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Thread: Hinge Fixing?
29/01/2019 20:17:47

I do similar to Trevor, but before pushing home the final 2 or 3 mm I wipe the joint with ethanol to remove any epoxy that might touch the hinge joint. I don't oil the hinge but smear the hinge pin and contacting hinge joint parts beforehand with silicon grease. Of course I make sure it will all fit fine beforehand by hinging without glue first.

Thread: Soldering u/c wires
27/01/2019 09:13:23

Electrical iron, higher wattage the better, standard flux cored solder. No need to use silver solder here and wrap with copper wire, preferably tinned but normal is okay. Make sure everything is really hot and taking the solder properly (so a low watt iron is no good). Also as there is a lot of heating to be done over a lot of surface, a flame would be too hard to use - raising the temp at some points too high. I have tried.

Thread: Repairs to a Black Horse Blade.
26/01/2019 17:46:56

It'll be satisfying to get it flying again no doubt. Like you I use 2 cell LiFes most of the time now - how much of a pain it was having to top up leaky old NiMH batteries!

Weather's pretty bad here in Lancashire too - my Bristol Scout has only had 4 flights and I want to get it going again, and now have a second hand Flair Fokker D7 to try out too.

Thread: Which part of building a new traditional balsa model plane do you enjoy the most?
26/01/2019 17:40:05

The maiden's the best bit!

I get bored of every stage eventually, though the fuselage is the best of those listed for me. I take too long building with long breaks on the way.

Thread: Catastrophe!
25/01/2019 21:15:13

Jon regarding the throttle, have you tried looking at the "Monitor" screen on your Spektrum Tx and wiggled the sticks - slowly, fast, suddenly, any which way - just to check the sliders on the display continue to show the stick positions correctly and smoothly with no jumping? This will show if the sticks are behaving correctly without having to connect any servos etc.

A friend's Dx6i Tx was misbehaving (I cant remember which channel) and I solved it using electrical cleaning spray in the relevant potentiometer. A new pot may be better if a fault is found. As Peter says above the throttle cut just tells the Tx to send fully down (125%) to the Rx by-passing the stick. If the stick potentiometer was faulty this could explain the power problem and why it was initially cured using the cut button.


Edited By GrahamWh on 25/01/2019 21:17:11

Thread: Plans and Woodpacks from Flying Scale Models - Doolittle Media
23/01/2019 18:30:16

Thanks guys.

22/01/2019 19:21:19

Does anyone know how long it takes from ordering a plan and woodpack from Flying Scale Models on their website to having it delivered?

I ordered a plan and wood pack at the end of December and about a week later sent a message via their website contact page enquiring re expected delivery date and received a reply to confirm they had the order and would progress it asap, but no delivery date was given. In your experience, how long do these things take?

Is Sarik Hobbies quicker?

I wonder if FSM have to send off to another company to get the woodpack cut.

Any ideas anyone?


Thread: Roy Scott's BE2e. Have you ever seen the film," A Very Long Engagement?" This is "A Very Long Build Blog!" a very long build log.
19/01/2019 21:34:38

Watching with great interest David, thank you. I ordered the plan and wood set from Flying Scale Models (Doolittle Media) on 29th Dec and am awaiting their delivery. I have had an email from them following a request for acknowledgement but no delivery date specified. Laser 80 waiting!

Anyone know how long they take to do a wood pack and plan?

What will you cover this build with David?

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
16/01/2019 18:32:59

Thanks very much indeed Jon.

It looks like you lean the idle needle until the engine is no longer is able to give a proper throttle response, then enrich it until it is just able to do so without getting over rich.

Edited By GrahamWh on 16/01/2019 18:38:56

15/01/2019 20:18:54

Looks great David - looking forward to it arriving sometime soon hopefully!

Jon, thanks for the video you posted somewhere showing you setting the main needles on a Laser twin. Pictures speak a thousand words they say. Do you have a video of setting the idle needles (on a single would be fine)? Its something I have always struggled with.

