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Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
05/07/2019 20:12:37

I have an MDS something or other in a second hand plane that I bought on a whim.

After hearing so much about the engines I was quite shocked when after a quick prime and one flick, it burst into life and ran like the proverbial sewing machine. It's a keeper and I quite like the look of the double taper on the head and cylinder.

Looks like I might have been lucky.


Thread: Car indicators
05/07/2019 19:00:04

Driving in Spain can be taxing at times but it does however prepare you a bit for driving in Italy. The most anarchic country I have driven in has to be Greece.

Interesting thing about Spain is there is virtually no road rage. The Spanish are blissfully unaware of the dangerous goings on. If you resort to a the horn you just get a bemused look and presumably they put you straight down as a foreigner.

Horn though, if you are a micro-second late getting away at the traffic lights, prepare to be deafened.

(oops I forgot Turkey)


Thread: Oodalally
01/07/2019 17:25:20

Lovely model Les

Must kickstart my build to get it finished. Mine has an inverted Saito.


Thread: Prop selection for glow to electric conversion
29/06/2019 08:37:49
Posted by Percy Verance on 29/06/2019 07:39:43:

Hi Alan

None of us flying in November? I'm out flying all through the Winter if the weather plays ball.....

Hi Percy

I think the comment relates to your point where you said you might be boating from November wink

Providing of course you are not iced over!


Thread: No Auto Rotation
28/06/2019 14:34:39


It is definitely negative incidence. I have built Richard Harris's Atom Special where it is explained in a number of build blogs. I think you will find that it is the spinning disc that has the positive incidence to create the lift and not the individual blade's relationship with the hub.

Opposite to helicopters where the rotor is driven rather than impelled. 3D helicopters can vary the pitch either way.

I am sure Richard will be back to explain much better than I.


Thread: Li`l Cub
17/06/2019 22:29:22

Very nice Martin

Sorely tempted to have a go myself. Do keep us posted.


Thread: Good news thread.
14/06/2019 19:18:18

Been working in Greece this week. Won't say anything about the weather laugh

First day having lunch and there was a copy of RCME on the table left by some kind person. The issue with Peter Miller's L'il Cub and with the plan inside. Rapidly gifted by the staff who saw I was some kind of aero-nut.

Some reading matter for the evenings and a new build to add to my list.

Happy chappy.


Thread: If I fit floats to my Senior Telemaster will I need a more powerful engine?
09/06/2019 11:28:27

Be prepared

This chap was.

Agree with Don on the water rudder(s)


09/06/2019 09:47:47


All of the above.

If you have been pulling gliders you should have more than enough grunt to pull the floats.

The only thing I might add concerns longitudinal directional stability. Many floatplanes both full size and models have a vestigial fin under the existing fin to give a bit more area aft of the floats. This is because the floats sit well forward to prevent nose-overs (well that's the idea wink)


Thread: Good luck to the BMFA
08/06/2019 21:40:10
Posted by Doc Marten on 08/06/2019 16:08:08:
Posted by john stones 1 on 08/06/2019 14:53:44:
Posted by Doc Marten on 08/06/2019 14:36:23:
Posted by john stones 1 on 08/06/2019 13:01:39:

Roll on the day the BMFA puts a final update out, and these threads become a thing of the past.

You could always scroll past them.......

I could scroll past them, but I would miss calls from the BMFA to reply in support of them, I often find it here when I haven't checked emails for a while. Plus how would I know the content of the thread, without looking ?

Any other advice for me ?


Here's some more; Replying to every post isn't compulsory after reading it, especially if it's the same as you've said on every other associated topic in another attempt at getting it closed because it irritates you.

I just knew you couldn't resist.

Edited By Doc Marten on 08/06/2019 16:27:25

Did you not notice that I didn't reply to your latest "vigilante" prod.

The point of this thread is to wish the BMFA luck and as far as I can see they are going to need it based on certain contributions.


Thread: Drone harassment
06/06/2019 18:15:16
Posted by Doc Marten on 06/06/2019 17:33:33:

Levanter, what would be your suggestion?

Not being a vigilante.


06/06/2019 17:28:18

Now we are advocating becoming vigilantes.

Are you going to decide that they are breaking the law, get it wrong and then face a charge of criminal damage?


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
06/06/2019 16:12:20
Posted by Martin Harris on 06/06/2019 13:44:31:
Posted by Doc Marten on 06/06/2019 12:26:19:

Still willing to play along and show what a decent bunch of chaps we are?

Not panning out so well is it!

While you may be right to gloat at your dire predictions seeming to come true, what's not right is to abandon the fight ad even worse, advocate non compliance.

Although the latest news is not good, the BMFA have a great track record of negotiation with the CAA and we need to show that we are responsible operators for both negotiating with them and the government in order to support any case for selective exemptions, "real" user pays or block registration. I'm sure they have not simply given up in the face of this rebuttal - give them support and don't undermine them.

