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Thread: 1/8 scale AB Models PSS MB326 Impala
31/08/2019 23:16:15

Another one almost ready for the Orme. Will get the last of the details done and radio in tomorrow. The thread heading is incorrect, it's actually a 1/10 scale kit, not 1/8.

18/08/2019 20:08:36

The wings have been joined and glassed, tip tanks glued on and I made some air intakes from 6mm depron laminated together and sanded to shape.

Also spent some time sanding the seams on the fus joint down and sanding the stab balsa to shape.

There is a pre cut slot in the fus for the stab which once in is square to the fin, but once the fus is on the wing its out of square. Turns out the one wing seat is 2mm less than the other, so a quick bit of balsa filled in and now everything is square. Well, almost, now the canopy base and front fus is out, but I can live with that as they're not really visual. I'd rather have square wings!

The stab has been glued in, the elevators next, and then the wing. A shot of it together shows a nice little Imp in the making.

Hope to get primer and silver on it during the week.

Thread: 1/4 scale PSS MB326 Impala
15/08/2019 21:03:05

Hi Chris, I remember seeing that on SABC news as a kid. Very sad, especially as he was a friend.

I know Dave's son, Andrew, editor of Aeromodeler, also a gentleman that shares his dad's passion.

The pics were before I had numbered the Imp, it now wears 517. Being that I'm originally from SA, if I build a model and the SAAF used it then it must have some bokkies on it! The small one I'm busy with will be 460 in 4 Hangar at Ysterplaat.

Thread: Martyn's F-86 Sabre Build Blog
12/08/2019 19:46:47

Very nice Martyn!

Thread: 1/8 scale AB Models PSS MB326 Impala
11/08/2019 17:14:21

Next up as a quickie will be this 1/8th scale kit from AB Models. Kit comes with a glass and CF fus, tip tanks, belly pan, canopy and cockpit base. The wings are foam core with Obechi skins, spruce LE and live hinged flaps and ailerons with built in gap seals. How cool are these!

I'll be doing the all silver trainer scheme as below.

Thread: 1/4 scale PSS MB326 Impala
11/08/2019 16:42:36

Forgot about this thread on here, so time for an 'update' and almost wrap. This project did languish for a good few years due to work, other modelling interests and just a lack of space in my flat. But with some mojo I found under a pile of balsa I got cracking with it again a few months ago. It was a case of 90% done, 90% to go.

I started by glassing the front fus, getting that filled, rubbed down and primed. I used Soudall lightweight filler in a tube which worked really well.

Then it was on to painting. I used lots and lots and lots of masking tape for this scheme. I used the yellow Frog tape which worked really well. The only bleed I had was where I hadn't rubbed the edge down properly and this was very minimal. This is good stuff to use if you're spraying.

I used B&Q rattle cans for all the painting, the stock colours matched what I wanted pretty spot on and after many hours of masking, spraying, masking, spraying, masking..... this was the end result.

Then it was time for decals. I make my own laser printed water transfers. The black, orange and white lettering was hand painted.

Between decals I bought some 1mm PETG sheet, built a vac box and made a canopy plug. The canopy is 80cm long by 20cm wide by 15cm high. I initially tried pulling it in one piece but couldn't get enough heat to the edges of the plastic so had to split the plug at the canopy joint and do it in two pieces.

This actually worked out better in the end as I now have easier access to the fus for the radio and lighting bits.

The canopy frame is made from the same 1mm petg cut to shape and glued to the molding.

And after some silver paint I was quite chuffed with the result! The canopy had been bugging me for some time. I couldn't find anyone that was able to do one that size and after some prodding from certain fellow modellers....

A bit of a cockpit mock up tub type thing...

... ready for a pilot and seat to go in. I ordered a print of a pilot and seat from Andy Meade to go in, but with that only being an after thought I couldn't fit him in without some serious surgery. I couldn't bare to cut the prints up so have ordered a a bust and top half of the seat from Andy instead. The original full figures will go into something else

These are the full figures. Friggin awesome!

The servos have gone in and a few small details added and next will be to get the radio set up. The weight is about 10kg so far as a guesstimate. Soon as the weather improves I'll get it outside for an assembled shot.

Thread: Wing section help
10/08/2019 17:12:18
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 10/08/2019 16:30:46:

Just checking that everyone appreciates we are talking about a slope soarer here and not a power model.

