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Thread: seagull glasair
31/03/2017 08:25:22

anyone know what servo this requires ,on kings lynn models website it just says 8 servos ?

its 120 fourstroke size , 71" span

Thread: ngh gf 30cc
30/03/2017 17:01:55

thanks denis , by pottering about i dont mean walking pace stuff , just something different from the all out aerobatic models i have at present , i'm also getting an evolution bipe v2 off my mate who pranged it last weekend and cant be bothered to do the repairs which really dont add up to much , so looking forward to that too

Thread: Map of RC UK suppliers
30/03/2017 12:03:27

channel4models has nothing at all on the website

Thread: ngh gf 30cc
30/03/2017 12:00:41

has anyone got any experience with the NGH GF 30cc engine , if so whats your opinion / horror story

i'm flying a yak 55cc and a pitts python 55cc at the moment , but was looking at the seagull glasair from kings lynn models , just for something to potter around with ,and ive been eying up this ngh to put in it

22/01/2017 11:10:03
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 22/01/2017 09:25:42:

Without doubt quality of the hinges is a critical factor. I use the great planes ones where possible and have never been let down. I also use the hinges that come with my YT models without issue. My YT La7 is entering its 7th season and that model gets quite the spanking when I fly it. The only hinges on the model that are giving me concern are the rudder hinges which are the robart type and have started to get some play in them. I am monitoring them and will replace when I think they are becoming unsafe.

Given that control surface sizes, deflections and loads on warbirds are quite small good quality cyano hinges will be just fine if you use enough and install them correctly. For a 3d model of the same size they aren't much good as you not only cant get the travel range you need but control surface loads are quite a bit higher

So how do i define good quality in a mylar hinge Jon , are the black horse mylar hinges good quality ?

21/01/2017 23:26:21

Hi guys , its been a while since i was last logged in , but i have a bit of a rant ..... i think

i have just purchased the Black Horse 60cc Corsair , i havent received it yet , but thought i'd download the manual and see whats what

Now this artf has just cost me £750 from kings lynn models , and according to the manual it comes complete with ........ wait for it ......... CYNO HINGES !!!!

I would have thought for an ARTF in this price range it would have been supplied with robart hinges , now i know its no big deal to change the hinges .... but really .... should i have to on a kit like this

Not a very good start in my opinion

Thread: elevator servos glitching
13/03/2016 19:12:39

Thanks for that martin I would not have thought to look there

13/03/2016 18:45:28

Yeah gonna try tomorrow john

13/03/2016 18:14:14

Only happens when engine is running and throttling up and down Steve , no contact with elevator stick on Tx

13/03/2016 17:51:07

Hi everyone its been a while since I posted anyways I'm having problems with my 30cc sbach , when I throttle up and down the elevator begins to act like mini ailerons .My RX is an AR12010 with two lipo rx packs through a powerbox switch . Serves on elevator are Hitec hs 645mg's .I have tried both servos in other channels with the same result , this is the second Rx , the first was replaced because of strange erratic behaviour in the air . I also replaced the two life Rx packs for lipos , and if I remember correctly I had no problems while the life packs were in , I changed them because they were around two years old I've checked the leads from the ignition module for chafing and bypassed the ignition cut out switch but problem is still there. Also my choke rod is metal running through a metal plate , just wondering if the choke rod vibrating in the metal support plate could cause it .i can't remember if I had installed the choke rod before or After the first Rx replacement

Thread: Free simulators?
27/07/2015 17:42:27

i didnt post a link , and its ebay !! Wouldnt you think ebay would stop the selling of these items then ?

Thread: any sparkies
20/07/2015 19:19:13

sorted !! got it going , there was a short in the square junction box thats bolted onto the side of the motor , at some point in its life , the plastic terminal box melted , and the exposed metal screw connectors were shorting out on the side of the junction box casing

20/07/2015 18:23:08

what would constitute a non rcd socket

20/07/2015 17:53:22

thanks mike , heres a photo of the motor , would replacing the capacitor help ? is there a way of testing the cap to see if its causing the problem

20/07/2015 17:10:44

i've just bought an elecktra beckum hc 260m , but when i switch it on it immediately trips the rcd on the fuse panel

it trips the switch to the right of the one marked rcd with the yellow rectangle above it

the guy i bought it off says i need a bigger breaker ?? it was working in his garage

Thread: Half price fretsaw
12/07/2015 16:09:35

i've got a Hegner Multicut , as i'm into intarsia , very nice bit of kit

Thread: just engines jens duo exhaust 30cc
30/06/2015 12:46:19

yeah not sure how the increased rpm comes about in the video tbh , but JE did state on the phone to me that a drop in power is to be expected ....... strange

30/06/2015 12:09:07

ok i phoned JE and theres nothing that can be done with the power loss , its a trade off between power and noise reduction

when i say power loss , the only place where it is very noticable is in a vertical climb , it will still climb vertically but will run out of steam and begin to fall back , as opposed to it disappearing out of sight with the stock can

having said that , if you are looking for an exhaust to significantly reduce the noise then this one does exactly that , it totally eradicates that annoying crack so evident of a petrol engine

30/06/2015 09:16:28

yep i will do , i'll give them a call today

30/06/2015 08:48:54

stu , its pretty good as a silencer , i havent had a decibel meter on it so cant give you specifics , but it has certainly eliminated that load crack thats associated with petrol engines

to be honest it really doesnt sound much louder than a nitro

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