Anyway, I'm off flying this afternoon while I still can!

Edited By Martin Harris on 06/06/2019 13:45:52

I don't know if it has occurred to those who advocate non-compliance, that they are more likely to damage their own cause than help it. As David Ashby said in the other thread of (of which this is fast becoming an echo) The majority will comply with what ever is needed in order to continue to enjoy their hobby. Some will drop out and that is their choice too. The minority who choose to be militant will not get the traction to make a difference and will be joining the rogue element that will get no sympathy from the general public. I can see the headlines already.

If ever there was a case for becoming a member of the BMFA or equivalent organization, now is the time and channel the effort into those who are most likely to be able to make the difference as well following their recommendation to continue to lobby MPs.

Great to see lot's of >250g building and enjoying going on in other threads.

Maturity and level heads needed more than ever I think.


Thread: Am I being reasonable?
04/06/2019 13:43:51

Don't wait for them to call. Call them and say you will not accept being held to cancellation deadlines. Note time of attempted calls if you don't get through.

Stay reasonable like it seems you are. Make contemporary notes in case you end up having to unscramble everything.

Good luck


Thread: WIN
03/06/2019 21:58:45

I was always in it but then found out my odds weren't very good as I am an overseas subscriber laugh


Thread: Another thread closed
22/05/2019 11:19:55
Posted by Doc Marten on 22/05/2019 10:15:26:
Posted by Andrew Ray on 22/05/2019 09:27:31:

But warn folks and delete posts if necessary but don't close down a thread that there are obviously passions about, moderate it.

Exactly right and who suggested an unmoderated forum? For a forum to be successful with contented members there has to be a balance of self and appointed moderation.

A number of replies are saying that the Moderators allow healthy debate, well that's contrary to what's been experienced. The reason for this thread was to ask why the decision on the latest closure was taken before it got anywhere close to 'robust', the reply being that it had the potential to get heated, was likely to repeat itself and had been reported; Is that the applied thread closing criteria? The comments that the moderation is "consistent" when other threads have been allowed to run having clearly breached the CofC and have gone around in circles more times than a control line pulse jet show that there is little consistency, the EV thread being a prime example.

The responses that the the Mods have better things to do with their time is probably the worst statement to make, it's the same as hearing a Police representitive state that they have better things to do than deal with the public. It is after all, their 'Raison D'etre'.

Edited By Doc Marten on 22/05/2019 10:30:10

I detect the forum is being not being moderated with the same degree of frequency as previously. Clearly with the sad departure of BEB who was very active both as a poster and moderator, the workload on the other mods has increased and quite possibly time is relevant.

There doesn't really seem to be much point to this thread especially as the CoC you refer to also prohibits the discussion and criticism of moderators decisions on the forum. If you personally are dissatisfied with the conduct of the forum and want further answers to why any thread was locked, my view is you should PM a moderator and ask them in private.


21/05/2019 20:05:19
Posted by Jason Inskip on 21/05/2019 19:46:19:
Posted by Percy Verance on 21/05/2019 19:20:00:

Not necessarily kc. If you e mail your MP them or write to them, they should, in theory, still read your views.........

I'm disappointed the CAA consultation thread was closed too. I would have liked to know what response people are getting from their letters. So far I've had no response - and in my book, no response = they have not bothered to read it.

I do like this forum though, and believe moderators try to do their best - just difficult to always make the right call I guess.

Edited By Jason Inskip on 21/05/2019 19:48:25


You could always start another thread just for responses. If the spiral of decline was kept out of it and it was based on what the CAA or MPs actually say it would be helpful. It might even go the distance if everyone kept their cool.


21/05/2019 17:30:33
Posted by Solly on 21/05/2019 17:03:40:

Unfortunately the activity is due to the same old group of Bees. The rest of us have all but buzzed off because we're sick of getting stung.

Not really true is it? Away from the controversial threads there is a huge amount of good stuff going on. People leave this forum because they don't like it and others join because they do.


Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 06:34:46

Can't see this thread lasting 41 pages.

Nor do I see a poll of this nature doing anything but damage. The old arguments being dragged out again and again will do nothing to help those agencies and individuals who are trying to get the misguided proposals changed through proper channels.


Thread: CAA registration consulation
16/05/2019 10:55:37

When the CAA start their awareness campaign it will probably be seen by far more members of the public than just drone operators.
The public's likely perception (rightly or wrongly) is that £16.50 is a small price to pay for having a register to provide some sort of control over drones (misguided or not). Don't expect much sympathy from Jo Public for any posturing.

Those that think refusing to pay will make any difference are deluded. Those that advocate not paying are stirring things up and both are likely to do more harm than good to the modelling fraternity.

In many parts, this thread has acquired a set of responses that bear no resemblance to the consultation document or the video interview with the CAA.


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