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Thread: Air up/down retracts max system pressure
06/07/2020 18:57:12

Typo above, it should have read 100 to 120 psi, too late to edit.

06/07/2020 17:50:59

Hard to be definitive, I have some Unitracts in an 80" Mosquito that I run at 100-220psi but that may or may not be acceptable for another manufacturers kit. The filling is done through a standard car tyre type valve so very little pressure drop through the NRV in this.

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
30/06/2020 17:29:36


That is looking very good, you have certainly been saving up the build for us. Looking at your planking of the nose, that is yet another slight variation on a theme, perhaps a bit easier than the way I tapered all my strips.

If that small offcut of kitchen worktop is your only work area then you are doing very well. I did find with my wing build that I needed to pin it down onto a building board over the plan.


29/06/2020 21:40:21


See the how to thread here.

Thread: RCM&E July 2020 issue chat
27/06/2020 09:22:02

The last issue said due to COVID and restricted working it was being limited to 100 pages and there will be no Autumn special.

Thread: SK3 Quandry
17/06/2020 18:49:19

When checking motors you should also check the rpm figure compared to ecalc. There are many reports where someone gets a motor of the wrong KV. A motor that has a KV 10% higher than expected will have a power demand around 33% higher (power required by a prop is proportional to rpm cubed).

Normally the rpm measured is around 90% of the measured voltage x the KV as the prop load slows the motor somewhat. I have one plane where the measured rpm is higher than the measured voltage x the KV and drew a lot higher current, clearly either a mislabelled motor or some other out of tolerance build.

Thread: Leisure or standard car battery for charging lipo's
16/06/2020 18:52:45

Standard / basic lead acid batteries do not like two things, being left at anything other than full, and being discharged to low levels. For a leisure battery the economic point is to typically limit the discharge to 50%, running them down to 20% reduces the number of cycles but does not immediately kill them. Leaving them at anything other than fully charged can result in sulphation, an irreversible loss of capacity. You should fully recharge it every time you use it. Fully recharging a lead acid also takes many hours of charging at the low tail current.

These points are what prompted me to go the LiPo route, especially the fact that if I only use say 25% of the charge one day, I can go a few flying sessions between recharges.

Edited By PeterF on 16/06/2020 18:56:41

16/06/2020 17:51:51

I fly some fairly large electric planes and I would have needed a couple 100Ah leisure batteries at 27kg each. Therefore I have set up a LiPo field battery using Turnigy 10C Multistar batteries which are relatively cheap. In total I have 6 packs of 16,000mAh at 6S for my icharger 4010 duo. Much lighter than lead acid of an equivalent useable capacity. Admittedly, you do not need the capacity I have, nor the voltage, but it shows that the principle is sound.

Thread: Minor irritation
15/06/2020 20:08:44

The forum only allows login from one device at a time I believe, so those who view it on different devices will have to keep logging in each time they use a different device.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
14/06/2020 20:00:22

Some of you will have seen this in the Tony Nijhuis 78" Vulcan thread here.

Twin 90mm EDF, wingspan is actually 83". Complete and waiting for the maiden flight. Forecast looks good for next week.




Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
12/06/2020 15:12:48

As the weather in the UK has entered summer season (for those overseas read cold wet and windy) it has not been conducive to performing the maiden flight. Therefore I have got on with fitting the gear doors. Nothing on the plan to help out with this, just made it up as I went along. The gear doors for the main gear are the cut outs from the wing sheeting reinforced with a sheet of hard 1/16" balsa to add some more rigidity. I did not sheet the nose bay with the rest of the nose so I had to make up a couple of doors for this.

The doors have been hinged with furry cyano hinges, with the backing balsa on the doors I could cut a slot at an angle through the double sheet. For the fuselage I glued in some backing strips under the sheeting and again used an angled cut. The gear doors are operated by some mini retract servos from Logic RC, LSX260R, not sure if they are still available, similar size to the old Ripmax SD200 servos. I needed more throw so 3D printed some add on horns to fit to the disc horns. The horns on the doors are 3D printed. For the nose doors I have a servo each side, i.e. one per door, it was simpler in my view to do this than try and do a linked system with so much happening in there with the nose steering etc, and the total length of the bay is taken up by the u/c, the tyres lightly brush the rear bulkhead as they pass by it.

The trapezoidal rear doors on the main gear are connected to the main legs rather than having their own servos, hopefully the gear will be strong enough to close them against the air flow, but then my retract units are larger and more powerful than the TN items (learning from reading Greg's build log). The retract units are the XL aluminium units from Pichler Modelbau in Germany.

The retract / door control is by a retract sequencer from SM Services, now no longer trading. Plenty of photos to illustrate how I have set this up mechanically for people who may be interested. Also a video demo of the test when completed. I need to tidy up the edges of the doors / cut outs and then paint the inside of the doors.









01/06/2020 19:11:04

Yes, 83" here as well.

01/06/2020 18:40:13
Posted by Greg Minden on 01/06/2020 18:24:53:

very impressive! I love your finish. I used the CG as per the plan and it worked out fine.


