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Thread: Model Flying Insurance. Not BMFA
27/02/2014 21:12:31

Sorted Thanks

  1. For anyone interested insurance available from FPV UK £7.95 for six months here
27/02/2014 20:37:39

As above really. I knew a company last year but they are not doing it anymore.


Thread: What's been your best model or moment/s in 2013
07/12/2013 14:12:22
Posted by Martin Harris on 06/12/2013 14:22:51:

That doesn't count as a modelling moment Olly - you got your other half to do the building!

Agreed Martin, but Olly was very much involved in the projects conception!yes

Congrats Olly on the production of another potential modeller, keep up the good work!

My best moment was turning up at the slope without a model but on my motorbike, something the doctors told me I would never be able to do again (ride a bike) took four years but it was worth it. Now to build a model to fit in the top box for next summer and have the best of both worlds.smiley

Thread: Is 35Mhz dead? (Availability issues).
07/12/2013 12:30:23
Posted by Erfolg on 07/12/2013 12:14:06:

I personally still use 35 and have no issues with it other than the potential for frequency clash.

Phil Green makes a very relevant point, the benefit from 2.4 to my mind is the spread spectrum modulation.

I also take the point that Phil has made with respect other users and the increase of usage on 2.4.

It does seem to me that this is an area where the BMFA would serve its general RC members well by campaigning and actively seeking a band with the width for the sole usage of RC models. We should recognise that the purpose of our hobby is fun and pleasure, which we obtain from flying models. Safety is an issue which we should take seriously. It is arguable that 2.4 spread band technology has conceptually and actually achieved this desirable objective. Rather than the BMFA being hung up on CE marking, and misquoting what they mean. That is at the point of sale the equipment is compliant with EU regulations, and there is still an obligation of any user to ensure that the equipment when used is compliant, however obtained. The CE mark only indicates at the time of purchase it was compliant, hence many companies undertaking safety inspections on equipment on a recorded and regular basis. Far more benefit to members and the wider community would be gained from a dedicated spread spectrum band. It would be show us members that the BMFA is working towards future proofing the hobby, via a publicly visible campaign and not the interests of the modelling retail trade.

In total agreement with what you say. But I feel that until such time as we get such a Band (and I do not know if 35mhz could be that band) we should continue to defend the only band we do have dedicated to our use.


07/12/2013 12:14:44

Rob here's an analogy it is not a very good one but I hope it sort of explains it.

Imagine you are sat in an empty pub chatting to your mate you can hear each other perfectly. The pub starts to fill up and there are lots of others chatting away, you can still hear your mate because you brain is clever enough to filter out all the background noise so its just a background hum and concentrate on what your mate is saying. Then Motorhead start playing on the pub stage with there 100mega watt amps. Your brain is still trying to understand only what your mate is saying but the background noise is so powerfull your brain simply cannot filter the other noise out. This is sort of what swamping is to 2.4g


07/12/2013 11:17:13
Posted by Braddock, VC on 06/12/2013 23:06:42:

In honesty, who gives a monkeys. You can agonise till you're blue in the teeth but 2.4 is a major step forwards and those that complain, imho, aren't worth worrying about. Grow up please. Or continue using 35 and don't whinge.

FORUM I kind of thought the clue is in the title!

I enjoy discussion on many subjects and toy aeroplanes is definitely one of them.

In discussion sometimes you learn things and sometimes you help others to learn things. Whilst I am quite happy to be proved wrong (and often am) occasionally there are subjects where I feel I can give some thought provoking ideas. Most of the time I spend on forums I am simply reading threads and learning or enjoying the experiences others have took the time and trouble to relate.

Now I can quite understand why people get passionate about what appear to others to be the minutia of a subject and this can appear to others to be really geeky and anal. I do struggle to understand why anyone continues to read discussions that the feel are not worth worrying about, or are so convinced their opinion is correct there is no more discussion to be had!

Perhaps you could explain to me why you feel it is necessary to comment on a subject you feel so sure on without actually contributing to the debate! Apart from making derogatory comments, could I ask what extra information you feel your remarks have made to the debate? Did someone make you read what must of seemed to you like pages of drivel? Perhaps if you do not like the debate you could take your own advice and "not whinge" about those of us who think there is still a debate to be had.

You are quite right I have never grown up and still have a childlike mind that questions things, including established orthodoxies. I can honestly say that I do not have a opinion that I feel cannot be challenged as long as it is done in a civil way without resulting to abuse. However I did read a book once by a chap called Plato who suggested that this was partly what Forums are for!


