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Thread: extension leads
21/11/2018 20:41:00
Can anyone post a link to a decent pair of ratchet crimps that they would recommend? Cheers John
Thread: Twin Engine Set-up Advise Please
11/01/2017 13:11:10

OK I'm with ya Steve thank you 😊.....hmm I think I'm a luddite at the moment lol 😂😂

Regards John😊

11/01/2017 12:29:53

Frank I've heard people before using their engines you give tighter turns etc but I just wanted to do it to help set up and aid starting etc nothing too technical. I think I'm just going to take the bull by its horns and fly it as suggested by the others above 😊

Regards Johnny 😊

11/01/2017 12:23:30

Wow John thats a bit too advanced for me at the moment but I do take on board what your saying. I've never heard of a zurabatic cartwheel before lol.....I'll leave that for the second flight!! 😉😉

Regards Johnny 😊

11/01/2017 11:59:00

I know what you mean Dennis, I fly a mixture of nitro and petrol models and have never used a on board glow up to now I was just thinking of a bit of added insurance lol.....I think I'm looking at it too deeply with this being my first twin and the horror stories you hear about them.

Cheers Johnny 😊

11/01/2017 11:53:10

Hi Peter, thanks for your advice. The model is a Cessna 310 and has got apposing thrusts built in to aid an engine out situation however how well this works remains to be seen lol. The instructions say one engine is enough to fly straight and level but there is not enough power to take it round again so I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one!!

Many thanks Johnny 😊

11/01/2017 11:39:33

Hi Dennis thanks for you reply. Yes my idea was purely for ground set up not for flying. I do take your point on the risk of switches though which I hadn't really thought about.

Do any of you use on board glows on your twins??

Thanks Johnny 😊

11/01/2017 11:32:32

Hi Brian my thoughts were having them on separate channels makes it easier to set them up because you can alter your settings independently from one another and also on start up you can leave the first engine on fast idle while you start the second. I would be flying the model with the throttles working together so if one engine did conk out the throttle on the running engine would be as normal and I wouldn't be flicking any switches.....just a thought??

Thanks Johnny 😊

11/01/2017 10:44:44

Hi chaps

I've just purchased my first ic twin model and I want to set up the throttles independently from each other.

I'm using a DX9 trannie and want to set the throttles up on a 3 position switch so that position 0 is say the left engine, position 1 is both engines together and position 2 is the right hand engine.

Obviously im running both engines on two separate channels on the rx but I'd like to know how to set the tx up to achieve this.

Is this the way forward or am I just over complicating things?

How do you guys set your multi engines up?

Thanks in advance, Johnny

Thread: Slipstream sbach 30cc
18/06/2016 00:11:58
Hi chaps I'm bought one of these at Weston Park today second hand can anyone suggest control throws as a starting gear point.....cheers John
Thread: Wot4 "new" MK3 Foamie
22/11/2015 21:27:29
Ok thanks Simon
22/11/2015 19:38:36

Hi chaps

I was just wondering what the difference was between the older blue/white Wot4 foamie against the new orange/white mk3 wot4 foamie was.....or is it just the price and a new colour scheme??

Cheers Johnny

Thread: Home Made Wing Bags
08/12/2014 22:21:39
Many thanks for all the info guys I like Martins idea of ironing the bag together that sounds like it will make a really neat job....johnny☺
08/12/2014 17:11:07

Hi guys Im wanting to make some home made wing bags. Some of my wings are quiet large (1/4 scale) and I have quiet a few to make. I was just wondering what materials you are using, where you get the materials from and cost etc.....

Im looking for some bubble wrap type of stuff thats about 500mm wide as my large wigs are about 450mm wide.

Your thoughts, pics and links apprieciated folks.....

Regards Johnny

Thread: Which Frequency Scanner??
16/11/2014 18:23:37

Well guys i visited Maplins this afternoon and to be honest the staff wern't very helpful for a newbe like me so i came away empty handed and a bit disapointed.

Many thanks to you guys that have posted links above which i have followed with interest.....i am now learning a bit of this can of worms that ive opened lol.

Thanks again chaps......Johnny

11/11/2014 22:48:26

Thanks Julian, i have a local Maplins ill take a look in there.......why didnt i think of that lol

Cheers Johnny

11/11/2014 19:50:50

Hi guys im in the market for a portable frequency scanner that i can listen to airband when i go to shows etc.....just had a quick look on ebay but unless your up on these things its a bit of a mindfield to say the least.

Do any of you guys use these and can you reccomend a decent one??

Ps i dont want to spend more than a hundred quid


Thread: RCM&E July 2014 issue chat and feedback
05/06/2014 15:55:21

Lets face it its always a good read!! Personally ive never flown a glider so i do fancy a go at the free plan.

Well done all keep up a great mag smiley


Thread: Black Horse Ryan flies and wins!!
24/05/2014 16:52:58

Hi Lee, ive just read your post as i am putting this model together as i speak. Just to let everyone know there are still problems with the kit for instance the tailplane profile is nowhere near the profile on the fuz hence needs a lot of fettling to get it to sit correctly. There is also a retaining tongue on the tailplane that fits into the fuz......or should do.....I had to cut mine off completely to get the fin to fit and devise my own method of fixing. The servo tray is that thin you havent got enough wood for the screws to bite into and its that weak you risk breaking it when you push down with your screwdriver. Ive just beefed mine up by making another servo tray out of ply sheet with the grain going in the oppersite direction and epoxying over the top of the original. The hinges are of typical ARTF type that "wick" with cyno but they look passable. So considering im posting this 3 years after you put your model together not alot has changed.....except the price which is nearer to 300 quid (£285).

Has anyone else had the same problems?? what are they like to fly??

All that said it does look an impressive model and im looking forward to flying it


Edited By Johnny Kirkham on 24/05/2014 16:54:28

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
23/05/2014 18:03:08

Dave I could sure use some off that glue with the amount of repairs I have to make!! :-P


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