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Thread: Falcon 1/4 scale Tiger Moth
12/01/2021 11:43:38

I have emailed you.



Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
11/01/2021 21:03:47

The last contact I had with Chris was nearly 3 years ago when I sent him some shots of mine flying when I completed it.

Thread: 3D printers recommended
02/01/2021 12:49:48

I bought the AnyCubic Mega S a while ago, at the time it was just over £200 but a tad more expensive now. I found it a good solid basic printer but I did do a few mods I printed a better cooling nozzle to give 2 sided air flow as the original cooling nozzle was one direction only and did not evenly cool objects. I also printed a new hot end cover so that the hot end cooling fan did not blow air down onto the prints so that was better for ABS printing that does not like cooling. I also swapped the bowden tube to a high quality Capricorn one so that it is more precise, especially printing rubber filaments like TPU for the tyres on the Stearman. I have printed many parts for my planes, nose cones, brackets, pilots, instruments panels, servo arms for light duties, servo mounting plates. I also printed one of the complete 3Dlabprint planes, the Stearman that flew well. Here are a few examples.

dsc08785 (custom).jpg

dsc08823 (custom).jpg

dsc08743 (custom).jpg




Thread: First EDF - hints please!
24/12/2020 18:18:49

I like the idea about gear up and limiting the top end of the throttle, something that can easily be done with Jeti, and not something I have thought of before.

On all my models I have a current sensor and I have downloaded the Battery Monitor LUA app from RC Thoughts and heavily modified this myself. It has a battery icon on the main screen giving % remaining capacity, you tell it for each model what the capacity is so you do not need to worry about mAh values and it reads out the capacity at 80%, 60% 40%, 30% and 20% as well as vibration at 30% and 20%. The battery icon goes from green to red at 30% as well. I do not really use the timer much, but still have it as a backup warning. See the screenshots. I have also got this working for twin models and the warnings are all based on the most discharged pack.



Edited By PeterF on 24/12/2020 18:19:47

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 23rd Dec
22/12/2020 19:47:01

Give it a try

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 20th Dec
19/12/2020 19:03:53

Yes please

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 18th Dec
17/12/2020 22:06:44

Another try.

Thread: Article 16 Authorisation is here
16/12/2020 18:43:29
Posted by Steve J on 16/12/2020 18:18:27:

3.7 would seem to mean that you can't use this authorisation for flying in parks and the like where there isn't a club.

The way I read it is that clause 2 of section 3.7 does not specifically state a club is necessary for use in a recreational area, so individual members can fly, the rub comes though in the requirement for a risk assessment. Does such a risk assessment need to be a formal one and recorded. There is no detail in this case unlike under the club case in built up areas.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 15th Dec
14/12/2020 20:17:31

Both of these would be handy.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 12th Dec
11/12/2020 21:40:07

Yes please.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 11th Dec
10/12/2020 19:31:53

Try for one of these.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 8th Dec (post to enter)
07/12/2020 19:37:51

I'll have another try for one of these.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 7th Dec (post to enter)
06/12/2020 20:21:46

On balance, I think that this would be useful.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 6th Dec (leave a post)
05/12/2020 22:07:06

Count me in please.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 5th Dec (post to enter)
04/12/2020 21:18:20

I'll take a punt as well.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 2nd Dec (now closed)
01/12/2020 20:34:49

That would come in handy.

Thread: Ducted fan theory and practice
23/11/2020 19:51:02
Posted by dirk tinck on 22/11/2020 18:49:48:

Hello all !

This is one for the aerodynamics engeneers !!

I came at the point of designing the thrust tube for my magister 1 /4.5 EDF.

The parameters in this job wich i can't choose are the exhaust diameters .They should be 62 mm for true scale , but i already enlarged them to 72 mm.

Following the advice of Mr Schubeler himself , this aircraft needs a 128 mm fan to perform well so that's the next fixed measure.

Looking inside my fuselage , the transition from 1x128mm to 2x72 should happen in 30cm.

My question :

Are there rules to follow in designing the thrust tube ?

Should the ''split'' in the middle of the 128mm diameter , start as soon as possible ? Or as far away from the fan as possible ?

I came up with a drawing of a Y tube , that looks natural to me .

Wat do the experts say ????????????????

The reduction from 128mm to 2x 72mm is quite a noticable reduction in cross sectional area, I do not know the motor mount diameter but it may be OK at 80%.

Whilst I do not know the exact rules, I would have a minimum gap of 1 fan diameter between the fan outlet and the start of the splitter so minimum of 128mm in you case. Make the reduction in flow area as smooth and as gradual as possible, the more abrupt the increase in air velocity, the higher the pressure loss. Your drawing shows a gradual change so it looks about right.

Thread: A Shortage Of Balsa And Lipo's, Where Do We Go From Here?
19/11/2020 11:05:38
Posted by Keith Berriman on 18/11/2020 15:57:39:

Sorry if going of topic but if we are all going electric and a lack of road tax to pay how is the government going to make up the short fall ??

Not forgetting the huge tax rate on petrol and diesel which is not levied on electricity, the shortfall will need to be made up. Low tax red diesel is being phased out for some users.

Thread: platform migration plans, a 'heads-up' for everyone
13/11/2020 13:37:51
Posted by Guvnor on 11/11/2020 10:14:32:

Anyone who follows Key Publishings 'Flypast' forum will understand the dangers of this process.

For those that don't know, Flypast magazine had a really popular forum for histoic aviation.

They decided to change platforms, in the process of which they lost much of the previous posts, lost embedded links, lost pictures etc.

It's killed that forum stone dead, the mass of information has been lost and Key must have taken a big hit in the wallet.

Proceed with great caution and tes, test, test...

AND KEEP THE OLD FORUM INTACT AND SAVED so that when the new forum does not work, you can reload the old forum in its entirety until the new forum has been sorted out, because despite testing it may not be alright when rolled out.

Why do I post this.

Guvnor relates a good case of upgrades not going down well. I worked at ICI until it imploded and there was one division about 15 years ago that decided to implement new business management software. This group made specialist flavourings & fragrances and other ingredients for the food industry, so 100s of different recipes for lots of different customers, all bespoke. It made the changeover and never kept a working copy of the original system, the new system did not work, recipes were lost, product could not be made, the cost was measured in tens of millions, profit warnings had to be made to investors, division directors fell on their swords and the group never recovered and was sold off.

Edited By PeterF on 13/11/2020 13:52:42

13/11/2020 13:25:43

The ability to be logged in on multiple devices at one time with remember me active in all cases. It is a real pain being logged out on phone or tablet if I use my PC for longer or more detailed posts. Most other forums allow this.

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