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Thread: Competition Flying
10/11/2013 11:20:58

As far as I am aware there is no competition flying in UKCAA is there?

Since the title of the thread is competition flying I would like to point out that the RC power classes in this country has diminished in all classes not just aerobatics. Pylon racing is almost non existence compared to the seventies although Club 2000 still has thirty odd followers. Even scale has no where near as many competitors. I feel there are a lot of factors at work here.

The removal of the 10cc 11lb rule.

Noise restrictions

The BMFA achievement scheme

Show flying

Fly ins

Over zealous club restrictions

Lack of Publicity for our top pilots.

The sidelining of competitions at the nationals

Ostracising of competitive flying by some club committees and general attitude of sport flyers towards excellence.

I realise there are some pretty controversial statements above but be lets be honest your average club flyer has no interest in competitive flying, which is fine, that's what most people want from the hobby I have no problem with that. I was lucky enough to begin my flying with a club with a great competitive ethos but as i have moved around the country i have discovered that is far from the norm.



Edited By Bearair on 10/11/2013 11:23:29

Thread: Upgrading my Transmitter
09/11/2013 16:28:22

Just about any 35mhz tx will work fine with your rx, its one of the advantages of 35mhz that you could use other brands without being tied to one manufacturer. Most 35mhz can be altered to 2.4g by using a Frsky hack mod about twenty quid. However this does involve a bit of soldering which you may or maynot be happy with. If you choose to go down this route then I would suggest a tx from JR, Futaba, Hitec or another well known brand.

Another option would be a Multiplex tx with there unit that goes in the trainer port and allows you to switch between 35mhz and 2.4g the downside is that 2.4g mpx rx's are not that cheap.

As has been mentioned before you could go for a modular tx from futaba or hitec such as the excellent Optic 6.

There is an awful lot of choice available for little money.

Thread: BBC2 Fri 21.00 Cold War, Hot Jets
09/11/2013 13:02:36

Wasn't the Mig 15 thought to be based on the Blohm and Voss P212 ?

09/11/2013 11:59:36

I suppose that the decision to supply Russia could be considered nieve looking back now. But it must be remembered that Britain was overwelmingly socialist in 1948. The americans had ripped apart the British mandate for Palestine and aided and assisted the Zionist terrorists killing british troops and forcing smaller countries to vote for the creation of the zionist state. By 53 America was overturning democratic goverments and instaling its dictators in there place. Whilst anyone with a bit of sense realised that Russia had no wish to see another war in Europe over 20million Russian dead saw to that. As was hinted at in the film the British goverment felt that far from the defence issue the real reason the Americans didnt want the Comet sold to ANY country was more for commercial than defence issues. The later duplicity of Lockhead and the Starfighter bears that out.

As far as I can see Britain was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Remember

at best the Americans were worried about Russia's ability to attack them not Britain's or Europes protection!

09/11/2013 09:36:12

Now you've watched the programme fly in the jet!

A shamless plug on behalf of the Newquay Tourist Board,

The Classic Air Force here

Sun, sea, surf, some of the best slopes in the country and fly in a classic jet.

Thread: Disaster
09/11/2013 01:47:19

As the BMFA do not define a park flyer, I would suggest the AMA definition which is a model that ways less than 2lbs and does not fly faster than 60mph. Which makes a Wot 4 foamie boarderline I think. My point is that the rc manufacturers are probably thinking of the AMA regs when they discribe the rx's as sutible for park flyers, the USA being there biggest market I think.


Ben, mate who I do most of my riding with got a k8 in Rizla Colours, awesome bike will leave the tre for dead on certain roads. Not rode the tre for 3 years cause of health but hoping for a return next spring,

Thread: Flea Fli Build Blog
08/11/2013 18:12:10

I have been following this thread and enjoying the constuction a great deal. I remember building a Flea Fly many years ago. I cannot remember what mag the plan come from but I do remember it was on yellow paper for some reason. If I remember correctly I had a ST 15 in it and it flew very well with plenty of power. Radio would of been a Century micro rx with fleet mini servo's a 250ma deac and a home made transmitter. I sold the airframe to finance a 1/2a Baby Birdy and a 1/2a FW190. Being able to cycle to the airfield with a couple of models during the school holiday was my top priority!


Thread: Just saying hi :)
08/11/2013 09:30:11

Hello John,

And welcome to the forum, good luck with the Superfortress looks like thats going to be a long build.


