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Thread: Sanding Dust - What do you do with yours?
12/12/2018 16:11:44

I sand out of doors as much as possible. I sit in an upright chair with an old towel between the model part and my trousers - to prevent sanding my trousers!

If I have to sand indoors, I do it directly in front of a dust extractor fan (called rather grandly an "air filtration system". All the fine dust goes straight into the filter, whereas the heavier stuff drops onto the floor beneath where it can be collected up with a vacuum cleaner. I tend to keep the dust extractor going on a low setting the whole time I am working on model planes, but increase the setting to its maximum when I want to sand anything.

Thread: 3D Printed fuel tanks
11/12/2018 22:01:33

The problem is that all 3D printed objects are very porous at a macroscopic scale. To properly seal a 3D printed tank would be very difficult. There is the additional problem that all plastics and plastic fillers are permeable at a molecular level and most model fuels are very aggressive penetrants of plastics.

Thread: Epoxy or Polyester Resin
11/12/2018 00:32:00

For a release agent, I have successfully used Pebeo Gedeo Demoulding Vaseline, which is like a colourless oil, i.e., much more fluid than ordinary vaseline. (I stumbled across this by chance while snooping around a local Hobbycraft store.) I have used this with or without brown packing tape, depending on the application.

Edited By John Stainforth on 11/12/2018 00:35:18

Thread: Wing tip laminations
09/12/2018 21:18:23

There is just no comparison between laminated parts made out of many layers of wood compared with lumps of timber  The strength to weight ratio of laminated parts is astonishing. The only way to become convinced of this is try it yourself and then test to destruction the laminated versus the non-laminated parts.

Edited By John Stainforth on 09/12/2018 21:21:00

Thread: which is cheaper,IC or ELECTRIC?
05/12/2018 03:36:05

Electrics can be quite expensive. I saw a drone plus camera at the field today that cost 85,000 pounds!

Thread: How to build an engine test stand
04/12/2018 11:46:13

It is important that the stand itself is well anchored. The engine thrust can easily pull a stand over, so it needs to be tied or held down. I mount my engine stands on a B&D workmate, which is barely up to the task.

Thread: RCM&E December issue
01/12/2018 12:30:57

I bought mine in Stevenage about a week ago

Thread: which is cheaper,IC or ELECTRIC?
28/11/2018 05:50:13

For me, value for money is more important than cost. The electric foamies I have were not very expensive but are a bit of a rip-off, in the same way that Macdonald's burgers are cheap but bad value for money. Electric foamies are to the model aviation world what fast food is to the restaurant business. (Ducks under the parapet, before stale burgers or puffed lipos are thrown in my direction!)

Edited By John Stainforth on 28/11/2018 05:51:41

Thread: Graphene and standard Lipo ???????????
27/11/2018 13:59:03

From the reviews I have read, there is very little graphene s.s. in "graphene" lipos, it is mostly marketing hype. True graphene-based batteries would be a real breakthrough, but currently graphene is very expensive to make in quantity.

Thread: Glow Sticks
27/11/2018 13:49:30

Maybe I have been unlucky, but I have found glowstarters to be amongst the most unreliable of my modeling possessions. The most unreliable seem to be the very common rechargeable ones that have a battery that is more like capacitor that doesn't hold charge very well at all, and can be very easily ruined by overcharging. I've had four or five of those. A glow starter with bulldog clips to connect to a separate battery is more reliable. Recently I have been using glowstarters which take a single AA battery. The shop I bought these off tried to dissuade me from buying these, telling me that the rechargeble ones were more reliable. But I went ahead and purchased two anyway and have found them to be utterly reliable. They have the advantages of being compact, light, do not require charging and AA batteries are cheap and very easy to come by, so one just has to remember to keep a few spares in the flight box.

Thread: Building board
24/11/2018 20:50:47

Glass for me, but if you try pinning that it's "hell on the thumbs" (Dave Platt)!

Thread: Chroma fuel proof paints
23/11/2018 00:02:19

Personally I like fuel-proof to mean fuel proof and detest the sticky mess that "fuel resistant" coatings degenerate into.

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
21/11/2018 06:04:04

I really don't see much difference between the prices of Lasers, Saito's or OS 4-stroke engines. (The prices depend a lot on where you buy the engines.) They are all wonderful pieces of engineering and worth the price. I have much more difficulty shelling out the cash for batteries for electric powered planes.

Thread: Hanging planes on the wall
19/11/2018 20:28:26

An American style walk-in clothes closet is ideal for storing model aircraft. One cupboard will take lots of fuselages stacked vertically against the walls and there is usually a shelf above the clothes rack that will take a stack of wings. And there is still room to hang quite a lot of clothes in front of the fuselages. (Mind you, those who favour lecce planes will not have the added benefit of their clothes smelling of glow fuel!) Then you just close the cupboard doors and you would not know there are any model planes in the house.

Thread: They Shall Not Grow Old
13/11/2018 11:59:46

I thought it was outstanding. So vivid did it look, I could hardly believe it was not a re-enactment.

Thread: Out of trim
10/11/2018 01:20:17


Autotrimming sounds like a brilliant invention. So good, I think other manufacturers are bound to follow suit. I don't think this innovation is in any Spectrum sets yet, but I could be wrong.

Thread: Spektrum transmitter for a beginner
07/11/2018 00:30:18

I think you should go for a DX7 or DX8 Gen2, and probably the latter. To start with 5 or 6 channels (Aileron, Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, and Throttle) is probably enough, but most modellers graduate to more. On larger models, I now like to have two independent elevator channels, and then many scale models have flaps and undercarriage - that brings you up to eight channels. A good transmitter should last you five or more years, across many models, so it's a pretty good value proposition. Also, as others have said, don't be tempted by cheap "imitation" receivers - it's not worth risking good models with those.

Thread: Silly question about 4 strokes
06/11/2018 03:22:44

One would presume that one distributor's 10% (say) nitro fuel would be more or less the same as another's. I'm shocked at how different they are in practice. In the UK, the one I trust the most (or distrust the least) is Optifuel.

I am seriously considering weighing every can of fuel I buy. Nitromethane is relatively dense compared with the other glow fuel ingredients, so this should be a fairly simple way to uncover the cheats.

Thread: Build versus flying time
05/11/2018 01:48:02

Well, unlike an ARF, the customer doesn't have to do the final assembly of a 737, he just has to shell the necessary dollars (130 million of them!)

A few weeks ago, I went round the other Boeing factory at Everett, where they make most of their other airliners. This made me realise that I need to get my workspace much tidier and better organised!

Thread: IC Models-Should we be worried?
04/11/2018 08:20:51

Things have changed so much in my lifetime. When I was growing up (in the 50's and 60's) we did not have phones, TV's and computer, so children were forced to be far more active than today. When we were not doing homework, we were playing organised sports, or playing in the streets, or climbing trees and making things - tree houses, tunnels, models of cars, boats, aeroplanes, theatres, balloons, kites etc etc. We ran or walked to school or the buses. Virtually no one was overweight, let alone obese...

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