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Thread: Bad News And Good.
22/02/2017 13:09:46

I think kc makes a good point there are a number of people who might see that as a reason to buy. At the same time sometimes you have one in the hand then see the other mag and might like the model(s) and end up buying both. Far less likely to happen with RCMW now and may make it easier for people to choose RCM&E if the plan(s) are seen to be a good bonus.

Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition - Where are all the planes ?
21/02/2017 22:02:27

I used to go to Wembley Conference Centre, Alexandra Palace and Olympia for MEX and always enjoyed them. It was the one good thing after Christmas Day to enjoy before the New year or return to school, college or work. Also because it supported all forms if you had more than one hobby it was the place to go, until the Model Symposium at Sandown.

I have also gone to the LMEE from its days at Picketts Lock and one has to remember that it is not the same. In fairness to all organisers and traders it gets increasingly tougher when venue costs soar and you have a limited exposure and visitor catchment. I think these events are so important though. Being young or old these events can do much to support existing modellers but are also important for encouraging newcomers, or those with one hobby to have a go at another.

Sadly recently the other show I used to like going to which was Modelworld held in Brighton has succumbed this year to limited numbers and costs in holding the event which has led to its cancellation after I think 38 years. I for one hope that this is a short break and that it returns in 2018.

Thread: National Modelmakers Festivals
21/02/2017 13:16:03

Yes 'Traders Row' was always a popular stop daily and as you say they covered abroad spectrum of modelling and arts and crafts needs. The traders themselves were very helpful, and aside from them having one or two scheduled trips during the event to pick up stock from their shops to top things up or bring things down I know of a few occasions when one or two were known to make a special trip to help out a modeller in dire need of something. I always ended up buying a few goodies for myself for winter building projects.

Apex lake is still used as you say locally, but the area has changed in recent times.

Some of the known names I know of included the likes of Phil Ramsey, Ricky Shaw, John Binks (I think went one year), 'Big' Jim Davis and his family, Roy Lever, Ian Peacock (loved his sessions on airbrushing and spraying), Ted Galbraith, of course numerous known Elmbridge club members in part because they helped organise for a while, Len Mount, Vic Smeed, and others.

Mind you aside from Traders Row the Engineering workshop was also very very useful - especially if you needed to fabricate something urgently.

Then of course there was all the talks covering things engineering, model flying, painting, fibre glassing, covering models, a guy from Solarfilm gave a very good talk one year in particular, amongst other talks or film shows.

Thread: Das Ghosten Flugboot pretending to be a grown up :-)
21/02/2017 13:02:25

Love the model build looks great. Somehow I missed the plan although when I was younger someone built an ic powered one which looked good.

Thread: Paint match for red solartex?
21/02/2017 12:57:43

I have used red solarlac before and yes it is a good match for solarfilm and also solartex the only thing to remember is that solartex is not a glossy finish unlike solarfilm.

Thread: National Modelmakers Festivals
20/02/2017 22:10:06

Hi John, I liked your comments yes indeed I was in my late teens and early twenties in the 80's. As you say it was anything but a holiday, all action fun.

First time we went in 78 was to have a break as both my fathers parents had died. Ended coming home in a packed car full of round the pole gear, some indoor models and a few aircraft kits. Subsequent years saw us taking aircraft, boats (scale, fast electrics, yacht), and cars electric stockcars, and ic ones. It was a case of up early for car racing, then flying, and then boating in the evening. If it was not a night for midnight team racing then it would be midnight boating outside on the boating lake or in later years the indoor swimming pool, kept warm with the aid of a hip flask or two.

One of the funniest moments was when Len Mount was going to fly an ic helicopter indoors (a first at the time) in the ballroom and the room had a bout 300 guys in to watch and not only watched the helicopter but the lead singer of the band and a bluecoat when the curtain was pulled aside to find the lights on the stage!

We must have met if you used to fly near Brean Down. My dad and myself were in the Hastings club at the time and a few of us went every year for some years.

