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Thread: thor 45cc
25/08/2014 16:51:03

Thor 45cc engine problem now solved , thanks to Mark (chester le street mc) for his expertise , time and patience , firstly not only was the cdi unit duff , but the hall sensor wasn't quite upto it either .

Replaced the cdi with a rcexl unit , and used the old hall sensor housing with another sensor installed , reset the timing to match the cdi unit , half a dozen flicks and the engine burst into life .

Again cant thwnk Mark enough , just got to fly it now

Thread: jiant jabberwock saga
24/08/2014 21:01:24
Posted by Stuart Emery on 24/08/2014 18:40:02:

Interested, whereabouts are you?



Northeast of england stuart

Thread: falcon aviation
24/08/2014 08:04:38

Anyone had any dealings with these , they seem to have a cdi unit ive been after , they dont say if its in stockmor not on their website , so i'll have to phine them on tuesday

Thread: Have a Rant
24/08/2014 08:02:00

Just a simple one for me , but why cant online shops state wether or not the item you are interested in is in stock ? What seems to be the problem with not being able to have a little green or red light next to the item .

Thread: thor 45cc
23/08/2014 21:40:03

Ok guys I replaced the plug after checking and adjusting gap as per manual , bought some easy start , and guess what .......... nada , everything still the same , it will fire on choke , and attempt to start thereafter , then as time progresses ....... nothing , not even a pop .

So took plug out dried it as it was wet , put it back in cap and checked for a spark , no spark was present at that time , took cap to bits and everything seems fine , screen is firmly fixed to inside of metal outer cap , and no breaks in the wire .

So got the multimeter out and put one probe on ground , and one to plug contact inside cap , meter showed a pulse everytime magnet passed hall sensor , but on inserting plug ..... no spark , tried the original plug but still the same , replaced ign pack with a fully charged pack and still nothing .

So the fault seems to be with the cdi unit , unless anyone else know different , I hope they do because I cannot source a replacement cdi unit for this engine

22/08/2014 21:13:06

Easy start from halfords coupled with a new plug is my next step jamie yes and then if no joy a phone call to JE yes

Thread: my best friend
21/08/2014 20:11:25

Yes flyboy , I am now cautiously optomistic that , banjo will make a full recovery , after his second major op , new stitches replacing the ones he was allergic to , extremely high doses of antibiotics and a morphine based painkiller , he is now home , drinking , and eating small amounts

His wound looks to have improved slightly even in the short time he has been home , i spent all last night keeping an eye on him , so I'm writing this update from my bed (20:05) ,

He goes back to the vets tomorrow at 12 noon , for a check up , and hopefully they will give him the two thumbs up ,I think he's also going to get an invite to the staff xmas party , only him mind not us lol .

Thread: Ultimate biplane
21/08/2014 11:53:16

I second what beb says, I had the 40 size one fitted with a 52 ts , it required 100% attention at all times , and yes it did have the glide angle of a brick , deadsticks are a dodgy affair , both times it happened to me while travelling downwind , and both times it went in .

Having said that it was a lot of fun , and kept me on my toes , notice i say was , as the second time it deadsticked I couldnt get it turned in time , the hard landing caused more damage than I could be bothered to repair .

Not saying it will happen to you , but it was a handful at times . This model was a hk variation , so not the best airframe either .

Thread: thor 45cc
20/08/2014 17:04:46

Reset needles to factory settings just in case percy ! The plug when I took it out was quite wet , when I flicked the plug fuel ejected from around the electrode , just wondering if a rxcel ign module would work with this engine , does anyone know of an aftermarket cdi that would work ?

Would it be worth getting one of those ign testers from hk , dont know if it would work with the thor cdi , from what I've read they are for rxcel cdi units .

20/08/2014 16:44:44

What is a healthy spark supposed to look like .? To me it doesnt appear to be very strong , it jumps the gap ok , but seems thin (only way I can explain it )

I dont think its fuel related on this one , as the plug is wet , after flicking for god knows how long trying to get it started

20/08/2014 16:22:29

Well on a lighter note , after the drama of last week and this week , I have aquired a blackhorse cap 232 , fitted with a brand new thor 45cc engine , it was taken out of the box , installed on the cap and has never had a drop of petrol through it .

