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Thread: Malta
17/08/2018 21:50:03
First 2 days in Malta and it's hot! Been to Popeye Village yesterday and Blue Lagoon, Comino today. It's the week of the Santa Maria Festival ? so its extremely busy and public transport is rammed but what an amazing and friendly place!

Unfortunately I can't post photos from my phone but I can see why people return to the
islands after their first trip!
Love the place already!
Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2018
09/08/2018 19:32:14
Posted by Peter Garsden on 09/08/2018 17:26:04:

No takers for my story above - not really on point and not edited by the moderators - result.


Sorry Pete, my wife says I'm not allowed to comment on that particular post! laugh

Thread: Hurricane Building Tips and Plan/Woodpack queries
09/08/2018 19:28:58

Note that's center to center so take off whatever thickness one of your ribs. I say this because my ribs aren't 1/8th! wink

09/08/2018 19:23:23

76mm center to center Alan

09/08/2018 16:41:52

I can cut the nose & tail off... the rest is up to Pete!

Chainsaw is ready when you are...laugh

09/08/2018 16:31:34
Posted by Peter Garsden on 09/08/2018 08:01:45:

What a great idea Chris. I am really wishing I wasn't first to finish.

Pete, still enough time to cut off the tail & build a really light one and modify the nose to move the battery forward. yes

09/08/2018 12:03:38
Posted by Trevor on 09/08/2018 06:53:11:

Good plan. Looks like you are well into the covering phase too Chris. Do you plan to glue the spinner on permanently? I'm still toying with the idea of having mine removable to get access to the battery connection instead of using a switch. However, if it's going to have to be full of lead. . . .!

Hi Trevor. I intend to epoxy the spinner on after the painting is finished. There is only about a 6mm ring of F1a to glue to F1 but as there is no extra weight in the spinner I think that will be enough. The extended box touches the inside of the spinner too so should provide a little support for pitchy landings. Anything worse and I'm probably looking at nose repairs anyway!

Since the battery is now nearly 2" further forward I am tempted to use a hall effect switch in the forward fuselage instead of extending the power wires all the way back to an appendage to use as a switch. RX is probably going up front on top of the original battery box. Every little helps!

09/08/2018 00:48:31

In a vain attempt to keep the Hurricane off the pork pies I have moved my battery forward by approximately 45mm and it now sits within the spinner.




I cut a hole in F1 to line up with the inside of the battery tube and epoxyed in a ply extension box which sits 50mm inside the existing battery box and projects 45mm forward of F1. I had to sand off the corners of the extension to fit inside the spinner. I hope that my remaining balancing weights will fit on the front/sides of the battery box extension.

Thread: RN Hawker Sea Hurricane IIc
08/08/2018 20:53:59

The captive nut will go a long way to spread the load Ade. I might be doing the same but my first plan is to cut the former and extend the battery tube up into the spinner, getting the battery as far forward as possible.

Thread: 11C 213 Squadron Hurricane El Alamein 1942
07/08/2018 12:11:52

Nice airbrush work there Pete. Looks like it's fighting the battle just sitting there on the bench!


Thread: Death Warmed Up
02/08/2018 22:38:48

One of my favorite phrases Phil. "Made, not bought" wink

02/08/2018 22:31:15

You're right Nick, I've "worked" it the wrong way! Still equates to around 100g and the entire tail plane and rudder is only 57g!

Getting on with the wing fairing and final sanding before covering. Tonight I had a go at making the famous landing lights!

Going back to some old methods I drilled a hole in a scrap of ply slight smaller than a 5/8th glass marble


Then clamped a scrap of acetate sheet over the hole


Heated the sheet over the hole with a hobby heat gun


After approximately 10-15 seconds the acetate started to "move" so I removed the heat and pressed in the marble


and allow to cool, roughly 1 minute


I removed the marble and acetate from the ply former and drilled a 5mm hole to accept the LED


Then cut it out in ever decreasing spirals until it looked about right


Using a scrap of balsa to save my finger tips I sanded the cut edge carefully to get it flat and even


Poked a white LED through


Then painted the back of the reflector and LED with Humbrol silver


A quick test on the breadboard (which also makes a great stand whilst the paint dries)


I can't remember what this technique of moulding is called but I haven't done it for at least 30 years. Forgot how easy and quick it was.

