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Thread: July Open Weekend Fly In 27th-28th. Don Valley mfc.
24/07/2019 18:25:10

Will be there for the Saturday as we have a Christening on the Sunday.

Still up for a takeaway on Sat night if it's on? yes

Thread: XSR Firmware update error
21/06/2019 22:10:52

Did you (or do you have to? ) put it into boot mode before attempting to flash it? if i recall it's a tiny botton similar to the bind button on the FC.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
14/06/2019 20:19:35

Based on the West Wings F-117 balsa kit, built in 3mm depron with micro rc gear and 2s 260mah LiPo. 95g and handles 8mph winds, just!


Unfortunately I broke the tip of the nose on the second test glide and rain postponed the maiden flight halfway through the first battery. After the rain (and a Macdonalds Spicy signature meal) I flew the remainder of the battery and 3 more.

Turns quickly, rolls well, doesn't like flying inverted, loops after a high speed dive and lands easily. A few touch ups and waterslide decals and it's ready for indoor flying, and outdoor!

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
12/06/2019 18:43:58
Posted by Steve J on 12/06/2019 18:38:56:

Posted by Chris Barlow on 12/06/2019 18:26:28:

Incidentally the registration scheme is to be started in October to enable all operators and pilots to be registered by November. So that doesn't leave much time from the release of the Drone Bill in August to put and plan into effect!

The registration and testing scheme is coming in later this year because of AN(A)O 2018 from last May. See CAP 1763 for details of AN(A)O 2018 and AN(A)O 2019.


Just repeating what the CAA rep said in the video.

12/06/2019 18:26:28
Posted by Steve J on 12/06/2019 18:13:10:
Posted by Chris Barlow on 12/06/2019 17:54:13:

The CAA guy even said that clubs or the BMFA could act as operator for all their members for £16.50

I am surprised that the BMFA haven't come out with a statement on this (or maybe they have and I haven't see it). To me it is a non-starter. I wouldn't take responsibility for what a club mate does with his toys and I wouldn't expect anybody else to take responsibility for what I do with mine.


Edited By Steve J on 12/06/2019 18:14:11

I wonder if the BMFA and others could make it a condition of membership, or contract for members to fly under their registration as operator, that pilots must conform to the legal requirements the BMFA or association has signed up to and if not the pilot must apply for their own operator registration. Simple? Legally defendable?

The real problem is that as of yet we don't know what those responsibilities are or the penalties involved. As was stated by the good Baroness, they're only interested in UK law and the up coming Drone Bill to be released in August I think?

Incidentally the registration scheme is to be started in October to enable all operators and pilots to be registered by November. So that doesn't leave much time from the release of the Drone Bill in August to put and plan into effect!

12/06/2019 18:16:11

I would recommend setting a couple of hours aside to watch the full video. Shows DJI in a completely different light and although arguably the main contributor to the initial problem could be a useful ally in the fight for common sense!

The second half is not just about Amazon filling the skies with delivery drones or how China is spying on nuclear power plants either. Some good comments from both sides to take on board.

12/06/2019 18:04:52
Posted by Cliff Bastow on 12/06/2019 17:57:23:

So it is ok for clubs or the BMFA to register as the operator allowing all there members to just do the remote pilot bit, which does not cost anything?

Yes. The CAA rep said so and I don't think you're supposed to lie at these events! He did however add the caveat that they would take on the legal responsibilities for the aircraft under their registration and without knowing what those responsibilities will be yet I can't imagine anybody taking that on unless they have a lot of money for very good and expensive lawyers!

12/06/2019 17:54:13

Watched the whole thing, all 2 hours or so!

As I suspect the issue isn't going to be the cost. The CAA guy even said that clubs or the BMFA could act as operator for all their members for £16.50 as could Amazon which wasn't received well!

