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Thread: Charging rx packs
21/06/2019 19:37:15

I charge my 2000 mAh receiver batteries on overnight night chargers between 50 to 110 mA (which is only 0.025 to 0.06C is it not?) with never a problem - and the batteries last for years.

Thread: Slowing down (a sports-aero) on landings - flaperons or spoilerons?
06/06/2019 16:03:11


I meant a flattish approach. Of course, on finals, full-size planes are descending at something like 5 degrees, but with the nose noticeably up relative to the horizontal. Relative to the flight line, the angle (of attack) must be 5+ degrees.

I totally agree with your comments about the use of rudder. Incidentally, use of rudder is always taught in US clubs from the get-go. This is because the normal practice there is to land straight down the runway regardless of wind direction. You just can't do that properly (i.e., keeping the wings level) without the rudder.

06/06/2019 14:29:42

Basic landing technique remains a topic of continual discussion. When I was learning to fly models, the creed was to "keep the nose" down, but as I became more experienced I tended to use a flatter approach with more power and a higher angle of attack, as described so well by Martin. This is how all full size aircraft land. Mind you, birds who know something about flying, tend to use the steep, high speed approach, only flaring - to an extreme degree - at the last second!

Thread: Chicken hoppers and fuel head issues
06/06/2019 14:19:32

We had this discussion about a year ago. I found that the chicken hopper system, illustrated very nicely by Steve Dunne above (and in the earlier discussion), is an elegant solution to problem of the position of Laser carburettors in some aircraft installations. This has to be a way more satisfactory solution than hacking away at the airframe. A well designed model does not have too much structural redundancy in the vicinity of the engine box and firewall.

Thread: Revolver 46 with Saito FG 14
17/05/2019 13:09:16

Are you using a plastic engine mount? I found that those are not really adequate for the Saito 82 and resulted in a lot of vibration. The Saito metal mounts are good, but the add yet more weight, and you already have a rather heavy engine for a Revolver 46 - which was more or less designed for the OS55AX.

Thread: Suitable caption?
14/05/2019 10:37:56

Where's the aileron differential?!

Thread: CAA registration consulation
28/04/2019 00:47:00

These regulations are following the USA with a typical time lag.

Any model in the US weighing more than 0.55 pounds has to be registered with the FAA and is regarded as a "drone".

The biggest difference with the US is the cost. Registration with the FAA costs $5 for three years!

Thread: saito 82b consumption
02/04/2019 03:50:08

Saito engines are very economical once properly tuned, but they drink fuel before then. The factory setting of the low-speed needle is very rich. Usually it takes about an hour of running or a gallon of fuel to get a Saito running right.

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
22/03/2019 10:25:02


I am a little bit amazed that you are not too fond of safety officers - particularly given your position of influence.


Thread: Saito r33
17/03/2019 12:39:12

You could try Horizon Hobby, the distributors in the US in Champagne Illinois. They have provided me with excellent service of Saito engines on several occasions.

Thread: Weston or Wings & Wheels
17/03/2019 12:35:03

I go to both but prefer Weston - for all the reasons Whittaker gives in his latest review.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
27/02/2019 01:44:05

Jon I like both versions equally and fly them in the US where my club has a vast concrete runway, so the hot landing speed of the 50 size is no problem at all. (In the UK I think one might tear the U/C on grass strips.) The 50 is absolutely one of my favorite models particularly since it is not much affected by wind.

It's interesting how modest difference size of the two planes has such an effect on their flying characteristics - I suppose it's a good example of a Reynolds number effect.

26/02/2019 21:17:10

I have the same plane in the US (with a Saito 100) and also a Revolver 50 (with OS55AX). Both are well constructed and fly beautifully. The 50 size actually seems the hotter model and takes a long time to slow down on a hard surface once it has landed (I use ailerons in spoileron mode to help slow it down.)

Thread: UK supplier of balsa in METRIC thicknesses?
11/02/2019 10:01:52

I think there are two issues here - the convention to which the wood is cut, and then the tolerance of the cutting.

Thread: How can I reverse a plan to build two wing halves
09/02/2019 12:59:58

Distortions caused by copiers are usually a result not of machine imprecision but of incorrect printer settings. One way to check for distortions is to draw a large circle on the plan with compasses, before copying, including marking the centre of the circle. It is then pretty obvious to the eye whether that is distorted or not after copying. Then one can draw another circle on the copy to see what correction factors have to be applied to the printer.

Thread: Drilling ply/balsa
04/02/2019 11:35:28

As a complete aside, I'm wondering what a 1/4" balsa, 1/4" ply, 1/4" balsa sandwich is being used for. The other way round would be much stronger, and then you could go perhaps go with thinner ply - like the full-size Mosquito monocoque fuselage, which was 1/16" ply 3/8" balsa 1/16" ply.

04/02/2019 04:13:23

It depends on the quality of the balsa and ply etc. Best to make a dummy out of scrap and try it various ways.

Thread: World Gone Mad..........
21/01/2019 22:01:58

Philip won't be sorry to see that smashed mirror go, because sorry is no longer in his vocabulary.

21/01/2019 21:55:03

We should not tar the whole world with the same brush, just because we've gone half mad.

Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
20/01/2019 19:49:10
Posted by Steve J on 20/01/2019 12:07:22:
Posted by John Stainforth on 20/01/2019 12:04:22:

I, for one, am for the new regulations.

I, for one, think that they are completely pointless and are simply the government pandering to BALPA.


Oh! Shock! Horror! That we pilots of little model planes should pander to the wishes of professional pilots of full-size planes who have daily responsible for thousands of peoples lives!

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