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Thread: Veneer lifting problems
15/10/2019 13:03:55

I have found that where the veneer has split or lifted that using copydex gives a stronger bond than PVA. This was advice I was given back in the early 80's when making and repairing foam wings, and has worked for me all these years when necessary. I always use dome weights to help hold the veneer down for a day or so to ensure a strong reliable bond.

With regard to finishing the wing I would opt for using glass cloth and epoxy resin rather than dope and nylon as if the wood is old it is likely to have more open pores allowing dope through to attack the foam.

Thread: 2019 Special Issue
02/10/2019 12:46:12

Personally I felt that the special is special as it is different from the normal issues. This is how it should be (thinking back in the past to such specials that set aside normal magazine content). Great work to the team for this month and I think it just goes to show there are many options for the builder and you do not need to have artf's or foamies.

Thread: August Nationals 2019
05/09/2019 13:18:06

I am surprised at the intolerance of some people over the fact that we get to use an active RAF base for our model flying activities. Despite notices as to limitations before site admittance there are always people who feel that if they get there early that they have a right to early access.

Please consider the fact that this is an operational RAF airfield. The station has to go through a number of activities many that may not be visible to the uninformed before they can release the site to us. Aircraft activities have to finish, the site made safe and also anything to do with security (and not just the perimeter fence and gates). At the same time please consider the fact that we have use of the site through the permission of the Commanding Officer, and that he is placing a great trust in us that we will treat the site considerately especially regarding rubbish and anything that is FOD that could affect aircraft (and crew safety), which the BMFA have to rigorously check before handing back to the RAF after the event. I have seen an aircraft lost because of a penny coin (and crew killed) while the pilot of another aircraft managed to save an aircraft and himself despite a piece of metal being ingested by an engine!

I know the weather was hot this year and that people probably wanted to get set up (campers and traders), but such attitudes by impatient people have the potential to dissuade the generosity of the RAF and the Station Commander. In other words do not take the site for granted. RAF and MoD personnel also have access to the gripes and moans that do get feedback.

The RAF and MoD have a duty of care for the site and operations and so do we.

Thread: Anyone know what happened to Kamco?
04/09/2019 13:14:18

Hi Rich, that will be great to see the Kamco name about again. There is no doubt that the range of kits were popular because they were good model designs, and as someone else has said, retro is becoming popular. Leccy and laser cut parts will certainly freshen up the kits and probably boost popularity. Good luck with the revival.

Thread: August Nationals 2019
26/08/2019 11:15:52

Took my son to the Nationals for the first time Saturday and stayed til late. Seeing the sheer joy and thrill of it all on him and his reactions brilliant!

Great location, great organisation, so well done BMFA and of course RAF.

Traders were good and very helpful so spent loads.

Flying is always great to watch and the Showline really delivered well, ably supported by the legendary Dave Bishop commentary.

The after show free flight and night flying is always FUN especially free flight.

Even the weather decided to be exceptionally nice for the bank holiday weekend.

To cap it all my teenage son who is learning to fly rc did not want to go home and now wants us to camp next t year and bring free flight models. I have been into aeromodelling well over 40 years and attended the Nationals a number of times but I personally felt this year was the best for all of the above but especially seeing my son's reaction and joy and increased interest in model flying. That has to be good as it his generation that are the future of our sport and hobby.

Thread: Brian Winch
25/08/2019 08:59:53

Sad news indeed to wake up to this morning at the Nationals. Brian's contribution to the hobby will be sorely missed as he had wise words that helped experienced and the novice modeller. RiP Brian, thanks for everything you will not be forgotten.

Thread: August Nationals 2019
23/08/2019 20:00:52

At least the weather is favourable for us this year. Here's to a great weekend.

Thread: Soarcerer for Flat Field
08/08/2019 22:42:03

The Soarceror has been a timeless classic because it is easy to build and it flies so well. Nearly all I have seen or flown have been off the slope so will be interested about flat field performance.

Thread: RCM&E September Issue.
05/08/2019 21:35:14

I for one also spotted the previously mentioned photo glitch, in Brian's column, but despite that found it a very useful article.

I also think David, Graham and Beth have done a great and often thankless job over the years and also welcome Kevin Crozier's return to the mag.

A great effort with this months issue and the Jet Provost plan is something I am going to build.

Thread: Balsa Cabin Spin Doctor Kit
31/07/2019 22:12:57

I know of one that was fitted with an OS90 four stroke and had loads of grunt so would think 70 to 90 four stroke and likely 55 to 61 two stroke.

Thread: Re: Looking Back 43 Years
18/07/2019 13:10:53

I totally agree with Cuban, Peter and Colin's comments.

When I was young free flight and control line were very popular and lots of places to fly. Nowadays with developers and noise and anvironmnet 0h and cost of land rent it is a lot harder.

I agree about competition be it flying or model cars or boats. I used to race rc cars at world, european and national level. What started off as a cheap alternative to flying snowballed in cost as I became more competitive and started racing not just at club level but then regional, to national, etc. Each step saw an increase in cost until my flying was a shadow in terms of cost. At the same time the fun and love of racing gets impacted when with the level of commitment theere became legal challenges on legalities etc, which is when I stopped racing.

