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Thread: KeilKraft Pixie
29/03/2017 22:24:37

Pictures from today, a plane simply cannot fly without a pilot!


nearly finished front.jpg

nearly finished rear.jpg

29/03/2017 22:10:07

Coming along nicely, this was a week ago.

fuz with wings.jpg

Thread: Wonderful Words of the past
19/03/2017 13:36:05
Upon seeing a bit of blue sky in an otherwise grey cloud cover an old lady I was travelling with said 'there wasn't enough sky to make a dutchman a pair of trousers'. I think you can transpose the lack of blue sky for anything you're short of. Not enough balsa etc would be fitting here!

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 19/03/2017 13:38:47

Thread: KeilKraft Pixie
18/03/2017 21:05:46

Hi Tim,

One month today and she's on her way, I'm using all the hardware from a scrapped Ultrafly Outrage Biplane park-flyer of a similar weight including the undercarriage mounting plate which allows the undercarriage to simply spring into place inside the moulding.

tail on fuz 500.jpg

Thread: Durafly Spitfire
17/03/2017 21:56:40

I've just got one as well Peter ... happy Summer days to come smiley

16/03/2017 21:35:38

I must admit seeing pictures of trophies being presented is scraping the barrel in my opinion but if you want to read something of real interest to your discipline then send something in and start the ball rolling.

Thread: Large electric glider
12/03/2017 21:01:33

Hi Peter

As folk haven't been rushing to offer advice, here's mine for what it's worth.

Incidentally do you have a manual, you can download one here: **LINK**

At least it is offset the right way for side thrust!, if you find it does affect the performance you could always dial in a bit of opposite aileron to correspond to your throttle setting if you have a computer radio. Maybe not ideal but you won't really know till you give it a go.

Thread: Durafly Spitfire
12/03/2017 10:37:21

Here's a short video of Peter Christy flying his Durafly Spitfire yesterday, he was lucky not to have a mid-air with the only other aircraft in the sky at the time though. His first landing was a creamer by the way but I didn't film it ... typical.

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
20/02/2017 19:52:02

Anyone can upload a picture of Stanstead and pretend it's their club field, good try though laugh

Thread: KeilKraft Pixie
19/02/2017 01:17:06

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the info, she's a lovely model.

18/02/2017 22:05:57

I'm going to build a little summer evening cruiser and have decided to scale up a KeilKraft rubber-powered Pixie, it's a delightful little plane and will come out at 46in, very light built-up construction and lite-span covered. It'll just be three channel and weigh about 1lb.

Any ideas on motor size, speed controller and battery. I have a few 2.2 three-cell lipos but will these be a bit heavy for a model of this construction? Anyway any advice gratefully received.


Edited By Cliff 1959 on 18/02/2017 22:07:06

Thread: Soaring when it's dark and cold outside.
15/02/2017 09:08:39

Apart from learning new 'tricks' on a simulator just being able to fly when the weather outside is less than hospitable is worth its weight in gold. smiley

Thread: Should you invite drone pilots to your field?
07/02/2017 20:57:41

Wow, thanks for all the ideas and comments guys, it seems everyone has a view ... which is how it should be. The experience of other clubs is exactly what I was hoping for, thanks again.

06/02/2017 10:45:36

Following the request from Andy Symons (p46 BMFA News, Feb 17) we (as a club) are going to discuss the (perceived) pros and cons of whether we should invite drone pilots to join our club and fly at our patch and go on the register of drone-friendly clubs.

As Andy points out there is the potential of drone flyers 'to take up the more traditional aspects of our sport', which has to be good of course.

Has anybody any practical experience of allowing drones to fly, do you have a different area for them or, perhaps, take turns in the air?

Any comments before our club discussion on Feb. 13 would be good to hear.

Thread: Flying over the Devon hills
06/02/2017 10:28:48

Thanks for the lovely comments, I don't know my altitude but the plane was starting to look pretty small but I wanted to see how much further I could push the boundaries! It is a lovely area to fly in that's for sure. Actually these aerial videos of mine bring back happy (and terrifying) memories of my first paramotor flight in an adjacent field many moons ago.

David: The last bit surprised me as well, it happened because I was in a gentle right bank just before I touched down therefore the camera was pointing more at the ground.

Maurice: We have an electric fence around the patch to keep the sheep off, the three short lines you noticed were poles that hold the electric wires, generally we take down the side that faces the landing approach on the day, we have small tubes cemented into the ground that allow us to easily accomplish this.

Ash: When I upload a video now I pick from the huge music choice available on YouTube, they have different genres, this tune is from the 'Ambient' section, I choose a tune that's a similar length to my video, in this case 'Hang Ups (Want You) by Otis Mcdonald.

If you watch this video of the same model you'll see how the camera is mounted (go right to the end) ... I tried coupling the camera servo electronically to the ailerons and rudder respectively but it was too jerky due to the constant movement, also I wanted full movement on the camera not the small amount you use whilst flying, it's set up on a rotary knob on the transmitter now so it's just a case of turning the knob when you think a better shot is available in any particular direction.

05/02/2017 23:09:28

Flying from yesterday morning, blue skies and light winds made it feel almost Spring-like. The camera is a cheap SJ4000 sitting in the cock-pit.

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 05/02/2017 23:11:09

Thread: Grant Taylor flying his 'Extreme Flight' Extra 300
05/02/2017 00:28:45
A short video of one of our club members enjoying a large chunk of sky today.

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 05/02/2017 00:29:03

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 05/02/2017 00:29:23

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 05/02/2017 00:41:29

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
04/02/2017 21:20:40

We had a beautiful (as forecast) start to the day, I arrived at 10.30 to find three already flying with two turning up just after me. The sky was blue (mostly) and the wind was virtually zero, after the atrocious weather all week this was superb. The air was extremely smooth and the visibility was clear and sharp, the lack of winter wind made it very pleasant indeed.

I flew my Wayfarer biplane with on-board camera, in the picture Torquay is top left just under the top wing with our patch bottom right.

4.2.17 wayfarer aerial pic.jpg

Thread: Essential RC's videos
04/02/2017 13:20:28

Hi Dom, great video and what a future for drones, quite amazing actually, we'll look back in a few short years at today's drones and think how basic they were!

29/01/2017 11:17:49

Dom, I think giving mates a 'ride' is great fun, I can see the value in that but I'm not sure how easy it would be to fly the plane using the goggles at that speed, when I fly using my sim you don't get that peripheral vision that is all important (I would have thought) which makes it hard to judge distances etc. Great videos though and great results, keep up the good work I really enjoyed watching.

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