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Thread: Receiver Backup Power
13/01/2019 10:45:29

For higher current rating than the OptiPower, Jeti have one version for pair of ESCs or one ESC with a battery


and another version for a pair of batteries


Personally, I have made my own using schottky diodes.

Thread: BMFA club finder
05/01/2019 10:15:02

I thought that I would check up on this after 4 weeks and found that today I could use the club finder and see the clubs on the map or as a list when I was one of the people for whom it did not work in December, so it appears to be sorted. Thanks Andy.

Thread: BMFA Classifieds?.
04/01/2019 23:08:29

There is a menu, one choice is "manage your adverts". On PCs this is at the upper right from memory, on mobile devices it is at the bottom of the page. This gets you to another page which has the option "my active listings" under which is "new classified listing". This gets you to the page to put all the advert details in.

Edited By PeterF on 04/01/2019 23:09:14

Thread: Mosquito Cof G
25/12/2018 21:51:10

Is this the Seagull one, some people have been using a CoG of 130mm back from the leading edge not the 150mm in the manual to reduce the pitch sensitivity. I have a Brain Taylor one, and the CoG on that is further forward than the seagull one, 140mm from the front of the upper radiator inlet and my BT flies really well without being pitch sensitive. Mine balanced slightly nose down at 140mm with empty fuel tanks and retracts up, so the actual CoG was slightly less than 140mm. Some BT Mossie's have flown with the CoG around 125mm or so and these have also flown well. The BT model has some wash out built in and I have not needed reflex.


Edited By PeterF on 25/12/2018 22:24:08

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
21/12/2018 09:50:20

And if you have seen the video of a small drone puncturing the leading edge skin of a commercial planes wing in the US university test, you might be a little more reluctant to be on a plane with drones in the same airspace.

Thread: IC and Electric
19/12/2018 21:56:24

I started flying about 18 years ago and always ran a mixture of electric and modest sized IC, converting from NiCad and brushed motors to LiPo and brushless as time passed. Then about 3-4 years ago I decided to swap over completely to electric, but rather than selling on all my favourite IC airframe, I converted them to electric. This included an eclectic mix,

Flair Lark, a 60" 70 4 stroke F3A style
Magic 40 2 stroke size fun fly
Flair Taube, 80" scale plane with 25 4 stroke
Ripmax rapier, fast delta with high revving 40 2 stroke
Topflite DC3, 80" scale with 2 x 40 2 strokes
Bootlace, Peter Miller's take on the shoestring with 46 2 stroke

When I converted them I based the motor choices on what rpm and propellor I was currently using, choosing the motor KV so I continued to use the same sized prop at a similar rpm. I located batteries to give the same CoG. although the weight distribution may have been different, the moment of inertia on elevator response could have been different. The other thing I should note is that on all of my IC planes, I had set a throttle curve using a tachometer to give linear rpm relationship to throttle position.

I can say that I noticed very little difference in changing from IC to electric, but then I had eliminated 2 of the key things people have pointed out above, i.e. linear electric throttle response vs non linear IC throttle response and electric often using larger slower revving props. One thing I have noticed is that electric motors have a faster response to the throttle, especially when using electric props which are lighter than the IC equivalents. The other difference is of course the zero throttle issue, which has not bothered me on the smaller planes listed above, but more on this below.

The largest conversion I have to date is a quarter scale tiger moth, I removed a Laser 150 before it had even seen a drop of fuel and installed a 1600-1700W motor which I believe is equivalent in power (yes I know, sacrilege), but I decided to go down in rpm to fit a scale 18" diameter prop with a larger pitch. This flies fine with electric but I have no cross reference. The one thing that I did with this was to add a pseudo tick over on a switch, because the airframe is so draggy, coming in without any throttle was not a good move, also on touching down, there was no prop wash over the controls to avoid nosing over if the grass was too long or damp. in this case, operating it as straight electric would have been a bit of a problem.

