10:24:02

Hi Romeo

Thanks for the info re 4-max

I have had an email reply from 4-max. The only 36mm diameter inrunner they do now is an 1105Kv version that they recommend only using a 3s lipo on a 10x5 prop. Will look into though. What are your thought on that one?

Having spent ages looking for a suitable inrunner I have now, in case I can't get one, CAD drawn a

mount made up from ply to suit an inrunner. This can be positioned exactly to fit the cowl and secured to the existing beams. Would also be cheaper than buying another inrunner.

Cheers. Tim

18/10/2018 16:32:25


Just had a look online and found this motor, link below...


Not sure if they are selling a 1200Kv or 1800Kv motor but have emailed them to ask.

What you reckon? Cables come out the rear of the motor and is a bit longer the BM600 I have installed.

This means the motor can move quite a way forward or back to suit.

18/10/2018 15:55:51

Thanks for all the comments gents.


I will have a look at the motor you suggest.


What do measure the distance to be between the front bulkhead and the front of the cowl

and to the front 'flat' face of the motor?

I think the distance of 85mm from bulkhead to front face of motor as stated in the manual is a bit on the short side.

If I can get a similar setup to yours (after checking price of motor) that would be great.

Thanks again.

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