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Thread: Which was the best decade for the hobby?
07/02/2019 13:05:05

I think personally there was a proliferation in aerpmodelling in general in the 60's and as a boy in the 70's I felt there was a lot of choice available of the 50's and 60's designs and kits.

However if we are talking about rc flying I think that it has to be the 80's as Ray Wood 4 said in his post, kits were plentiful (and not many ARTF), rc choice and reliability was good and developed during the era, also engines became more reliable and electric powered flight started to evolve to become more practical. Even the weather seemed good.

Last but not least there was a good range of model mags, model shops, and model shows, fly ins and model clubs.

I did enjoy the 90's as technically I think RC gave you far more scope at reasonable prices and I seemed to have more models in the workshop, and I probably maxed out on flying hours too.

Thread: Congratulations Mr Miller
31/01/2019 13:42:45

Excellent portfolio of models over the years and quite prolific a designer. You mention that Boddo has designed many. I think it is probably a fair reflection that there fewer designers these days, I think aside from yourself TN is also fairly prolific in I will say the 'current modern' era, and Boddo and Dave Toyer probably 70's and 80's, but would be interesting to know how many designs Vic Smeed produced.

None of this should take away the fact that you have produced many great deisgns that encourage others to build or design too. Personally, I have designed for myself probably some 30+ model aircraft, dozen or so boats and even a couple of rc cars over the years and sadly seem to do far far less these days than when I was younger, but think designing, building and flying your own design is the icing on the cake, and if others want to build your model then that is the cherry on the top.

Carry on designing building and preaching to the masses to have a go.

Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition
21/01/2019 13:33:05

Hi Cuban8 I know what you mean about traffic round that way. I used to drive and found the Sunday was quieter, but these days I let the train (and Underground) take the strain, although that can be a lottery at times for running reliability.

As for the show as my earlier post said there is something for everyone really, especially if you have more than one interest, and surprising what you can learn from others too and apply yourself.

18/01/2019 12:30:19

It is still a good exhibition to go to and while kc's comments about the variety of modelling and engineering is true it is also useful for stocking up on tools etc and seeing what others get upto.

While sadly these days the "London Model Engineering Exhibition" is not the size that it used to be in the 70's and 80's when it ran for a week or so, it is still a very good event and great for catching up with old friends too.

That said my teenage son is looking forward to going especially as these days there is no Modelworld at Brighton.

We should all remember that these events only happen if supported. Personally it helped encourage me to develop my love of aeromodelling, railways, model engineering, boats and cars over the years, and more important in some respects, forge friendships that have lasted many years now.

Thread: Nexus Modelling Supplies
12/01/2019 13:26:13

Quite agree with your comments guys without the likes of Nexus we would struggle in our hobby these days and always had good service at shows or when ordered bits.

Thread: Christmas Advent Competition updates!
08/01/2019 22:14:45

Hi Beth really pleased to receive the airbrush set today. Thanks again RCM&E great mag, staff and competitions.

Paul Oliver

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
02/01/2019 12:23:05

Very sad news to read today when I got to log on after the New Year celebrations and such sad news is not great to start the day. My deepest condolences to BEB's family and friends. While I had not met him he had responded to some of my posts and having read his thought him to be a great forum moderator but also very knowledgeable and experienced. I think David Ashby's opening post summed BEB up perfectly and he will be much missed by all who came into contact with him.

Thread: Wings - the TV series.
21/12/2018 15:07:43

All this chat about Wings and Danger UXB has prompted my festive viewing to start with watching these series again!

20/12/2018 12:33:20

Quite agree with your comments Cuban8 I enjoyed it very much back in the day and was glad to see it repeated on UK Gold then to get the DVD of both series. As someone just entering into rc modelling at the time it was a great influence in my love of flying.

Notice you also liked Danger UXB, which was another great series of the time, and one my late father liked, and he remembers well the Butterfly bombs that as a boy in the war he had seen close up - and had the sense to avoid. I managed to get a copy of Danger UXB series a few years back.

Thread: Christmas Advent Competition updates!
20/12/2018 12:27:56

Hi Beth, just seen that I have won an airbrush. Thanks very much for that Christmas good news today.

May you and all at RCM&E have a very Merry Christmas.

Thread: Wings - the TV series.
19/12/2018 20:47:34

Really recommend Wings it was a good BBC production and getting the DVD set is good value. At the time DB wrote a two part article in RCM&E about the conversion of Roy Scotte Be2e models to Be2c and the Albatross and Eindekker models as well as the full size mock ups.

While trolling You Tube take a look for the Model World of Bob Symes as in it there is a few minutes where DB gives insight on filming and flying for Wings.

Thread: Christmas - Tis the Season to be jolly, to fly and reflect
19/12/2018 13:19:16

Firstly season's greetings to all fellow aeromodellers. I don't know about you but despite all the usual madness that comes with the time of year I always take time to try and get some flying time in, and also some workshop time and a bit of time to reflect on my hobby.

Certainly as the years go by you notice how the hobby, people, models and atttudes change. I am one of those of an age whereh I can say I enjoy ic and electric power, along with slope and thermal and think how once our fight for our sites was over noise, and that the firm establishment of electric power would take the argument of noise at sites away, yet it seems (as many already thought) that noise is just an excuse to leverage support to stop flying. I have heard of a couple of clubs with such issues this year. I guess the positive is that it does make our defence of sites slightly easier.