Thread: Music while I work - but on what?
06/12/2013 22:00:36

Steve, not sure if your aware but there are lots of Bluetooth Audio Recievers you can plug into your amp. They start at about £20 on Amazon.


Thread: Is 35Mhz dead? (Availability issues).
06/12/2013 19:19:54
Posted by Rob Jones 2 on 06/12/2013 18:38:59:

Time will tell? The bell has already tolled for 35Mhz whether we like it or not!

I don't think so,still lots of people using it and some people are reporting swamping on 2.4g. Remember 35mhz is still the only band exclusively for our use. There are lots and lots of others using 2,4g and some reportedly using illegal high power outputs, we just do not know is the truth. Being a pragmatist I prefer to hedge my bets!


One final thought nearly any 35mhz TX can be converted cheaply and easily to 2.4g, I am not sure if it can be done the other way around.

Thread: Music while I work - but on what?
06/12/2013 18:55:01

Hi Spikey,

Not sure what your budget is but this I can recommend, a friend has one in his work shop and I think it has a really nice warm sound, almost analog in presentation. With the correct app you can control everything from your smart phone.

Dennon Ceol Picalo

Thread: Is 35Mhz dead? (Availability issues).
06/12/2013 18:21:54

Oh dear you really are behind the times I think, didn't you know that cd's were rubbish and the industry thought so!

Here's a link for you to one of the most successful company's in Britain who have been in the forefront of music technology for the last 30 years. Note the product line up, music streamers that are considered some of the best in the world. Check out the other products, is that turntables?! And their cd player which was considered by some to be the best ever made? Gone, finished with! a dead end technology! Yet vinyl still in there. Linn

So in answer to your question, not twenty years time but NOW

Some technology endure's and some falls by the way side. I do not know if 2,4g is an enduring technology or not, only time will tell.

Roger the bonkers one!

Edited By Bearair on 06/12/2013 18:23:58

06/12/2013 17:26:21
Posted by Rob Jones 2 on 06/12/2013 15:25:19:

Posted by Bearair on 06/12/2013 11:37:39:

Posted by Rob Jones 2 on 05/12/2013 09:42:06:

It is a pain for those who have invested a lot of money in 35mhz, but they are faced with the problem vinyl music collectors or video film collectors faced a few years back. My advice is try to sell now while there is still a market.2.4 has many advantages, the tiny Rxs, reliability, unique binding, short aerial,and increasing cheapness being most of them.

This post did make be laugh, especially the analogy with vinyl music collectors!

You make valid points Roger, but no-one can halt the march of progress. Betamax was better that VHS and was used professionally years after home users all used VHS.I know a lot of music buffs are bitter about CDs taking over from LPs.And I wish I had kept my Gran's old wind-up gramophone with the brass trumpet, it would be worth many hundreds now.The point I was making was one of pragmatism- 35 is on the way out, 2.4 is in, whether we like it or now. So now might be a good time to trade in, if someone wants a good price. I know there are collectors who bid for single channel Mcgregors etc, but that is not what the average parkflyer is interested in.

I really cannot think of any old hi fi buffs around who are bitter about CDs taking over from LPs because they simply did not. CDs were a flash in the pan, Vinyl has endured. In ten years time no one will be using CDs. But they still will be using Vinyl. That was why I found your analogy using vinyl as an example of a superceded technology as you believe 35mhz to be, so amusing. 2.4g could turn out to be just another flash in the pan like cd's! We simply do not know. Obviously we also have a difference about what the word pragmatic means. I thought it meant dealing with things sensible, realistically and practically. If people have used a system for many years and found it reliable why rush to change it because of a theoretical advantage. IMHO no one knows what future technology is out there which might be released that will give huge advantages over 2.4g. Surely a pragmatist says I will stick with what has served me well and if I need to change for whatever reason I will assess the situation as an when it happens. I am not against new technology in anyway or 2.4g I use it myself but being a bit of a pragmatist I also use 35mhz and see no reason to stop using it.

John do people really still use outdated technology like cd's in there cars? How quaintdevilwink

But you are of course quite correct, we really have never had it so good, with 2 systems to use and who knows what around the corner?