I love flying most forms of aircraft but gliding has always been a fun thing for me be it slope, thermal or electric powered. Trying to keep it simple encourages people. You only have to look at F1 and how they are now trying to cut costs etc to improve racing, and encourage other teams.

17/07/2019 22:58:52

I think what appealed to me as a lad was the size and fun and ease of building. I really liked the DVII but only I think because of colour schemes. My grandfather scaled up the plans for a 40 sized version of the Nieuport or me too.

I think from the mid or late 70s radio was smaller lighter and more reliable and 20 size engines prolific that models could fit in cars assembled and rigged and size was also convenient for the magazines of the era.

The look back I find good as you have not seen many plans for rc helicopters, but then Dave Nieman and Len Mount were synonymous with helicopters in the day.

17/07/2019 13:17:06

Loved the article, and having still got the original magazine and plan the snapshot and overview of the July 76 issue of RCM&E covers it well.

I built the Nieuport 24 as did a couple of others in the Hastings club back in the day and the model probably weted my apetite for the small scale models such that I built the Fokker DVII that DB and RCM&E published later aswell as some of Gordon Whitehead's designs that were in Radio Modelelr a year or so later.

I always had a hankering for the Grumman Traveller and wonder how popular the model was. I saw only two in my old club.

The MiJet was also very popular for those who frequented the South Downs slopes and was a nice model to fly.

Thread: Skyleader Clubman Super 35Mhz TX battery wiring
12/07/2019 08:41:33

Great link Peter - Chris that should give you all you need to get you out of trouble. Looking at teh wire colours I would say from memory that they are the same for the Clubman Super. Very useful having the charger circuit too as you can double check.

Thread: Malcolm Corbin Easy Street
12/07/2019 08:36:24

In answer to yhe question about the plan being available. No it was definitely produced specifically as a kit for Ripmax/Balsacraft.

I built the original kit version and with brushed 600 and nicads can agree with others about it being ahead of its time for the power system.

I have been looking at the artf version as with a brushless motor should be pretty darned good.

Thread: Wot no Acrowot!
12/07/2019 08:32:51

I would echo Percy's comments. It is actually better to get a kit and put it together yourself (assuming you have a workshop and not the coffee top table). The joy of artf and speed to get flying is one thing .. but if yuo want a particular model and to enjoy it for a long time then building it will be better, and easier to repair I think.

Thread: Skyleader Clubman Super 35Mhz TX battery wiring
11/07/2019 13:05:18

Hi Chris,

I replied to your message separately but yesyou are right the Courier transmitter was a lot more appealing than the boxy tx's. I think one reason I liked the Futaba M series was it was less boxy and more comfortable to hold (which as a teenager made for smoother control). I had used a couple of other people's Courier's and they were comfortable.

After the M series I had a Sprengbrook modular FM set before having Futaba gear ever since until a few years ago when I switched to a DX9 Black Edition, although my 35MHz FF8 is still good.

Multiplex gear is good and has stood the test of time. Understandably, if in europe it is very popular and has very good support.

Thread: Summer Evening Club Meetings
10/07/2019 13:30:17

So I love summer evening flying and always have since I started learning to fly, but there is always something special when the monthly club meeting is held at the field.

Currently I belong to one club that I have been associated with for some 22 years. We are these days a smaller club but have the occasional summer flying meeting and still have most summer meetings at our local hall.

I have been thinking about a club that is actually a lot closer to where I live these days. So I had decided to go to their club meeting to find out more, and then I found out it was at one of their sites I went along. First person I met was an ex member from my current club. I was made very welcome, met a few other old ex members and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening to the point that I am now going to join that club too.

Summer evening meetings at the patch can really be a great ice breaker and yield new members if all were as good as this particular club's was. Something for clubs to consider to swell their membership perhaps or get more members down to the patch?

Thread: Skyleader Clubman Super 35Mhz TX battery wiring
10/07/2019 13:22:23

I agree in part with you Percy on the quality of the Skyleader gear. The original Clubman set gave pretty good service for me even with it being second hand. At the time I started flying the Clubman Super (27 AM) was very popular and when the 27FM set was released we had a set fairly early on and it did have to go back twice (first time was a recall as they had identified a problem with the stick potentiometers (and showed how good they were communicating to owners via model shops and I think model press). That said though I think Futaba were starting to take a lead in quality come late 70's and start of the 80's.

I think with 35 FM the Courier did look more appealing and did perform well.

I certainly miss Skyleader as a manufacturer as I do think thy did much to develop rc flying in the UK and also with the Skyleader team were very entertaining in their day. I certainly like seeing the retro 2.4GHz transmitters.

Thread: Cumulus resurrection
10/07/2019 13:11:18

Looks great hope you have many enjoyable flights. From memory with a Cirrus they do float well when looking to land they do seem to glide forever.

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