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Thread: Chris Foss Xtra Wot
03/07/2020 10:15:21

Ron, that is an excellent looking xtrawot. Super build and finish. Please keep us posted with news of maiden etc.

All the best...Chris.

01/07/2020 19:46:01

Ok Ron here we go. Fully charged my lipos and then left them for 3 hours to settle. Ran up motor at half throttle for 1 minute then went to full power and hastily shut down again as was seeing 75amps and over 2000 watts. Changed prop to 16*10 and saw 55 amps and 1650 watts which is fine for me. It could be that the type of wind/construction changed when the motor was updated. Will be interested in your results. Incidentally I reckon that you will finish your extrawot build before I finish my wot 4am assembly!

All the best...Chris.

01/07/2020 12:43:59

Excellent job Ron. This may be of interest regarding your power train. I am converting a Wot4 xl to electric using a Hyperion 4045/280 which is the forerunner of the 4045/12. On 8s and an 18*10 apc e I am getting 55 amps and about 1550 watts. This is with the cells on storage voltage. They are now on charge to see the results later today. The motor has a continuous current rating of 50amps and max 63 amps. Unless there is a significant difference between your motor and mine I think that you will need a smaller prop than the 19*10 than you intended to use. I'm sure that you will use a wattmeter to check and I look forward to seeing the results.

All the best...Chris.

Thread: Wots with chris foss?
07/05/2019 14:47:43

Interesting that on the back of the latest RCME there is a full page ad for the new Chris Foss Phase 5e artf which is , as usual, distributed by Ripmax.

Many shops appear to be showing a new import of Wot artf's round about the end of June. I will probably get a Wot4 xl when they materialise...providing that there is some light at the end of the tunnel regarding the CAA situation. If not I have enough models to last me out anyway!

All the best...Chris.

Thread: Unknown Glider
05/05/2019 21:41:36

I have been trawling my memory banks on this glider. As others have said there were several different models using the same, or similar fuselage, Alpha 180, easy pigeon and early bird. Some of these had a stretched wing version. Protech did the thermal 220 but that just had central dihedral but ripmax had one called the nebula which was 2.2 metres, the colour scheme is different though although this could have been recovered. This is the best I can do and my memory banks have now shut down!

All the best...Chris.

Thread: T9 Hobbysport
02/11/2018 13:53:23

Eric, T9hobbysport have contact details on their website on the bottom of the page. It says that they are open at certain times for pick up only and to phone for details.

All the best...Chris.

Thread: Park flying in/near Great Dunmow
30/10/2018 18:52:47

HI Luke, Do Not attempt to fly on any of the recreation areas in Great Dunmow..Model flying is banned in all of them. There is a club with a flying strip on a farm at Barnston. If you pm me I will give you the contact details

All the best...Chris..

Thread: Pegasus Models Twin Hornet
22/10/2016 16:13:27

Tony, nice looking twin hornet but the engines get a poor write up on various USA forums. It seems that they are basically bored out .09's and are actually .0135's. Some figures that I saw quoted were 12,000rpm on 25percent nitro on an 8*4 prop. These figures are worse than an OS .15 la which in itself is not one of the most powerful .15's around. I suggest that you check the revs with a tachometer and go to a 5 in pitch prop but you may have to go down to a 7*5 and this may not suit the airframe. A friend had a couple of the .09's which worked well but were not long lasting.

All the best... Chris N.

Thread: my skies website down
21/10/2016 19:59:41

Just tried and failed to get onto my skies website. They make a neat electric kit called the sparrowhawk. Hope that they are not another small kit manufacturer that has ceased to trade. They went under the name of skies the limit designs. Does anyone have any information on their situation?

Chris N.

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
13/10/2016 15:24:14

Sorry that should be the Kwik Fli dance.

13/10/2016 15:22:56

The "Kwik flip dance" is well documented. Cures seem to be by adding wing to fuselage fillets or by gluing an 1/8 inch square strip of hard balsa or spruce approx. 2ins long vertically on each side of the trailing edge of the rudder. Incidentally I think the size that has been drawn up will be right for many people.

All the best.... Chris N

Thread: Precedent T180
29/09/2016 20:51:53

Ian, I completely agree with Percy. Try on 4s and see how it goes. The T180 has a much smaller wing area than the Pawnee and might need a bit more power for take off if your flying site is on the small side though.

All the best e...Chris.

