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Thread: Spektrum Radio repairs ?
22/03/2019 01:24:45

I'm seeing posts dated yesterday and talk of still sending Spektrum gear to Germany for service. This is no longer the case, Logic RC handles all service and repairs now, they have ex Spektrum/HH guys working there and they are pretty quick to respond to emails.

I'm sure most of you know, but after seeing the above posts I just thought I'd post.


Thread: Horizon Hobbies
01/10/2017 15:43:41
For anyone that hasn't heard or noticed, Al's Hobbies are now official Spektrum service agents.
Thread: My Spektrum DX9 transmitter has stopped working.
09/09/2017 16:59:48
If what Mike Healy says is true, and it's the same shop I'm thinking of, and the same shop that someone on rc groups predicted would get all the servicing, it would be kinda funny as the rumour was quashed and the poster made to look daft by Andy Kunz on the thread.
Thread: Horizon Hobbies
29/04/2017 08:12:59

I asked the same question on their Instagram account, why they are bringing Parkzone back. They said it never went away because the Sport Cub is still available under that banner, and i asked then why did they bring some of the models out under the Eflite brand like the Radian + Visionaire if the brand never went away.

Strange one.

I couldn't resist the new Torrent 110 also and had to order if off the new website. It was showing in stock when i grabbed one then was back unavailable a few hours later. No email on shipping status so guess i gotta play the game now and wait to see if i got one or not.

18/04/2017 09:41:06

Good point Dave, nothing to do with them moving to Germany or Brexit or anything else people may come up with.

Just what they seem to have made with the whole situation and total lack of confidence in them now they seem to have gone very quiet with regards support etc.

If they didn't or don't want to deal with the repairs etc and all that side of it, they should have put one or 2 employees into some of the UK stores that still carry HH stuff and had a service centre there for people to send their stuff too. Turn around on repairs etc may have been longer but better to deal with someone in the UK and even face to face if you lived near a store rather than how things are now.

I can't say i've ever needed HH support, but at least it was nice to know it was there before, and i hope it comes back and they get everything sorted like they said they would in that FB post.

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18/04/2017 01:02:38

Without taking this off topic, that's also where i'm at. I love my DX9 and and have flown Spektrum since the DX6i, but for various reasons i now also have the Taranis (2nd one actually) and have finally got my head around the programming.

I too don't like having to buy that cable, and when/if a firmware fix ever gets released to fix the 11ms bug in the new telemetry rx's, i find it a complete joke that we have to buy that cable to program them to fix a problem for Spektrum. Also the cost of a rx+vario with Frsky is hell of a lot less than it would currently cost to buy the same Spektrum set up if i were fitting out a new sailplane and wanted all the telemetry.

I honestly can't see the prices dropping either so i'm at a point now where i need to decide whether to take the Frsky path or stick with Spektrum. Both are lovely radios and it's a tough decision to make to move away from something you have used a while and are comfortable with.

Silly really when we're just dealing with toy planes =)

17/04/2017 22:14:53
Joking aside, do people still see Spektrum having a market in the UK moving forward or do you think this could be the beginning of the end?

Cause I do have a DX9 to get rid of and various Spektrum rx's if the future is looking bleak, I don't want to hold onto them until it's too late.

16/04/2017 20:34:45

I think the 'something big is coming' teaser posts were just about the new website and the unboxing live videos on the 6th April from the show.

Although they were still only spoken in German.

Even the Germans themselves are giving HH Europe a hard time on the FB pags, not just us then! haha

In other news, anyone wanna buy a 'like new' DX9 Black in the case, gotta get rid quick before they are

08/04/2017 11:33:13

Something else i don't get, if the new dot EU website is meant to cater for us all now, then how come all their videos they are putting out are still spoken in German?

It's basically still just Staufenbiel but with a new website and a HH banner, even the 'Unboxing live' videos are/were a Staufenbiel thing and not a HH one, right?

The prices on everything have gone insane too, i really liked the look of the new Torrent 110 quad but at £180? thanks. I actually though some of the new prices were actually a April fools day joke.

I used to be a HH fan boy but i've nearly sold off all my planes branded by them and recently picked up a Taranis in case my DX9 goes the same way (in fact it hasn't been out the case since i got the Taranis)

I fear for those UK stores that are predominantly Horzion stockists.

I think i'm out.

07/04/2017 10:19:16

I thought Staufenbiel were the one's who bought into HH and not the other way around?

Either way like everyone says, the new site is just a huge revamped online store with no where to go for service or customer care. The pricing is all messed up for sure, more so in the UK, £139 for a BNF Radian XL yet nerly £200 for a pnp?

Reading comments on the FB looks like a lot of UK people are without their radios after they got sent to Germany for service/repair or without their online orders and getting no response from HH Germany.

Could just be teething trouble during the move, but it's currently not looking good.

03/04/2017 14:00:41

Been waiting for that fix too, what's it been now? 6+ months?

