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Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
14/09/2018 21:26:09

Enjoyed watching this so far, but then it is always good to get modelling some tv coverage and at a decent day and time too. Good to have both British and German modellers too and some of the personal stories too.

Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
31/05/2018 13:20:25

The DM165 always looked quite a smart aircraft augmented I guess in part by the colour scheme. It appealed to me some years back when RC Scale Aircraft Quarterly (if I remember correctly) did an article and free plan. I built one and powered it with a four stroke. With how electric has come on it might be good to find the plan and build an electric version.

I remember seeing the HP Dalotel once I think at Sandown one year.

Good luck with your build Martyn.

Thread: David Vaughan
09/03/2018 12:41:31

I am sorry to hear his news Richard. I have only met him a couple of times (when I was still in my late teens the first time) when he took the time to explain to me some of his detailing and finishing techniques he used on his Mustang. As a young and still comparatively new modeller it was a privilege that he took time to explain these things to me. It also encouraged me to do more detailing on any scale or even semi-scale warbird. He was a much admired designer, builder and flyer RIP David.

Thread: RM Trainer
06/03/2018 13:02:08

Really great job Nigel. Not only does it look a great model but nicely trimmed too. Am very interested in your electrical set up for it. Looks like you got it right on the money.

Thread: Support Your Local Club
28/02/2018 12:42:59

I think when it comes to schools, youth clubs, etc there are a few challenges along the way. My personal experience has been that firstly whoever hosts the activity has got to have an active interest and understanding. For schools that alone is not always enough as then comes the question of facilities, education authority policies, etc etc. Whereas for some clubs or groups i.e. Scouts there is support (and even badge) to encourage it but often no one who is an active aeromodeller.

I got roped in to support my children's Scout group. It was quite amusing that they have a series of challenges to undertake to get their badge and the group supported that. So I ended up teaching them over two sessions to build model chuck gliders, fly them and improve the performance and competitions. They thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it. A later session I ended up taking my electric round the pole set up in so they could fly models, which they enjoyed. Finally, they had a trip to Duxford and completed all that was necessary to get their badges. For most it was a passing interest that they liked at the time, but for a couple I know that they have been doing some aeromodelling since and one is flying rc now.

Perseverance, support and a love for the hobby can make things happen. Even if only one person takes up the hobby from each group it is still an achievement.

Thread: Solarfilm
07/02/2018 13:01:04

Very sad news to hear. Solarfilm and their associated products have covered a lot of models, and while it is fair to say that there are other similar products in the market place (some better and some not so), the loss of a home grown supplier means less competition and as likely increased demand and possibly prices from remaining manufacturers.

I have to say that my mum used to cover many of my dad's and my early models. My dad never forgot a talk at one of the National Modelmaker Festivals at Brean Sands that Andrew's father gave. It ended up on almost a one to one discussion between him and my mum on covering experiences and hints and tips.

Thanks Solarfilm for the products I have used over the years.

Thread: Tesla launch car!
07/02/2018 12:49:13

The main rocket ended up crashing into the sea as the engines did not start right. Apparently it hit the sea at 500km/h. SO although not 100% successful the test has been successful in most aspects. Great PR for SpaceX and Tesla. I am sure it will be exploited to the full.

Seeing the two outer boosters land simultaneously was very impressive and shows how much SpaceX have progressed, and I am sure a number of people at NASA and ESA at least will be worrying about the competition now for launching satellites.

Some of the best images has got to be the Roadster in space with an almost Stig like mannequin in the driving seat. Me thinks that David Bowie would also have approved.

Thread: Re: Death of IC
06/02/2018 13:05:14

Well said Jon - especially the first five paragraphs in your last post. I have lost count of the number of people who either fail to understand how to set an engine up - even after having been told, shown or had engine tuned properly. Usually in the case of the latter the person tends to be a habitual 'twiddler'. Sadly it is this aspect that either puts people of model flying or focuses their interest on electric power. My club has even had people (inc. Neil Tidey) give talks on engine tuning.