Thanks for this, I did not state in my post that I had checked the CoG with my batteries right forward and my Rx back up battery attached to the former next to the nose leg I came out spot on the CoG per the plan. Most of the weight is on the main wheels, only about 0.5kg (1lb) on the nose wheel so it should rotate OK.

The other thing that amazed me was after all the work, the left and right wing panels weighed within 1g of each other (1137g vs. 1138g), pretty amazing.

01/06/2020 18:09:37

Still progressing albeit more slowly. The control surfaces have been hooked up properly to the servos and throws etc. checked out. All the electronics and wiring has been installed and clipped into place. I have installed an igyro 3e as per the instructions on the plans and this is working OK. I have done a power test, the fans run on 8S and with freshly charged batteries at around 20°C I was seeing 28.2V under load and 101Amps per side at WOT. This equates to a total power of 5.7kW. My batteries are well used, hence the voltage sag to 3.5V per cell under load, when they were new they held up better than this at 100Amp discharge rate. I have weighed the plane and all up without batteries it is 9.04kg (19lb 15oz) and with batteries 11.38kg (25lb 2oz). This gives an impressive 227Watt/lb which should be fine for a floater of a plane. I still need to sort a final bit of wiring out, and build the battery pack retention straps / guides into place then it is ready for the maiden flight. I have as yet not installed the wheel well doors, depending on the weather and building time, they may get installed after the maiden.



Ailerons at full deflectiondsc09097.jpg

Elevators at full deflection (I could add more up but this is as per plan)dsc09099.jpg

Thread: Where in the final circuit to lower flaps?
31/05/2020 21:58:31

On my 80" mosquito I lower the gear on the downwind leg as I pass level with the pilots box and then lower half flap when the gear is down, but at this stage keep 50 to 60% throttle on. I have flap to elevator mix with servo slow and half flap is OK with some speed. I make the cross wind turn and then the final turn and know I will have enough speed to not worry about dropping a wing. Once lined up, I reduce throttle and go to full flap, again as I have got the flap to elevator mix sorted really well the plane starts sinking nicely but without gaining speed. Recently I have tried going to full flap after the final turn and that goes OK but only because I have the elevator mix sorted AND I have servo slow so it takes several seconds to deploy full flaps from zero flaps. As others have said it is having confidence in your setup, especially knowing at what speed you can deploy flaps and what the effect is.

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
28/05/2020 21:41:30

Lovely afternoon, we can see the sea but are far enough inland to miss the coast breeze so very little wind - Tiger Moth weather, fantastic afternoon, only 2 of us at the field so 6 flights of 12 minutes each and no one to moan that I am hogging the sky. Plane is now 2 years old and I really enjoy flying it on days like today, sun, clear blue sky, birds singing, hardly any background traffic noise.

flying 10.jpg

Thread: 4mm battery connector
24/05/2020 21:51:50

I have found heating the plastic a bit to soften it helps and to push them in using a thin screwdriver onto the back of the bullet where the cable is soldered in. There is an internal lip in the plastic housing that goes into the recess in the bullet connector, when the plastic is cold it is a tight fit. But be careful not to get them too hot, use a mug of warm water, not a hot air gun, experience shows a hot air gun is too hot.

I used these a lot for a number of years until I found that they are unsafe as you can connect 2 batteries together by accident as they are not gendered pairs. I now use XT90s.

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
22/05/2020 14:26:04

Progress on the Vulcan has slowed down as I have been able to get up to the flying field for 5 afternoons out of the last 10 since the last update. All the time since then has been spent on the undercarriage. I had a set of electric retracts with oleos in the spares box, these are larger actuators than those supplied with the kit so hopefully they should be up to the job, especially if I link some of the retract doors to them. I had to make the openings in the retract mounts slightly larger to accommodate them. The problem I had was I needed to make some adapters to length the oleos by 20mm to suit the Vulcan and then make up the twin nose wheel adapter and the 4 wheel bogies for the main u/c. I have a small lathe with a milling attachment so that was quite straight forward. I have added a spring on the main u/c as per the set Tony supplies to make sure the bogies sit correct during landing and when retracted. The springs attach to the front of the bogie and a 3D printed bracket on the oleo leg. The steering servo fits nicely on the central former.






Edited By PeterF on 22/05/2020 14:27:08

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
21/05/2020 21:49:49

I have been to our field 5 times in the past 8 days, 4 to fly and once to tidy the grass up a bit, hardly seen a soul there given the good weather. We set up on every other pit station so 5 to 6m apart and max 2 on the flightline. After getting back into the swing of things, I remaidened my 81" Brian Taylor Mosquito after building a new wing after crash damage, but this time with electric power rather than IC. I was so confident in the power system now it is electric that I flew huge wing overs, loops and rolls for the first time, I never did that with IC power.



14/05/2020 23:44:35

I had a good afternoon, until over exuberance at getting flying again got the better of me. I was performing an inverted spin at full throttle and you know how you can hear the motor is under higher load than normal due to the gyroscopic precession effect on the prop, I suppose I held it for much longer than normal and the ESC let some of the magic smoke out, much to the amusement of the other two people there I had to land an electric model dead stick.

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