Although they can't update a incorrect document on the website so fixing something like that seems out of the question at the moment.

Thread: Elf mini DLG - is this still the best option?
03/04/2017 11:14:38

The Elf is a great model, goes up on nothing so you don't have to throw it very high.

When i started the DLG bug hit me bad and in the space of about 4 weeks i went from a Libelle to the Elf and then the Blaster 3.

The Libelle is a good model but not really a good dlg, the peg is too far forward and it's just too bendy all over to throw very high, more of a light wind sloper with a peg in the tip for some flat field fun.

It's quite light, so struggles with any sort of breeze, but calm days and summers evenings it's a winner. Fit it out with 2 SD100 servos and small 1s 300mah lipo and you're good to go.

I also have the Whipit, flies well in dead calm, ive never been able to get it in any sort of proper lift though, lives on top of the wardrobe now. Fun model but i think that soon wears off like most of the UMX models.


Thread: Horizon Hobbies
03/04/2017 10:48:27

I've read there is meant to be some big unboxing on Youtube on the 6th April?

My guess is the new .EU website will roll out along with Airware 2.0 and talk of the DX12 too.

02/04/2017 21:11:59

I certainly didn't vote for that B word =)

I'm not seeing it on a lot else though, and i fly dlg's and haven't seen any crazy price hikes in the last week or 2 (and most are European builders) unlike the HH stuff.

That DX20 recall is firing up a right storm over the pond on other forums, it's a shame as i was a huge HH fan but they seem to be really letting themselves go just lately, their new telemetry rx's are pretty poor, incorrect documents on the Spektrum website that haven't been changed in months and the 11ms issue on those telemetry rx's that has passed 6 months now with no fix.

I can't comment on other brands service but i'm just glad i'm not tied into only one brand for my radio and at least with the one i can get all the spares parts and FW i need from a UK shop to service my own radio if it needed it VS having to ship to Germany.

I really hope HH sort it out.

02/04/2017 13:07:41

Does anyone know what's going on with the crazy price hike of HH stuff? £545 for a DX9 black edition in some stores that was £350 only a couple of weeks ago and same sort of story on the models, prices increases across the board of HH branded stuff.

Is this a possible reflection on the move and will return to normal once all is settled down or something more or something else?

Thread: Wot 4 foam-e MK2 vs nitro MK2
21/12/2016 18:21:08

Brilliant, thanks guys,

Sounds like the ARTF version with the built up wing won't be a million miles away to how the foam-e ones fly. I'm assuming a kit built version like the classic with the solid foam wing will be a totally different model in the air and would not come floating in for a landing like the foam-e.

Think i might have to get myself the MK2 ARTF nitro version =)

Thanks for the replies guys

Merry Christmas


20/12/2016 23:18:13

Hi guys,

Anyone here gone from the foam-e electric wot 4 to the nitro MK2 artf nitro version?

I've had the foam-e and wondering just how much 'heavier' the nitro version would feel in the air? 

The MK2 looks like it's a built up wing going by pics on the Ripmax website, and has a slightly bigger wingspan so wing loading may not be that much higher?

Miss the sound and the smell from my heli days and really fancy the nitro version but not sure if i'd regret it, never flown a nitro plane but did love my foam-e wot 4 when i had one.

Thanks guys


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Edited By I_AM_MARKEVANS on 20/12/2016 23:20:50

Thread: Any Redditch, Worcestershire glider flyers?
20/05/2015 11:20:38

Hi Andy Green,

I'm afraid that's a bit too far out my way as i don't drive.

The only way i could get further out is if i could fit one of my DLG gliders in a backpack to carry on my kawasaki zx6rr

Just dropped you a pm Andy Meade

20/05/2015 01:21:28

Hi guys,

so i'm having a VERY hard time learning to find my first thermal. Having a large discussion about it with some great help over on another forum, but the main thing that came up was to try and fly with another glider flyer so i can see just how a model reacts to a thermal and how to spot them easier than people trying to describe it.

I know the best models too but currently my fleet consist of a Radian pro, gentle lady, Great Planes Fling (purple wing high start version), Dream Flight Libelle and a Vladimir Elf.

I'm currently based in Redditch Worcestershire. Does anyone know of any gliding clubs or flyers close to me? Too make it harder for myself i don't drive, and if anyone knows the fields around here they are mostly grassy surrounded by trees, not great thermal spots.

Hopefully there is someone out there who could help me?



Thread: SAS Wildthing 46 for sale
25/03/2014 10:26:29

Selling my Wildthing 46 as i've never got around to finishing it and i don't drive so i have no idea how i ever thought i'd travel to places to fly it.

I bought it with the orange coloured film, wings are joined, covered and 2 standard servos fitted. Everything else is still in the box untouched.

Also comes with a Overlander rx battery to fit in the nose.

Make me an offer, no postage so you will need to collect, i'm in Redditch, Worcestershire.

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