Thread: The Worlds Weirdest Weapons
08/11/2013 09:09:35

And if anyone fancies a PSS version try here

Thread: Disaster
07/11/2013 21:03:27

Hi Gixerbenten

Because you haven't got the model anymore it is difficult to figure out what happened and really any suggestions will probably be speculation. One question I would ask is did you try throttling back if the motor was running or throttle up if the motor was stopped? It would tell you if you had any control over the model at all.

I would ignore the negative comments expecially about mixing brands it is an argument that has been going on since 27meg days some people just believe you have to have the same label on the tx and rx or it won't work properly! As for leaving the sticks alone if the model is out of control then its probably the best thing to do. Waggling the sticks mindlessly has in my opinion caused more crashes than anything.

I can recomend the ST Fox, a bit more aerobatic than the ASW but not alot worse at thermalling. They also make great slope soarers in moderate wind and will fly inverted all day long should you wish it. The only bad point on them is the motor mount which is made of cream cheese, but its a quick job to beef it up with a bit of ply. If I remember correctly they use the same bats as the asw so you wont have to buy new batteries.

Ps, what gixer you got?

Roger (triumph and bernelli)

Edited By Bearair on 07/11/2013 21:07:56

Thread: The Worlds Weirdest Weapons
07/11/2013 12:05:36

Thanks Peter,

The episode with the pigeon was on Yesterday, yesterday if that makes any sense! That was fascinating all about smart bombs and the first use of a guided bomb on the italian fleet. Made me wonder if the Italian battleship were the only ones attacked by both sides in WW2!

Todays program concentrates on Hitlers secrect weapons V1 V2 V3, and the incredable designs the german engineers were coming up with and how Hitlers medling stopped the production of these weapons earlier in the war. You can understand why we didn't actually want him assinated towards the end of the war as he was in some ways are greatest asset!

Watched the link and thats the chap who appears in todays episode, a unsung hero if ever there was one.


07/11/2013 11:05:37

Not been very well recently so been watching a bit of daytime TV. Thought others might be interested in the above programme. It looks at some of the weapons developed by the Nazi's towards the end of the war. Includes some rare footage of the Natter and Horten. Interestingly includes a interview with a british pilot who flew the ME 163 but point blank refused to fly the Natter


Thread: Citroens new DS5 modelled of airliner inside
07/11/2013 10:19:36

There seams to be a fashion to design the interior of cars on another form of transport. The Nissan Juke is modelled on a motorcyle tank, and it does actually look the part.

I wonder what next? A Rolls with Cruise Liner interior

Thread: Putting snakes in a completed model...
06/11/2013 10:48:30

When im fitting snakes or bowden cable, I always rough up the outer with sandpaper then wrap a inch wide piece of masking tape around the outer is to be secured. A thin smear of epoxy goes on the masking tape to augment the masking tape adhesive. This gives me a good surface to attach the outer to the model. Might be a bit of overkill but ive never had a snake come lose.

I know this doesn't help the op but it might prevent future issues.


Thread: Dirty Birdy
03/11/2013 18:54:00

What I think I will do is start off with a 11 7 as Bill suggest's but with a mini pipe rather than trying to get the motor and pipe sorted together.

It's going to be a lot of trial and error but hopefully will be worth it in the end.


03/11/2013 18:23:14

Well here she is ready for strip down and sanding, shes fitted with retracts and is basically sound. The anhedral tail interests me because none of the birdies I've seen had on. Maybe tge original builder was looking to follow the fashion.Ready for refurb

Thread: The Tinker bi-plane hangar
03/11/2013 13:36:02

Jusu knocked up a bit to show how it will look, although somewhat better than mine I hope!



03/11/2013 12:38:22

F4 butt joins to the 1/4 cabin sides, the 1/16 cabin sides fit on the edge of f4.


03/11/2013 12:33:31

If you look at the top view on the plan it is clearer, also measuring the width of f4 confirms it. F4 is just 1/8 short of 3" so from that we can see that the cabin windows are 1/16 sheet, then you have the 3/16 doublers which stops at the 1/2 cabin front. So the 1/2 cabin front sits between the 1/16 cabin sides resting on the end of the 3/16 doubler.

Hopes this helps


03/11/2013 10:41:06

Excellent, tinker builders are go!

If your going to put a ply battery plate at the front you can probably remove f3 I would of thought.

Hope to get my foam wings ordered this week, just keep getting sidetracked by the glorious winds were having.


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