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Thread: Future not good for super sized passenger jets
25/04/2015 11:55:35

The thing about Dubai making it a super hub is the fact it runs 24hrs a day so it can operate suitable arrival and departure times to anywhere. Heathrow could never match that. I have used Dubai countless times for flights to far east, NZ & Australia and one major reason is living in the North East with Emirates feeder flight from Newcastle to Dubai, it is more convenient than going through London.

24/04/2015 22:01:07

A380 is fantastic to fly on when you can afford business class (or your company does), in January I flew from Dallas to Sydney as one leg of a round the world trip with Quantas. Over 17 hours flight time, not sure you could manage that in a twin engined plane, although you need plenty to keep you occupied. When you are on the upper deck at take off it is quite odd, you are out of the engine noise and the tyre noise and you do not seem to be fast enough to rotate, yet up it goes. I have had a shower in an A380 at 40,000ft over the Indian Ocean once, just had to do it for the novelty value.

Thread: FPV Spanky Up North, Rochdale Canal
22/04/2015 23:21:11

The Rochdale is hard work but the scenery as you get to the summit is excellent. I enjoyed the different perspective from the fpv video. We have visited it several times and the work is much harder when there are only two of you on a boat, but it is still worth it.

Thread: Cyno Activator--that does not STINK!
20/04/2015 22:20:48

Yes they do but not forever, but if you get a small hole you do not know about then you can find the fingertips of the gloves well and truly stuck to your digits.

20/04/2015 18:49:34

I tend to use thin nitrile examination gloves, both to avoid gluing myself to my model, but also when sanding I find balsa dust aggravates my eczema.

Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
19/04/2015 22:45:17

Ron, Looking really good, it sets the bar for me.

Building has been a little quieter lately, I have been finishing off some of the details on the fuselage. I have fitted the sheeting around the front seat, some details such as the oil tank mount, front step, mid longerons on the fuselage and the cable guides. The kit comes with the cable guides in epoxy sheet, but only 4 of them when you need 8. I cut the other 4 guides and bolted them together and drilled down the joint line for the cable. I have fitted these with 1 size smaller BA bolts, the kits comes with full size hex heads on the BA bolts, the smaller heads look better on the cable guides. Hardwood blocks are glued to the fuselage and drilled and tapped for the 8BA bolts with threads hardened by cynao as is the norm.

Rudder cable guidedsc03146.jpg

Mid longerons and cable guidesdsc03147.jpg

Front step and sheeting around front seatdsc03149.jpg

Oil tank mountdsc03150.jpg

03/04/2015 17:44:45

Next tasks are all about adding features and details to the fuselage before I move on to the wings and have to swap plans on the bench. I have added the tail plane struts. An interesting find for any who are building this, the steel parts supplied with the model are truer to scale than the ones shown on the plan. The plane has two holes through the tail plane and a steel plate on the top side. The plans show a single hole and in fact the parts only have a single hole drilled. The photos below show what is in the box of parts. The struts themselves are made from 5/16" aluminium tube with a 1/8" dowel down the middle for extra strength and a balsa strip glued on the back and sanded to an airfoil shape The ends are squashed to attach to the mounts, very much like scale. This seemed better than following the plan to sand down a spruce strip with metal plates glued into slits at the ends. I have also added the fuel tank - the instructions state a 10oz Sullivan slant tank, but the plans show a 14oz tank and 10oz seemed a bit small for a Laser 150 so I went with the 14oz and it fits fine. I have also cut out the ABS moulded seat pans.

Tail plane strut, not steel plate on upper surface - not on plan but supplieddsc03134.jpg

Detail of mounting bracket on plandsc03135.jpg

Mounting brackets supplied with the kitdsc03136.jpg

Fuel tank installeddsc03138.jpg

Seat pans installeddsc03143.jpg

Seat pans installeddsc03144.jpg

02/04/2015 22:50:16

Completed the empennage. It was a bit fiddly but it all went together OK and it is all straight. The tail plane seat is only 1/2" wide at the back (13mm) so even a 0.1mm mismatch in the height on either side of the seat gave a huge angle to the horizontal. I had already made sure that the fin sat upright compared to the fuselage. There is a close up of the machined control horns and flanges in epoxy glass fibre that come with the kit, very realistic and a close up of the fin post and tail skid attachment points. A lot of work over the past few days has been closer to model engineering than what I have traditionally required for building my model aircraft.

Empennage completed and fitteddsc03128.jpg

Epoxy board control hornsdsc03127.jpg

Tail skid and fin post fittingdsc03129.jpg

01/04/2015 19:30:09

Ron, good to hear that your model is getting close to completion. I. would like to see photos or videos of one of these in the air. I am sure some must have been finished and be flying, but not from people writing build logs. Peter.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
01/04/2015 17:51:20
Posted by Jon Harper on 31/03/2015 22:20:20:

Its gets complicated as we tend to change things like wing sections as our models are flying through air much thinner than the full size due to their scale. You then get into Reynolds numbers and its all a bit of a mind warp.

If our stampes were really 1/4 scale they would have 1.5 litre engines with about 36hp and would weigh 424lbs at takeoff.....somehow I don't think that would fly very well

At 1/4 scale we have 1/64 of the weight because it is 1/4 of the length, 1/4 of the width and 1/4 of the height, hence 26.5lbs. The engine capacity is likewise reduced.

Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
30/03/2015 22:27:59

I continued the build with the empennage. All of the ribs and outer edges are machined very well and fit together nicely with minimal sanding. Thin ply doublers are well cut for the fin and rudder. I decided to add a ply pad under the rudder control arms like on the elevator to raise the mounting pads above the level of the fabric as the plane I am modelling is like this, I believe the Falcon prototype had the pads under the covering. The control arms are made up from 2 epoxy glass components machined from the sheet of parts supplied by Falcon and represent the full size components quite well. I have also had to make up the piano wire part for the rear tail skid and silver solder the foot on, the bracket was already cut, bent and soldered as part of the kit. The tail plane and elevator are not quite finished yet but they are at the stage where I can dry fit them and check everything is as it should be.

Rudder and fin almost completeddsc03109.jpg

Piano wire tail skid post being bent and fitted to bracketdsc03111.jpg

Test fit of fin, rudder and tail skiddsc03113.jpg

Tail plane and elevator being builtdsc03123.jpg

Trial fit of nearly complete empenagedsc03125.jpg

18/03/2015 22:12:52

The next thing was to install the throttle servo that I should have done before sheeting the top of the cockpit. This turned out OK and gave me an excuse to trial fit the laser 150 that has been sat in its box for a while. I then moved on to building the cockpit doors, these are made from 2 laminations of 1/64" ply, curved to fit and glued together. Once dried they retain the curve of the cockpit really well. Bottom strips have been added from some light weight hard wood, which were sanded to a taper on the outside to line the door skins up properly. Then the top edges of the doors were added and the wires for fastening the doors shut as per plan. Finally, some small dolls house hinges off ebay were fitted using small csk machine screws and bolts. I used the pillar drill to make sure the holes were true, these are the only holes not pre-drilled in the fuselage frames. Prior to this model I have never had to put a whole airframe into the pillar drill before, quite a new experience. I also gave Tiger Terry from Jim Reeves a trial fit as well.

Throttle servo installed and Laser 150 trial fitteddsc03089.jpg

Cockpit doors being laminateddsc03090.jpg

Top and bottom strips added to doorsdsc03094.jpg

Fastening mechanism for the doorsdsc03099.jpg

Airframe in the pillar drill having the door hinge holes drilleddsc03101.jpg

Doors completed and closeddsc03102.jpg

Doors completed and opendsc03106.jpg

Tiger Terry makes his first inspectiondsc03092.jpg

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
18/03/2015 21:20:25

I have not built this, but have a larger B2 stealth I am having similar issues with. I have removed the retracts and built a light weight dolly with large diameter foam wheels and that has been of some use. I have 55mm carbon Vasa fans in it running on 6S, 55,000rpm, 800g thrust at 480W, 4 of those would ROG the Vulcan if it could carry the batteries.

Thread: South Herts Vulcan
08/03/2015 18:00:33

See the linked thread on RCGroups, read from page 8 onwards, threads by someone called bloodline, conversion to EDF but no report of flights, mau be a little underpowered.


Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
01/03/2015 17:23:21

The first thing after finishing the rear fuselage frame was to make up the aileron return arm that goes below the cockpit, I have pretty much made up my mind that I will also have the return wires as well as those connected to the aileron control arm.

The next stage is to sheet the turtle deck and other upper sections of the fuselage. The rear sheet is a little larger than required to allow for vagaries in the build, this needed a little trimming before attaching. It was then glued down along one edge and then when set pulled over with lots of masking tape and glued onto the formers and the second edge.

Before starting the front sheeting, the instructions remind you to attach the clevises for the cabane flying wires, remember this or you are in for some fiddly work afterwards. I would also recommend that the throttle servo is also installed before the sheeting. Oops, now I have some tight work as this is best positioned below the front sheeting. Some small framing pieces are then added inside the sheeting around the cockpit doors and this reveals that the fit of the sheeting is not perfect, other build logs have also shown the need to add some small filler pieces and trim other bits back to get the doors to fit.

Aileron return armdsc03082.jpg

Starting to sheet the turtle deckdsc03078.jpg

Completed sheeting the turtle deckdsc03080.jpg

Remember to install the clevises before sheeting the frontdsc03083.jpg

Front section sheeted before trimmingdsc03087.jpg

All sheeting completeddsc03086.jpg

Thread: Non-standard Hitc receiver
22/02/2015 19:54:03

I have seen warnings about having Hitec's own receivers too close to the transmitter during binding and to keep them a few feet apart.

Thread: Maths and English
19/02/2015 19:55:27

I had a laugh at work today, I was looking up the density of several different steel alloys and the values were quoted in Mg/m3, I.e. megagrams per cubic metre, someone without much experience of metric units had taken the SI system literally.

Thread: what type of music/singers helps you build your models?
17/02/2015 21:28:05

Not only does the workshop allow me to indulge in aeromodelling, I also get to play my Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Rainbow, Deep Purple .... that my wife has never learnt to enjoy despite 3 decades of insidious brainwashing.

Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
17/02/2015 19:04:28

I have heard second hand anecdotal reports of people being upset and claiming copyright violation, not sure if that was against commercial ARTF kits or individual modellers making one offs.

Thread: How far do you travel to the nearest decent model shop?
17/02/2015 07:03:47

100 mile round trip to Model Shop Leeds, therefore I tend to drop in every time I go past Leeds on work or other trips, otherwise on line shopping. Yes there are shops nearer but the question states "decent" and they are only OK for bits and bobs, whereas MSL has a significant range in comparison.

Edited By PeterF on 17/02/2015 07:05:05

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