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Thread: Engine projects
24/03/2019 17:58:47

NIce one Jeff. There's a guy at our club that like MDS - though I think he sometimes flies his to wind up a guy that doesn't!

Thread: BE2e
24/03/2019 14:21:53

Cliff your idea of getting the plans copied first sounds good. Maybe next time! At least I do have the ability at home to copy small bits of the plan on my home computer scanner/printer when I need to.

I've done a bit more - the bulk of the tail wing and elevators is done with the shaping, hinges and control horn points to sort out yet. I added a bit of wood to the leading edge and sides as the solartex would have very little to stick to there if done as per plans. Most will be sanded off anyway, but the fabric will now have a total of about 15mm now rather than about 4 around these edges.

With the 3 layer make up it does look a bit chunky:


After doing the these surfaces I had a rummage in the pre-cut wood box and found some bits I had already cut myself from sheet material to make the tail plane and elevators! embarrassed

I have been impressed how many bits there are included in the wood pack. Hopefully I'll manage to find places in the plane to put the rest of them...

On to the fin and rudder. Again its a 3 layer set up, built around a 1/8" core this time. There is a stern post that connects the fin to the back of the fuselage made of balsa, but considering the possible nose overs in the long grass around our landing strip I have decided to include a bit of carbon strip on both sides within the laminar make up of this part.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
24/03/2019 09:43:57

Nice clean looking plane Max. Be sure to check radio reception with the metalised film - some people have had problems with shielding

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
20/03/2019 18:12:13

None at mine.

Our club's troubles seem to be mainly due to very complicated TXs and flight modes or even "SAFE" modes getting people confused so the model doesn't act as expected.

Thread: Acrowot with laser 80
18/03/2019 18:41:52

Tim is there a danger that at high speed a venturi effect around the carb intake side scoop could drop air pressure to the carb?

Thread: BE2e
18/03/2019 18:26:08

Well I've made a start. Though I'd go with the tail wing first as it will not be affected by any changes I may make to the main wings and the fuselage.

Its made in an interesting way - you do a core layer first, then a top and bottom layer so some parts end up with 3 laminations. Plenty of scope for making bits overlap each other for strength. Got started, then noticed one side looked longer than the other. Had the plan printed wrong? - no, you can see it is a drawing problem as the most left rib leading end doesn't meet the LE at the same point as the most right rib leading end! This bit must have been drawn in a hurry.

The length of the left LE is 7mm shorter than the right LE, and the left elevator TE is 2.5 mm shorter than the right one! Glad I spotted this now rather than later! It'll be a simple fix, adding a bit of balsa to the left edge.

It's worth checking the plans carefully isn't it?

tail prob.jpg

Edited By GrahamWh on 18/03/2019 18:26:35

Thread: 1/3 scale Bristol Scout
17/03/2019 21:20:24

Looking forward to the pics Ian. I followed David Bremner's blog and what an achievement! Great videos of it flying on you tube now.

Thread: Castor oil in 4 stroke engines
17/03/2019 21:16:21

I've tried an ultra sonic jewellery cleaner on a sooty exhaust - didn't really do much.

17/03/2019 16:51:52


But not for their engines - they use fully synthetic!

17/03/2019 16:22:40

The castor issue seems to be a bit like the car oil situation. Going to Halfords for a can of oil for the next oil change, there are a range of oils available. There are silly price synthetics, better priced fully synthetics, part synthetics and mineral oils. The modern high performance cars need the fully synthetics, but really old fashion cars can have the mineral oils. All to do with finer tolerances in the latest car engines.

Would anyone put mineral oil in a new Audi?

Edited By GrahamWh on 17/03/2019 16:23:14

Thread: Reduction Drive
17/03/2019 13:54:28

Downer! Unlucky Cymaz. Looking forward to attempt number 2.

Thread: BE2e
17/03/2019 13:51:54

Is this the least enjoyable part of modelling - having to cut up the plans to manageable sized parts?

Painful to chop that lovely artwork up but necessary.


Thread: 1/3 scale Bristol Scout
17/03/2019 09:57:36

How's it doing Ian - any progress?

Thread: A brief change of discipline
17/03/2019 09:18:56

All part of honing the skills. Nice results Steve.

Thread: Reduction Drive
17/03/2019 09:16:10

Just a thought Cymaz - if all works as predicted with a pitch speed of 44mph, is that enough for your plane - ie. is that well above the expected stall speed? Some say aim for double the stall speed.

Looking forward to your test results today.

17/03/2019 08:59:21

Lovely bit of engineering Cymaz.

Perhaps start it slow, then only bring it up to higher speeds from a safe distance using a servo for throttle control?

Thread: How many planes can you join together by their wing tips??
17/03/2019 08:22:09

I'm impressed. Good drone work too for the camera. It didn't break up - he even landed it okay.

Thread: BE2e
16/03/2019 14:22:20

After much umming and arhing after finishing my Bristol Scout following a 3 1/2 year build, I chose to try this BE2e. I quite liked the look of the Be2c, but Doolittle Media/FSM do this one with a laser cut wood pack. There are a few build threads out there (David Davis has one on here) and the plane looks great in various you tube clips.

I ordered the plan and wood parts kit at the end of December, and the plans arrived a bit later them expected as Doolittle Media had needed to buy a new printer and were working through a backlog. The plans initially arrived with a flaw - they were elongated as if the scanner or printer paper feed had slipped - but after a phone call new ones were sent which are perfect.

I found a build article on Outerzone by the designer Roy Scott which I printed out which will help a lot.

I do feel like a bit of a cheat getting the wood pack, but if I'm to get on with this and not take as long as the last build it's for the best.

It will still take quite a while though - I work 48 hours a week in a timber yard and am shattered most evenings (no balsa unfortunately as the staff discount would have been useful!) and have a kitchen the wife wants replacing. Then she wants a new bathroom!

The workroom is ready after fitting a new cabinet with sliding doors to hide the mess and progress will start soon - once the cowl of the Bristol Scout is mended after discovering that that biplane does indeed tip stall as a forum member had kindly pointed out but I had forgotten!

I ordered some strip wood from The Balsa Cabin and I'm ready with the glue.

The wood


the plans


and the engine - a second hand Laser 80

(on the test mount as I will want to play with it in the garden a lot before the plane's ready!)


Thread: How to reduce voltage?
16/03/2019 11:40:26
Posted by fly boy3 on 15/03/2019 22:46:06:

Slightly off topic, would a diode do the same thing as long (dangerous) leads used to reduce volts from 2v cell to suitable glow volts for plug ? Thanks

It would, but the diode may get really hot - probably burn out. Buy 2 or 3 diodes and test it, and get a heatsink if need be.

Edited By GrahamWh on 16/03/2019 11:40:44

Thread: Castor oil in 4 stroke engines
15/03/2019 20:28:02

"Castor was great in old engines and it never really caused them a problem..why i hear you cry? well, they were rubbish thats why."


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