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Thread: The State of Play
30/07/2020 13:56:16

There was definitely a TN Beaufighter, because I bought the plans for that about ten years ago. I wanted to change his wing structure, but never got round to it. Now I can't find those plans!

29/07/2020 16:07:11

On the subject of Beaufighters flying on one engine, you might find the following anecdote about my great uncle George Stainforth amusing. He ended up as a Wing Commander in command of several Beaufighter squadrons in Egypt during the Second World War, and was killed in a Beaufighter. He was a bit of a maverick and insisted on flying all the time, much to the consternation of the RAF high command. Here are some extracts from someone else's diary, quoted in ‘Strangers in The Sky’ by Carl Morgan'.

July 12th. Wg Co Stainforth flew a Hurricane upside down over the camp, very low, I could see his blood red face. He's the only one who will loop a Beaufighter. I asked an Australian pilot if he would do it, he said "Not bloody likely, I've got a job to fly it straight and level."

July 25th. Headquarters Cairo again saying Wg Co Stainforth is too old to fly and has ordered M.O. to give him a full medical. The M.O. gave Wg Co Stainforth the medical this morning and failed him on his eyesight and blood pressure.

This afternoon the CO sent for the M.O. and had him fitted up with a parachute, ordered him into a Beaufighter, had him strapped into the observer's seat, ordered the riggers to make sure everything was battened down, and remove all loose articles, then took off. He climbed high above the camp, rolled, dived, looped the loop, flew upside down, dived down on the desert firing his guns. He then approached the landing strip, cut one engine and made a perfect landing, took off again and flew upside down over the camp, did a circuit and landed. As he was approaching dispersal, one of the M.O.'s orderlies said, "The M.O. had a `Gippo gut' before he went up, I'll bet he's in a state." Stainforth brought the Beau. to a halt, got out and said to everyone, "You had better get the Doc. out, I don't think he's too well by the smell in there." Two orderlies had to assist the Doc. out of the aircraft. He had messed himself and during the flying upside down period it had run down his back and came out from his collar, the smell was terrible. The M.O. was ill for three or four days. The riggers had to scrub out the aircraft and leave the hatches open for hours to get rid of the smell. Nothing further was said about George Stainforth being too old to carry on flying.

Thread: Fly aways
18/07/2020 12:21:56


Snap! My brother and I had a single channel Mercury Matador with RCS radio that we lost in a thermal over Nomandsland in Hertfordshire. We watched it as a speck in the sky that shrank to nothing with altitude. We searched the countryside for several whole days. It actually went 6 miles, ending up in a tall tree at The Node. We only got it back because some painters with tall ladders spotted it in the top of a tree, and we had our address on it.

Thread: Powered by Laser, a gallery thread
16/07/2020 19:05:57

It's a halfway house. Once they get to like the canned version, they will probably yearn for the real thing.

16/07/2020 18:15:52

Wonderful! The sound alone is an advert for Laser engines. (Jon, you could sell a sound module for the leccy guys to put in their planes!)

Thread: Flying during pandemic.
14/07/2020 11:20:58

All this faith in common sense bothers me, when history teaches us it can be very unreliable. It often leads to lowest common denominator outcomes and popular decision-making with disastrous outcomes.

Thread: Advice - A steady hack
12/07/2020 11:55:00

Robin, I too think 330 pounds is a ridiculous amount to spend on this plane. I have one and I value mine at about 20 quid.

Thread: Laser Engines development.
09/07/2020 15:34:47

What's really good about my fence panels is they look as though they already have the JON0010 airfoil section, although on closer inspection I see that some are slightly cambered.

Edited By John Stainforth on 09/07/2020 15:36:14

09/07/2020 13:54:06

Thanks for opening my eyes, Jon. I now see there are model aircraft all around my house and garden just dying to get airborne. The only thing I am a bit short of, at the moment, is nails.

Thread: Which Airbrush and Compressor
08/07/2020 14:18:58

I would re-iterate what Doc Marten says: it's a big subject demanding a fair amount of research.

For the record, and not because I am an expert at spray painting, for my S6b, I used a FastMover mini HVLP spray gun (left below) for the priming coats and a Sata minijet 4400 B HVLP gun (right below) for the KlassKote colour coats. I also used an Airmaster 50 L compressor.


The FastMover is very good value and does an adequate job. The Sata is a "Rolls Royce" that does a superb job, but is about ten times more expensive. The FastMover is a cheap imitation of the Sata and other high end makes such as Iwata. MyFastMover already needs a sealing washer replaced after only about half a dozen uses - you get what you pay for.

I agree that finishing a plane requires a lot of patience, but all the patience and tedium is in the endless sanding and preparation. Whereas the spraying of paints is actually very quick and rather easy - almost nerve-rackingly so. Typically it takes less than five minutes to spray on about 120 mL of paint, which is the typical amount I do in one go.

