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Thread: how to clean fuel from fibreglass for repairs?
30/04/2015 20:26:04

I'd stick with ethanol - must be alright as we drink the stuff in its natural environment!

Thread: Two more FrSky Txs in the pipeline
29/04/2015 17:59:06

Has there been any word on price for the new types?

Thread: how to clean fuel from fibreglass for repairs?
29/04/2015 14:46:24

Its in their heating section and is used for their real flame heaters (glass sided, fairly easy to spot.) £6 for 2 litres here. Pic:




Check the stuff doesn't affect the paint on your model though when you use it. I found out it attacks solarlac!

Edited By GrahamWh on 29/04/2015 14:51:32

29/04/2015 14:05:46

I would wipe with ethanol. It should dissolve the fuel okay, and will dry nicely. (Bio-Ethanol fuel is a good cheap source from B+Q - probably same stuff as their meths, but no purple dye and cheaper!).

Also, ethanol can be used to thin epoxy resin too, so any slight traces will not be a problem. - don't know if this applies to polyester resin though, but it should still dry off okay anyway).

Edited By GrahamWh on 29/04/2015 14:07:46

Thread: Making a fibreglass cowl look like metal
25/04/2015 11:14:58

Update - the water based varnish is NOT fuel proof - I have had to key the surface with fine wet and dry paper then paint over with epoxy. This system does leave a reasonable metal finish though with metalcote as the metal paint.

Thread: Simple home made incidence/wing twist checker.
24/04/2015 21:51:33

For flat wing surfaces you can get a smart phone app that gives the gradient well. My brother had one we used on my puppeteer when measuring the thrust line.

Thread: OS70 Surpass - Gutless
20/04/2015 14:03:24

If timing is okay try a bigger prop - I run a 14x6 on my ASP 70FS. This may run at the same top revs if the revs are being limited by weak valve springs for example. (My ASP runs a 13X6 at about the same speed as a 14x6). The bigger props act as flywheels helping a 4 stroke through the non-powered part of the cycle.

Thread: The Seagull E-Pioneer thread
19/04/2015 09:54:50

Janos, when you're out in your car and its safe to do so, put your hand out of the window when you're going 40 to 50 mph and then consider how those thin wires will cope with airspeeds up to that. I doubt they would last long before they fatigue internally as they flap about. You have made a really neat connection block, but it is the type one would use inside a main wing to fuselage connection - inside the airframe skin and accessed via a hatch. Keep going with the quality work, you'll soon have it up there!

Thread: transit door mirror
17/04/2015 21:41:06

Remarkable! Honesty like that is so rare.

Thread: What Transmitter
17/04/2015 21:23:02

Brand new Spektrum DX6i for £65 from here or with a receiver for £85:


Includes postage for the Tx only!

Thread: Thrown Magnets in Motors
15/04/2015 08:48:20

Steve, what weight was the motor and how many watts are you using at full throttle? I once heard of a rule of thumb for motor watts vs weight to ensure good cooling - might have been 3 watts per gram.

Thread: OS 75AX
13/04/2015 20:07:05

I'd suggest the exhaust pressure feed to the tank. The tightness of the nipple on the silencer, the tightness of the joins in the silencer and the bolts at its ends and the integrity of the silicon tube from the exhaust to the tank. Low pressure would make the mix lean and be more noticeable at high revs.

Edited By GrahamWh on 13/04/2015 20:07:32

Thread: Making a fibreglass cowl look like metal
10/04/2015 21:42:23

I have confirmed a good solution is polyurethane varnish over the enamel Humbrol metalcote as Peter suggested. It had to be the water based varnish though - the solvent based just turned the metalcote into a metallic grey as the solvent affected the metalcote. I did also try epoxy resin on a bit of scrap, but that also affected the metalcote badly. I used the interior Ronseal one.

Thread: Which lipo battery
05/04/2015 11:58:44

Ron, what is the expected all up weight of the mini cub, and the power rating of the new motor you have bought?

04/04/2015 22:35:34

Re first part:

What prop size are you needing to use? A heavy load prop will demand loads of current. If we assume the max current you want with a 30 amp ESC is 25 amps, then your 15c three 1300mAh battery which can handle 19.5 amps (15x1.3) may not be enough. If the model is light, and you don't need so much current, then select a prop that will only draw less than this. Check the current draw using a watt meter, carefully upping the throttle to check it will not draw more than this. If the battery is a cheapo (like I often get!) its real c values may be a lot les than 15c.

I would recommend a 2200 30c for this if getting a Turnigy nano tech, though a 2200 20c Turnigy may suffice. Both should be okay for a least 30 amps.You want to make sure the esc, the motor and the battery are all rated at above the actual current draw of the prop for the number of cells the battery has. You'll proabably want to stick with 3 cells with a 1000kv motor.




Edited By GrahamWh on 04/04/2015 22:36:53

Thread: Engine for Westland Wizard Mk 2
03/04/2015 20:59:56

...been away for a few days. Thanks for the correction re sizes Bob. I will do a build blog when I get started. I have had an email from Traplet - the plan is on its way, but the mag was not added to the order by the look of it!

27/03/2015 10:50:44

Thanks chaps. I shall build it, fit the 70 and if it is not powerful enough get an ASP 90 which I believe has the same mounting dimensions and overall size.

A guy from Traplet rang me today, to confirm they were getting the plan out to me, and to ask if I would be interested in adding to the order a copy of a mag with the build article in. Good service I thought - a bit more sale for them and very thoughtful and helpful for me. Said yes of course.

26/03/2015 13:53:53

I have just ordered the Traplet plan for this model, 80" wingspan with AUW of 9 1/2 Lbs. The blurb states it is suitable for a .70 to 1.00 fourstroke. Would a .70 fourstroke be enough do you think? I have an old one which needs a model at the moment and will turn an MA 14x6 prop at around 8500 to 9000 rpm.


Edited By GrahamWh on 26/03/2015 13:55:09

Thread: Help Advice with a 1000 bill that is not mine
24/03/2015 22:38:22

Well done Steve, what a journey.

Thread: A 1/4 scale cub rebuild...
24/03/2015 07:55:43

Terrible shame Jez. Was the battery a NiMH? Unreliable leaky things. Looking forward to the rebuild account, I hope to pick up some tips as I had to rebuild 2 planes last year - pilot error not batteries! Thanks for posting.

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