Thread: Bad News And Good.
19/02/2017 20:32:17

I think Mannyroad's comments are quite pertinent. Also those of Andy G too. I for one used to subscribe to the same as you Andy, and I agree totally with you. I used to subscribe to RCM&E, RCMW, Q&EFI and RCSI. I ended up with the former two. Having not been a subscriber of late but still getting the mags monthly locally, if I am totally honest I do favour RCM&E. So thanks David Ashby and the team for your efforts. Here is what I would like to add in comment.

Having had limited time until recently for my own hobbies, I now have the time. My teenage son who also does model car racing, has for a few years done some model flying either, free flight gliders or electric round the pole. He has now decided he wants to have a go at rc flying. He has told me he likes RCM&E and what has encouraged him has been some of the free plans. He wants to build an electric glider so that's one of this month's free plans that got his interest and he wants to have a Babybolt from last month's plan. He has seen the pics and videos and also the plans and he is wanting to build them himself.

Magazines and free plans all have a role. It is not just about those of us hardened experienced modellers but attracting new and inexperienced flyers. After all how many of us used magazines and possibly their plans free or otherwise as a starting point or indeed as reference when first becoming interested? I know that when my father and myself started rc in 1976 it was RCM&E that really made a big impression (and still does).

Thread: More Re-visited RCM&E Designs
19/02/2017 20:07:56

I started the thread to see what kind of ideas people had in mind and also to think of models that might be suitable for revisiting with electric power or for modern gear and engines where the design needed fettling a little and it seems to have got some good suggestions.

Peter, I love the sound of your SE5a. I also built one when the design was originally published and had an Enya 09 fitted. Mine had a short life before it was shot down by someone on the same channel. I wonder what electric motor set up you have in your second model. I think I might still have my plans and will have to have a look. Might build one again later this year.

Thread: Bad News And Good.
18/02/2017 22:54:03

I think it is a sign of the times that with rising production costs and also time it takes to find suitable designs and the fact that these days there is quite a wide range of ARTF models and still a reasonable market for kits that there must be pressures also on finding designers and/or suitable designs.

That said though with the use of pcs and CAD packages there are still a number of scratchbuilt models (which is always great to see) always around. Maybe not everyone can have the time to take what might be a scratchbuilt model and turn the design into one for publishing? Lets face it people's spare time can be very precious. I know I have to balance my work life with family and MY own hobby time.

Personally, I think most of the mags have a mix of some great free plans mixed with some not so good, but I think plans play an important part in encouraging people to build either through free plans or through some excellent plans to purchase.

Thread: National Modelmakers Festivals
17/02/2017 22:20:01

Hi John, that is good to hear it still carries on at the Leisure Park. I know I did some fast electrics one year from there. Yes I went every year from 1978 through to 1997 except for 1981. I know Hemsby was dropped for Primrose Valley but I never went to those sites for the festival. To be honest from what I was told Pontins were only interested in their bar takings and felt we were not hardened drinkers unlike the darts or country and western weeks.

There was some great stories from the events. I remember in 79 a group of flyers got cut off on the beach when the tide came in and had to leave 6 cars to the sea. But some great entertainment including ic indoor helicopter flying in the ballroom and also some rc combat in 80 on the beach which I recall out of the 5 models only 2 survived.

Thread: More Re-visited RCM&E Designs
17/02/2017 20:58:28

Hi Tim, thanks for posting about your Antares. I have always liked the design ever since I saw one of the guys in my flying club with one when I was a teenager. It flew beautifully and he fitted a tailwheel to the fin and did inverted touch and go's. I like the pics of your model and the fact that you have it as an electric model. Who knows I might get round to building myself one day. You certainly have reminded me of the model and like the idea of it as electric powered.

Thread: David Boddington Raider Combat RCM&E Febr 2017
17/02/2017 20:53:25

Thanks for that Ton. Yes they were not a bad engine in their day. Mind you Veco were not bad I remember two other Veco powered ones that performed well. Sadly I have not got any pics of my Enya one but when I build the new one will post them on here. I am so glad you have resurrected this design.