One thing that does have to be done slowly and carefully is the masking off of everything you don't want painted - including (in my case) the outside of my house, because I do the spraying out of doors behind a buttress in the walls. Another thing that takes longer than the spraying itself is the thorough cleaning of the spray gun afterwards, which is important if you have invested in an expensive one!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
06/07/2020 17:10:21

That Disco 2 looks really something, but how do you get the CG far enough back?

Thread: Laser Engines development.
06/07/2020 16:58:34

Jon, thanks for the reply. Of course, what matters for a scale model is where the propellor shaft is, not the crankshaft. Warbirds with V-engines such as the Merlin had the prop shaft offset upwards, which I think is what you are suggesting. For an upright mounted engine, the position of the crankshaft and bulk of the engine would then be lower in the fuselage, which could be beneficial as far as tank positioning is concerned (which is not currently a Laser strong point). Also, it might make it easier to hide the cylinder heads entirely in the fuselage. And then there is that added noise benefit; could even win back some of the lecce modellers and have them pulling the load-speakers out of their planes.

Anyway, sounds like a great project that could be very popular among scale modellers.

Edited By John Stainforth on 06/07/2020 17:08:07

06/07/2020 14:26:18


Sounds like a great idea, because my standard off-the-shelf model engines seem to be borderline re the 82 db limit. But, I would need to know a little bit more before committing, e.g.

- Roughly what would be the weight increase?

- If the reduction drive is to be offset from the crankshaft, by roughly how much?

- What proportion of the power would you expect to lose in the drive? (This one not so important.)

Thread: 1965!
05/07/2020 01:39:01

By 1965, my brother and I had built a dozen model aircraft. The twelfth was this much modified Mercury Matador, which I think was powered by an AM10 (or was it an ED Bee?). This was a sketch I made of it in 1965. Although it was just a single channel rudder-only model, we got it very well trimmed and could usually spot-land it more or less at our feet. But not always, once we lost it in a thermal, and it ended up going 11 miles (from Nomansland in Hertfordshire) before ending up in a tall poplar tree on the edge of a big estate. It was only because some painters, who were working on the big house with very tall ladders, saw it in the tree - and we had our name and address on it - that we got it back, with only minor scratches.


Thread: Glassfibre covering
04/07/2020 14:40:25

For the added weight, calculate the surface area of the plane, convert that to weight (knowing the wt/area of the cloth) and double it, because the ideal ratio of resin to cloth is about 1:1. Glassfibre adds a lot of strength to the surface of the plane, so ideally one should try to reduce the amount of weight in the rest of the structure. Admittedly, that is easier said than done!

Thread: Dihedral
04/07/2020 00:57:09


I beg to differ on how aircraft turn.

With a well-coordinated turn that uses both aileron and rudder, there is no lateral slip of the plane either in or out of the turn. With an aileron only turn, a plane generally tends to slip out of the turn, so there is certainly no weathercocking into the turn. The fundamental reason why a plane that is banked (using ailerons) turns is because the lift vector then has a horizontal centripetal component that pulls the aircraft round in a turn; the vertical component of the lift is reduced, hence the need for coordinated up-elevator to increase the angle of attack and thus lift.

With a rudder only turn, the yaw slightly increases the speed and lift on the outer wing, as you say, but this is pretty ineffective. In the context of this discussion of dihedral, the main cause of a rudder-only turn is the increased angle of attack of the outer wing and reduced angle of attack of the inner wing. Single channel, rudder-only models were given very pronounced dihedral more for this reason than for stability.

03/07/2020 16:18:19

Martin Simons pretty book is marred by many typos and incorrect equations. (It is hard to believe that my copy is a fifth edition.)

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
02/07/2020 12:18:05

Jon, you definitely should paint up several test pieces for your fuel-proofing. (Klass Kote is a superb paint, but it is very aggressive on almost anything else.) I had four failures with test pieces with my S6b before I found something that worked.

Thread: What glues do you use?
01/07/2020 19:18:46

Aliphatic resin is my general purpose glue (in place of PVA, which I used to use a long time ago).

CA for speed and tacking balsa sheet down, although I don't actually like it very much - rather unpredictable, except in its ability to glue skin!

I often use both aliphatic resin and CA together, on the different parts of the same assembly. Aliphatic allows me to move things around a bit to get the alignments dead right, then CA to lock the parts in place - instead of pins.

Epoxy for all ply and control surface pinned hinges. I like to use so-called half hour epoxy rather than the five minute stuff. I find the working time of the latter is often too short for me.

Preferred brands are Deluxe and Zpoxy, for the aliphatic resin and epoxy. Poundland for CA, which I find just as good, if not better than the hobby-shop brands - and vastly cheaper.

Have also tried many other glues, such as Superphatic, which seems good, though I'm not yet won over by it.

Thread: Saito 125A
28/06/2020 01:56:43

Thomas. I have had the same experience with a Saito 125 for ten years in a Hangar 9 Funtana. I also use a 16 x 6 prop and 12 to 15% nitro fuel. The engine is side-mounted with a Pitts-type muffler. The piece of fuel tubing I have on the breather nipple is about 15 cm long, and I have never had a issue with that. Indeed, I hadn't realised that there was any issue with the length of the breather tubing.

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