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Thread: Vintage Cambria Catalogue scans
27/06/2017 13:00:31

I have always had a soft spot for Cambria models right the way back as an 11 yo first getting into rc modelling in the 70's. I always wanted to get a Grumman Traveller but never did. However my first kit was the FW190D followed by the P51. The latter had quite a long life into the end of the 90's!. Having built those I then had a Capstan which I enjoyed a lot. I cracked the canopy and had replacement sent to me very quickly along with decals and catalogue.

I also remember fondly two Instructor kits being built during both of the weeks at the National Modelmakers Festival at Brean Sands when it was a 2 week event (really miss those festivals they were such great fun).

It was great seeing Cambrian at Wings and Wheels and has refuelled my interest in their models - now my 14 yo son wants a Spitfire!

Thread: Lidl XL Glider
26/06/2017 13:38:12

WOW the Felix is like twice the cost of the Lidl one. Am glad I got one from Lidl. Flew it free flight in both glide and loop mode before modifying it. Hopefully in rc mode will have some fun tonight now finally finished.

Thread: Wings and Wheels North Weald 2017
26/06/2017 13:32:17

One for Jon Harper here. I think you are right about the need to look at the constructive feedback for helping improve things going forward. For me WnW is my local show for some years now and so as a local like to see it successful.

It might help to look at some of the formats used previously, and one of the key things would be to make it more family orientated, as if all or most of the family are entertained it brings people through the gates.

Talking about the 'Acro Wot' flying. If a show something akin to the old Sandown Symposiums are concerned then encouraging trade and variety of trade helps. I am not sure how much the weather contributed to this year's flying programme but the wind was tricky on Saturday (and hats off with how well the pilots coped) especially when airspace is tightly controlled at North Weald. A healthy mix of jets, large, helicopters, drones?, average and even 'fun' models are always entertaining.

It is never easy organising a show (even from personal experience in the past) you can never please everyone all of the time but a few things can make it easy to please most of the people most of the time. I am sure things can improve and I think despite everything we should all acknowledge the hard work of all those involved in making the event happen, which often is forgotten.

25/06/2017 22:26:17

Have to say it had been a few years since I took the family with me to the show and most of the comments myself and my wife would agree with. The main one being that it had shrunk to its heyday. I am Not sure if it is the economic climate, change in modelling or peoples expectations. We went on the Saturday and so also went to the market and I would say even that is smaller so perhaps it is a sign of the times.

It must be hard for the traders to meet cost of attending the show and sales, but without them shows would be poorer still. As for flying maybe the challenge of finding dazzling show stoppers or firsts detracts the search of average or slightly above models and flying for want of a better description on which most shows have been underpinned.

Sadly it did not feel like a family show and looks like in future I won't be taking my family - at least it will cost me less.

Thread: Lidl XL Glider
11/06/2017 10:20:21

Same here as also converting one.

10/06/2017 22:28:45

Also bought one of these today and having played with it be tied converting it I think the carbon rod will help fuselage rigidity. Might fit a tow release in the fuselage. Hopefully will have radio in tomorrow.

Thread: You'll always find the tree....
05/06/2017 12:49:29

Trees have a magnetic attraction for models, I remember having a Centi Phase some years back finding a tree having had a powered model cut across my flightpath when I was in my landing circuit. Two things are useful in any club I think.

One is to have a 'Tarzan' member who climbs trees like an ape - as I was fortunate.

The second is to have some nice long light whippy poles kept at the field that can be used to help flick the model out of the tree if needed.

Just don't attempt either method if your model ends up caught in an electricity pylon!

Thread: Wot4 foam-e wing failures
05/06/2017 12:42:02

I also fly a Foam E and have done since early March without any problem, as have others in my local club for some time. From what you describe it could well be a bonding issue of the adhesive used. The use of cyano on foam - I trust you mean a foam friendly one as there are some around which people might use one that attacks the foam.

The models are light in comparison to the full size wood and foam wing Wot 4's but would have expected a good development programme before the model went into production.