30/07/2018 16:16:13

I agree Andy. Even if you build the tail extremely light you're still going to be adding some nose weight to balance. Anything 3 1/2 lb to 4 lb would be "normal" I think.

Trevor, 3/16 would be ideal. I used 1/4 but sanded it down a lot after building up the surfaces before adding the 1/16 x 1/8 "ribs". It creates a nicer finish but I wouldn't worry too much about the weight saving as mentioned above. Nose weight is unavoidable.

30/07/2018 01:12:50

Thanks Andy, Alan. Not sure how much good it'll do r.e. balancing though.

A bit more done today as the DVMFC fly in was postponed for the weekend after strong winds stopped play!

Ailerons cut and twisted with ammonia to match the wash out. My ailerons are 3/8 ths thick as I added 1/16th strips to carry on the rib and fabric theme.


I have also added the switch gear for the landing lights. Just a 5g servo and 2 micro switches to select either left of right lights. You can see the pull through for the wires.


I have drilled the hole for the wing bolt using this nifty sharpened M6 steel bolt wound into the captive nut. Just insert the wing via the dowel and push it onto the wing seat & the sharpened bolt marks the position of the hole! I think it was Peter Millers idea I nicked!


After covering the tail surfaces, gluing the fin/rudder and hinging the elevators I have had another look at the balance. Hmmm.

So, with the tail, wings and Fuzz assembled the required nose weight is approximately..........9oz! That's after planing loads off the underside rear fuselage and heavily sanding the sides and curves at the rear!. The nose is approx 250mm ahead of the CG and the tail seat is 650mm behind the CG point. Using the CG as a fulcrum the difference front to rear is a factor of 2.6. To avoid having to add any nose weight at all I would have to remove approximately 24 oz from around the tail seat! The entire tail section doesn't weigh that much!

Weighing all the bits my projected weight is looking like 2lb 9oz plus another 9oz of dread in the nose.AUW looks around 3lb 2oz, probably more like 3lb 8oz after filler!

Excuse the mess, I'm in a rush! laugh


Thread: Don Valley mfc Open days 2018
30/07/2018 00:46:29

Excellent news John & team. Will be better prepared next time. Bringing a kite... and a boat!

26/07/2018 18:13:45

Simon, bring a Wot4......with floats!

Always calm in the evening... when the Goblins come out to play!

Thread: 11C 213 Squadron Hurricane El Alamein 1942
26/07/2018 18:07:08

Pete, even with my built up tail surfaces preliminary balancing indicates I will need some lead in the nose too if I keep everything as planned. Hopefully a few changes and more abuse with some 40 grit on the rear of the fuselage will minimise that a bit.


Thread: Russian hurricane
23/07/2018 03:12:58
Posted by dirk tinck on 22/07/2018 01:30:10:

I'm all set for glassing but it's too damn hot ! 27c till late night... Will have to go in night mode !

Edited By dirk tinck on 22/07/2018 01:32:19

Opposite effect here Dirk. 2am and still 18deg C in the shed. Great for setting aliphatic glue in under 2 hours!

23/07/2018 03:09:40
Posted by Mark Kettle 1 on 14/07/2018 08:37:59:

.down upside is keyboard the however ,laptop a on Dirk them viewing problem no have I


I like that Mark! laugh

Thread: Death Warmed Up
23/07/2018 03:00:39

So, you'd think that having a few weeks off from the build would put me quite behind and as such I wouldn't be faffing around with trivial scale detail that adds days onto the job....

Finally got started again yesterday since my car was in for it's MOT and I couldn't go to Wrexhams' fly in. Hammered out the wing ribs, cut the 1/16 sheeting and stuck it all together.


OK so not all that was done in a day but I did make sure I had all 3 panels glued up and pinned to the bench to dry overnight. Stuck the 3 sections together this afternoon and added the leading edges and wing tips.

I also got started with the tail feathers this afternoon. The rib and canvas tail is quite distinctive of the Hurricane so I wanted to replicate it and also keep everything light, in view of the occasional windless PSSA meetings.


Yep, that's going to add plenty more time to the build for me, hence the 2am finish. crying

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