Correct! This'll be a glider, in a very loose sense of the word!

10/08/2019 15:44:10

Thanks for the help guys. Having a play around and the NACA 3414 (assume you meant that Peter?) fits almost perfectly at 2°.

09/08/2019 21:05:11

Busy planning the next build, a quarter scale BF109 E4, and a bit stuck on which section to use.

I'd like something semi symmetrical to keep the lines between the fus and the wing. The Matt drawing says its similar to the NACA 2315, but that looks a bit thick for the slope.

Would the E374 thickened up a bit be ok? Any other ideas?


Thread: PSSA Sabre Woodpack List
08/08/2019 18:28:42

It's a 'short kit'. All the hard work of cutting out ply formers, ribs and other bits is already done. Great for people like me that can't set up their wood working tools.

The extra wood really isn't very much 'extra'. 8 sheets of 16th at £1.27, 10 sheets of 8th at £1.62 and a sheet of half inch at £3.84 is just over £30 total, add the rest of the bits from an extra sheet or two...

The plan is also in there, but the time and effort that has gone into the design and testing of this model, to be able to sell it on to us, is worth lots more than the £70 I've happily paid for mine.

I'm getting two kits soon that will require almost 200 sheets of 'extra' wood. They're still "a kit" to me.

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
03/08/2019 18:17:45

Ooooh, I always fancied a JP but the mass build one was a bit small for me. Any details on the short kit? The link above doesn't have the JP?

Thread: A Springbok in Korea
31/07/2019 21:54:16

Mine will be of a SAAF 2 Sqn Sabre that flew in the Korean War.

Sherdanor II

The SAAF also operated the Sabre (Canadair CL13 Mk6 variant) in various schemes.

Thread: F86 "Gamma" Build
26/07/2019 21:37:59

Really excited for this one, can't we start the MB a bit sooner? Pleeeeaaasssee!!

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2020 Mass Build Project
11/07/2019 13:07:22

I'm in too! Here's a hint of the scheme I'm going with... wink 2

Thread: Sabre F86
11/07/2019 02:28:28

Love the F86. Check out the Horsemen doing a routine in three of them. Stunning formo flying.

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
23/03/2019 15:34:10

Hi Lindsay, is your plan available to purchase? I fancy building one for rubber free flight based on your plan.



Thread: Expensive to crash in Africa
04/02/2019 22:54:20
Posted by Chris Freeman 3 on 24/01/2019 13:14:58:
Posted by Monz on 23/01/2019 15:14:17:

Ai Chris, that's too funny! And sad at the same time. As an ex Capie I know what you mean about the cost of things. Living here in the UK has opened up modelling for me like I could only dream of in SA.

Hi Monz

Good to see that you are still following the blogs, what is your latest project as we do not see any of your latest projects. I miss seeing your masterpieces.

Hi Chris, ja, I still pop in here every now and then to see what the PSS okes are up to! Not really much free flight here and some of the okes have kak attitudes towards it.

I'm busy with a 1/10 Fokker DVII for indoor rubber, build blog is over on HPA where I spend most of my time. A few Saffas there too.


Also recently gotten seriously into DLG or F3K. Something I would never have done in SA, R20K for a 1.5m glider? Are the SA boys sending a team to the Worlds in Hungary?

23/01/2019 15:14:17

Ai Chris, that's too funny! And sad at the same time. As an ex Capie I know what you mean about the cost of things. Living here in the UK has opened up modelling for me like I could only dream of in SA.

Thread: Hobby King
18/04/2018 21:52:34

Placed a single order on the 12th (six days ago) with the bits coming from all three warehouses in the checkout. UK bits arrived in two days, Hong Kong bits arrived today (new radio, receiver and vario, to the door, no customs charge) and EU bits at the post office to be collected.

A DLGing we'll go, a DLGing we'll go, hi ho dehideho a DLGing we'll go

Thread: Why do I now suddenly see my Facebook profile when visiting retail sites?!
02/01/2018 12:11:32

Or just use an ad blocker.

I use Adblock Plus, a tiny little free add on for my browsers. No ads or pop ups anywhere. Especially good for viewing youtube, no ads anywhere.

9 ads blocked on this page alone just while typing this and almost 3.3 million in the past four years or so.

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