I currently have my 82" Brian Taylor Mosquito on the bench changing over from 2 x RCV60SP engines to electric, same conversion basis as previous models, keep the same prop and rpm by choice of motor KV. Because this was the SP RCV engines, they ran at half speed anyway and I ran with around 6,000rpm, so this fits nicely with electric. This will be re-maidened early next year and I do not expect there to be much difference, but I may well end up setting a pseudo tick over on this was well.

Edited By PeterF on 19/12/2018 22:01:17

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
18/12/2018 22:56:17

Looks like a pusher, motor shaft at rear, air vent above the nose, nice looking model, my son has just bought a 3D printer, I will have to try this out.

Thread: BMFA club finder
12/12/2018 11:57:26
Posted by Alan H on 12/12/2018 10:12:30:
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 12/12/2018 09:29:34:

we are looking in to this.

Could someone who isn't seeing and points try viewing in incognito mode to see if that helps. I have a feeling this could be a browser settings/add ons issue.

I tried with Chrome in incognito mode but still no clubs found. My OS is W10 1803

I get nowhere in an incognito window in Chrome, but as was mentioned earlier, if I am logged into the Go portal as a member and then look for a new club then the pop up window club finder works OK.

12/12/2018 08:59:35


Tried to zoom in to no avail. The search is just not working not just the map because if I press the list button then I do not even get a list of clubs.

Can any one else that the search fails for check the list option.


11/12/2018 23:06:02

I have tried Internet explorer, Edge, Chrome plus on my Amazon Fire tablet, Silk and I can not find any clubs at all, however, the map does centre in on the location I choose and shows the search area but never any clubs, see the no clubs in London map. There must be something different in peoples set ups that either allows this to work or not, perhaps ISP or security settings. I will mention this to Andy Symons at tomorrow nights training session on the Go membership system.

no clubs in london map.jpg

11/12/2018 19:45:02

The club finder link goes through to a finder which does not find my club nor any other local ones. I know my club has its geotag on the Azolve system because as club secretary, I put it on. Things are in a state of flux. I will be at one of the training sessions tomorrow, I will ask about the state of the find a club page.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
09/12/2018 15:51:27
Posted by Trevor on 09/12/2018 08:16:01:

Returning to the indoor theme:


Pietenpol Sky Scout, from the Stevens Aero kit, via Micron RC. Weight, radio gear etc. almost identical to Peter's Moth a few posts back.


I do like the Stevens Aero kits, build into good flyers and I have always had good service from Micron RC over the years. The Steven's Aero kits are much better executed than the Banggood ones, really like how well yours has turned out.

Thread: Home Insurance
07/12/2018 20:23:24

Walker Midgley were still running the model engineering insurance in August 2018 when my renewal came through. You probably need to contact them direct by phone or email, I believe I called them to set my policy up initially as there is nothing on the website.

S1 2GU

0114 250 2770

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Thread: The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
07/12/2018 20:12:08
Posted by Erfolg on 07/12/2018 18:43:35:

I never anticipated the demise of JR, nor some of the less than transparent issues with Graupner or perhaps Multiplex.

I see again i am no Nostradamus.


This series of surveys seems to indicate that the future is very hazy in deed, with many surprise emerging from the haze.

Herein lies the great shift that has occurred over the past few years and trying to look forward, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. I find that in hindsight that I am no Nostradamus either.

When I went to 2.4GHz from 35MHz I chose Hitec Aurora 9 because I fly electric mainly (only now) and at the time this came out on the receivers you could power the Rx function directly from the flight battery up to 32V then power the servo bus seperately from an RX pack or BEC, no brown outs and loss of the radio link. You also got the flight battery voltage read back to the TX as this telemetry was built in. Ground breaking at the time and now Hitec are giving up the game and have pulled the plug on their next gen Tx. Who could have predicted that. I still fly with the Aurora, still think it is a great standard level radio, never had any question about its performance, but if I want to get a slightly better Tx now, then I have to jump ship and with 18 receivers that will be an expensive change, and one that no one could have expected.

Edited By PeterF on 07/12/2018 20:13:04

Thread: Adhesives,Which are your favourite Brands?
07/12/2018 19:43:33

As a serious builder, I got quite surprised when I thought about this and listed them all out.