Enter me stage left , thinking ok , fuel it up , get some fuel through into the carb , and fire up ............?........... not a chance

With the needles set at one and a half turns , a fresh 6v eneloop ign pack , choke on the engine will pop , choke off , the engine will fire and run for around a second .

The more I continue to try and start it the more reluctant it becomes , so after sorting iut the 26cc rcg (another thread) I'm back to square one with this one .

Any ideas ..?

Thread: my best friend
20/08/2014 12:43:30

Thanks again everyone for you best wishes , , well phoned the vets this morning , and much better news was awaiting me , banjo's condition has improved overnight , it looks as though the new stitches are not causing any allergic reaction , he is still on high doses of pain killers and antibiotics , and still pretty unwell , but is improving .

Best news I could ever have wished for , lets hope this is the finish and I can get him home and look after him .

If Banjo could talk I know he would thank everyone for their kind comments , ....... here he is before the story began

so from Banjo , a big THANK YOU EVERYONE

Thread: Johnny Johnson deserves a knighthood
20/08/2014 08:47:46

Just signed the petition

Thread: my best friend
19/08/2014 19:46:09

Well this possibly could be the last update ,after taking banjo back to the vets yesterday , they said he had a bad infection and gave him a huge antibiotic injection along with pain killers and inflammatory drugs.

They stated that if this did not work over the next 12 -18hrs , and the infection didnt improve , then ir would be most probable that he had peritanitus which is life threating .

So they kept him in overnight and they rang back this morning with bad news , he had been taken for a scan and the result confirmed the worst , she said the only option left was to take him back to theatre , go back in and flush his intestines over a period of three days , which meant he would have to be left cut open and under anesthetic for a full three days .

She asked if I wanted to go ahead with it , but she wasnt optomistic about the outcome , so I said , well at least have a look in and make a decision on what you find . Anway a few hours later the phone went , i was in the shed trying to keep my mind of the events , jill came in and said the vets just been on the phone .........

When they opened him up again and got inside his intestines , they found that they were healing quite well and that the intestines were not the cause of the infection , so it wasnt peritanitus as they first diagnosed .

On further investigation they found banjo had had an allergic reaction to the stictches in his stomach wall , they said it was a one in a million chance of this happening, they have now changed the stitches to something else they hope he wont react to, and said that the good news is the fact he does not have peritanitus , but the bad news is that he is now very ill because of the infection .

I am a man who has been around a bit during my life , and have had my share of numerous altercations that ended up in fighting of one sort or another , been in the military , and lost family members , ......

But never in my life have I felt this way over a little dog , ive had dogs the best part of my life , and have had to have quite a few put to sleep , but this little dog has touched me in a way I just cant explain , I love him more than words could ever describe , I am now an emotional wreck , floating in a sea of despair , but hopefully there is yet again a slight glimmer at the end of the tunnel .

Anyone reading this who has never had a pet before , will not be able to comprehend what i'm trying to explain , and probably see me as being a bit silly , but those of you who have been here , know just what I'm talking about .

Thread: rcg 26cc
19/08/2014 08:53:18

Thanks rob , its always handy to know though

Thread: my best friend
18/08/2014 14:32:32

Just getting ready to take bwnjo back to the vets , his app' wsas for tuesday , but ive brought it forward to today , because his wound is weeping slightly , not pus , but a watery red liquid , think it may be getting inflamed , so hes going today , in fact right now lol

Thread: another feather in my CAP
16/08/2014 20:32:33

thumbs up ok ben hope to see you there

16/08/2014 18:55:01

Thats a sunday and a monday ben ?

16/08/2014 18:53:27

Ok ben , will see if I can get up there , I'd better stick the dates in my phone or else I'll never get there laugh

Thread: It'll be quiet on here tonight
16/08/2014 16:33:26

Not be quiet from me , I've never watched a game of football since I was around 18 , cant stand the game beer

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