06/12/2013 11:37:39
Posted by Rob Jones 2 on 05/12/2013 09:42:06:

It is a pain for those who have invested a lot of money in 35mhz, but they are faced with the problem vinyl music collectors or video film collectors faced a few years back. My advice is try to sell now while there is still a market.2.4 has many advantages, the tiny Rxs, reliability, unique binding, short aerial,and increasing cheapness being most of them.

This post did make be laugh, especially the analogy with vinyl music collectors! I just sold my Linn Sondek LP 12 which I bought in 1982. I got £400 more than I paid for it and all this time it has been playing music better than any of the cd players which were going to replace it and make it obsolete.(admittedly there are some very high end cd players which came close) My record collection is worth many thousands, any of my Decca SXL records recorded in the sixties are worth at least a £10 and some £100. Nearly all these were bought from car boot sales, charity shops or most annoyingly (for the mates in question)their record collections which they were so eager to sell and replace with CD,s DAT,Mini Disc or any of the other technology's that have been and gone! Off course before that there was 8 track, cassettes etc. I bought a new turntable from AVID a company which did not even exsist when CDs were invented! But such is the enduring strength of vinyl there are more turntable manufactures now than ever before! And of course if some of the more modern music is your thing then you can buy it on vinyl still because most bands want there music to be heard on the best medium available and the only one which is likely to endure for another 100 years. I bet that you will not be able to buy a new MP3 or FLAC or whatever player in even 20 years time. I really pity the people who fall for the same hype every time and have to have the latest new thing, discarding perfectly good, tried and tested systems. You see just because you have a lot of money invested in an old technology it does not stop working just as well as it always has. And the only "pain" I suffered as a vinyl record collector was that of conscience( making so much money from people who sold theirs) but worry not I can live with it.!

As for your advantages.

1. Tiny RX's yes in absolute terms there are some rxs that are smaller than I have ever seen 35mhz, but thats only an advantage if you need a really tiny rx and most do not.

2.Reliability, I think not. Unless you have some evidence other than anecdotal the jury is very much out, and as Percy says come back in 25 years!

3. Unique Binding. I presume you mean model match or the MPX equivalent. Yes I can see how if your the sort of person who cannot read the name of the model the TX is programmed for and then check that against the model your about to fly, this would be a great advantage.wink

4. Short aerial. Umm no short aerials have been available to 35mhz's users for years in both tx and rx form! The fact that most people chose not to use them indicates to me that people did not see them as an advantage.

5. Increasing cheapness, possibly but only if you stick with one manufacturer. In fact that to me is one of the big advantages of 35mhz. You did not have to "buy into a brand" If you had a JR tx and Futaba brought out a much better TX you did not have to replace all your old RXs for the TX to work them.

There are advantages to 2.4g without a doubt but it does not make 35mhz obsolete in any way. I doubt anyone using 35mhz now will take your advice to sell since it makes no sense. Most people realise it is not an either or situation. Trust me, some people realise you can use both systems and enjoy the advantages both systems can offer.


Thread: Amazon planning on using Octocopters for deliveries
03/12/2013 08:46:36

I predict the first use of these for parcel delivery will be illegal and involve small amounts of powders!.devil


Thread: You pay peanuts and you get,....
01/12/2013 10:01:20

As usual its the monkey on the left who gets treated poorly and the middle class intelectual who makes a theory. Give him long enough and he will be off to wigan pier!

Edited By Bearair on 01/12/2013 10:01:56

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Thread: Frsky diy transmitter module or similar
30/11/2013 08:31:44

Hi dan t9hobbysport have them in stock at 19.99. Good company to deal with.


Sorry not at home and cant work out how to do a link from this tablet thing!

Thread: Electronic Handbrakes Why?!
26/11/2013 11:07:43
Posted by ken anderson. on 24/11/2013 14:26:55:

above - should read right foot on the brake pedal and left foot on the are given a couple of seconds from releasing the brake(with the button) get your right foot on the throttle and drive off......sorry..

ken correction's dept....

Thanks ken,

Heres what the manual say's

Available as standard on all engines, the electric parking brake makes possible the modern
architecture and design of the fascia panel and enables the creation of an additional storage
space of 13.5 litres inside the centre console.
Its use is also more convenient for the driver: when starting off, as soon as the car begins to
accelerate, the hand brake is released automatically. When the engine is switched off, the brake
is applied, again automatically.
An electronic control unit (ECU) in conjunction with the ESP controls the amount of force
to be applied, according to the gradient, in order to immobilise the vehicle. It remains on
standby while the vehicle is parked and can readjust the required force if necessary. The
driver can however override the system by holding down the brake (towing, transportation
on truck, boat, etc).
If the vehicle stops without the ignition being switched off, the electric control, located within
hand’s reach of the driver, can be activated manually. Manual release requires the driver to apply
the brake pedal.

