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Thread: Micron PL7d
18/08/2019 12:57:47

Gangster, thanks for the kind offer. I've pm'd you.

17/08/2019 21:24:20

Thanks for the previous advice re the servo. I decided to build everything else before working anymore on this (I'll work through the suggestions as the next job). So, lots of soldering done, a suprisingly successful outcome and I now have an operational tx, rx and 3 servos. The 4 primary controls work great. I've just got to make uo and install the 3 aux switches and put the stickers on. The only difficulty is that I could do with a few of the 3 pin plugs for the extra channels for the servo leads. They are 3 pin with one of the pins spaced a bit furher apart than the other 2 - does anyone know if they are still available, what thy're called or where to get them?

10/08/2019 20:48:50

Just tried it with the motor out (of the gear train), it just runs all the time but changes direction if I rotate the pot manually. The motor doesn't stop at any point. I've also tried swapping the integrated circuit with one of the working servos and that works fine (the i.c.).,

10/08/2019 18:41:35

Hi to any Micron afficianados,

I'm currently putting together a PL7-D kit which includes a 35mhz Tx & Rx with 4no bb servos. I started on the servos and the 1st 3 work fine (on a modern servo tester). The 4th one drives to a position and then just jitters. I can't see anything wrong with the soldering and I've triple checked that all the components are correct and the right way round. The pot and wipers all appear ok. Anyone have any ideas?

05/08/2019 17:41:00


For Terry,

I've pm'd you a few micron queries.

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
21/03/2019 17:42:53

We could do with a Psychiatrist.

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
23/12/2017 18:31:48
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated (into the BMFA).
Thread: Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 kit
13/07/2017 15:45:14


Apologies, I've been so busy playing with mine that I'd forgotten to post. It's great, better than I hoped for.

It all turned up as scheduled complete with a few extra accessories and some other filament (it comes with a roll of PLA). I used the on-line guide and just did everything as instructed and it went together with no problem (it's a bit like building a decent quality heli). It took about a week of evenings inc flashing new firmware, installing drivers and the Prusa Slic3r software. I ran the calibration tests and it was all good from the start. I decided to use up the roll of PLA printing off the supplied sample files in order to check out what it could do and how to do it (whistle, dog, dragon, castle, boat, froggy etc). I had a few issues with 1st layer adhesion on some of the prints but after looking on the Prusa forum and experimenting I found Acetone and a kitchen towel was best for cleaning the bed and haven't had any problems since (I soon discovered that 1st layer adhesion is king when it comes to 3D printing). I'm now in the process of making my home office area 3D printer friendly (it's currently sitting on the dining table and I'm being put under pressure to move it somewhere else for some reason?). I've made a few bits for my aquarium and expect to start on modelling related thingys next week. I started making a list, as follows - Rx holders in flex filament. Dashboard, aerial and possibly some undercarriage doors for my DB Hurricane. Glue bottle holder for the workshop. A bezel / holder for fuselage mounting of charge sockets / battery checking. My designing skills are improving and it doesn't taker too long to draw simple stuff. I would also like to design a pilot figure and have been looking at the Blender software (something else to get my head around).

Thread: Wings and Wheels North Weald 2017
27/06/2017 13:18:13

I've been going to this show for quite a few years now and It's only about an hour from home so fairly convenient. I got there on Saturday about 9.00am and had a quick look around the Bring and Buy, there appeared to be a good selection at this time but as I wasn't in the market for anything 2nd hand I went off to find breakfast and watch some flying before the 1st shopping spree (I build a fair bit, so need / want lots of supplies). The bacon and mushroom baguette was awesome, it must have had 6 rashers of bacon - I couldn't eat it all but did try my best, the coffee was pretty good as well.

It was a bit blowy and it was excellent to see the skills of the participating pilots, It was quite inspiring and it just goes to show that the flying part of our hobby doesn't need to be limited to perfect weather conditions. Once the display got going I and some of the other spectators enjoyed joining in / taking the mick with the enthusiastic, albeit largely inaccurate, calling of the models. I particularly enjoyed watching the Warbirds generally, the Stearman, the Red Arrows duo and the big Pitts.

The trade presence suited me and it didn't seem much different to previous years. I dropped off a suspect Rx at Macgregor's for Steve to check out and then trawled the other stands for a couple of hours buying all sorts of bits and bobs including stuff that my LMS's never seems to have. My only criticism was that there weren't any shopping trolleys and I had to carry everything. I easily covered the entrance cost with savings made against P&P from ordering on-line.

The best deal I came across was at the YT stand, several of their smaller kits had massive discounts and were down to £250, so if you were in the market for a decent sized warbird with their retracts / wheels it was £470.

I bumped into several of our club's members and most seemed to be enjoying the day with only one disparaging remark about the lack of show bargains - I'm never entirely sure what constitutes a show bargain but I'm assuming it will be a cheap foamy with an AS3X - Urggh?

Thread: Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 kit
16/06/2017 07:17:30
I'd almost forgotten about about my kit order but just got notification that It's on the way. Time to clear the bench as having left Prague it's now at Nurnberg, so hopefully only a few days now.
Thread: Caption competition!
30/03/2017 08:41:28

That bloke off the Moneysupermarket ad should stick to dancing!