Vitalbond cyano in super thin, thin, medium and thick varieties for traditional building plus foam safe for indoor stuff. Vitalbond because my local Boyes sells it and it works well, better than the cheap Blue Spot brand they have.

Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick is used from time to time to aid the adhesion of cyano to non wetting plastics.

Deluxe Materials Superphatic for putting wings and stringer type fuselages together because I prefer this to cyano as it leaves the joints with a little give rather than a brittle cyano joint. Brilliant stuff. There was a thread on this recently. I used it on my quarter scale Tiger Moth and that has held together well.

Deluxe materials Speedbond PVA, this is my general white glue for most balsa building jobs, although I do also use Titebond Aliphatic if I have an exposed joint line that will need sanding.

Deluxe Materials RC Modellers canopy glue.

Zap Z-Poxy epoxy in 5, 15 and 30 minute varieties.

Gorilla Glue, the original expanding PU glue from time to time, I wish it could be bought in 5ml capsules as even the 60ml often goes off in the bottle before I have used much of it.

UHU Por for indoor stuff.

Silicone sealant for gluing on some motor cowls / canopies that do not normally need removing, but need to come off for motor access where screws can not be used, these days rare earth magnets would be an alternative.

Pinflair silicone glue (from my wife's crafting stuff) for gluing servos or other objects in places, this has much less flexibility that silicone sealant and provides a stronger bond that is more difficult to break if need be.

Thread: BMFA Classifieds?.
02/12/2018 16:52:16
Posted by kevin b on 02/12/2018 10:29:50:


The current problem is that members are being contacted through the "ask a question" system.

Well that makes things a bit more troublesome, I had not realised this had started to occur. Thanks for the info.

02/12/2018 09:33:23

I have bought and sold on the BMFA Classifieds but never put a phone number or email address, so the only contact route is via the "ask a question" or "contact" button, whatever it is called, for which you need to be logged in as a member so you have some surety of dealing with a legit modeller. I have always read that if you put your phone or email then that is open to public including the scammers.

Thread: Club Website?
30/11/2018 21:12:16

Have you tried using the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, **LINK**, put in the website address and see if this has been archived. I do not know how the Wayback Machine decides what sites to archive or when it checks and updates its records. It can hold many versions of a site over time, but it is not infallible. I have used it to successfully recover what was deemed to be a lost site, although I found that a couple of pages were slightly out of date and a couple of pages had never been archived, but at least I had a good start. Even if you can copy text from any archived pages, it gives you something to populate a new site with, rather than having to recreate everything from fresh.

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
29/11/2018 22:03:46

The reason is that an Eberspacher or similar unit that does the same duty costs £750 so they were never really an option due to cost, now you can get Chinese clones for £150 so they have become viable.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
28/11/2018 20:37:23

Tis the season ................... for indoor flying.

RCME has had a bit about indoor flying in the last 2 instalments and has mentioned the planes that can be bought from Banggood. I recently bought the MinimumRC Tiger Moth kit with motor for less than £15, it is cartoon scale at best but it was worth a shot. I have used a parkzone brick for RX, ESC and servo functions. It is rudder elevator only. It is built from laser cut ply and balsa and it went together reasonably well. The wheels that came with the kit were large spoked ones, did not look right, so I had these spare ones of another indoor plane, these are too small, they will be replaced at some point. It will fly on the 1S 150mAh batteries. It needed some weight at the front to balance, other people have used larger cells, all up weight at the moment is 45g, just over 1 1/2 ounces. I have coloured it with felt pens so it does not add much weight. The lettering is inkjet vinyl, cut out by hand for the larger wing letters, left on a black background for the fuselage. It has a 400mm wing span, and tongue in cheek it is a 1/5 scale model of my 1/4 scale Tiger Moth (see page 100 of this thread, about half way down). Flying trials are due on the 2nd Saturday of December.

dsc07201 (custom).jpeg

dsc07202 (custom).jpeg

dsc07203 (custom).jpeg

Edited By PeterF on 28/11/2018 20:56:57

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