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Thread: Pepsi Chipmunk
02/07/2018 16:29:07

As an aside job, my little one had been all day asking me to build a Sopwith Camel as the one that he had in his book of WWI planes, so I used some scrap balsa and the time between glue curing and next steps, to do something that remotely looks like a Camel...

I must admit that the propeller, which is the best part of the plane, is my son's job


02/07/2018 16:25:09

Finally, I repaired the two holes on the wing's covering, caused by the landing gear fairings. As before, I removed the damaged wood, and tried to make a rectangle as "rectangle" as possible




Then, I cut a rectangle of wood as similar as possible to the one in the wing, from a sheet of same size as the wing covering, and added some support rails to the wing to glue this piece on. I added different supports for each wing, as the size of the whole was slightly different and it made more sense.



And finally, glued the rectangles of covering to the support rails



A bit of sanding, and ready for covering

02/07/2018 16:17:31

The next bit was the one in the leading edge. I don't have any pic of the "before" but it was basically like a diagonal wide cut, so what I did was to protect the surrounding with cello tape, and to remove all damaged wood


Next, I filled up the hole with a piece of balsa of similar density, and glued it with Gorilla wood glue


Finally, a bit of sanding, and it's ready for covering (same issue with Monokote as above...sad)



02/07/2018 16:11:42

First thing first. The easies job was the elevator tip, so I tackled it straightaway. The good news is that it was a "clean fracture" and I didn't miss any of the little bits of wood, so it was as simple as to expoy the broker tip in place



Next will be to replace the missing covering, and to re-stretch the rest of covering; after sic years in the garage, it looks a bit tatty, but I hope that some ironing will amend it.

And on the subject of covering, I used Monokote at the time, but I can't find it in UK, and I wouldn't like to re-do the whole covering, or ordering again in US (GBP-USD fx + Customs = expensive!), so if anybody knows where could I buy monokote on this side of the pond, I'd appreciate

Edited By AVC on 02/07/2018 16:12:48

02/07/2018 16:07:21

I know that this is more a winter job, and that with this weather I should be down the strip flying as much as I can, but to be honest, the weekend was too hot, even for a Spaniard, so I decided to spend Saturday trying to bring my Pepsi to decent conditions.

And why I'm sharing this? Basically, to encourage me to finish the job before the winter comes again!

A bit of history. The model is an Apache aviation which I bought some 8 years ago, when Apache was still around. The kit is very straightforward, just a bit over-engineered in some areas but it comes together very nicely.

Funny enough, I bought it in UK when I lived in Spain, so it was shipped there. I built it there but I only flew it twice before moving to UK, so I brought it back to his homeland, as a proper model and not just a bunch of wood.

The second flight ended up in a dead stick. I wasn't familiar with the plane, in particular how well she glides, so I ended up floating the whole runway, crossing a road and landing on a field at the other side of the road. From where I was, I couldn't see the field as it was lower than the road, so it was really a blind landing. The result was:

- two holes in the underneath of the wing, where the landing gear bent and the fairing went into the wing.

- hit in the leading edge hit (young tree which refused to move)

- elevator tip broken

So, all in all, not bad at all, considering that I landed by telepathic communication (not even "by ear"...), but soon later I needed to start packing to move to UK, and since I moved here, I've never got around to repair it, even if it was tiny things.

As for the engine, I replaced it, but the one it has now (MVVS 26 v2) has only been tested on the ground, some six years ago, and it was second hand by then, so probably it will need some work also. Just in case, I've bought a Walbro WT repair kit from Just Engines.

Anyway, here's a pic of the model, I will post the work done this weekend, should anybody found it somehow interesting or useful. Of course, advices are most welcomeimg_0288.jpg

Thread: Engine cutting
02/07/2018 15:08:08
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 02/07/2018 14:59:33:
Posted by Don Fry on 02/07/2018 12:58:50:

John, I can't help thinking you have to be right. My engine is uncowled . I must have a phantom needle twiddler

Not necessarily. Many engines cannot dissipate all the heat they create at full power if the outside temperature is above a certain threshold. While i agree that 30c is not outrageously hot it is slightly unusual for the UK so any engine set up to work in our normal frigid temperatures is likely to protest now its nice and toasty

Fully agree. I have been flying in hotter conditions, but it was "normal weather" (south of Spain in summar) so all our engines were setup to cope with it. This weather is quite unusual for these latitudes so I guess that it is common to face issues with engines now...

Thread: fav model of all time
29/06/2018 11:57:07

Mine was the CM Pro Giles 202 90-120. I loved that much that I bought it twice. The first one lost half elevator in flight (my fault, I didn't secure the cyano hinges...), and off it went right to the ground. I bought another one straightaway, and this time I secured everything properly.

I flew it with an OS MAX 90, with a Saito 115, with an OS 120FS and with a DLE 20. I think that because of the proportions (65" x 66", or 1.65m x 1.67m) she flew fantastic, like on tracks. Shame that I can't find it anymore...

Thread: Maidening soon!
28/06/2018 14:33:07
Posted by Don Fry on 28/06/2018 13:58:12:

Bit like the cocaine salesman at the school gate, without the money.

Haha, I never though about it that way teeth 2

I hope the seed will grow!

