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Thread: Sprung Oleos on a Chipmunk
06/07/2015 18:19:49

Which manufacturer is it - Black Horse?

Thread: motor stops when loaded???
28/06/2015 12:47:52

+1 for voltage drop. Esc senses it and shuts off to try and protect battery. Need a lipo of better quality, or c rating, or capacity. I say "quality" as for example some Turnigy Nano Techs I have had acted as if their c rating is well below the advertised. What battery is being used?

Thread: ASP 4.6
26/06/2015 18:02:40

Good to see you have it sorted Michael. My problems with glow engines when I returned to the hobby a few years back nearly had me turning fully electric. Once you get the hang of them (and one or two more reliable makes too) they are fine.

Could fake OS 8's be coming onto the market? I must admit to getting some from Hong Kong in the past myself nice and cheaply.

Thread: Does foam float your boat?
21/06/2015 10:05:27

I think wooden planes can be modified nicely. With foam you're stuck with an electric motor and the finish just doesn't look quite right. I do have a foamy, but hardly use it now. Another I had just got too floppy after a few years and got weaker the more crash repairs I did.

Thread: Two Wheels Instead Of Four
19/06/2015 16:17:42

No, never.

Thread: this hobby needs more young blood
19/06/2015 16:06:31

I have an 11 year old son who sometimes comes to our club with me (no junior membership charge and the £18 junior BMFA is reasonable). What he finds boring is any time he is not actually flying. The problem being that there is no one else there of the same age group for him to talk with. Kids attract kids I reckon. In reality we all spend more time standing around and chatting then we do flying and he's just not into that with people several decades older than himself. I wouldn't have been when I was 11.

Also he doesn't like the noise of nitro engines and for a youngster who still has proper healthy hearing that is a concern - they are horribly noisy, demented, screaming mad things. (though I prefer them to electric myself). He still wants a four stroke in the biplane we are building of course, lets not get carried away! I expect he will have a go at glider flying in a few years (full size) but I'm not sure he'll stay in modelling. When I was a lad modelling was it, unless you stuck at the ATC long enough to fly, but other experiences are easier to get at these days I think.

I don't think this hobby will be around in 50 years. I think flying stuff will be mass produced computer controlled plastic things needing very little actual flying skill or building skills. Kids wanting to try flying stuff will just get a disposable quad~droney thing.

Edited By GrahamWh on 19/06/2015 16:14:34

Thread: Should I turn the engine the right way up?
16/06/2015 15:53:20

One last comment Simon, when you have done all you intend to do re installation and re-tuning, another thing that can be helpful if need be is to increase the idle speed setting on your transmitter to make it less likely the engine will cut out as you are on the final approach, and to off-set this by using a lower pitch propeller to keep the approach speed down. I had trouble slowing down my Renegade until I swapped the 12x7 prop to a 13x5 (approximately the same load prop, but less pitch). This meant I did not have to reduce the engine speed to "likely to cut out" revs.

I hope your finger heals okay - I damaged a thumb last year drilling!

Edited By GrahamWh on 16/06/2015 15:55:38

Thread: Flair SE5A electric, 4 stroke or Diesel
12/06/2015 17:10:58

Perhaps the speaker manufacturers should catch up with the rest of the world and move on to the modern sort of magnets, then the speakers could be smaller.

Edited By GrahamWh on 12/06/2015 17:11:35

Thread: Unexplained reversal of Electric Motor
11/06/2015 20:31:18

Some ESCs do have reverse as a programmable function - could the esc have been damaged or a power irregularity somewhere in its circuitry in the crash have triggered this? Might be worth checking the ECS board and the soldering to its wires in case any thing is damaged.

Thread: Fitting carbon wing tube sleeves.
08/06/2015 19:01:32

You try the following - CA some thin card onto the end of the sleeve forming a cap, then cut it nice and flush when the CA is dry. Perfect the flushing by lightly sanding around the card.

Thread: Any one know what plug this is?
05/06/2015 17:47:32

Thank you chaps.

Thread: Opto Kill Switch
05/06/2015 16:56:48

Does one cut the red wire in the lead from the receiver to the kill switch, so only the signal gets through (and ground of course) and the 2s voltage from the lipo can't get to the receiver Roger?

Thread: Flycatcher
05/06/2015 16:20:22

Great model Linds - been looking forward to seeing that.

Thread: What knot?
05/06/2015 16:11:36

Anchor hitch - used to tie such artificial fibre ropes to anchors. I rely on these for kayak fishing. Animated instructions here:


Thread: Bristol Scout - D. Womersley plan 54" span (1:5 1/2 ish)
05/06/2015 16:02:26

Yes, thanks, the colour matches the linen solartex - one has to plan these things carefully don't you know.

04/06/2015 20:51:51

I have done a bit of searching for images of the instruments in that panel and I think I will be able to make something up in due course, thanks Stevo.

Got some work done on the tail wing and elevators. Introduced son to applying film which he managed very well.

I've added a bit of carbon fibre to the tail wing for added rigidity and strength - very cheap stuff from HK, even cheaper as my brother gave it to me!


Thread: How the Pros do it - filming at Chester Cathedral
04/06/2015 15:00:18

Nice spot John

Edited By GrahamWh on 04/06/2015 15:05:46

Thread: covering
02/06/2015 19:00:22

They do - got a 5m roll for about £31 a few months back.

Thread: Servo plug in safety
01/06/2015 16:26:56

Careful with those HK ones Bill_B - they're only 26 awg wire not the better 22 awg.

Edited By GrahamWh on 01/06/2015 16:27:22

Edited By GrahamWh on 01/06/2015 16:28:07

Thread: Phenolic Tube - where from ??
31/05/2015 16:50:03

How about wrapping paper round the tube, removing the tube then fibre glassing over the paper to make it a strong custom fit tube?

Edited By GrahamWh on 31/05/2015 16:50:24

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