While engines do evolve their design seems to be stable and also engines do last a long time when well treated. These may be some of the many factors that affect sales. Though without sales manufacturing will reduce.

Electrics do have their own issues - namely ongoing technology evolution, which has seen some step changes over the years to motors, controllers, and cells. What seems to also leap out is that the market is more of a disposable market. A problem with a motor or ESC usually means that it is consigned to the bin and then possibly the replacement of one might (but not always) lead to having to replace the other.

05/02/2018 22:53:40

The thread has really generated some interesting views on electric and i.c. and some good arguments for each. I think the key point is that model flying still cries model aeronautical engineering (hark back to SMAE times) and will for years to come (so I hope). Because of that I think that while there is a large diversity in the range, size, materials, model function, etc, there will always be a range of power sources be it i.c. with glow, diesel and petrol, gas turbines, or with electric, motor choices, battery or solar cell technology etc to power them.

I would hate to see the demise of the range of models or power choices as I think we are currently at an all time high on the choices open to us, which enables the modeller to be truly creative and have a lot of fun.

I think one of the big challenges we modellers face, as we have for years, is the perennial challenge to retain our flying sites. Despite all the fantastic efforts by individuals, and the trade to improve noise and performance of i.c. engines over the years. There will always be some people not placated, and who will always object (and may still do with electric power).

I would certainly agree that when it comes to scale models it is always great to hear a nice sounding 4 stroke or jet engine for realism, but now you can fit sound effect boards to electric aircraft with noise maps to suit your model's full size engine, you can make your scale model sound like the real thing. How long before people start fitting more powerful sound effects amplifiers...... and local's start complaining about the noise?

Thread: Ridge Runt
05/02/2018 22:12:23

I still have my Ridge Runt after some 18 years and aside from having to recover it currently, it has had many flights off the slope or towline or aerotow. The Coyote always appealed with the electric configuration but never got round to getting one.

Fortunately I kept the plans and made templates when I built mine so I can always build another if I need to.

Thread: Re: Death of IC
01/02/2018 12:46:17

Wow, my initial post has started a good debate. I have to say that I agree with some of the points Jon and Nigel R highlight.

Definitely the view that electric is simple is not true. With such a variety of motors, kv ratings and all the rest, it makes it hard for newcomers to make a selection which is where the ARTF market helps them.

For me the days of taking electric power to fit in between my i.c. flights and help maximise airtime has changed with the fact that where I fly is solely electric these days. As far as models are concerned I have converted a number of i.c. ones to electric over the years with varying levels of performance success usually due to the technologies available at the time. Though I would say that these days with motors and cells available that the chances of success and good performance are significantly improved.

I think though that the variety of options for powered flight is great as it allows one to experiment etc. But, for a newcomer it must be very bewildering.

31/01/2018 13:17:31

I have to admit having read the recent letters or articles within the magazine about how electric powered flight might now lead to the death of i.c. power is a thought provoking subject.

It shows how much model flying has changed in the last 10-15 years when for the previous 50 years or so modellers strived at first to get suitable power to get their creations airborne, and how i.c. engine performance and reliability have evolved.

It must be said though that electric power has taken many years to evolve and while electric power has been trialled almost as long as i.c has been around. It has only been since the late 70's that it started to grow. Only as cell and motor technology leap-frogged with Lipo and brushless motors has it attracted new modellers, and lured experienced i.c flyers.

There is growing pressure on sites over noise, environmental concerns and a host of other reasons, but i.c. will still exist. After all look at the growth in model jet engines. Electric will become more prevalent as model manufacturers promote the technology, unless something dramatic happens politically and legislatively, that makes i.c. impractical or illegal.

I for one as an i.c. power modeller who was keen to experiment with electric flight in the 80's and 90's and promote it within my club, still see a world where both will exist. Although these days my club promotes only electric flight as a consequence of issues relating to perceived 'noisy model aircraft'. Funnily enough we have had no issues since and that is some 14 years or so!