And on the Hill Assist.

All 3008 versions come with Hill Assist, for greater convenience and safety.
By remaining in permanent dialogue with the ESP, this function keeps the vehicle at a standstill
while on a gradient for two seconds after the brake pedal has been released, giving the driver
time to transfer his foot from the brake to the accelerator.
This makes manoeuvring safer and greatly facilitates use of the vehicle by the driver in forward
gear (starting on a hill) and in reverse gear (for example to occupy a parking place on a downward
gradient). The system operates from a gradient of 3%.

I take that to mean that if you use the hand brake manually then you have to put your foot on the brake to release the handbrake. Whats been happening with mine is that it just will not release. Yesterday it finally did it to the dealers mechanic so it looks like there has been an intermittent fault ever since I have had it! The dealer is sorting it under warranty since i have been complaining about it for three years.

Me I am buying a new car WITHOUT an electronic hand brake. i could live with one but SWMBO is quite a nervous driver and as there are periods when I am just unable to drive, it is important she is happy and confident.


24/11/2013 08:28:02

It sounds like I am not the only one who hates the things. It happened again to the misses today on a hill at the traffic lights. She said it just stuck on and she had to really give it lots of throttle to get it to release not so bad when there's nothing in front of you. So as soon as I can, it will be back to the dealer although the 3 year warranty ran out on November 8th angry

Spikey on the 3008 instead of a normal hand brake you have a switch. You just pull it to apply the hand brake, then when you wish to pull away you just drive off and the hand brake is supposed to release without you touching it. I suppose it is meant to make hill starts easier and when you turn the engine off the hand brake comes on automatically. So you cannot leave the car without the hand brake on.That is of course if it all works correctly. If you want to release it manually then it is either on our off not gradual release like you would get with a manual hand brake.

I'm not against electronic aids if they offer real benefits, and as someone says above some of these gadgets save lives. I have been looking at the Volvo V40 and that's got a pedestrian air bag and senses an object in front of the car causing it to brake. If it all works then great. But the electronic hand brake is a big step backwards in my opinion.



Edited By Bearair on 24/11/2013 08:28:41

23/11/2013 10:39:54

I have a peugeot 3008, a great car for any modeller. The front seat folds flat so you can get huge models with ease in it. It will cruise at 80mph all day (on auto bans of course!). Return 60mpg is you take it steady. Even the boot folds down so you have a seat you can sit on while asembeling a model.


For three years now ive been moaning at the dealer, most of the time it is ok but every now and then when in reverse it dosnt want to let go. You find the bitting point on the cluth , increase the revs and all that happens is the back of the car goes up. When the brake finally releases the car shoots backwards at agreat rate of knotts! I have told the dealer this an he says all 3008 do this. Well Iit is not a problem most of the time but last night it came to a head. SWMBO had parked on a very steep hill with a car close in front and behind when she came back to it. Either she rolled into the car in front or shot back into the car behind. Thinking it was just woman driving syndrome and because I havnt been able to walk for a few weeks I despatched a mate to help her out.

Not a chance! Hes driven HGV lorries all his life but couldnt get the blooming car out. They had to wait until the car in front moved. On to the dealer this morning and they say they cannot do anything because it dosnt happen when they try the car out. Thats it the car is going, and my next one will have a good old fashioned manual handbrake.

But what I dont understand is why you need a auto handbrake in the first place. Have thousands of car drivers been writing to manufacturers demanding they be relieved of the odius chore of using a manual handbrake! Can anyone out there tell me why cars are being fitted with them? And what happens in ten years time when the handbrake fails. I bet it will cost a fortune to get one sorted as opposed to replacing a cable. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has a car with one fitted, and if they have encountered a similar issue.

Rant over


Thread: throttle to elevator mixing
22/11/2013 21:13:59

I'm no expert on spectrum programing but I have helped a mate put elevator compensation on flaps. So I think all you need to do is pick a programmable mix and set it throttle > elevator. Adjust the rate so that with full throttle your elevator will move to what you think is required.


22/11/2013 20:33:18

Or you could try this !wink

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