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Thread: Solartex Linen and Oratex Antique - colour comparison
09/01/2019 18:41:19

Thank you very much Roger. It certainly would not be a good idea for me to get a load of Oratex antique to go with the Solartex linen that I have left over from the last project. That Oratex antique looks closer to Solartex natural.

Thread: Identifying Laser Engines
06/01/2019 11:15:48

This thread makes little sense - has some been deleted?

Thread: BMFA Classifieds?.
05/01/2019 12:46:20

I think it's best to decide on your payment terms, maybe paypal, and stick to them. If they haven't got paypal, they can get it easily enough - everyone else manages it. If they fail to pay in the way you want, they can go somewhere else. End of. No playing around.

They wouldn't be wanting to buy from you if you didn't have what they wanted, so why should you sell to them if they won't pay as you want.

Business is 2 way.

To make it easier, you can include in the advert the fact that you only accept paypal or what ever you are happy with, no exceptions.

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
01/01/2019 18:31:56

Wahay - in the club! I bought a second hand laser 80 today. Post-1992 as it has upright glow plug, but not the very latest as it has the Irvine carb and straight sided cylinder (but with polished rounded off vane edges). In a very well built and painted Flair Fokker DVII too!

Thread: New Sopwith Pup from DBSportandScale
31/12/2018 15:39:18

Richard at DB Sport and Scale has kindly replied to an email I sent and we now know the following -

For IC power the pup will be aimed at 52-60 four strokes (it can be electric powered too).

The cowl will be aluminium rather than plastic/fibreglass..

There is still a bit of work to do before they can finally confirm the flying weight and the selling price.

Thread: Solartex Linen and Oratex Antique - colour comparison
25/12/2018 08:02:42

Does anyone know how oratex cream compares with solartex linen or with oratex antique? Looks lighter that the antique in some pictures on line and close to solartex linen.

24/12/2018 21:55:49

Well guys thank you for your reflections. Its a shame the colours are not the same. Thanks for posting the pics Jim.

Regarding Humbrol colours, I have tried to match some Humbrol enamel to solartex linen recently on my Bristol Scout to hide the linkage horns. I found that Humbrol linen was a greener shade than the solartex linen. Humbrol oak satin was closer, but too light. I ended up mixing about 2 parts oak satin with one of linen - still a bit greeny, and then a tiny drop of red and that about nailed it! A bit of a faff really. I did a bit of research on the interweb and found that batches of their paint may not always be consistent anyway!

24/12/2018 18:40:13

Does anyone know if solartex linen and oratex antique are the same colour - or near enough so that I could use one on the fuselage and the other on the wings for example without it being noticeable?

I have some solartex linen left over but not enough for a new project and am thinking I may need to get oratex to make up the shortfall.

I have scoured the webbernet but there seems to be no solartex in linen left.

Thanks guys.

Thread: BMFA Website down...?
24/12/2018 14:37:56

Same here. Win 7 Pro with Chrome.

Thread: New Sopwith Pup from DBSportandScale
03/12/2018 20:10:08

The DBSportandScale site has started advertising a new Pup to add to their small electric 1/8 size and 1/4 scale size which will be ready hopefully in Jan 2019.

It will have a 60" wing span, so will appeal to those who have been looking unsuccessfully for a Flair Puppeteer in stock anywhere as well as to those who want a more scale like model in the range. Now where's that spare OS 70 Surpass I had lying around...

Edited By GrahamWh on 03/12/2018 20:10:43

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Thread: Bristol Scout - D. Womersley plan 54" span (1:5 1/2 ish)
24/11/2018 16:36:09

This has been maidened now. The flight 2 weeks ago only lasted 3 minutes or so until the engine cut due to a push rod screw wearing loose and stopping the exhaust valve opening enough. Then it rained and that was that for the day. It seemed pretty nose heavy though needing a lot of down elevator in the dive test.

I took it to the field again today with a 1/2 oz nut cable-tied to the tail (equivalent to removing 2 oz from the nose) and flew it again. Still nose heavy so tied on another nut, then a third for the next flight and it seems better now - gently pulling out of the dive with thumb off the elevator after being correctly trimmed for level flight. I've also reduced the aileron rates as it was pretty twitchy in the roll.

