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Thread: A great use for FPV
10/01/2015 17:29:01

Very nice , I especially like the photo of the burnt orange coloured yak54 (seagull.? ) with all the blue smoke in flight

Thread: Futaba P-Hal2100 Autopilot
10/01/2015 16:32:53

Thanks chris , it seems it is compatible with most rx's , I only ask because I got this given , and was wondering wether or not to install it in my sbach , thinking it may help me out if I get in a pickle while practising certain manoeuvres , anyone got any experience of this , or one like it .

Its not to help me fly I can do that no problem , just sometimes I get muddled up a bit practising rolling circuits

Thread: Ever wanted to get into or improve your aerobatics?
09/01/2015 23:51:37

Just registered with the gbrcaa

09/01/2015 23:50:53

Yeah I'll be down for that yes

09/01/2015 23:35:34

Bob I really fancy coming down for that

Thread: Futaba P-Hal2100 Autopilot
09/01/2015 20:15:39

Well due tomthe lack of answers I'm going to assume its not compatible with a spektrum rx , I've had a bit google and cant find anything to say otherwise

Thread: seagull msx-r
09/01/2015 20:13:49

Stuey theres a nice 30cc one on hobbyking , dunno if it would be too big for your needs , but I'm defo thinking of getting it

09/01/2015 18:41:33

Anway it is a very nice model , I would change the aluminum wingtube out for a carbon one as I've read a few reports on other forums about the quality of the tube , and some have landed with unexpected dihedral , I'm thinking of getting the 30cc sized one from hobbyking european warehouse if it doesnt exceed there shipping weight

09/01/2015 18:31:47

No my hobbyking msx-r is e50 sized chris , martins is 50cc sized fitted with a 60cc petrol engine , when the two of them are side by side the only difference is the size , ruddrr elevator and ailerons are exactly the same size scale wise

Edited By john melia 1 on 09/01/2015 18:38:24

09/01/2015 18:03:40

Ultra light build ? And I'm sure the seagull version will be built more or less exactly the same , I had the hobbyking version and it also was capable of 3d maneouvres.

All I'm saying is the msx-r is definately capable of performing 3d , Martins is exactly the same as my hobbyking version , built exactly the same when compared , the only difference from mine to his is the amount of movement he has on the control surfaces .

09/01/2015 17:55:34

Sorry David , if I was a bit confusing , its a 50cc size msx-r fitted with a 60cc engine , and its not a seagull , however it is exactly the same in all respects to the seagull only bigger .

I'll get some video of it performing 3d with ease the next time he brings it out

Edited By john melia 1 on 09/01/2015 17:56:08

09/01/2015 17:26:31

Just been reading david ashby's review of the msx-r . Ok good review , but I must say your opinion on club aerobatics is a bit misleading , I have seen the 50cc (fitted with a 60cc) petrol engine , perform outstanding 3d manoeuvres , flown by a very profficient pilot .

Thread: Futaba P-Hal2100 Autopilot
09/01/2015 13:38:27

Ok this may be the silliest question of today , but I dont know the answer so I'll ask anyway , can the Futaba P-hal2100 be used with a spektrum rx ?

Ok I'm now crouching behind the sofa to avoid the barrage of verbal bombardment heading my way

If not anyone interested in it .

Thread: Just Engines own brand engines are no more
25/12/2014 21:46:53

Yep I'm finished with nitro , I have five petrols now , much better imo

Thread: Longer days
23/12/2014 11:45:29

Is your glass half full orhalf empty ? Unfortunately spring is a long way away yet so mine is half empty .....bah humbug and all that caper

Thread: Christmas wishes
23/12/2014 00:56:00

Just thought I'd take the opportunity to wish everyone a very happy christmas and New Year , and to thank everyone for their help throughout the year

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 23/12/2014 08:32:11

Thread: powerbox-systems powerbox
15/12/2014 23:05:34

Thats the first thing I did lee , when I installed it

15/12/2014 18:47:26

Just tried two brand new A123 LiFe batteries ( the good ones £55 !! ) , and the led's behave in exactly the same way , all wiring plugs and connections are fine , so I think whatever monitors the batteries in the powerbox switch , does not recognise the LiFe chemisty , or whatever it is

14/12/2014 20:26:05

Thanks for the replies guys much appreciated , I have two brand new fully charged A123 batteries , these are fitted snuggly in my yak , but I'll sort a couple of extension leads out and link them to the powerbox switch , I have a feeling the leds on the powerbox switch will do the same song and dance though .

Lee i only have the powerbox switch , and not the actual powerbox , do you not get any fluctuation when waggling all the sticks ?

14/12/2014 14:18:00

I've been using this powerbox switch for quite a while now with life 2s packs x2, in the manual it says to please rely on the led's and what they are displaying , the instructions say to move both stick and watch the leds , if they stay green the packs are fully chargedand fine , if the leds change colour fro orange to red then stop flying as the packs need re-charging.

Now as I said I use LiFe 2s packs, and even when both are fully charged , both leds on thepowerbox switch flash between orange and red , when I stop moving the sticksthey go back to green.

So even though powerbox-systems state that this unit is LiFe compatible , it seems that I cant rely on what the led's are showing me .

so i feel as though i have no control over the packs , with the powerswitch giving out false information,

Is there any reliable means of monitoring these type of packs yet ? If not i'm going to replace them with Lipos I think

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