It has been sad to see the loss of Solarfilm after all these years - but I am thankful for all the models the product helped me to cover and finish over the years, like some of our other shops and manufacturers but I do wonder what the future holds for a number of manufacturers and the way the hobby will evolve in the future.

I also remember those modellers with us - and those sadly departed, and I think how lucky I am to know or have known those people, and I am thankful of the associations, friendships and fun that this hobby provides me year after year. Regardless of everything else it is people that make this hobby, and long may it do so!

Happy holidays!

Thread: Field Loss - Planning complaint
14/12/2018 22:16:42

Hi Nigel,

My club had a similar issue some 12 or so years back from a retired JP who lived some distance away and just objected to our flying and who passed away about 2 years into the fight to save the site. Our site was out in the country and model flying had been ongoing for some 20+ years although our own use of the same site was for about 9 years.

Environmental Health checked the noise and had no issue as local traffic and agricultural machinery was more prevalent, we also used the BMFA but sadly only on the grounds of not having been on the land for 10 years did we end up losing that site.

We ended up changing our policy to an electric only club and also changed name when we found a new site. Sadly it seems to be always an uphill struggle defending our flying sites regardless of whether one is in the right or wrong.

Thread: Jimmy Stewart Bomber Pilot
16/10/2018 13:12:47

Jimmy Stewart was a very underestimated man I think . When you look at is careers, to have his professional acting career and an armed forces career that did not just start end end with WW2 but with SAC post war and to rise to the rank he did by time of his retirement is pretty good. I have to admit I was not aware of his or Fonda's interests in model flying. No wonder they were so good.

There was a good link on You Tube to a presentation that Jimmy gave towards the end of his Air Force career and it was very enlightening to say the least. No glorification or self gratification in it either.

Thread: Guillows P40 Warhawk 16 - RC conversion!?
12/10/2018 12:28:06

Interesting comment from Stephen Jones about the Typhoon I shal look carefully at that. I have to admit I suspect the B25 Mitchell would lend itself very nicely to conversion after all the plans show it for rubber or Cox.020 power or CO2 power, and it was going to have been used for electric RTP. So electric rc should be a doddle.

11/10/2018 12:49:44

Having seen the progress on the P40 and now a P51 I am definitely going to have to give the Typhoon a go. I have got a Guillows B25 Mitchell kit that was going to go RTP that might be even better converted to RC.

Thread: Great Model Railway Challenge
10/10/2018 12:29:41

I have often thought it would be a good idea to take the old 1970's Model World format and give it a facelift for the 21st Century as I think that a modern remake with a slant towards entertaining while informing 'Joe Public' would be good.

In my opinion the BBC did the right thing when putting the programme together. They had in Bob Symes Schutzman an educated presenter that despite being a railway modeller himself put across the subject matter well and often posed questions in a way that novice modellers would have going through their minds. The model experts had largely been drawn from good old MAP, and/or were known proficient modellers like Vic Smeed, John Cundell, Dave Nieman etc, and even drew in a young Mat Irvine from the BBC's own Visual Effects Department. The BBC even made a 1 hour special as a spin off to showcase the forms rather than 'how to make the types of models'.

Of course in the likes of GMRC and Model Squadron the programmes are a different format and aim, but personally I think a Model World 2019?? would make a great showpiece for all of us modellers. Or perhaps I have an over the hill viewpoint.

Edited By Nightflyer on 10/10/2018 12:31:19

08/10/2018 13:37:19

I thought the programme was ok and interesting to watch. Model Squadron I think was more enjoyable probably because of the history enmeshed with model recreation and the tech and incidents etc that made it entertaining to Joe Public.

Personally I think it is good to have some model tv entertainment and hobbies need visibility if you are going to attract newcomers - or even older ex-modellers back into the fold. For me I think one fo the best all round efforts waws what the BBC did back in the late 70's when they made Model World. That series covered several forms of modelling from aircraft, boats, trains, plastic modelling and wargaming that gave a great general insight and even plans to accompany the series.

It is not easy to make a successful programme and that and production budgets often limit what can be done, although ther have been a few programmes over the last ten years that have been of interest. However, from personal experience I have found that teh tv often attracts some new blood so any programmes should be encouraged. Especially as there are som any other distractions for peoples time and money to modelling.

Thread: Guillows P40 Warhawk 16 - RC conversion!?
08/10/2018 13:24:11

This looks like a really good little project and got me thinking of modifying a Typhoon I was building for electric round the pole. The P40 looks nice already.

Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
18/09/2018 13:25:11

I have to admit I thought this weeks programme was better than the first - in part because of the flying and it also showed the effort in learning to fly and also all of the fun - flying, crashing and the repairing. All the participants seemed to be enjoying themselves. You have to laugh at the BF110 squadrons problems (and admire their repair efforts) especially the very non German comment after one crash, and the view of off to the pub for a beer. At the same time the massed suicide of half the RAF squadron was entertaining - even thought the outcome was expected.

Joking aside it is entertaing the mix of model re-enactment linked up with the history and experiences from the period. Well done to all. Perhaps there should be a follow up series - maybe Pearl Harbour, or some of the bombing campaigns could be good?

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