Thread: Balsa Cabin
30/01/2018 13:12:40

I used to use Balsa Cabin a lot. Favoured getting my balsa from them, had a number of their kits (and the quality of the wood in these and value of the kits was fantastic), also various other key items like glue, etc. I built a great stock up such that for a few years I was not quite so active building but using my stocks up. Living fairly locally it was easy to pop in to the cabin and Cliff was a great source of information and help. Since those early days they have moved to their current location, and It was last year as my teenage son started to build model aircraft and learn to fly r/c that I first made contact with them at Wings and Wheels and then went to the shop.

Cliff may no longer be at the helm but the family connection is there and so is the great friendly service and quality. Every time I have been they have been getting orders sorted or preparing for shows. It is traders such as Balsa Cabin and SLEC that produce and/or supply good products and services to us modellers and we should make sure we support them. I have to say that my son was really impressed by them - and teenagers are not always easily impressed.

Thread: Fantasia 2.5m RE glider
30/01/2018 12:57:43

The Fantasia and Sonata are great designs as was the Ravello from Balsa Cabin. My Sonata clocked up many hours of flying under electric power before it went to a new owner. The Ravello I still have and fly and that is bungee launched and is also a great thermal soarer. You could without too much difficulty modify the Fantasia if you get fed up faffing with the bungee. Hope you have many hours of flying.

Thread: Bargain Boddington books!
30/01/2018 12:51:40

Both Boddo and Gordon wrote some great books for us aeromodellers and they have stood the test of time pretty well. As far as Gordon's R/C Scale Models goes, I think it was his car boot sized designs of the 77-79 era that inspired my interest in scale (along with some of Boddo's designs for RCM&E across the similar period. Their books and designs really fuelled my interest in the hobby which I still have to this day.

Thread: Amethyst glider
16/10/2017 12:42:32

Hi Tom,

Love the pics of the finished model. It may be an 80's design but it looks up to date with the scheme.

Can't say I blame you holding off flying it until you have some stick time in. The wait will be more than worth it as you are bound to end up having oh so much more fun.

I was chatting to a friend of mine who built one who told me that he made his a little bit more nose heavy which made it less floaty and more agile.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
18/09/2017 12:54:05

I can imagine there being a body of people that would likely cheer at that outcome then realise they would not get their money that week.

Sign of the times with government closing offices and selling off land and letting premises. Seen that happening locally in the past couple of years in the South East.

Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
11/09/2017 13:00:35

I have to admit that kc comments are pretty true as far as I am concerned. I was going to have gone but got press ganged into servicing wife's car instead.

We do have a limited number of shows these days for the usual variety of reasons and organising a show is not easy (having got the scars from in the past), but certainly The Hop Farm, good old Plumpton (how I miss it) and Hastings and Sandown for sure really did hit the mark largely for getting people through the gates.

Mind you unless we do support shows then there will be even fewer in time.

Thread: Bixto Electric Glider
05/09/2017 13:01:06

Hi Simon.

No nothing extreme at all. Gently climbing away under only half throttle. Yes I have used the same test as you, and have from the outset had a slight concern as while it supported the weight - and my son's Bixto is significantly lighter than the original design auw (which means that original design concerned me slightly). Wood for spar is good quality. Weakness is at point where the brace ends. Original designspans the first rib bay and I have since first flight at great effort replaced the brace to one covering the first two bays from centre.

I was going to rebuild centre panels and use new spars, but am thinking I will just let in some 1/16 or 3/32 carbon rod full length of spar (quicker and possibly less hassle). Not a bad suggestion from my 14 yo son who is still learning to fly.

Thread: Amethyst glider
05/09/2017 12:52:39

Don't worry Tom I am sure you won't notice the aileron servo when flying. The model does look very nice and will be great once finished and flying. I am following this build with great interest.

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