I'll get rid of the 3 nuts at the back and go from 16 oz nose weight to 10 oz.

I was using an MA K series 14x6 prop today. I'm sticking to plastic MA ones for now as I don't want to risk damaging a nice wooden one like the one Jon kindly recommended earlier until the balance is right and I am sure it won't nose over on the ground. The engine seemed to be struggling with it a bit though and I was flying on 2/3 to 3/4 throttle most of the time.

It does look a bit odd with just one roundel on the top wing so I might end up putting another on.

Edited By GrahamWh on 24/11/2018 16:37:22

Thread: Low wingers,very twitchy,recommend expo.YES/NO
23/11/2018 20:29:02

A friend at the club I am a member of once explained to me that due to the usual angles of control horns and flying surfaces the first few mm of movement on the transmitter stick cause the most up/down or left/right movement of the control surfaces. Consequently he explained that having no expo actually meant that you already had a built-in inverse expo to deal with. I was happy to always have some after that. I usually have 30% or so, depending on the model and more for the first few flights.

Thread: Bristol Scout - D. Womersley plan 54" span (1:5 1/2 ish)
28/10/2018 15:50:07

3 1/2 years on from the start of the build, and after a lot of breaks, it is finally ready for a maiden flight. There are still minor things I can do, but it is ready.

Setting up a jig to get wing incidence and all strut lengths right


Hatch for refueling



I was a bit shocked when I weighed it - with the 1 Lb balancing weight in the nose it weighs 9Lb 5oz. The Flair puppeteer I built with the same box structure wings is larger and a lot lighter. Apart from using solartex rather than solarfilm I am struggling to work out why.

Hopefully the ASP 61 four stroke will be enough with a 13x6 prop. WeboCalc says the stall speed will be around 22 mph - does this all sound okay for a 54" span biplane?

When suitable weather comes and I get the maiden done I will update with its performance.



Thread: Needle valve assembly shearing
18/11/2016 19:35:04

Thanks for the input guys. A new carb may be the answer rather than just a replacement needle and jet assembly sue to other wear in the carb barrel. I was quite enjoying working on this engine for a friend until I realised how much engines of this size are worth!

17/11/2016 21:07:20

carb of laser 150.jpg

Anyone else had this happen? Checking over an engine for a friend after a crash and found the tube that the main needle jet goes into had sheared at the point of the O-ring grove. Could the needle have rusted into the top of the tube and sheared at some point in the past when adjusted, causing air to get in, the engine to lean out and go dead-stick?

Thanks, Graham

Thread: Bristol Scout - D. Womersley plan 54" span (1:5 1/2 ish)
21/05/2016 18:00:05

Lovely looking engine in there. Thanks for the warning re tip stall - I'll experiment high up. May alter the ailerons to always be a bit up to reduce the tendency for the tips to stall before the rest of the wing if mine has it.

08/05/2016 15:54:23

Beautiful looking model KiwiKid. Yes I shall probably do something like that - after all some other types had chvrons etc on. Which design have you made - is it the Womersley one?

If so how does it fly? I am doing the version with the larger rudder and ailerons - cheating a bit perhaps! I'm using the aircraft number 1711 as it will be easier to paint - don't know if it actually existed!

03/05/2016 13:25:31

Its been a while since I posted!

I have done some more to the fuse., lower wing started too. Not decided on final colour scheme yet, but I think I will need something like a red chevron/square/stripe on the top wing for orientation purposes - I tend to need something like that so the final scheme may not be an actual one. Just the battery holder to work out now but I may wait until the wings are done so I can see how the CofG is.

Does anyone know of a Bristol Scout that did have a red thing on the top wings - I have searched online but can't see any?


Thread: Building Grandfather's Bristol Scout
17/07/2015 20:46:48

That's better, thanks Chris.

17/07/2015 20:31:48

Those intrepid chaps rebuilding a Bristol Scout have at last got it flying!

A video from their blog here:

And the build blog which is amazingly detailed is here:


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