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Thread: New four stroke - valves hissing
30/04/2014 23:20:26


I should have pointed out that the link is for an ASP FS70. To fit to an OS you would need to reposition the carb in the middle of the back of the engine - the old OS FS70 surpass had the carb to the side and the inlet port is angled differently. I have not tried to fit this head to my OS 70 yet - I am assuming the holes are in the right positions etc. but I do not know if it does fit.

Edited By GrahamWh on 30/04/2014 23:20:55

30/04/2014 23:10:22

Hello i12fly, here is the link. The head does NOT include valves, which Just Engines spare heads do I think.


Shaunie and Jon, most helpful advise, thanks chaps. Jon, when I quickly open the throttle from a few seconds at idle, I get a steady response, no coughing, but it takes a couple of seconds to get to full revs and there is quite a bit of smoke. I have posted a vid on the puppeteer build thread which shows the thing in action with the engine fitted. There does seem to be a lot of smoke I think. I will go through your advice and have a fiddle with it. Fortunately I can get at the idle setting safely through a small hole in the top of my cowl even with the engine running.


Thread: Power panel or not , that's the question
30/04/2014 22:55:24

I started with a power panel, but found that using the engine starter probably reduced the voltage to the glow starter. I now just use the panel as a way of connecting the engine starter to the 12v battery and use a pocket glow starter with a nice 5000mAh cell in it. This has never let me down on the field. I don't like the glow starters that trail a wire to the panel as that wire is one more thing that could end up in the prop on a bad day.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
30/04/2014 22:45:15

Today was good for a maiden flight up here so got to the field and put in 4 flights. It really handles well, just a little trim required, but had to put up with a high idle due to engine problems (partly my poor tuning I suspect).

I'm very pleased with it. I have probably been working on it for nearly a year now so at last I can enjoy it. My next plane will probably be transparent red and yellow, but I shall see!






Edited By GrahamWh on 30/04/2014 22:47:13

Thread: New four stroke - valves hissing
30/04/2014 19:04:35

Thanks Jon. I will try improving my idle mixture tuning skills. It is lumpy so probably as you say, too rich. I do get a load of smoke out at low revs too.

I found what you said about the bronze wearing a bit of a grove in the valve of the OS I was trying to lap. Its compression is better though now even with this. What stuff do you use for lapping the valves?

I had a couple more flights with the pup this afternoon. Lovely sound track! I tried to get the thing to stall at height to check its characteristics, but chickened out as I kept the throttle low - didn't want to stall the engine!



30/04/2014 14:19:52

Thank you guys. The hiss is more than slight in my opinion, but the compression when warm and when turned over slowly is still more than the spring resistance. It has now run for a total of at least an hour and a half and there is no more scraping sound when the engine is turned over indicating I think that the ring is properly run into the bore - you certainly can't feel the resistance that was there when new.

I flew the engine today in my puppeteer which I maidened, but it had real problems hold a tick over below 3000 rpm. Fortunately on the 13x5 I am using for running in, at a bit above 3000 rpm the plane was able to stop okay on taxiing, and just about slow down enough to land.

Ironically, I have been tinkering with an old OS fs70 surpass I had bought second hand with a leaky inlet valve, and after getting bits of advice on the various forums had managed to lap that valve and improve the compression. I had bought this ASP FS70 to replace that OS! The OS seems to have better compression, though with the leak being in the inlet side the escaping gases are going the wrong way through the engine and the carb which may be more serious generally than leaking from the exhaust.

I think if I were to buy again, I might go for an ASP from somewhere like HobbyKIng though the range of sizes they do is smaller. I doubt they provide a 2 year warrantee, but the reasonable price of spare parts and the lower initial cost may justify this. You can buy a spare head from China for the fs70 for £15 with free postage, and I have purchased one which I was going to put into the OS if the valve lapping did not work (Toothpaste with car T-cut seems to do well). I think I have got a bit of a duff ASP from JE, but in their opinion it is okay and yes, it does run. I must admit they seem a nice bunch from my conversations on the phone and emails, and indeed it can't be easy for them trading in the budget stuff with these problems. If they sorted everything out perfectly would they be financially able to provide the budget motors? Its a matter of give and take I think, and if this engine is a bit rough, maybe another they are selling to someone is really good. If I really wanted quality I would have to buy OS, and frankly I can't justify the expense with a family to provide for.

If it runs okay for the 2 years then once the warrantee is over I might use the spare head in that rather than the OS. It may be I will get the idle better as I get better at tuning the thing.

