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Thread: Rather Fast
07/04/2020 17:51:22

I would suggest this is exactly what aeromodelling does NOT need!

Thread: A KIT for an electric glider
14/03/2020 18:00:44

I have motorised a West Wings Lancer 100" glider that is quite pleasant. If I were doing it again, I would make sure I got my battery further back, as I needed a touch of tail weight. I would also boost the wing joiners - after a very cautious loop they were a bit bent!

I have also built the WW RF 4 - quite nice, but a bit light.

But have West Wings gone?

Thread: Threadlocked.
21/02/2020 17:43:30

I am guessing that the thread is M3 ish, and the screwhead socket is now in less than new condition. I would favour Dremelling a new screw slot, preferably inline with the arm - you may be able to save it, select a screwdriver with the widest blade that will fit, grind it if necessary to really fit the slot, and apply steadily increasing torque. If you can hold it in the vice, that's good. If it is Loctite, then any heat will help. Also, if it is Loctite, I would not use an impact driver. It yields best to steady and overwhelming force! Good luck!

Thread: Epoxy
01/01/2020 16:51:57

I have encountered the 'rubbery' mix problem with Rapid Araldite - that performed perfectly before and also later. I also put it down to a mixing error. There can be a temptation to mix too small a quantitiy to minimise waste. Sometimes at the beginning of a 'squeeze', a bubble can upset the judgement of quantity, and if the mix is small. this can be critical. If the the tubes are stored in the same attitude (caps up) at no less than normal room temperature, and you don't attempt to mix less than, say a 15mm 'stripe' of each jollop, mix REALLY well, success should reward your efforts. Martin is right, don't push your luck regarding temperature while curing.

Thread: Electric Thrust
22/10/2019 12:31:06

When describing the power system of their model, most people give details of the battery, ESC, motor and prop. All very important - but the really interesting figure is the static thrust, which is what it is all about, and hardly anyone mentions. It is not hard to measure (but be careful!), and can be very illuminating when choosing props.

Thread: Model Retrieval (or not)?
11/10/2019 22:11:16

Apart from the pangs of loss, a marooned model is a worry because it is litter. If you can't get a spritely soul to climb the tree to pole-poking height, then all I can suggest is that you return frequently to the scene to see what has blown down, especially the battery. I expect there will be some wild weather coming soon - you may be lucky. I have had a model regurgitated by a tree after several weeks.

PS KC types faster than I do!

Edited By Joe Beavis on 11/10/2019 22:12:53

Thread: Shedly Protection
11/10/2019 21:49:06

Thank you everyone for your responses and opinions. Since it has disappeared from the usual shops, I wrongly assumed that Creocote had gone the way of Creosote. However, a bit of button pressing reveals stock at Tool Station, so that is where I am going. Thanks again.

10/10/2019 20:17:09

However laudable the reasons for the disappearance of creasote, it can present a difficulty for those of us with a traditional view of shed preservation. The only water-based treatment I have used did not convince me, and I can see even now some similar jollop washing off a neighbour's fence.

What do others do to protect the vital sanctuary?

Thread: Solar Film Iron
04/10/2019 20:18:51

I use a small steam iron I bought from Asda for £2-67 - I don't use the steam! It is quite satisfactory, but my conscience pricks me every time I use it, as at that price it must have been made by slaves.

Thread: Are all chargers unreliable?
20/09/2019 11:24:24

Thank you all for your responses, I shall go about my shopping better informed. From your various experiences, it does appear to be a lottery, though.

Thanks, Joe

18/09/2019 21:39:20

My chargers lead a very cossetted life - they have their own boxes, they are kept in a comfortable temperature, seldom called upon to actually charge a battery, and then never at more than 1 C, yet half my charging capacity has given up the ghost. The newer of my two Sigma singles has died, and also one side of my Prophet Sport Duo. Needless to say they are all out of guarantee.

Can anyone suggest a charger with say, four channels that might actually last?

This hobby must produce more than its share of waste electrical equipment, and I hate to add to it.

Thread: Crash resistant electric motor mounting suggestions please
20/03/2019 21:48:06

The system I use when doing elecric conversions is this - I make a birch ply 'coffin' (rear open) to contain the battery (the whole length of it). Leave a little space inside all round (4-5 mm) for the inevitable battery size variation and a spot of velcro. Mount the motor on the front of the box with a REALLY robust ply plate, preferably with blind nuts. Ensure that the inside of the box is free of things like bolt ends This coffin should be arranged to pass through F1 and F2 and well attached to both.

The advantages are - the motor mounting is really secure. To tune the CoG, you can slide the battery for and aft in its coffin (sorry about the terminology!), and should the worst happen, the battery is protected all round unless you have a severe crash going backwards! In a big crash - and I've had a few - the coffin, complete with motor and probably spinner and cowling , with F1 and F2, tends to separate from the rest of the fus, but remains as a unit and can be reattached to the reassembled debris.

I don't know the structure of the Mam'selle, but I am sure you can adjust the concept to harmonise weightwise.

Thread: Cutting steel wire
11/12/2018 21:00:36

The cutters in Ron Gray's post look good. Felco also make excellent cable cutters. You will never regret having the proper tool, as they also cut piano wire more cleanly than side cutters.

Thread: Failsafe Unsafe
28/09/2018 10:53:11

Many thanks, Attilio Problem sorted! Regards, Joe

27/09/2018 16:05:06

Thanks Keiran,

I forgot to mention that the battery was a fully charged 4 cell.

I will try disabling the 'battery fail-safe' function, just in case it is being prematurely triggered.

27/09/2018 12:54:35

I was just checking the failsafe on a newly built model, and found that when I turned off the transmitter, the motor rpm dropped by approx half, but didn't stop.

The motor is a new Quantum 55, the ESC ia a new Dynamic 80amp, and the transmitter is my faithful Futaba T6J. I have checked that the ESC is at default settings, and set the throttle range, the throttle trim and subtrim are zeroed. I must be missing something basic - any suggestions, please?

Thread: Steel rule hard to read
20/06/2018 21:35:48

I think you have done the best you can on that rule, Gary. Isolated patches of rust like that can go so deep!

People have mentioned digital calipers. Though I normally despise tools that need a battery, sorry, cell to work, I have to admit they are a revelation, and will reliably split a thou. But to split a hair, calipers they are, verniers they are not!

17/06/2018 00:07:01

The main mark appears to be corrosion. Since this very nice rule is so deeply engraved, you can afford to use a medium carborundum stone on it to remove the marks. Don't use emery cloth, as it will tend to fall into the engraved lines and make them less distinct. And when all is bright, just don't let it get rusty!

I have some old rules which were so dull they were hard to read. Wiping them over with white paint to fill the lines was a complete cure.

Thread: Super Glue Allergy
27/11/2017 11:16:58

I have used a 4" dia cabinet fan with a length of flexible ducting led out through the wall for very effective local fume extraction. Remember that air out needs air in!

I know that some people are affected by the merest whiff of CA, but this might serve for the borderline cases - it is cold outside at the momen for outdoor CA work!

Joe Beavis

Thread: Wots Wot XL
16/07/2016 22:10:31

Just in passing - I think the screws which attach domestic lighting switches the their mounts are M3.5.

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