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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
14/04/2019 09:26:29

Yes, superb photos again Phil.

08/04/2019 21:22:13

Yes, Thanks again Phil for the organisation. A great weekend all round.

Here are a few of my pics.

img_1064 (2).jpg

img_1152 (2).jpg

img_1224 (2).jpg

img_1317 (2).jpg

img_1304 (2).jpg

img_1307 (2).jpg

Thread: PSSA pre-season get together - RAF Cosford - The Return!
08/02/2019 19:43:44

It looks like I can make it this time. So I'll see you all there. Not been since 1979. Has it changed much?

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
20/10/2018 22:04:19

Some photos from last weekend.

PSS with prop simulation!img_1007.jpg

img_1034 (2).jpg

img_1045 (2).jpg

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
06/09/2018 21:10:04

Looks great Harry. Keep going! It's amazing how many little tasks need doing to finish them off. I shall still be drawing panel lines on Saturday during the showers! And still working out how to fit the aerial wire.

Thread: 2018 PSSA Mass Build - The Completed Model Thread
05/09/2018 22:16:14

It feels pretty heavy to me! More projectile than glider! But then my Mossie feels like that too but it flies well in some quite moderate winds.

04/09/2018 20:54:51

Yes looks great that Andy. I look forward to seeing that strafing the Orme.

I'm expecting to accumulate more natural weathering on mine (sheep shit, etc)

Since Phil asked,and just for the record, I've just balanced mine by putting 11.3oz of lead in the spinner! The rest of the model weighs in at 2lb 11.5 oz, so AUW is about 3lb 7oz.

02/09/2018 20:43:27

Actually it's not really completed - I still need to connect some linkages and balance it - but this is how it will look next weekend.

It's very basic - no lights, no cannons, no scale details, but it's almost finished and ready to fly, if we get some wind!


Thread: Russian hurricane
26/06/2018 22:08:06

Yes, fabulous fairing Dirk. I don't think I'll have the time or patience to match that!

Thread: Not sure what type of Hurricane yet
26/06/2018 21:54:45

Good to know that it was of some use to someone Trevor.

Meanwhile, I've been pressing on. Have now done the last of the ammonia work I hope. Its not perfect - a few crushed bits and few dents, but nothing I can't cover up with a bit of filler! Oh, I seem the have same bulges in the rear fuse which some other people have mentioned.


I have also thrown together the wing panels.



Then turned my attention to the pilot.

Harry Twist had recently convinced me to invest in one of those cheap Chinese 3-D printers, which actually turns out to be brilliant. But I have been unable to find a free downloadable WW2 pilot file. But there are some good WW1 versions. So I tried a mix of new and old technologies here. 3D printing of the WW! head, plus a bit of drinking strawing and some filler for the mask, and some depron discs stuck on his ears. What do you think? A bit more cyberman than pilot?


Anyway, Harry has since supplied me with a stl file for a proper WW2 pilot!

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
23/06/2018 08:25:43

Blimey it seems that everybody is doing llights! Mine is going to be very sub-standard. At this rate, I shall be in the pub on my own whilst you're all flying around in the dark!

Nice choice of scheme Harry. I didn't know that one existed. Are you going to do it in glass cloth again?

What are you thinking/planning about skin joints between the wing panels. If you're planning to glass it, then I suppose that will create extra strength. But is 25gsm enough?

Thread: Not sure what type of Hurricane yet
23/06/2018 08:04:45

Thanks Steve, It's good to know it wasn't just me!

Have not seen or heard from you in a while! Did you finish off that Zlin? It was so close to complete last time you reported!

19/06/2018 22:07:46

I was going to start a thread just to let you guys know that I have at last started the build.

It's going to have to be a quick one, so it's not going to be pretty. .

I'm not very confident of completing in time for the September event, so I'm not putting too much effort into choosing a scheme, or a mark, or doing any details! I shall just attempt to get the basic airframe built!


I have read all the other threads and noted the various issues with the plan/parts and so I thought I could correct them all and steam ahead!


But almost straight away, I've run into a problem that nobody seemed to mention (unless I missed it somewhere?)

It seems that the hole in F3 for the battery box, is not symmetric around the centreline! i.e. it is offset to one side. If you check the plan, it is also asymmetric on the former view, but the plan view says it should be on the centreline. So when you throw the whole battery box assembly together , quickly checking that everything is square, you get a front end with F2 and F1 laterally offset relative to F3 - a bent nose!

This results in one F10 which needs a bit shaving off it, and the other has a gap to the fuselage side. Although I shaved the oversized F10 before joining the fuselage sides, I only figured out what had really happened after joining the fuselage sides.


So to correct all this, I have had to skim about 1/16th inch of one side of F1 and F2, and add an extra 1/16th shim on the other side of F1 F2 and F10.. Which is not so easy after you've joined everything together.


So if anyone else hasn't started the fuselage build yet, look out for this problem. It would be very easy to correct the position of the hole in F3 before you start.

Thread: PSSA Chat
22/05/2018 21:21:01

Wow! So where and when do you plan to fly it Andy?

What I don't understand, is how you manage to fit some work time in between your model building?

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
17/05/2018 21:00:54

Fantastic photos again Phil.

Shame about the cancellation. But every cloud has a silver lining! For anyone who's now at a loss about what to do this weekend, you might want to consider the first Shuttleworth Collection evening flying display of the season, on Saturday 19th. see link below. There's a Sea Hurricane to take a close look at, as well as some lovely old WW1 biplanes


14/05/2018 20:37:54

Yes, thanks very much guys. It was great to finally get some flying in after the last two windless events.

Whilst we're waiting for Phil's professional quality photos, here are a few of my amateur snaps!




_mg_1732 (2).jpg


09/05/2018 21:02:49

Hi Steve,

Can I sign up for the meal too please? I'll go for bashed beetroot, sirloin steak, and no sweet please.

Not sure what time I'll get there on Saturday yet, but I'll find you somewhere.



03/07/2017 22:16:46

Here are a couple more photos.



_mg_1478 (2).jpg

03/07/2017 21:58:36

Yes Thanks to Phil and all for another great weekend. It kept me smiling through the whole 5 and a quarter hours of driving home!

I wonder what was going on here? These two look like they might just have collided!

afer impact.jpg

14/05/2017 09:07:13

Hi Steve, Can I sign up for the meal too?

Thanks, Steve

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