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Thread: Looking for inspiration
11/11/2013 16:22:14
Posted by Malcolm Blake 1 on 11/11/2013 15:37:04:

You know Dylan, one aircraft I have never seen modelled is the Vickers Wellesley.

A low wing single engined bomber would make a lovely 1/4 scale model.

Massive wingspan! Would make a great PSS.

Thread: Crosswind + Tip stall + Pilot error =
21/10/2013 12:27:57

There was mild moist air with a cold front coming through at the weekend, resulting in a high adiabatic lapse rate, lots of rising air and falling air all contributing sudden wind direction and speed changes. If you watched a developing CB coming through and understood what was likely to happen you could have made decisions more conducive to model safety. Learn some meteorology principles.

Thread: The Tinker bi-plane hangar
16/10/2013 15:56:40

Would anyone object if I put a de Havilland tail on mine? Sort of Hornet ish.

Thread: The future of LiPos?
26/09/2013 17:25:31

Batteries which have little ballast value and could be placed anywhere? The skies the limit! (groan).

Thread: RC Clinic
16/05/2013 11:06:10
Posted by Peter Miller on 16/05/2013 10:37:55:

My orders for balsa arrives in such large parcels that it would be impossible to sneak in hide or camouflage in any way if I wanted to,

However there is no one watching what I buy.

And, just to upset all you suckers out there. I don't like decorating, in fact I hate it so my house hasn't been decorated for well over 20 years. I just buy another picture to cover the cracks or peeling paint.

Ooh thats a tad carmugeonly of you Peter! Could have been worse, you could have hung an aeroplane in front of the cracks.face 20

16/05/2013 09:56:25

I look at it this way, I've contributed 100% for years and years so as long as we don't suffer because of it, I DESERVE purchasing a little balsa, glue and covering now and then.

There you go, that's your first therapy session and it was free. Book now for further appointments.

Thread: How 'wet' can a brushless get?
15/05/2013 12:11:35

Waterproof Tx and you have the perfect solution for flying in Britain. Yesterday was a prime example, the wind dropped(excellent) the rain started(bummer).

Thread: Too Windy To Fly
10/05/2013 18:17:10

Windy days are for building. Get some balsa, glue and a plan, before you know it it'll be a great flying day and you'll be annoyed because the flying will eat into your building time.face 5

Thread: First "real" plane - Bixler 2 - advice please
10/05/2013 13:02:14

It looks like you are prepared to spend quite a bit on a sort of cobbled together affair. Would you be prepared to go for a complete 'all in one box' set up for £110?.**LINK** There are quite a few such deals around.

Thread: Hobbykings Focker Wulf flaps
09/05/2013 16:51:51

You have mixed these functions incorrectly. Consult your DX8 manual.

Thread: Hurrah! Spring's finally here, how much flying are you getting in?
07/05/2013 17:54:40

Maidened my latest creation.


Flies like on rails, more up than expected when inverted, possibly due to smallish tailplane.

Thread: Beginner have a mare!
03/05/2013 23:55:37

Put your Champ back in it's box until the wind drops. Wind is the killer when learning. You will only get frustrated trying this, that and the other to get airborne and you will only end up smashing your plane and losing interest in model flying. Wait until the tops of the trees are barely moving and you can't feel the wind on your face but can hear it in both ears when you turn around. Where you are flying is surrounded by obstacles which will cause any nice and smooth wind to swirl and eddy thereby throwing your light little plane about uncontrollably until it gets well above the height of largest building/tree upwind of the flying site. Be patient and wait 'til the wind drops, it'll be worth it.

Thread: Is this the same system as Spektrum
01/05/2013 12:20:00

How many items of model flying electrickery have the CE mark? Servo's, motor's, batteries and esc's to name a few. Is BMFA membership and insurance an absolute? If your model causes damage/injury is the fact that it's prop spinner(e.g.) came from Hong Kong a reason to deny insurance liability?

The Orangerx DSM2 transmitter looks too good to miss Erfolg, thank you for bringing it to my attention. Having subsequently web searched it, the only fault reported so far was one case of a blank screen. The item was returned and a replaceent issued. Spectrum DX6's are not without their fault's and down time IS down time no matter the make or fault. I shall be purchasing one immediately I have the funds.

Edited By Ruprect Spode on 01/05/2013 12:20:51

Thread: Just my luck!!!!
01/05/2013 11:47:24

Suffered sciatica/back problems all my life, I can easily empathise with your affliction. You have my deepest sympathy. Weight loss helped enormously, but it's always there. There is a theory that we humans have not evolved enough to be upright continuously, thereby creating back problems. Just as well we can fly really.face 22

Thread: Biplane incidences
25/04/2013 08:07:51
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 25/04/2013 07:19:23:

There are some bipes where the top wing is set at -1 to the lower. I think the downdraft from the top wing can affect the effective incidence of the bottom wing. Look at smaller stuff ie Pitts, Jungmeister and the like.

Is this because the airfoil section has a positive incidence? Always made sense to me that if the lower wing is always flying around at a relatively positive angle, it's a good plan to have the upper reduced a tad as when you fly through the speed ranges it has beneficial effects on stall and drag characteristics. ie. When one wing is approaching the stall the other is flying quite happily. Dunnoe.

Thread: Any pilots here?
19/04/2013 07:44:40

Full Cat gliding instructor.

Thread: Keil Kraft Super 60
17/04/2013 16:32:56

I have a good friend who instructs on Griffins, I'll ask about this.face 23

Thread: how do you set about designing a scale model aircraft
15/04/2013 18:27:39

A massive 'how do I?' amply answered by Peter. Which aircraft do you want to design?

Thread: Noobie question about hot ESC's
14/04/2013 15:39:48

I am newish to wiggly amps flying also and having read several RTF model reviews in various publications, online or otherwise, I have noticed that these experienced guy's will always make sure of an airflow over the motor, esc and batteries. This usually means making holes to suit in an expensive RTF, so the message I've got is, IF IN DOUBT, POKE IT OUT.

Ruprectface 23

Thread: Lazy Bee as a Trainer?
14/04/2013 13:18:31

I should imagine a WELL SET UP AND BALANCED Lazy Bee would be as good a trainer as any, it's just that when you outgrow it, it will be quite a leap to the next model you will desire to fly once you become confidently proficient on the Lazy Bee. Crash resistance is another thing, shame to have all these cheap Easy Star type foamies available and have to spend hours between flights removing covering, repairing, recovering then resetting your precious balsa baby.

Ruprectface 23

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