Thread: One Eighteenth of a Canberra B.2
24/03/2017 10:28:22

Ten out of Ten. No need to try any harder.

Thread: Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 kit
18/03/2017 12:48:58
The courses were run at Uxbridge college I think they do them every few months,one evening a week for six weeks.
17/03/2017 18:25:17

I've been reading this thread with great interest and have just taken the plunge and ordered a Prusa i3 mk2 etc.

The inclination for this was spurred on by recent events but has been brewing unnoticed over the last year or so. I'd been trying to teach myself 2D AutoCAD as well as Compufoil, in an attempt to design my very own scale masterpiece. It was all going pretty well until at one point I got a bit stuck and despite trawling on-line tutorials etc, I couldn't figure out how to do what I wanted or needed to do, so I looked around for a suitable short course and found one at my local college. It was beyond excellent, in 6 x 3hr sessions my class was taught the basics and beyond, as a bonus we got a 3 year license for the full AutoCAD student edition and a whacking great manual. My scale design was nearing completion when the college contacted me to see if I wanted to do a new AutoCAD 3D and digital printing course. Guess what, another 6 sessions later and this is where I am now. All freshly learned with 3D stuff and another massive manual.

The more I've learnt, the more I've realised how handy these skills could be. I hope I can remember what to do, by the time the kit arrives in 7 weeks.


Edited By Model Monster on 17/03/2017 18:27:20

Thread: A big pile of shavings later!
01/02/2017 11:24:03

Thanks Jon, I wondered why engines seem more heat tolerant when using the higher nitro.

The P47 kit I've acquired is the H9 81" razorback version and flying weight is circa 17lb, I don't think this is available anymore. The instructions recommend up to a 2.10 4st. Do laser do domed prop nuts (can you make me one?).



Edited By Model Monster on 01/02/2017 11:25:26

30/01/2017 17:14:12

Aww, thanks guys. It's nice to get a pat on the head once in a while.

The Mustang schemes from Denis are excellent and I think I'll go with the last one, as I find invasion stripes help with my flying / orientation, when the sky is grey.

Jon's tip of 1st flights with the cowl off are spot on. The cowl outlets do look small and in view of this I have slotted the fus behind the exhaust stacks and these I made from 10mm brass tube, so hopefully it'll be ok. If not, it will have to be out with the Dremel. Also, I do tend to use 20% nitro fuel, fully synthetic from Southern Modelcraft (I know Lasers don't need this but have several YS Engines and can't be bothered to have lots of different fuel flavours). This does mean the fuel consumption goes up a bit but also more oil goes through the engine and this seems to help with cooling (heat loss via the expelled oil perhaps?) and none of my glow models have ever gone rusty! One of this engines previous homes was in a much abused CM-Pro Warhawk, the cowl was quite big and I didn't have any holes in it at all, it still ran fine - I did have to take the cowl off every now and again and empty out the oil.

Lasers are lovely engines, so easy to operate and super reliable. My next assembly is likely to be a H9 Thunderbolt (that came my way recently, discontinued now) with a Laser 200 twin - Mmmmmmm.

Edited By Model Monster on 30/01/2017 17:15:07

29/01/2017 23:09:06

This is my latest build project, the TN Mustang, now all ready for covering. I'm going to try the Solarfilm, Prymol and paint method and will post some more photos once I'm done. I've found a Tamiya kit with a RAF polish squadron scheme. The Laser is an old 100, I moved the firewall back a bit to accommodate this and hollowed out the lower blocks, so the tank centre line is the same as the carb. Apart from this, the model went together as the plans and the CNC parts were excellent. It did take me while to figure out the best way to make, install and steer the retracting tail-wheel (adapted nose-leg retract, connected to the rudder).

I did completely fill a Henry hoover bag with the shavings but it's nice and curvy now!



Thread: What aerofoil
23/12/2016 22:11:30

Thanks guys, very helpful.

23/12/2016 15:54:55

What aerofoils for tailplane and fin would be suitable for a scale WW2 fighter, circa 1/7 scale? Ideally I need the NACA reference, so I can put into Compufoil.

Thread: What's the recipe for growing club membership?
19/12/2016 16:09:32

Some very valid points in the previous posts. Our membership is currently capped at 100 and we lose on average 5 members a year, due to age, death, losing interest or moving away etc. We do generally have a at least 6 on the waiting list, all in the last 10 years have applied via the club's website and had initially found out about the club via the following methods (in order, highest likelyhood 1st).

1, General visitor to our website where we advise new members that we provide training - this is far the biggest draw. NB I'm not entirely sure how they find out about this in the 1st place but we easily show up on web searches if you are in our location or the local model shops know we exist?

2, Friend, family member or acquaintance of an existing member - if these are a novice flyer we promote them being mentored by their sponsor.

3, Visiting member from another club (we hold the odd informal BBQ / Fly-in and invite neighbouring clubs) - this works really well, especially if your club has better facilities is friendly etc

So on this basis, I would canvass existing members, contact local model shops, invite other clubs to fly-ins, get a decent website and offer training.

Also, I understand the BMFA have a club-finder on their website.



Edited By Model Monster on 19/12/2016 16:10:30

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