28/06/2018 14:31:18

In any case, i still play pc games and usually play for 3 or 4 hours given the chance. Normally though i play when the weather is too poor to go flying, or when its dark. I certainly wouldnt be caught inside playing pc games on a glorious sunny day.

Fully agree. I don't play myself but I don't think that they are a bad thing, as long as they're used within the right dose. The problem is that kids don't quite get that concept of "right dose"...

28/06/2018 06:59:54

Yesterday looked like the perfect day for training a couple of newbies, so we grabbed the stuff and off we went to the strip.

The day was great (just a bit of cross-wind) and the plane flies great also. On top of that, the official trainer of the club, Eric, was yesterday there, so the kids had the chance to fly with him and with me (they prefer him, he doesn't shout at them! smiley).

The feedback of the kids is that they loved it, and they want to go back as soon as possible (so it seems that we have already plans for the weekend...).

Here are some pics, no video unfortunately.




26/06/2018 19:34:05

Thanks Rich! yes

26/06/2018 19:32:52

Posted by Denis Watkins on 26

And not from any dream of mine or suggestion from myself

They have to want to do it

Edited By Denis Watkins on 26/06/2018 17:49:12

Agreed to certain extent, Denis. I fully agree that we should not force them to do something that they definitely don’t like, but I what I definitely do is to suggest them to try different activities. We must give them options smiley

26/06/2018 17:30:13

Thanks Fly Boy, thanks Steve. Steve, I sort of know what you mean re the Xbox. We don’t have any of this type at home, nor PS, Wii or similar, but the kids seem to prefer spending time with the laptop or the tablet rather than helping me to build, repair or setup my models. A couple of years ago I was sorting out the garage (or pretending that I was...) and a little neighbor (4 years old at the time) came and had a look to the planes hanging of the ceiling. I asked him if he liked them, and he said that he had a planes’ games in his IPad, so I asked if he preferred the ones in the IPad or the real ones. Hi didn’t hesitate a second when responded “the IPad is much better!!”. Anyway, maiden is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I’ll try to bring some photos and maybe one video...

25/06/2018 14:21:10

Thanks Nigel, indeed the Swift looks a 3rd scale in his hands haha.

The other rascal, the one at the back of the photo leaning on the table is the youngest, yet he is the most enthusiastic. And yes, a couple of years to your little one and he will be ready!

Thread: Unexplained crash
25/06/2018 14:17:35

That's good Alex. I also think that this faulty servo had a key role to play.

Thread: Maidening soon!
25/06/2018 11:07:08

Hi all. Since the first time that someone passed on to me the radio for first time some 28 years ago, to make some soft turns with my trainer, I always though that one day I'd love to do the same with someone else, i.e. to teach him to fly. And it seems that the time has come...

A couple of weeks ago I took my two kids (9 and 5) to Weston Park, and I bought a 2 hand Seagull Swift 40 with an Evolution 40NT (I think it is...) on the nose. It was a bit tatty and the engine was dirty up to the point that the throttle barrel was totally blocked, but all in all it looked ok.

I have replaced servos, reinforce the former B (the one that supports the wing by the l.e.) because I though that it was a bit weak, I soaked the engine in alcohol and warm it up so to release the throttle, and put it back again. Yesterday we tested the engine in the garden and it responded pretty well, so hopefully this week we will maiden it.

I though I'd like to share this little story. I'm trying to ensure that the hobby won't stop with me!

Below there's a photo of the Swift. I'll post comments and hopefully a little video of the maiden and the "lessons"

Swift 40

Thread: Quicker build using Cyano?
21/06/2018 11:44:11
Posted by kc on 21/06/2018 11:30:45:

The answer is to use PVA or Aliphatic/ Superphatic and to work on several areas of the model at once, leaving one section of the fuselage to set whilst working on tailplane, wing etc. Several small building boards ( plasterboard is useful) help this process.

I couldn't agree more, KC. Aliphatic is my main glue, epoxy for joining wings, landing gear rails and firewall, and cyano for little bits.

Having said that, if the kit is good in terms of interlocking parts (as Great Planes use to be), you may be ok with cyano 100%. Some years ago I built an Extra 300 .60 the GP, all with cyano, and I never had a problem.

On the same subject (and sorry Andy for robbing your thread) do you use Gorilla brown (the honey-type stuff) as substitute of epoxy / high stress glue? I have never tried but I think it might work? thinking

Thread: Film covering
21/06/2018 08:51:21
Posted by McG 6969 on 21/06/2018 07:50:22:

@ Alejandro > nice to have you back to the forum. yes



Hi Chris, thanks! Nice to be back here. It's been a long year and half away from the forum and the models!

BTW, my Ballerina is still to be finished, so I will revive my thread at some point.

20/06/2018 22:48:37

It is a sealer for balsa which also reacts slightly with the heat and helps the adhesion of the film to balsa wood. I have never used it, so I can’t comment on how good it is

Thread: Fed Up!
20/06/2018 18:14:42
Posted by brokenenglish on 20/06/2018 15:04:41:

I haven't watched TV (i.e. no TV in the house) for more than 10 years now.

Important stuff I pick up on the Web.

I’m impressed! I haven’t watched it at home just for the last five years...

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