Thank you for your experience, it is good to know that a bit of a hiss at the valves is not necessarily the end. I shall plod on with it but if it all goes badly wrong I will contact JE again.

28/04/2014 22:17:48

Thanks Jon, good to know.

Thread: Low wing aeroplanes - the differences
27/04/2014 21:36:44

Chris I would recommend you use plenty of expo for your first low winger as well as low rates. My first was a Black Horse Renegade. If I remember rightly I had no or low expo on when I got it off the ground, but fortunately had my TX set to put on 25 or 30% on elevator and aileron at the flick of a switch and as soon as I did that the wild thing in the air became a pleasure to fly - much easier to direct than my high dihedral high wing trainer had been.

Thread: What kind of plane for high gusty winds?
27/04/2014 21:21:33

Well thank you all for your thoughts. This is obviously something we have all thought about quite a bit as we've fought the weather at our fields.

I may design one based around some of these principles when I pick out the common threads or look at getting something like a WOT4 (though I would modify the fuse as I find it so ugly!). Heavy and fast would be okay if I had a really sturdy undercarriage I think rather than taking the light and belly land option. If I keep the wing shape simple it won't take too long to make or repair, so maybe not a tapered wing? The WOT4 has a high wing, but some of the others mentioned are low wingers. Perhaps just considering that variable, does any one know if a low wing, shoulder wing or high wing is best? For example, would a WOT4 with a shoulder or low wing be more stable in high or gusty winds?

26/04/2014 21:20:41

I have been getting a bit frustrated at the amount of potential flying days that end up being too windy, so am thinking of building a plane that can handle high and gusty winds.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a type of plane or perhaps a specific model?

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
26/04/2014 20:42:44

We do get sheep in winter!

Thread: Windmeter
26/04/2014 20:41:19

I have a similar gadget. Nice to play with, but I must have been a bit clumsy with it as one of the prop blades is now missing.

I know a clever guy who at his club has fixed up a wind meter which emits a beep every five or ten revolutions along with another noise every 25 seconds. It is fixed to a mobile phone with a big enough battery for about a month's use. You can ring it from home and count how many beeps there are between the 25 second noises to judge how windy it is.

Thread: Altercation with paraglider
26/04/2014 20:30:01

Well done Steve - brought something good out of a mess! Not many could achieve that.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
26/04/2014 20:07:02

Nearly ready to maiden my attempt at this famous model. Got it to the field last weekend but it was too gusty for a biplane maiden flight. Got the engine revving though - sounds great. I've changed the masking around the engine a bit to try and improve the cooling.

Our field is a lovely place to fly - we have views of the nearby river Douglas and the occasional boat sailing along it. I am hoping for better winds tomorrow, but the forecast is not too good at the moment.

running 1.jpg

Thread: ASP 52f/s throttle lever
17/04/2014 22:40:38

Just Engines do some instructions for where the needle should be in case one moves it away from the factory setting too much. I suggest you ring them to check what the correct position is for the fs52. Have you still got the box for it? - if so the instructions might still be in it.

Thread: New four stroke - valves hissing
14/04/2014 19:11:55

Just Engines have sent the engine back having examined it, run it and lapped the valves. The valve lapping has not fixed the leak, but they say to continue running it in anyway. I finished running it in today, the leak is the same, but it does run fine from around 2,500 rpm to just above 10,000 on the Master Airscrew K series 13x5 prop I am using to run it in. I will see how it goes, and return it if problems develop in the 2 year warrantee period. If the valve seat does burn out at least the problem with the leak has been registered with them.

10/04/2014 14:09:42

Posted it Tuesday, got an email Wednesday from Just Engines to say they had received it and would keep me updated with progress!

08/04/2014 22:52:17

Engine posted back today after speaking with Just Engines.

Thread: Wot, 4 Training?
06/04/2014 15:42:07

I think you have an answer in your title. A number of the guys at the club I go to have a Wot 4 as they enjoy flying it and although they passed their A or B tests ages ago they still get a lot of fun from it. Less experienced pilots like it too. Personally I don't like the look of them with that curvy fuselage, but it may suit you.

Or a low winger that is easy to fly - I have the Black Horse Renegade. (You have to beef up the undercarriage though). It has a non-tapered wing which seems forgiving.

Edited By GrahamWh on 06/04/2014 15:42:35

Thread: New four stroke - valves hissing
06/04/2014 15:20:54

I have emailed Just Engines (they are not open over the weekend) and I may ring them tomorrow morning. I did find that when I was following the run in procedure on the 1/4 throttle run I needed the glow energised to keep it going, may be that was due to the leak. Thanks for all your advice.

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