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Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
04/09/2014 21:32:36

Very good.

How about this one..

A duck goes into a bar and up to the barman. "Have you got any ham sandwiches?" he askes.

"No we don't do them" is the reply and the duck leaves.

The next day, at lunch time, the duck returns and says to the barman "I'd like a ham sandwich please."

"I told you, we don't have ham sandwiches, get out." the barman replies, so the duck leaves.

The following lunchtime, duck is hungry and goes back to the pub. He waddles up to the bar, gets the barman's attention and asks "Have you got any sandwiches - I'd like a ham one?"

The barman retorts angrily "I've told you we don't do them. If you ask for ham sandwiches again I'm going to get a hammer and nail your webbed feet to the floor."

The duck is a little disconcerted and leaves the establishment.

The next day duck is passing again, and it being lunchtime is somewhat hungry, so he goes into the pub and up to the bar. He askes the barman "have you got any nails?"

The barman is puzzled and replies "No, I haven't"

"Well can I have a ham sandwich please?"

Thread: 12 engines!
04/09/2014 20:46:02


You'd think at least the back props would be free-wheeling, but no, all on engines.

Thread: Is this a speed controller problem?
04/09/2014 20:38:31

Has he told the ESC what the throttle range is?

This is usually done by having everything set off, then putting the throttle to max, then switching the TX on, then connecting the battery in the plane (setting the receiver and ECS on). To be done with the plane suitably restrained in case there is a fault and the ESC puts the motor straight into full throttle.

The ESC should leave the motor at rest, and learn the full setting. The throttle is then brought back to low, and the ESC will arm. From then on the ESC should remember the full throttle setting. Many ESCs do this, though perhaps not all.

Thread: How to 'unwarp' a polystyrene wing?
03/09/2014 21:45:16

Hot water can make the surface go a bit odd - some of the blobs of stuff expand more than those around them leaving a slightly lumpy effect which is minor and not important in terms of flight perormance but noticeable.

Thread: PZL-11
01/09/2014 22:58:26

Really looks good that Andy.

Thread: RCV SP engines
27/08/2014 19:01:39

There should be a socket that you attach a starter to in order to avoid having to turn the prop. The prop turns once for every two turns of the starter shaft or something like that. The gearing is why you normally use very high load props on these - like 12x12s.

Thread: DB Pup refurb
19/08/2014 20:32:12

What scale is that Ian? It does look really big on the ground next to the car.

Thread: Hobby King Global Warehouse.
08/08/2014 11:53:36

My props arrived today _ 2months 3 days!

06/08/2014 21:33:11

Kev I think your next update on the tracking site will be "sent from MPC... to (some code for Heathrow)". That's where mine got to as of 1st July. I have been communicating with HK who are looking into it!.

(John, there seems to be a big price jump with APC props when you go from 13" to 14" - seems to nearly double!)

05/08/2014 21:40:57

To be honest Kev, I think most of my international orders from HK have taken about 3 weeks - even fairly small ones. 11 days in is a bit early for HK I think. I'm on day 60 or so for this one though - a tad fed up! Just hard getting 14x5 props here in UK other than silly priced APC stuff!

Edited By GrahamWh on 05/08/2014 21:47:13

04/08/2014 21:33:54

Try this tracking site if the tracking code end with a MY:


Worked with my latest order - still stuck on its way from somewhere far away though - items despatched on 5th June!

Thread: dx6 brownouts
04/08/2014 21:23:13

How did you link the DX6 and the DX6i Eric? You state "wirelessly" but I have a DX6i as has my son and my brother and they can only link via a buddy cable.

Thread: Interesting slo-mo vid
03/08/2014 09:12:31

Very good! Music helps it a lot too. (A change from the normal case of youtube vids where stuff just gets swamped by naff distortion electric guitar).

Thread: Which Engine Would You Buy?
02/08/2014 19:45:07

Makes sense Jon, thanks.


I'd go for an ASP 4 stroke too I think. Have to be from HK to be under £100 though. A second hand OS 4 stroke might be okay, but better to buy from a friend at the club than eBay etc. In fact, if doing that, I'd suggest going for an OS for which you know there is an equivalent ASP as new ASP parts are reasonably priced but OS parts are more expensive.

Edited By GrahamWh on 02/08/2014 19:49:21

Thread: Hobbyking Covering Film
27/07/2014 22:50:12

Thanks Gary - worth knowing. Have you put feedback on the HK site?

Thread: running in an ASP 52 4 stroke
27/07/2014 02:43:04

As well as a partial blockage causing a lean mixture you could check your exhaust pressure tubing to the tank is okay and pressurising the fuel as it should. This would include making sure the silencer is still on tight, as if it gets loose you'll lose pressure too, making the fuel mix leaner.

Thread: OS 70 four stroke
24/07/2014 23:12:09

Thanks Cymaz.

Thread: Which Engine Would You Buy?
23/07/2014 16:31:08

Jon - what temp would you recommend? Its easy to measure these days with the hand held devices. Not above 120 c but above 90?

Thread: LMA Cosford
23/07/2014 16:26:37

I have a friend that went and saw the incident. He said they had had to call an ambulance for the casualty. Hope he is alright now.

Thread: Bristol Scout 1:6 by David Hurrell
20/07/2014 13:10:54

Thanks very much Ian and Jeff. I have ordered the mag you kindly linked to, so we will be able to compare both properly.

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