28/09/2016 21:58:13

Ian, I have flown my t180 on several electric set up's ranging from 6s at 1200watts which is way too much down to 3s and 500watts which is not really enough. If you can keep the weight below 7lbs an e flite power 46 propped for 600 watts (its maximum for 4s) will be just enough but with no headroom. Check the weight as you build and be prepared to either go to 5s or fit a motor that can handle more current if the weight creeps up.

Alison, do you have experience with building/flying an R/c model? There are other models that make better trainers than a T180.

All the best... Chris N.

27/09/2016 23:03:56

Hello Alison, I have one of these that I fly occasionally. The fuselage is built from instructions, there were no plans for it. There are two types of wings available, foam or conventional built up construction. There are plans for the built up type but I don't know about the foam ones. It will probably turn out much heavier than you expect but will not need too much power. One of the deals years ago was the kit and a .40 size motor but I think a bit more power would not go amiss. Mine is electric powered and is used as a test bed for various set ups. I am not sure if I still have the plans for the wings but I can look in a few days time if that would be a help to you.

All the best... Chris N.

Thread: What am I doing wrong??????
30/04/2016 13:32:54

Are you using the same receiver?

Did you test them individually or all 4 together? Are you doing the same now?

Do you have all 4 on the same channel?

Sometimes using extension leads on just one channel does not work and you need to mix 2 channels and have 2 motors on each channel.

If the escs have been set up they shouldn't need altering...... hopefully.

Hope you soon get it sorted...... All the best..... Chris.

Thread: I'll never feel bad about hitting a tree again!
30/03/2016 12:10:01

Of course there is the Tree of Tenure in the middle of the Sahara desert. So remote that it shown on maps of the area. It's no longer there...a truck driver ran into it!

All the best... Chris N.

Sorry should be the Tree of Tenere.

Edited By flying pastor on 30/03/2016 12:11:37

Thread: Super 60 trainer Ben Buckle
30/03/2016 12:05:06

Fun Flyer, I think that is a brilliant idea. Inboard flaps and outboard ailerons. Give it plenty of power with a large diameter and fine pitch prop and you could end up with a Super 60 Fun Cub. On windy days we used to hover our 60's into the wind and have great fun. They handle the wind surprisingly well.

All the best.... Chris N.

29/03/2016 16:42:11

I've enjoyed reading this whilst rather under the weather. Here is some more info.

If you read the booklet, Radio Control Big Four, which is a free download it shows the wing section as a modified Gottingen 549 and also that a standard Super 60 can be modified to a tricycle U/C. My last '60 with an ailerons wing had approx 1"of dihedral under each tip, just enough so that it didn't look "droopy".

Reminiscing, as one does here is a list of the '60's that I have owned over the years.

1. junior 60 free flight with ed racer power...1963,ish

2. Junior 60 RC am35 power and s/c carrier wave valve RC

3. Kk mini super ed racer and home built galloping ghost eqpt.

4. As 3 but with enya 19.

5. As 4 but with rcme digital proportional radio and fox 35 motor!

6. Super 60 with enya 29 and later fitted with os 40. Various radio.

7. Super 60 electric with speedgear 700 and 14 sub c nicads. This weighed about 7.5 lbs but still flew well! I later fitted it with an axi motor and 10 cell nicads.

Finally...8. a 75% super 60 with mfa belt drive 540 motor and 7 cell NiCad.

Guess what, without exception they all flew well. Perhaps its time that I built another '60 I've still got the tail wheel assembly from the last one!

Enjoy your 60's. All the best... Chris N.

28/03/2016 17:40:52

Sitting at home feeling sorry for myself suffering from sciatica I have both s60 plans in front of me, ben buckle 60 shows control movements as 20 degrees both ways or 14mm each way on elevator and 25mm each way on rudder. Just contemplating a new build either bb60 or kk60 (they do differ in places) or even the lead sled that is called the New Super 60.

Hope the control movements help... Chris.

Thread: Signal Loss with Spektrum?
05/01/2015 17:06:55

Hi everybody. I am mainly a forum watcher and not a participant but I remember something similar to this coming up on some of the USA forums a few years ago. It seems people were loosing control when on low circuits such as landing circuits. It could be reproduced fairly easily. A simple remedy is to make sure that you have one vertical aerial in your installations. On all of my models I have one fore and aft and one vertical. They are obviously at 90 degrees to each other. I have 10 or 12 models set up like this on both Futaba and frisky/Jr and have never had a problem. Perhaps this might be of help to some or all of you.

All the best..... Chris.

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