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Thread: BMFA
18/12/2019 14:04:52

I am the same although not really surprised with what's going on with them at the moment, anyway what I had has now been sold on this forum.

Thread: Programming AR636A
11/06/2019 16:17:55

Bruce...…..Thx for info. as feared I will have to get a USB cable. Not sure if we are really progressing with all this software and high tech bits and bobs but nothing I can say will change that.

10/06/2019 20:30:38

I also have a AR636A Rx which is working fine but due to a mobile phone problem lost the software so can now no longer alter the settings on it. It would seem that Spektrum no longer offer the same software for Android phones which I have the lead for and as far as I can tell I have to fork out for a USB lead so I can programme this Rx, seems a backward step to me out at the field lugging a lappy about, or have I got the wrong end of the stick.

Any comments please?

Thread: DLE 2-strokes
03/04/2019 16:38:40

I will be watching this with interest, I want to know myself how we can get a 20cc petrol motor under 82dB.

Thread: Mysterious old radio
18/11/2018 16:13:39

RCP were I think made in Kidderminster in the late '60's early '70's if I remember correctly,

I still have one of these single channel Tx's. stored somewhere. At the time there was a very small model shop in Hereford run by an Ian Mowbray and I am sure he had something to do with RCP but in what capacity I have no idea.

Thread: Home made exhaust for petrols....
04/09/2018 15:43:16

Denis, interesting stuff as I believe this is the first time I think I have seen anyone saying they have achieved the BMFA 82db, just one question please what was the make and capacity of motor.

Thread: What cc petrol engine ?
02/09/2018 21:15:11

Rocker it's a good job your club has a no noise restriction as my friend and I have been trying/testing home made and bought mufflers/canisters for a Zenoah and a DLA 30cc engine for some months as our club has a strict 82db noise restriction. You name it we've tried it, got to 84bd (homemade) and that's it. I know noise in the air is a different matter but no pass of the 7mtr/82db limit means no flying. We have concluded so far that all home made or bought mufflers need to be far bigger that what is on offer over the counter . Marcle LMA this weekend a trader was selling Chip Hyde canisters which as they are made in the USA seem to working to getting under 90db, ask me how I know as we bought 2 at Cosford. We are using a calibrated BMFA approved noise meter for our tests. Good luck.

Thread: Help needed
12/08/2018 17:46:48

Exactly my experience except my tests have been done in the middle of a 14 acre field.

Good luck with your home made one though!

11/08/2018 21:27:38

Kim. I agree about the stalled prop, only thing is in our club until you pass the BMFA noise test on the ground I can't find out what it's like in the air. No one in the club fly's petrol.

I agree that the canisters need to be as big as possible, I have been working on 8 times the volume of the engine i.e. 20 cc engine can should be 160cc but this is far to small I think. Homemade cans are 300x50 mm plus a header pipe made from 22mm s/s and approx. 500mm long soft mounted outside the fuselage as this is a retrospective fit..

10/08/2018 21:41:13

It would be interesting if anyone has actually put a noise meter on one of these 'cans' as I'm afraid 'subjectively' does not 'cut the mustard' with our committee, thx for input though.

10/08/2018 20:28:08

Watching this with interest as our club works to the BMFA noise limit of 82dB from 7 meters, left, right, back and front pass no fly, (shouldn't we all?)

There does not appear to be any after market silencer/canister out in model land regardless of price, which will give these results and no one supplier would give any guarantee that their silencer/canister etc will get down to this noise level, saying there are to many variables to consider, which of course there are.

My winter project was to make some canisters for my Zenoah 20 and DLA 33 petrol motors and it has been a revelation how difficult it is to get down anywhere near 82dB. I am currently on my 5th canister for the Zenoah and cannot get anywhere near 82db from the front the rest is okay. One bought canister from Cosford (Chip Hyde and cheap)has been tried on the DLA, 96dB all round, but as I say it was worth a punt. You name it I've tried it, props revs soft mounts etc, so any input suggestions gratefully received. Even set it up on the Workmate to eliminate airframe noise.

Thread: DLE 30cc info sought
30/07/2018 18:53:12

alex nicol. Prop was a 17x10 Master, bit of a bodge in the hub for the bolts as the hub is not really designed for that type of fitting. Still to noisy though on a bought canister.

30/07/2018 15:26:56

Thx iqon for reply but as you can guess I have tried every bigger prop known to man (just about) including 3 blades. Big props tend to overload the motors as well which is not good although it keeps the revs down. As for canisters I have bought two different makes and neither of them can get below 82dB.Resting from the front is the worse, in fact my home made canisters are much quieter ( on number 6 at the moment) .

30/07/2018 14:48:31

Slightly off topic

Following this with interest as we have a noise sensitive site here and try what you may I have not been able to buy a silencer or indeed make one that will get under the 82dB that the BMFA suggests and our club insists on, any suggestions please for a Zenoah 20cc and a DLA 33.There is one thing for sure packing a standard silencer with pan scourers does not get anywhere near 82dB

Thread: Website Not Secure
13/06/2018 19:51:46


Tried clearing cache before, made no difference but my anti virus software (Kaspersky) is happy with the sites certification so that will do for me.

13/06/2018 16:38:41

Interesting as my browser (Edge) is still saying that the site is still 'Not secure'

Thread: Are Willis Warbirds still trading?
06/04/2018 20:04:55

Link works for me and I have now made a note of their Summer War Birds Show from it.

Thread: Rear exhaust 10cc
10/06/2017 16:10:43

Hi Mick

I have a OS 10cc RE engine you may be interested in which has had very little use, but its not a Hanno. I will have to dig it out of it's box and I can of course take a few 'photos as well if you are at all interested. I should have a pipe and manifold to match as well. It has not had a lot of use. I also have a very second version of the same which has a good bottom end (new bearings) but wants a piston and liner.

Thread: 2016 Nationals
11/01/2016 20:58:53

Essjay I think Long Marston has been sold for housing otherwise that would have been a good venue for sure.

Thread: Poundland adhesives
26/11/2015 22:22:59

I have been using both the super glue and epoxy for the last couple of years and have found it to be first class. I don't even keep the super glue in the fridge just leaving it on the carton the packs are attached to until required. One glue in Poundland that can catch you out if you use Depron at all is their UHU Power which melts Depron really fast, so don't mistake it for POR

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