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Thread: Strange Signal Reception Event
25/04/2016 23:31:58

Lookup fresnel zones on google. You were in it, the wet ground will have enhanced the effect.

Bruce on rcmodelreviews did a good youtube vid on the subject recently


Thread: Can I recover this Lipo?
21/04/2016 09:45:40

There is an easier way to recover a lipo. Just parrallel up the dead battery with a second fully charged lipo through the balance connector and leave it somewhere safe for a day or so. This will equalize the voltage between the two batteries. Both will need a proper balance charge afterwards.


Thread: Those Smart Phone Thingies
17/03/2016 23:38:27

Keep the perfectly good phon e you have for making calls and get a cheap tablet for running the apps. The are two seperate tasks and are better served by two seperate devices.


Thread: Using a desktop PSU?
12/03/2016 07:16:17

For modeling you probably won't use the negative supplies, they are generally used for amplifier circuits where you have to deal with ac signals that vary above and below 0 volts.


Thread: Switching power supply
11/03/2016 06:31:40

A 0.5A supply will charge your lipos it will just do it very slowly, so perhaps not the best way. Instead connect it to a spare BEC and use it to power a servo tester.


Thread: Flight Times
24/02/2016 19:36:49

Just buy one of the plug in battery checkers on ebay for about £3 then fly until it starts beeping at you.


Thread: Safe Discharge Dodgy Lipo
16/02/2016 01:20:03

The issue with the reverse charge is not that the cell is going to take a reverse charge, for various technical reasons and as observed that's not going to happen, the problem is that the charge current is going to be applied in reverse to the dead cell. That is a very bad thing to do, especially to a lipo.

In fact if the cell could take the reverse charge and store it then it wouldn't be bad at all, but because the cell is unable to store the charge then the only thing it can do with the energy applied is to turn it into heat. Whether this is a problem depends entirely on the cells ability to lose the heat generated. If it can't dissipate it more quickly than it is generated then bad things will happen. Simply saying that 200ma should be fine is misleading, it may be ok or it may not be. The only sure safe way to discharge any battery is to do each cell individually, fortunatly that is easy to achieve with our lipos as we have access via the balance plug to each cell. Use this to discharge and never try to discharge via the main series connector.


Thread: Fly in France, training in the Loire
06/02/2016 20:02:52

"Mode 1 first (attempt)" then people learnt better and along came mode 2

Thread: Turnigy motor thrust stand
02/02/2016 19:53:00

Bruce on the rcmodelreviews youtube channel has one of these. He has done a number of videos comparing diferrent props and motors. Worth a look


Thread: Signal Loss with Spektrum?
17/01/2016 02:12:36

Gangster, digital tv and mobile phones are quite differrent systems from our radios. Digital tv only uses a single transmitter in any given area so never has to deal with channel contention. It is a simple time sharing system used to send multiple (tv) channels on a single freq. Mobile phones work on a master slave principle so although there are loads af transmitters (phones) they are all controlled by a master at the base station which allocates time slots and freqs so avoiding contention. Contrast this with dsm2 which just listens for two spare freqs at switch on and then tries to work just using those two. There is no coordination between tx so if someone else switches on out of range of your tx then they could easily choose one of the same channels you are using and block it, so now you only have one usable freq. If both freqs are blocked then you lose the link. Dsmx meanwhile uses multi channel freq hopping so is able to dynamically avoid blocked freqs as they appear And so is much more resilient.


Thread: 3D printing - a home production revolution?
14/01/2016 14:54:41

Hi Peter,

I didn't realise Dremel made a glo powered version


Thread: Best material for building board?
07/12/2015 19:41:50

When we had our windows changed I saved a 2 X 4 glazing unit and laid a same size sheet of plasterboard on top. The plasterboard takes the pins and the glass keeps it perfectly flat.


Thread: HK Me163
27/11/2015 09:01:07

To late. Price back up to £92 & no stock left.


Thread: Batteries
24/11/2015 13:56:27

Rather than just joining the batteries in parallel you should join the cells in parallel then you would only have 1 balance lead.


Thread: Taking the quad copter plunge.
15/11/2015 02:22:35

Banggood have really great cust service. No quibble, just send you another if probs. Typical Chinese quality can be a bit hit & miss but thats reflected in the price. Don't expect next day delivery, can take four to six weeks but again, price. If you want it tomorrow there are better places.


Thread: Precedent Fly Boy - remember it?
02/11/2015 23:04:45

Taught myself to fly on the hi-boy, took me 3 kits and numurous rebuilds before I sucessfully landed one. Eventually moved onto the lo-boy which I flew for many years. Nice models but definetly on the heavy side.


Thread: So I can hover - what next
17/10/2015 22:22:01

If you are using 3 cell batteries then you can get a 6 to 2 X 3 cell adaptor which will allow you to charge 2 batteries as if they are a single 6 cell. This has the advantage that the charger can balance all 6 cells properly. They are available from HK and elsewhere. Better than parallel charging


Thread: Two more FrSky Txs in the pipeline
24/07/2015 22:06:27

I would add another group 4 which *is* real programming, which because it's open source is there for anyone to explore. Now I know this group may be fairly small but the important thing is that it's there so if there is something you can think off that the Taranis really can't do already you have the option to join group 4 and add the new feature yourself.


Thread: Turnigy 9X range issues?
23/07/2015 07:46:42

Hi Martin, I have been using a 9x for a couple of years without any issues. I also have a spectrum and a taranis but tend to use the 9x for day to day flying as it is simple and just works. Must admit I am not into long distance fpv etc but just pootling around the circuit I have never had reason to doubt it.


Thread: This quarter's BMFA news
17/07/2015 11:35:03

C8, rather than binnig your copy drop it in at the local doctor or dentists waiting room, might just get someone interested and it's definetly a better read than a 2 year old copy of country life or womens own mag.


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