Another great thing about the Lasers is that the idle screw is so large and accessible and turnable by finger and thumb - much better than the tiny hidden away ones in many other makes of engine which have you playing around with small screwdrivers.

Edited By GrahamWh on 15/01/2019 20:19:13

Thread: ASP 61FS Just Stopped !!
13/01/2019 20:40:59

Thanks Pete.

Thread: Hello & Advice on second plane appreciated
13/01/2019 16:06:44

Hi Nigel. I agree with Bob. I think learning to fly with no SAFE features would be a good next step. Once you have got that then try in varying conditions until you are able to handle it when it misbehaves without resorting to SAFE stuff. Then on to a low winger. This is a less expensive route! The DX6 transmitter may be all you will need for years. I'm still on my old DX6i and have no need to change it.

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
12/01/2019 17:51:39

I have ordered a plan and wood pack set for the 80" BE2e from Doolittle Media (Flying Scale Models) and look forward to putting a few new stains on the engine with that in due course! Thanks for your kind comments and suggestions.

12/01/2019 16:22:09

Thanks for the advice Jon, will do.

Here's a couple of pics - it was in good condition when I bought it, but some exhaust stains externally and a bit of rust forming on the two front bearings.



Thread: Stainless steel engine bearings
12/01/2019 13:49:29

Yes the same bearings since the entry above in late 2014 - so 4 years ago, and no play that I can feel. I fly this model more than any other that I have, but don't get to the field every week - in bad weather I may not fly for a month or two. I find the puppeteer floats well and is very enjoyable to fly, but with this engine it'll shoot around a bit too. Great fun!

I use Simply Bearings as they give a good choice of budget and more expensive makes and are at good prices. Free postage too at the moment unless you select other postage options. Even then, my last two orders arrived 2 days after ordering.

Edited By GrahamWh on 12/01/2019 13:49:59

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
12/01/2019 13:29:13

I cleaned the above Laser 80 (which was made in 1999 judging from the 9 punched in the side of the mounting plate and originally sold to someone with the initials MW). I cleaned out the insides too and replaced the three bearings with stainless ones - the front two had begun to rust a little. I got it running on the bench today - it idles at 1800-1900 and gets up to 9600 rpm with a MA K series 14x6 prop on Optifuel 5%. I'll try it on a 15x6 following Jon's recommendation over the phone when I ordered a new prop nut and washer for it. Very pleased with it - I have worked on a few old ones with my brother, but this is the first I've owned myself. I particularly like the layout - you can change the main crankshaft bearings just by taking of the front section without affecting the timing or removing the head.

Thread: Stainless steel engine bearings
11/01/2019 21:41:51

In case it is of help to anyone thinking of replacing engine bearings with stainless steel ones, I can report that this engine is still running fine with the ones I fitted - no discernible play at all.

Thread: ASP 61FS Just Stopped !!
11/01/2019 21:32:59

Paul I have fitted an MA S2 series 14x6 to my ASP FS 61 AR and get 9,000 rpm on the ground with Optifuel 5%. (With an MA K series 14x6 it only gave about 8,500 and the throttle seemed a bit unresponsive above 2/3 in the air so probably a bit too much load). Only just started with this though so I don't know how it will be long term.

My ASP FS 70 AR has been pulling around a puppeteer for 5 years or so with the K series 14x6 and goes very well - overpowered of course in that plane, but that's nice when you want a blast.

Pete - do you know what prop and fuel he was using on the Magnatilla?



Edited By GrahamWh on 11/01/2019 21:54:32

Thread: Solartex Linen and Oratex Antique - colour comparison
10/01/2019 17:24:17

Apologies Roger - I hadn't noticed the D section in your wings, I was commenting on mine which are about 2" across!

09/01/2019 21:36:54

Really nice Sopwith triplane Roger. On my Bristol Scout with Solartex Linen you cannot see the ribs- good job too as I went and put a big fat D Section in the wings for more rigidity which would not look scale at all but makes them really good and stiff!

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