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Thread: thrust line for Bristol scout, 54" by David Womersley
01/03/2015 17:32:12

I am building this biplane from plans with my son, and am surprised at the right and down thrust specified - 4 degrees each. Does this sound excessive? I have read the build article in Radio Modeller magazine from 1976, but other than problems with wing warpage, the author does not comment much on how it flew.

Can anyone advise whether these values sound right? The plane was designed for a 50 to 60 two stroke (needed a big prop for the cowling and I guess two strokes were all the rage then). We will be using a 60 four stroke.


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Thread: ASP FS 180AR
28/02/2015 20:59:08

Well done Johan. Getting model engines to run right can almost be a hobby in itself!

27/02/2015 19:19:50

+1 for worth checking the valve timing. After servicing a 70 four stroke I put the camshaft back in one tooth out without realising. It ran and flew, but wouldn't idle well and top revs with the same prop as before fell from 10,000 to 8,000. Once I found the problem and corrected the valve timing it was as before as happily idled fine.

With the vent from crankshaft to inlet manifold your engine has, when the piston goes down, gases are forced back into the manifold and carb and if your finger is still choking the carb air inlet this will blow fuel back to the tank. Instead of choking the carb, use your finger to block the exhaust now you are using exhaust to pressurise the tank and all should be well.

Thread: Front mounted motor
25/01/2015 21:14:59

You bolt the adapter pictured to the right of the collet type prop adapter onto the front (right end in picture) of the motor. You'll need to allow a hole in the back of the motor mounting/backplate to house the now redundant shaft, and bolt the left end of the motor to teh motor mount/backplate. The adapter you bolted to the front of the motor bocomes your new prop shaft

Thread: Help needed
25/01/2015 13:20:54

Could be vibration causing an air leak into the carb - new o ring on the mixture needle?

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Thread: Servo selection help
21/01/2015 19:02:51

+1 for standard servos.

I have fitted stronger leg wires to mine to reduce the bending on landing. I too have the older model which does not have oleos.

Thread: 4.8 or 6 volt battery ?
17/01/2015 10:31:48

I too fell for the more is best idea with AA cell capacity, but I think my 2000 mAh 4 cell packs are only really good for 400 to 500mAh before they suffer bad voltage drops when servos are highly loaded. I think your idea of using sub C cells for 4 cell packs is very sensible and will avoid this Frank. (I'm experimenting with 2S LiFes and regulated lipos now though).

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Thread: UKMail (alias iPost)
17/01/2015 10:13:23

What a naff service. I thought you Londoners had it better than that!

Thread: Seagull Boomerang II Tail Dragger
13/01/2015 19:59:23

Patrick you will need to straighten out the wire where the odd bend is just above the mount, then make a wedge of balsa to go between the plastic mount and the bottom of the fuselage so the mount can sit with the bit of wire that goes through it exactly in line with the hinge line of the rudder.

The wheel unit is probably a standard item supplied with many different kits. They need modifying to fit sometimes.

Also have the bend in the wire that takes the wire horizontally to the wheel rubbing against the mount - that way the weight of the back of the plane will be on the mount (could put a washer in to help) and not on the rudder hinges.

Like this, though the example is a Black Horse Renegade: (my wedge had to be on the front end of the mount, yours will be on the back)



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Thread: Lipo to power servos on a IC model
12/01/2015 11:17:46

It's a good point that Braddock. You can also wire a simple digital voltmeter (£few) to the switch to keep an eye on the lipo voltage when the power is switched on. If you put the meter in the dash in the cockpit it looks good.

Thread: Closed loop line and guide
12/01/2015 09:23:32

Good suggestions BD. Thanks.

Thread: How hot should it be
11/01/2015 23:09:03

Too hot to touch seems too hot. Can you improve the cooling over it?

It is highly recommended to use a wattmeter and check the current going through. May be you are running near the limit of the esc. If so a bigger esc or lighter load prop may sort this.

Thread: Closed loop line and guide
11/01/2015 22:57:23

I would like to put forward the following idea for closed loop systems in case it helps any one. If it has already been done, then I apologise, but I have not seen it elsewhere.

The idea is to use a type of fishing line called superbraid instead of (heavy, thick) wire. Also, to use ceramic lined fishing rod rings to act as guides to help routing in the fuse, allowing the lines to be redirected with no noticeable friction.

I have fitted such a system in my Flair Puppeteer for both elevator and rudder, and have been using it since the maiden in spring 2014 until now and it has worked perfectly.

Superbraid is very thin, very light and does not stretch at all (hence it is very good for sea fishing from a boat). Care is needed with the knots though as it is slippery stuff - there are proper knots for it , but I find a dob of CA sorts it. I will be using this method again. Use a small loop of the line to join to the control horns rather than tying it tighly onto them and CA'ing, in case constant movement of a CA'd knot causes stress failure.

You can make out the rod ring at the bottom of the fuse in the pic. Using these means it should be pretty easy to install a closed loop system in many aircraft.

The line used is 50Lb breaking strain - most wire systems are 25 Lb I think - so this is more than enough and still very thin and light.



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Thread: Lipo to power servos on a IC model
11/01/2015 22:01:11

No Martin - a 2S lipo will be 7.4 volts, 8.4 when at full charge, you may fry your servos. A 2S LiFe may be okay though.

Thread: Standard servos and 2S LiFe batteries
07/01/2015 20:37:25

Thanks chaps.

I shall give it a go with no added gizmos. I did do a search initially, but on this section of the forum, and only came up with one thread when looking for LiFe in the title. I should have searched under all sections. Thanks for the link Ian.

Thread: Sad News - KPMFC to Close
07/01/2015 20:36:14

Covered-over land fill sites may be a possibility - can't build on them for decades due to methane gas. Our club is on one which is owned by the council and leased to a farmer who permits our use of it (no BBQs or turbine models though!).

Would you be able to get a plan of where such sites are from the council and approach the landowners?

Thread: Standard servos and 2S LiFe batteries
07/01/2015 16:31:56

Thank you guys.

Do you use a heatsink with the diode C_A? What current rating do you use?

06/01/2015 22:10:23

I am thinking of using 2S Life batteries in future planes for the receivers and servos. I generally use cheap servos - Hitec 311's normally (okay for 4 or 5 cell NiMH packs). Has anyone had any problems using these or similar standard servos with 2S LiFe batteries without regulators or voltage dropping diodes?

Thanks guys,


Thread: Gatwick drone pilot arrested
02/01/2015 00:46:12

I agree with you Pete if the man's actions were causing people at the scene upset. There is of course section 5 of the Public Order Act, which says an offence is committed if someone engages in threatening or abusive behaviour likely to cause other people harassment, alarm or distress. If the flying amounted to what a reasonably minded person (eg. a magistrate) would consider abusive in the circs, and if there was alarm or distress likely to be caused (definitely distress) then that offence is committed.

The chap is fortunate not to have been prosecuted for that or given a ticket for it.

There was a woman killed in a town near where I live in a crash. Members of the public stood around with their mobile phones filming it all. Disgusting.

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Thread: This Chip-monk will be praying for help
23/12/2014 19:16:52

Nigel if you have a smart phone thingy there is an app that some can use which acts as an incidence meter - my brother has one of these new-fangled gadgets and we put it to good use on one plane I was building to measure incidence. Seemed to be accurate enough.

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