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Thread: Steve McLaren's version of the A4 Skyhawk
24/07/2016 20:39:02

Hi Steve. I'm afraid my build stalled for a few weeks! Holiday's, family commitments, etc. But I see that you are making rapid progress whilst also maintaining a very high quality of build! I was impressed by the carved twist on the ailerons. Since I'm now starting to get worried about finishing in time, I'm going to have to cut a few corners! So I will be twisting my stock ailerons with ammonia a la Peter G thread.

I managed to add my fibreglass wing joining bandage today


and get the intakes added tot he fuselage


15/06/2016 21:44:52

Since my last posting, I have finished skinning the right wing, and epoxied the torque rod sleeves into a groove in the false TE.p6120010.jpg

Then I cut a matching groove into the fixed TE parts.


after glueing them both together, and sanding the TE profile to match, I added the wing tips.


Then, turning my attention back to the fuselage, I decided i needed to go out and buy one of these to help me understand the shape I was aiming for.


15/06/2016 21:32:43

Ah the colour scheme - no, I'm not avoiding the question. I'm just a bit behind on that aspect. Not being very familiar with the A4, I have no Strong preference. I know that people like to see to lots of different schemes, so I have been looking for something which hasn't already been taken ( at least by the UK contingent who are likely to turn up to the big Orme event). So far I ave come up with this - Aussie Camouflage!



I like this. It should give me the same disorientation problems I get when flying my full camouflage Tornado!

But, If anybody is already doing this scheme, please let me know, and I will search for something else!

14/06/2016 21:40:45

Hi Steve,

Yes I added the gussets partly for extra strength but also because one or two of my ribs didn't seem to quite meet the false trailing edge! I found that having marked out the false TE and False LE lines, the ribs seemed a bit short. You don't have a solid reference at the front of the ribs. at this stage of the build, and there's a bit of uncertaintly on how to how to chamfer the cut for the spar, but I didn't seem to have enough rib to achieve a good fit with both the TE and the LE. I only achieved a partial chamfer on the front of the rib to the LE. Probably my bad building! Did anybody else find the same problem?

I saw your question about the false LE. For what it's worth, I chamfered mine in advance and added it to the ribs before curling the bottom skin as you suggested. It seemed to work well, but other methods are available!

Thread: One Eighteenth of a Canberra B.2
14/06/2016 21:23:59

Oooh, Up-town Top Planking! Wasn't that a song?

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
14/06/2016 21:07:23

Nice Photos Andy. It looks like it was a nice atmospheric evening up on the Orme. even if there wasn't much flying.. I feel guilty about not travelling!

It seems a long wait till the next event. Surely if there's a good forecast one weekend in July..........

I have just booked my hotel for the LLeyn meet, but I couldn't find a hotel closer than Porthmadog! Just in case anybody else has still not booked.

Thread: PSS Zlin 526A
10/06/2016 23:27:15

Ah, good to see that you're still making progress Steve. This one could have been perfect for this weekend!. But i'm sure there will be plenty more light wind days.

Are you planning to do the canopy moulding yourself, or do you have a LMS who will do it for you?

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
07/06/2016 20:21:26

Now that does like nice Tim ! Look forward to seeing that.go. Hope we get enough wind.

Thread: Steve McLaren's version of the A4 Skyhawk
07/06/2016 07:26:23

Hi Harry, Yes I made the skins oversized, I then pinned the bottom skin to the board and marked the lines of the ribs, LE, TE and Spar, onto the skin. But I trimmed it all square before fitting the top skin - mainly because you have to sand the LE and TE to shape anyway, but I found it also helps to be able to check the fit of the dihedral brace, if both wings go together properly at that stage.

06/06/2016 21:45:06

I have now fitted the elevator servo and snake to the fuselage, and done a bit of rough shaping.


And tonight I fitted the top skin on one of the wings.


I have gone for the 2 servo option - just in case it ever proves useful in the future!

Thread: PSS Models FOR SALE or WANTED
05/06/2016 21:59:57

There are a few PSS models for sale here.

Thread: Steve McLaren's version of the A4 Skyhawk
30/05/2016 18:27:17

The early part of the build seems very quick when you're working with an accurate set of laser cut parts.p5240003.jpg




So I started on the wings in parallel, so that there's always something else to do whilst one part is drying.



Then I tried the ammonia trick. I was really impressed with how well it works. But 2 days later I'm still getting whiffs of that smell!



In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have used that tin of tomatoes as a mould for the intakes. I forgot that it would print the upper lip of the tin into the inside of the balsa. But nobody will see it!

Left wing underway.


And 1/2 inch decks added tot he upper fuselage.


Thread: Israeli Air Force A4 Skyhawk - Shalom
30/05/2016 18:15:13

is that not just the effect of the wing wash-out when combined with straight aileron stock? I suspect we're all going to have this problem.

Could you not just paint the ailerons with ammonia (or vinegar in your case) and clamp both ends in line to the adjacent wing while it dries?

Thread: unable to add photos
30/05/2016 10:13:20

Thanks Pete B. I cleared the cache as you suggested, and everything seems to be back to normal.smiley

28/05/2016 21:19:11

Is anybody else having trouble with rogue subscription renewal icon which sits on top of the menu commands, and seems to make them inactive?

I am unable to add photos to an album, or create a new album, or move to page 2 of my albums, because this icon sits on top the relevant menu options.

Is this just a Windows Vista thing?

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
24/05/2016 23:03:02

Here's a snap of the Lightning, while we wait for Phil to edit his pro shots!


and Phil's bomb drop.


Thread: Steve McLaren's version of the A4 Skyhawk
24/05/2016 21:30:30

This is post No.1 - just to register that I have started!

All going well so far - taking benefit from all the instruction and advice in other blogs!


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
24/05/2016 13:31:53

I would like to add my thanks to Steve for setting up the event. These things can't happen unless someone puts in a lot of personal effort to bring it all together. It must have been a bit stressful when the first day was washed out, but it all came good in the end.

It was my first visit to the famous Bwlch, and I loved it. I was also very relieved that we didn't have to fly off the Wrecker! I will certainly be back for more.

I think we left the slope just in time. Did you guys get that free car wash (as only Welsh rain can do!) as you drove back down the valley?

17/05/2016 19:49:26

I might join you for the Friday evening recce if it's not hosing down, and if I can find you!

Thread: Who's Attending...
08/05/2016 22:29:07

I am planning to be there. I have never flown at the bwlch before, so i'm looking forward to seeing what its like. Like Peter G I have booked a hotel in merthyr. It looked close on the map, but google tells me it's a 40 minute drive away!

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