Thread: National Modelmakers Festivals
17/02/2017 13:14:40

I wonder if anyone like myself used to go to the National Modelmakers festivals that used to be held since I think 1977 through to 1997 or possibly later? If there are it would be great to share and possibly capture the history and some of the memories on here.

I was lucky that as a teenager at the time my family started going to these in 1978, and in their day were great, and if I remember rightly were organised originally through MAP.

When I went in 1978 it was for a week at Pontin's Brean Sands, and covered everything from flying, cars, boats, trains, wargaming, Scalextric, engineering, and a host of arts and crafts to entertain all. For 1979 until 1983 this became a two week event there and there was also an event in May held at Primrose Valley, and Hemsby originally. Brean Sands was always at the end of September/ beginning of October and returned to a week long event from 1983.

I know Brean provided a great location for modellers to have fun, make life long friends with and also share with, learn and help others, and also take up additional hobbies. There were flyers, who ended up taking boats, and/or cars with them, and tehse friendships were always renewed annually at the festival or at other events during the year such as at the Model Engineer Exhibition, or at Sandown Park, or other shows, or even when shopping or on holiday elsewhere.

I for one have many memories from these events, as I am sure do others, and also sadly memories of those who are no longer with us who lived for and loved their hobby. I am also eternally grateful to those organisers who helped make these events such a success and provided so much fun.

Thread: More Re-visited RCM&E Designs
17/02/2017 12:53:11

It has been refreshing seeing some of the new take on some of the old model designs or old model designs used as inspiration for plans that we have seen lately. Such examples have got to be the Babybolt and the Raider designs in February's issue of recent examples.

There were some great designs from the 70's and 80's that could be introduced to a whole new generation (or two) of modellers that perhaps have been forgotten. Such examples of some of the freebie plans I can readily think of:

Me163 (1976? Cox 049 power or PSS) which would be great with modern radio and also electric powered (seriously thinking about that currently).

DB's Fokker DVII (would be good as an electric version now)

DB's Nieuport (17? I think) was great with a 19 and would be good as an electric too.

Short Skyvan would make a great electric model.

Hawker Sea Fury was designed for Club 20 racing I think and would also be good for electric now, or for funfighter racing?

There must be others that could do with a dust off and re-publish? While the growth in ARTF (and range) are good, there is still plenty of fun to be had balsa bashing.

Thread: David Boddington Raider Combat RCM&E Febr 2017
17/02/2017 12:35:22


Further to my earlier email I would really appreciate a pdf of the parts.



Thread: Babybolt RCM&E Feb 2017 free plan
17/02/2017 12:31:01

Hi Peter,

Yes I am planning on building one as soon as I have built a Black Magic. I loved the original design of Clive's from back in the early 80's. I built mine originally with an OS 10 in it. I had all but forgotten until your design came along and as I have been one to like Pete Nicholson's electric warbirds this would fit in nicely for me. Love the plan and am looking forward to building mine.

Thread: David Boddington Raider Combat RCM&E Febr 2017
16/02/2017 22:29:11


Loved the article and the posts on here. I am definitely going to have to build one. I built an Enya 19 powered one when the original design was published and enjoyed it, but I am sure from the video that your electric version is probably better still.

Thread: Flair Black Magic Conversion to Brushless Electric
16/02/2017 22:11:46

Hi again Pete,

Your blog was very good I may well end up posting the build of mine. What size prop have you used and what kind of flight time with the 2200's, I am guessing in the order of 8 minutes? I am looking to hit about 10 or 12 minutes which is what I was able to achieve with my old model but I expect a more lively take off and climb performance with brushless. The geared 600 used to fly around nicely on about 2/3 throttle.

16/02/2017 22:01:13

Thanks for that Pete. Yes there is something about the Black Magic and in electric form looks even better.

Thread: Keil Kraft Factory Tour
16/02/2017 21:58:47

Yes I had a couple of Replikits for the Cub and the Spitfire, but downloaded the plan for the Phantom from Outerzone.

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