Hope you mate gets his issue sorted out.

Thread: Micron Radio Control
12/05/2017 21:03:48

I have to echo the praise of others on here for Micron. I have used them since the very early 80's at different times for some of their kits. All have arrived complete, in good time, and all have worked giving life to some of my aircraft and boat models. It is something to see that they stand the test of time. Well done Micron from the 70's onwards.

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
11/05/2017 13:05:15

Hi Ton I really love the look of this design. I love flying egliders and my 14 yo son who recently started to fly likes flying my Simprop Excel. He has been wanting me to help him build a glider so I hope this turns into an RCM&E plan and possibly kit of parts soon.

Really enjoy the build pics will look forward to the flight ones.

Thread: BMFA Buckminster opens Monday 8th May.
11/05/2017 12:53:10

It always amazes me that in any club or organisation no matter what wonderful ideas or facilities they have there are always some who decry them. I for one applaud the efforts of what the BMFA team have done to develop an idea into a reality. Sports/hobbies all should have an identity and boast some facilities as a national centre.

Having been in aeromodelling from a young boy and the days of the SMAE through to the BMFA it has taken a great many years to reach this position. Buckminster is new and time will tell how successful it will be - and indeed how it may grow. As a model flyer and BMFA member I am very proud of this momentous step in british model flying and the BMFA's history.

Well done to all who have been involved in making this happen.

Thread: Re: Peter Miller's Don't Bin It, Fix It Article
27/04/2017 13:08:32

As an experienced modeller from the days when balsa bashing was the only way to get a model aircraft (unless someone built it for you or you bought a second-hand one at a club auction), it was really great to see Peter's article. There have been a number of discussions of late around ARTF's, kit or plan building and with the number of ARTF's in many clubs these days there must be a fair number of models that have crash or other damage which get consigned to the bin, and this is not necessarily confined to ARTF's for that matter.

There are many modellers who may not know much about building models, or know how to build but do not understand design and construction enough to see the potential recovery of their re-kitted model and Peter's article provides some good advice to all.

Of course there can be times when multiple repairs or the weight gained becomes an issue, but I know of some people who have salvaged some badly damaged models. I think the only thing that would be good as a second article would be to cover how to repair glassfibre or carbon-fibre fuselages and foam wings. Although even these can be repairable.

Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
21/04/2017 13:05:18

In this day and age the use of CNC should make kit production a lot more affordable than it used to be. That said though we aeromodellers all have different desires for our next project which makes it a challenge to manufacturers. You only have to look at the range of plans against the range of kits and also ARTF's to understand. While one can argue that the range of kits available should be good to encourage kit building, it would be interesting to see what the most popular designs are and understand how interests change over the years.

There is a good possible survey or opportunity to see 'what sells' there me thinks.

The range of plans should be more than adequate to nurture people's desires for building models that interest them or others, or are unique etc.

I owe my interest in building to many designs from RCM&E, RCMW and Radio Modeller with some of the oldies that stick in mind being Unicorn, Antares, Stringalong, Gordon Whitehead's Tiger Moth, Gypsy Moth and Hawker Demon, Short Skyvan, Sierra Sportster, Thunderbolt, Tucano, Plus, and Hawker Sea Fury that either inspired me or I ended up building.

Thread: Irvine 53 carb setting
21/04/2017 12:44:32

Some good advice given on setting up the carb in Flyoz post and very true so many people tinker without knowing what they are doing. I think the one other aspect is that if the engine still does not run right with the above that you need to start looking for leaks.

Most engines (inc. carbs) use neoprene rings as seals round the primary and secondary needles and also sealing carb body to crankcase, etc. What people forget is that these degrade over time in storage or from use and storage having been subjected to model fuels, oils and their waste deposits.

First sign of unreliable running or problems starting and setting up what has been a reliable engine - aside from the usual checks of fuel or dirt usually is resolved by checking or changing one or more O Rings.

Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
13/04/2017 13:31:15

I was amused at this thread as at my club's meeting last night we had a discussion about our annual model's night, the outcome of which do we still hold it one meeting or spread it across the year and decide the winner at the AGM. It is clear that there has been more of a swing to ARTF's than kit or plan builds which is a shame. Don't get me wrong I think there is room for all, but it does show that ARTF's have made a marked impact over the last 10 years. Maybe it is because we have less free time or workshop facilities etc.

Having said that there is nothing quite like the sense of achievement or knowledge from building it yourself - and hopefully having done it right not end up re-kitting it on the first flight. It is that aspect that possibly also influences newcomers to the hobby to go down the ARTF route.

What is clear though is there are fewer local model shops these days which stock all those essential materials and fittings you need when building from a plan or even kit.

I still get as much enjoyment out of building as flying now as I did as a teenager. Maybe we should be doing more to encourage it in our clubs and encourage newcomers to the hobby to have the confidence to build it themselves too.

Thread: Looking for advice choosing an ESC please?
11/04/2017 12:55:24

Totally agree with other comments on here. You did not say what model or motor you were looking to use the ESC with.

There are plenty of alternative ESC's with similar specifications that are cheaper and more expensive. I would just advise that you check the alternative ESC specifications with the E-Flite one first before ordering a cheaper alternative, but it is true that you can get as good or better ESC's at a lower price.

Thread: April 2017 Issue Home of Scale Old Warden Report
24/03/2017 12:51:18

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading Alex Whittaker's report on Old Warden. As someone who has attended a number of events over the years as visitor and flyer I think his article really did a great job of capturing the atmosphere of an OW weekend.

Anyone who has not yet been to one of these events must add it to their bucket list. While some events are better than others at times it has to be said that Old Warden has done much for model flying in its many forms to be showcased, and it does seem to ooze a kind of tween the wars family weekend atmosphere that just feels so right to have free flight, control line and rc flying existing alongside each other especially if the sun is shining and you feel you can just relax and enjoy life and your hobby.

I think it is great that Shuttleworth Collection allow these events and as much as they support us we should also appreciate and support them. It is one of the quintessential aspects of the location that we get access to the museum and also sometimes witness 1:1 scale flying too.

Long may Old Warden and aeromodelling remain connected, and well done Alex on such a good write up.

Thread: DX9 Owners thread
20/03/2017 13:01:26

I have been near enough a life long (well 40 years at least) Futaba user after first starting to fly with a second-hand Skyleader Clubman set. However, I have just bought a set of DX9 and have to say that I am mightily impressed with it, other than the user guide could be a little better for those not so familiar with computer sets.

I like the feel of the transmitter and stick units, and also the display, along with the fact that you can save and transfer model set ups via SD cards and as an Instructor also the ability to train people wirelessly. I had considered buying the DX8 originally but was persuaded otherwise and a number of flyers in my club seem to all found their way to the DX9 now, some through DX6,7 and 8 first!

I hate to say it but it does seem as though Spektrum have a good grasp on modellers needs and concerns over Futaba at this time.

Thread: Classic blackwire example
01/03/2017 13:00:21

There have been many discussions over this problem over the years. Some of the 'preventions' are not true while others do work. I have had packs that give this problem and others that don't either rc ones for tx or rx, or NiCad or Nimh ones.

Some of the resilience to the problem (not the cure) is the quality of wire used. Tinned copper wire is better than copper wire but does not prevent it (ask a fast electric model boater most still have the same trouble).

However, if you are talking about protecting your radio equipment as a rule of thumb I will always disconnect the battery packs in the models and also in transmitters if I am not going to use them for a few months. If you do not, the corrosion will not stop at the battery pack connector it will continue through wiring harnesses, switches, and transmitter or receiver circuit boards. I have seen many examples of this over the years from other modellers either at the field who have problems or after they have had a model crash as a consequence of the resultant failure of the equipment.

At the end of the day follow manufacturers instructions about safe storage, care and handling of the equipment and the batteries.

Thread: National Modelmakers Festivals
22/02/2017 13:16:39

I was at Filey back about 5 years ago. Weather was quite nice if variable that particular week.

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