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Thread: What size battery
23/03/2015 21:17:41

Would a 4S LiFe be good? Might be a safer thing to leave attached to a starter and stored near the fuel in a flight box. I suppose nominal voltage at around 13.2 volts would be roughly the same as a 12v lead acid at full charge.

Edited By GrahamWh on 23/03/2015 21:18:18

Thread: Pete Lowe, RCM&E columnist
23/03/2015 11:27:45

Very sad, always enjoyed his columns.

Thread: This quarter's BMFA news
18/03/2015 17:38:30

I think the mag is okay but needs to stay more with current issues. One channel radio sets and vintage rudder and elevator models can't appeal to that many people nowadays. Some coverage should be included, but in proportion to the number of readers who are into it. I also agree with an earlier comment that the classification numbers should be explained when there is an article on them - what is F1D or whatever? The text only gives me what sort of model is involved - powered acrobatic or a glider etc. It is nice to read something that is not plastered with ads though, and it is good that a wide range of stuff is in there. A survey to see what people are interested in might be good though so they can tweak it.

Thread: Help Please RCV 58 Instructions
18/03/2015 08:40:32

Here's a link to another site's copy of the manual


13/03/2015 18:45:28

A friend of mine fitted a Tornado Thumper V2 3548/05 to his electric funfly and it goes very well on this. Are you making the electric funfly or the I/c one with an electric conversion?


--sorry, I have just checked HK and I don't think they do this motor.

Edited By GrahamWh on 13/03/2015 18:48:03

Thread: Hobbyking have a sense of humour
11/03/2015 11:55:20

Includes "a Tourniquet (use this to stop the blood flow when amputating a limb)"

Handy I suppose if we want to start cutting each others arms or legs off. Can't say it happens much at our club! Wonder if they include a suitable saw.

A few plasters seems a sensible idea though.

Thread: Making a fibreglass cowl look like metal
08/03/2015 16:30:40

Posted by Peter Miller on 08/03/2015 08:34:18:

Try Humbrol Metalcote. Enamel that you paint on, wait until it dries (Not long) and then buff it up, it works really well.

Peter - is this stuff fuel proof do you know?

Trevor - that stuff looks excellent. I'll have to research what may fuel proof it. Shame it does not come in a spray can - I may have to find a friend with a spray set up. What fuel proofer did you use on Wilco Chrome spray? Did it affect the finish?

Thank you everyone for the replies.

Thread: building surface suggestions?
08/03/2015 14:09:41

I use plywood, 18mm thick, about 12" wide by 50" long. The advantage is that once a wing is pinned on the board but not yet finished you can pick it up, prop it against a wall while you set another ply board on the table to do a bit of the fuselage, or the second wing etc. It's nice to be able to change from one bit to another and easy to do like this. 18mm seem to hold its shape well over this sort of length and width.

Thread: Making a fibreglass cowl look like metal
07/03/2015 23:14:42

I have moulded an epoxy based fibreglass cowl for a biplane my son and I are making (used a modified saucepan for the mould!) but we want to make it look like a metal one.

What is the best way? I have been thinking about metallic chrome/silver paint with fuel proofer (for glow fuel) but wonder if chrome oracover could be made to curve around the front of the cowl. Any recommendations? Also has anyone used the chrome oracover and found how well it goes around curves?

Thanks, Graham



Edited By GrahamWh on 07/03/2015 23:21:05

Thread: Are Turnigy lipos any good?
06/03/2015 20:30:36

I would not go for the nanotech 20 c range. In 20 c applications I have found that my 2200's and 2650's puffed quickly. I would only want 35c or above, and use them for 20c applications. I think the normal Turnigy's may be better.

Edited By GrahamWh on 06/03/2015 20:31:19

Thread: glow plug current (amps)
04/03/2015 19:22:08

2.5 Ah rather than mAh?

Thread: Airtek Hobbies-Good service
04/03/2015 18:52:40

Ordered some stuff Sunday evening, got it Tuesday am - all good. Always been reliable for me, I have them in a "favourites" folder.

My only gripe would be that as with a lot of places, the minimum p+p is a few quid, but fine if buying £20 of goods or more. Ebay best if just getting one low value item as far and p+p goes I think.

Thread: Bending exhaust header pipe
04/03/2015 18:38:20

Thanks Jim, fantastic.

03/03/2015 17:14:08

It is steel ED. Thanks.

03/03/2015 17:12:49

Jez - that's around £20 with postage and I don't think it will allow the muffler to clear the engine mount if taking the muffler vertically downwards. £20 is a lot to my 11 year old who I am building this with!

I am aware of thread **LINK** but do not want to learn silver soldering just for this job. Thanks.

Edited By GrahamWh on 03/03/2015 17:13:26

03/03/2015 16:52:47

I want to fit the exhaust of an ASP 61 four stroke into the cowl of a biplane.


The exhaust header pipe is not bent sufficiently to allow this. Is it possible to heat the pipe strongly (removed from the engine and muffler of course!) and carefully bend it further? It is made of steel rather than aluminium.

Thanks guys.

Thread: thrust line for Bristol scout, 54" by David Womersley
03/03/2015 15:59:12

Thanks John, I take it AoA is angle of attack. I may go with the 4 degrees, but it is more than I have used in the past. May try 2 and add washers if need be.

03/03/2015 11:02:40

Thanks PatMC and JH, 'tis a complicated thing to be sure!

02/03/2015 09:05:36

It is RM161 from the myhobbystore plans. The ad on their site is wrong - it says the designer is a Martin Fardel, but it clearly says on the plan it is Womesley. Also if you search for it under "Bristol Scout" it won't come up - it's titled "Bristol Type D Scout" (!)

The span is 54", so I am not sure the scale is exactly 1:6 - David Hurrell did a 1:6 one but that had a smaller span (Traplet publications).

The RM161 design uses a simpler aerofoil which will be easier for me and my son - he is 11.

Getting there very slowly as it is hard to prise him away from the TV and computers!

01/03/2015 21:13:16

Thanks John, lovely looking biplane. The biplane we are building is the type D biplane BEB.

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