The problems will come with the "additional" legal responsibilities from acting as operator, which we won't know until the "Drone Bill" is published. There was also talk about conspicuity (not even going to try to spell it) and all SUA flying with built in transponders with a unique ID linked to registration. Only good for chasing responsible pilots? Well the case was made that in sensitive areas all identifiable aircraft can be ignored and security can focus on what is left. That makes perfect sense except that in reality any responsible pilot, registered with a transponder fitted wouldn't be flying in that sensitive area in the first place.

The DJI guy made a lot of good points and comments explaining that registration and other measures should be as cheap as possible or free to encourage as many people to sign up as possible to make the system work as far as national security and safety was concerned.

But I did notice that when questioned repeatedly about the registration scheme for established traditional model flyers the CAA guy was struggling to make a valid case and didn't appear comfortable with his answers, yet when questioned about how an integrated system would work for "last mile" deliveries and Amazon he was a lot more confident with his answers and was repeatedly backing the the Altitude Angel guy. I suspect the CAA had already set out their stall to satisfy those questions first.

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
12/06/2019 17:35:35
Posted by David Palmer 5 on 12/06/2019 10:55:07:

Anyone any idea why KL are not answering the phone and not fulfilling orders


How do you know they're not answering the phone? They are probably answering a call whilst you are waiting, just not your call. Or have you been trying for a while now with no luck?

And how many of your orders have not been fulfilled? Just your one or several you have placed recently? Or do you know of many other orders not delivered to other people?

Your post gives the impression they're avoiding you or other customers when in reality the may be bending over backwards trying to help as many customers as possible, just not your phone call?

12/06/2019 17:25:28
Posted by David Palmer 5 on 12/06/2019 10:55:07:

Anyone any idea why KL are not answering the phone and not fulfilling orders

My wife phoned to order a birthday present from them at the end of April. Phone rang for a while & then answered. The explanation was that the guy was on his own in the shop dealing with internet orders, dispatching orders, answering the telephone and dealing with customers at the same time. No surprise it took a while to answer and perfectly understandable.

With model shops struggling against online shops and sales/profit margins getting tighter I don't suppose they can afford to hire a lot of staff full time for 6 days a week so it's to be expected really. We have also got used to next day delivery from online shops and waiting 5 days for goods may seem unreasonable now but only a few years ago we would phone up to order our goodies and wait till the weekend to go to the shop and pick them up.

Understanding our retail situation for modelling and some patience should help the remaining high street shops keep afloat.

I have used KLM several times now as well as others to try to spread the load/love. Not had any problems yet but then again I usually expect my delivery if posted to take around 10 days. Sooner is a bonus!

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
05/06/2019 22:39:58

I also agree with what John has said about the impact on clubs. I will still be a member of my club in 2020 even if I don't fly. I would want them to still be there if I return in 2020 or later.

05/06/2019 22:36:43

I'm quite happy to suspend flying from November to summer 2020, maybe longer. If operator registration is only required for models over 250g then I can remove all the receivers from "illegal" models and fly my UMX and light models/quads for a bit.

Plenty of time for winter building of scale static models whilst I see how this all pans out.

However, if it turns out reasonable and a benefit to model flying by targeting rouge pilots then I would "happily" support registration.

Could always take up RC car racing again anyway!

Thread: Don Valley open weekend 1/2 june
05/06/2019 19:35:00

And a couple more I missed...



05/06/2019 19:34:00

Thanks Simon. Speaking of oddities...wink


05/06/2019 18:26:50




05/06/2019 18:26:02






05/06/2019 18:24:31

Many thanks for another excellent weekend put on by the DVMFC guys. Great hosts as always. yes

A few photos from Saturdays flying.






23/05/2019 20:34:35

Can you save a spot for the caravan please John. Looks like it'll be ready to roll after this bank holiday weekend! laugh

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
21/05/2019 00:43:39

Good write up Andy. yes

No mention of Pete's bust up over the salad dressing though? surprise

Thread: Don Valley open weekend 1/2 june
21/05/2019 00:31:51

Save me a spot please gents. I have a few maintenance jobs to do on the caravan so I might be camping in my tent yet!

Looking forward to some good flying and sunny skies. (and chicken balls with a bottle of red)

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